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School Owner of the Month Information

How can I apply for the School of the Month award?
Please send us the answers to the following questions:
Full Name:
facebook page link:
Date of birth:
What year did you start martial arts?
Do you have any pictures of you early days in martial arts that you would like to share? If yes, email them to us.
When did you get your Black Belt?
Who were some of your early teachers?
What inspired you to start martial arts?
What made you decide to teach martial arts?
Who are some of your: Living heroes? Deceased heroes? Martial art heroes? and why?
Your favorite quote(s):
Can you provide us with a basic chronology of your martial arts history?
We highly recommend that you create a video of yourself talking about you, your school, your background and what motivates you to teach. Please email us the file or place on YouTube (keep it unlisted) and send us the link. Please give some advide on how to look for a martial art school also.
Please email us 4-8 pictures of yourself that can include:
Head shot, Action shots, Shots of you teaching a class