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Fariborz Azhakh
Fariborz Azhakh

arts became a passion. It happened to me at age eight. My brother took me to see a Bruce Lee movie, and to this day I can close my eyes and feel the emotion that overwhelmed me as I watched the screen. At that moment I totally fell in love with the power of martial arts, but it would be many years before I found the physical and spiritual paths to black belt. Once I began that journey, however, the martial arts and the art of teaching became central element of my life.

Bruce Lee gave me inspiration, but the following years were filled with frustration because there were no martial art schools near my home. I finally realized my dreams when I moved to California and had the great fortune to enter Steve Sexton's Hapkido school in Canoga Park. Through Steve's selfless guidance I achieved black belt in 1981 and I became an assistant instructor at the school. In those early years I viewed instructing as a sideline while I remained focused on my personal training. With time and maturity I grew nearer to the spiritual and philosophical center of the martial arts and I began to realize the tremendous personal rewards of teaching. After some months of uncertainty, I decided to completely redefine and reshape my life, and at Steve Sexton's urging, I took on the role of school owner and became a professional instructor of Hapkido.

I named my school Team Karate Center " because I became devoted to the idea that the instructors and the students should work together, as a team, so that each student can find and create their "individual art" within the traditions of Hapkido. I believe that no matter what individual qualities a student has - natural talents or special challenges - there is profound value in the martial arts for everyone. Consequently, the elementary principles at our school are centered on the teamwork required for all of us - teacher, instructor, student and parent (for our younger students) - to identify and advance this value.

Currently, the school follows a multi-cultural approach that is grounded in function and usefulness. In the basic program we focus on traditional physical skills, and we stress the development of individual responsibility and core character strengths. Advanced students are introduced to an extension of Hapkido that I call Blend. From the very early years my training was based on the concept of "thinking outside the box." I evolved Blend, in this way, to move from style-based techniques to versatile, range-based frameworks. This combines Hapkido with certain aspects of Brazilian and Japanese Jujitsu, American Boxing, Wing Chun and the Filipino arts.

Over the past 20 years my physical and spiritual advancements have been influenced by many remarkable people. I have had the cherished privilege of studying with Grand Master Ji Han Jae. I am, and will always be, indebted to Master Steve Sexton and I continue to extend my personal growth with the generosity of David Meyers (grappling) and Ron Balicki (Filipino martial arts: trapping, stick and knife techniques).

As a teacher, I have always viewed learning as a fun and rewarding experience. I look to this philosophy, within the discipline and tradition of Hapkido, to inspire and motivate the students and the assistant instructors at our school, and I offer the multi-faceted challenge of Blend to give advanced students a contemporary martial art that is filled with unique insight and reward.

"The martial arts training process is a powerful life-defining interpersonal experience that gets to the heart of the matter. It is your opportunity to alter your capacities to accomplish and to stand powerfully as the gift that you are and the difference that you make."

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7/26/2015 9:11:25 PM | Good Afternoon Sir,
I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar today. The lesson was great but I took more from your teaching style and presentation.
The game board really made me think about how I train and how I will teach in the future. I will now stop and focus, asking those three questions, and then adjust if I need to. I also liked the linguistics as it relates to teaching. Communication is a huge part of teaching and I would like to improve that aspect.
The big game changer came when you talked about training close enough to touch. I applied that hint in the following seminar and found my technique and form improved. This hint will stick with me for a long time to come.
Thank you for the seminar today. The way you teach is awesome and I learned a lot today. Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.
Stay Safe,

Jimmy D

7/26/2015 9:04:20 PM | Master Fariborz,
Thank you for your time today. What you helped to show me was the importance of the art and being more mindful. I tend to be a brute force while ultimately I"d like to be more at peace with the world around me.
Training helps keep me grounded and while I believe I have a laundry list of reasons why I train its part of who I am.
I"m grateful to have trained today with you and plan on incorporating meditation into my daily routine.
Take care,

7/26/2015 9:01:42 PM | Dear Mr. Azhakh,
Thank you for a great class this morning. I learned a lot throughout the day and am grateful that you were one of the first instructors. You really set the tone for the day. I appreciated your sharing the W.I.N. approach and thought about it the rest of my day (including after the class as I was driving). If there were more time for the class, I would have liked to learn more about the Hapkido approach and style of fight.
Thank you again for your time. I hope that I will be able to learn from you again.

Jane Chai

7/26/2015 8:53:08 PM | Hello Master Fariborz
I Had a great day today! Getting to train with some incredible teachers! I love your idea for "The Game". I came home and was trying to teach my kids your method but didn"t seem to come out how you explained it. I wish we had more time to train with you today. I had originally was going to have this long elaborate email but after a full day of learning I really have much to reflect on. Master Beau has meant so much to myself and my family, honestly I can now see we"re has taken from you and has developed his own style. Thank you again for an awesome seminar please come back again and train with us! It was a pleasure!

