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  • 8/17/2018 Think about this:
    I can tell you, straight up, I don't know what martial arts mastery is. I have my own ideas about it, of course, but could I write the definitive "Book of Martial Arts Mastery?" No, not yet; maybe never.

    What It is Not

    In my view of martial arts mastery, which is a collection of beliefs I have garnered from people, in and out of "the martial arts," who I recognize to be driven by ideas and beliefs that, to me, look like the kind of "mastery" I would like to have myself, there are a number of things I can think of that DO NOT reflect the mindset or behaviors of "A Master."

    Hate. I do not believe that a true "master," as in the kind of master I seek to be, is driven, motivated, compelled, or fueled by hate or any of its cousins.

    Anger. "Anger is an acid that does more harm to the vessel it is contained in, than it does to anything it is poured over." I do not believe that a master holds on to her anger for very long --or uses it to find peace or to help others.

    I would add the 7 deadly sins to the list; they are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

    I'm sure we could all think of some other things a master is not.

    Your Definition and Idea of Mastery, I Think, Has Everything to Do With the Company You Keep

    If you hang out with, Oh say, Thich Nhat Hanh, you're idea of mastery might be considerably different than if you hung out with Rush Limbaugh, yes? If you associate with people whose idea of supreme martial arts mastery is multi-school ownership and 5000 students, you're going to have a much different idea of what mastery is --and/or isn't --than if you hung out with Tom Callos.

    If your teacher is 75 pounds overweight and does not pay one iota of attention to his diet, you might have a different idea of how a master carries him/herself. If your teacher and/or your "village" of teachers emphasize education, or combat readiness, or competition, or "tradition" ---all of these things might have an affect on how you view the idea of mastery.
Your Thoughts?

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We love the martial arts.

We love the martial arts. We love it like we love our children, our freedom, our history. We love the martial arts as much as we love to train, as much as we love the rush of the right technique at exactly the right moment, as much as we love the thrill of a good contest.

At we are committed to the entire "village" that is the world of martial arts. We are here for the fighter, the fan, the teacher, the coach, the parents, the traditionalist, the eclectic practitioner, the expert, the novice, the filmmaker, the actor, the celebrity, and the unknown master. We celebrate the diversity of our histories, of our people, of everything that is the best - of - the-best of what we do - and what we are capable of.

We believe that there is something to the study of the martial arts, something beyond the technique, beyond what takes place in the ring - something magical and interesting and important. We respect all methods, and all of the men and women on their own paths, from all the countries, from all the schools, passing down what it is they have learned or are in the process of learning.

We really love the martial arts and this site is dedicated to martial artists everywhere. We think that the martial arts world makes THE WORLD a better, safer, and more interesting place to be. We hope that we are a part of the village that helps you be a better martial artist - and as a result, a better human being."

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