Gary Hernandez

7/26/2015 8:51:34 PM | Thank you for the class. I learned something from your sketchboard, and especially your samarai/ninja comparison for why the soul/spirit is so important.

Benjamin Jung

7/26/2015 4:31:22 PM | Dear Master Azhakh,
Thank you for the inspiring seminar today at BCKM. I learned a great deal from you both from a student"s and an instructor"s perspective. I couldn"t tell you at the end of class because Olivia mentioned it first, but the most significant concept that I took away was not being within striking distance of your partner at the beginning of a defense. As a children"s instructor, it has always frustrated me when the kids set up for their punch and kick defenses out of range of their target. Instead of having them set up closer, they could just move in on the strike. Something to discuss with Beau for sure!
Also, we collectively forgot to remind you at the end to explain hook punches with palm facing inward vs. palm facing down. I"d love to know!
Thank you again. I look forward to training with you again sometime.

Christine Kormanik

7/26/2015 3:45:34 PM | Master Fariborz,
Thank you very much for the Hapkido seminar this morning. I learned quite a bit from you, both techniques and mental awareness (playing to win vs playing not to lose, playing for fun, etc. and being aware of the attitude and words I choose). I hope to put what I learned today into practice both in life and in other Krav lessons. Thanks again.

Robert Stoddard

7/26/2015 3:43:16 PM | My name is Alexander Bondarenko and I was attending morning seminar sir. I liked the concept of the game (not playing, just playing, play not to lose, and to play WIN). I find myself in these situations of the game a lot. On the physical side of the seminar we did parry and catch, split entry and cover the hook. From there we worked on three separate techniques: Shoulder lock, elbow break to take-down and the pretzel to the one handed pretzel. To me I liked the way the material was presented with the demonstration to having the class do a dry run and finally practicing the techniques. If it is possible I would like some suggested reading on the language concepts you shared this morning. I found it intriguing sir.
Thank you for the knowledge you passed on always a pleasure

Alexander Bondarenko

7/26/2015 3:39:43 PM | Good Evening Sir, Thank you for coming to share your time today. There are several things I took away from today"s seminar that I am going to work towards applying in my training as well as daily life . To me, Playing the game to win means being a better sister,daughter, friend, student and overall better Human being eager for growth. I think checking myself will help me be more present in training as well as focused with work. I have a very busy schedule and find myself drifting off thinking of all the things I need to accomplish. I think that constantly checking myself will help me be an an active learner and listener. Thank you again for all the knowledge you sharers I look forward to many more lessons !

Alicia Domercq

7/26/2015 3:38:04 PM | Sensei Fariborz,
Thank you again for your time and knowledge today. I know you said to email you before midnight and I just missed the cutoff but wanted to reach out anyways! Normally I would say that I am sorry, but I am not sorry, I am Grant!
My biggest takeaways were your four quadrants of "the game" and your use of NLP. I am going to integrate these concepts and practices into my personal as well as my martial arts life.
I thoroughly enjoyed your class.
Thank you again,

Grant Cogswell

7/26/2015 12:14:19 AM | Good evening Sir!
This is Rosario :)
I would like to thank you for sharing your passion!
I learned a lot today. I really took it to heart on how you broke the "game" down into four different ways of playing it. It was a humbling experience to me because I find myself sometimes drifting into the different segments of the game and it helped a lot today when you explained checking in. Where am I? What am i doing? And is this real?
I try and be really present and show up daily and today I can feel a very refreshing and reinforcing energy on your behalf which helped me be very tuned in to myself and my partner.
I also enjoyed the concentration teaching and breathing in the beginning helped my mind and heart to be set right. I also felt my level of consciousness "grew" during your seminar as I was able to really focus my thoughts and flow my movements with any partner. I was able to take in the movements better meaning more present where I feel they will stay in my memory longer.
Again, thank you for your genuine soul and for the passion you deliver your teachings.
Become Better Every Day"

Rosario Rios Aguilar

7/25/2015 11:53:51 PM | Hi Master Fariborz,
First thank you show much for taking the time to come to BC Krav today to instruct us. Your class was excellent, particularly (for me) for your emphasis on combining the psychological and physical. While all the instruction today was great, and the techniques you taught were as well, by far the biggest takeaway for me today was the combination of "check in" and the 4 quadrants. I loved that - especially since it"s applicable not only every day we train but in other aspects of our lives. While I"d like to think I"m always firmly in the "Play to Win" quadrant, I know that"s not always the case. There are some (few, I"d hope) times where I"m in the bottom quadrants, and definitely times I"ve been in the "Play not to Lose" quadrant. Your emphasizing the difference between those two was excellent and a great perspective to take. While I may not perfectly remember the techniques you taught (I should, but may not!), the "check in" and see where you are process I will definitely weave into my approach to training (and life in general) going forward. It"s so simple yet so overlooked I think. I have much to learn but thank you for providing us, in a very short time, with great tools to continue to train and grow.
Best regards, and hope to have you visit again soon!

Deborah Mulholland

7/25/2015 11:49:25 PM | Thank you for today.
The physical training was great but my biggest take-away was to watch your attitude while teaching. I"m sure this is not news to you but for me the older I get the more the internal side of the martial arts makes sense to me. Thank you for helping that understanding to grow.
I get so caught up in life at times that I forget how blessed I am to get do what I do. You said it was your privilege to be there today; it was my privilege to learn today.
Playing to win is something I have heard you speak about before but it is only recently that it has begun to resonate with me. It started at the MAIA convention and was reinforced today.
Thank you sir,

Nathan Carlen

7/25/2015 11:33:22 PM | Thank you Mr. Azhakh, for sharing your gifts with us today, it was among my favorite seminar today. There is alot I could say, but mostly I really appreciated the calmness you brought to your teaching. I also like to be in the now, which you helped us stay in. Would love to learn more from you.
Thanks for taking the time and coming out there. Will keep up with you on FB.

Alex Washington

7/14/2015 12:40:32 PM | Dear Mr. Azhakh,
I had an wonderful learning experience during your seminar. I came in thinking we going to talk about the common self defense techniques and awareness we should be aware of , when in fact it was a total 180 turn and we are talking about what is really killing us todays world and how we can play a role on helping individuals become more focused and what to participate on helping themselves live longer.
Everyone gets overwhelmed, busy, self absorbed and my lose focus in their martial arts school, family/work/business relationships, and their own general health on not take the time to really take care of themselves. We must all pause, check in and ask, WHERE AM I , WHAT AM I DOING AND IS IT REAL. This helps you become present and focus on whats important now.
I learned that crossing ones arms shows I don"t care and/or un participating attitude same as sitting the back of the room. Sitting in the front and raising arms up high show confidence and caring attitude and that I want to learn and participate. Its important to never be never be confused, research things and find out why we do the things we do, such as bowing in a dojo example given at your seminar.
Action items on the Dojo. Participation is the key to success. In order to get participation, we need to CHECK IN. What am I , What am I doing, is it real. Know every student is important and not to leave anyone behind. Get to know who the students really are as an individual not a student number. Curriculum should be focused not only on techniques, but also we should equally focus on our other important lessons of respect, honesty, creativity, health/exercise, family and community involvement, and most important how to prevent injury and/or accidents which is number one killer of kids. Start acknowledging students. Start acknowledging the parents. Start surveys on items of interest and start making time to be more involved. Line in front of dojo, raise those hands high during questions and be proud and confident to participate on any activity, even items out of our comfort zone.
Thank you so much,

Ruth Paterson

7/10/2015 10:12:32 AM | Dear Mr. Azhakh, thank you again for a very informative and educational seminar. I will definitely continue to "check in" on a daily basis. A copy of your power point presentation will be greatly appreciated and a useful tool in the "coaching, instructing"and most importantly, "teaching" of the staff and students at our dojo back on Long Island, NY. Hope to see you at the next Super Show.
John Gerig Assistant Instructor Warrior Jiu Jitsu
379 Route 25A
Rocky Point, NY 11778

John Gerig

7/10/2015 9:57:59 AM | Hello Sensei,
I learned quite a bit in your seminar. One thing that stood out the most was being a player in the game. I heard it in sensei Benny"s seminar as well. Not to hold a grudge and make a big deal about something so small. When a problem arises, deal with it in the most calm/discreet manner and move forward.
Check in!
I also learned if all human "beings" just apply 10% effort in applying themselves, we would see a better result in day to day quality living. From there we would be able to see outcome of the 10% and be motivated to give more effort.
Thank you


7/10/2015 9:39:43 AM | Sensei Fariborz,
Thank you for sharing your excellent presentation with us at the supershow. I think I took more away from your seminar than any other that I attended this week. I would love a copy of your PowerPoint to review and share with my partner.
Your definition of virtuosity, emphasis on mindfulness and call to a dedication to teaching rather than coaching were highlights for me. I have been thinking in particular about your distinctions between "self" vs. "other" defense. I learned that there is much more to defense than watching for/fending off attackers.
Thank you for the great training and for sharing your presentation. I look forward to hearing you speak again in the future. You had asked if we had any curriculum based on verbal de-escalation in our schools, and I would be happy to share ours if you are interested.
Thanks again,
Will Fecowycz
Armentor"s United Martial Arts
Groves, TX

Will Fecowycz

3/25/2013 3:16:32 PM | Mr. Fariborz,
I"m very sad that I missed your day yesterday. Words can never express my gratitude for all that you have done for me and the martial arts community.
You are a blessing to others by showing them the path of their own true self.
With respect,

Allison Mosa

3/25/2013 1:59:38 PM | Sitting at the museum and watching the film that was put together with pictures of a young Fariborz doing his martial arts, was especially touching to me, because I knew him before he could do any of those kicks. I taught him how to do all of those kicks. I have to say I felt like a proud father watching that film.
What I wanted to say to every one before my emotions got the best of me was this. Shortly after I sold the school to Fariborz, he started making changes in the curriculum. Changes that were so far off from traditional that I got furious, and told him that I did not want to be associated with this or him any more. I promptly took down every picture of me in the school and walked out. We did not see each other for the next five years.
He knew changes had to be made, but at the time he wasn"t exactly sure what. He thought by becoming a nationally rated tournament competitor would bring business to his school. He was wrong it didn"t. At this time in his life he was all about being flashy and flamboyant. He liked that wow factor. After moving the school for the second time to where it is now, he decided to settle down and be a bit more traditional. He had been furthering his martial arts training with several world renowned martial artists, eventually teaching what he now calls a Hapkido Blend. The Hapkido Blend is a Hapkido based system with what he felt were the best attributes of several other martial art systems thrown into the mix. At last he was on the right track now. With a much better vision of the changes he originally wanted to make, he honed his new system.
Being the consummate student and having a thirst for knowledge, he seek ed out the best of the best in several arts from Kick Boxing to ground fighting to weapons and continued training. All of the different masters that he trained under, he would bring to his school to give seminars to his students. Not only did he expose his students to other masters and other systems, but he also introduced the masters to each other. Quite a move! A move that most teachers were to insecure to do. Most teachers felt that exposing their students to other masters and other styles could end up in a loss of students.
For those of you that remember the U F C in it"s inf antsy, you will remember that the Gracies dominated the fights. This was because they were not only great at what they did, but most fighters were not versed in the ground game, so the Gracies dominated. These fighters realizing if they want to compete in this forum, they would have to learn the ground game to compete. Once they did the Gracies no longer dominated. Today we call this CROSS TRAINING!!! Is this the vision that Fariborz had?
It"s been 31 years since I took my pictures of the wall in the school and walked out. I walked out on what I thought was a cocky kid trying to re invent the wheel. It took him a while to settle down and get his vision straight but he did it and with style and class. Today the school is filled with martial arts greats that come to teach and give seminars on a regular basis. Fariborz has a beautiful wife and three lovely children. He is very content, he has his family and martial arts and who knows,MAYBE ANOTHER VISION.
Love and Respect
Steve Sexton.

Master Steve Sexton

3/24/2013 9:25:57 PM | 

Kimberly Anderson and Master Dan Anderson

3/24/2013 8:45:06 PM | 

Sensei Cecil Peoples

3/24/2013 12:24:34 PM | Congratulations Sir.
We will be out of town and will not be able to attend your day, but we"ll be thinking about you. What an honor this is for you. Enjoy.
Respects and honor.

Marnie Gleckman Strawn

3/24/2013 12:18:23 PM | Congratulations!
To this day, I utilize the information you passed on to me - your talents and insights are living on and will continue to live on in all your students (current and former) - kudos to you on this special honor

Gail Sumpter

3/23/2013 1:14:06 PM | Congratulations Fariborz,
a worthy recipient.
Richard Holdstock~Sensei
Goju Ryu Bushido Karate Academy
Blacktown City NSW Australia

Richard Holdstock

3/23/2013 1:11:02 PM | Congratulations! Master Azhakh embodies the true meaning of being a martial arts master. His high level of skill, his love for his students and his sharing of martial arts, business and teaching methods with other martial arts school owners puts him in a unique and highly respected position. This honor is richly deserved!

Matt Dorsey

3/23/2013 1:10:42 PM | Congradulations Mr. Fariborz. I look forward to being there and congradulating you.

Jason Rockmael

3/23/2013 1:10:15 PM | Dear Sensei Fariborz Azhakh,
Congratulations for your birth day, I & IPKO"s members wishes best and long life for you.

A. Askarian

3/22/2013 1:39:40 PM | Congratulations on this wonderful honor of which you so greatly deserve!

Shelley Spiegel

1/19/2012 8:19:14 AM | Hey Fariborz,
I was going to ask how are you today except I read on FB how sore you are. Well, I want you to know you are not the only one. I went to get acupuncture on my knees today for a couple of hours.
I have to tell you I had such a good time yesterday. You and Nina definitely know how to put on an event. Everyone had such a good time & the spectators where so pleased. You and Sensei Benny put on a real climax the end the day. It was just what everyone wanted to see. Congratulations to you my friend, it was a job well done.

Sensei Cecil Peoples

1/17/2012 4:36:20 PM | Sensei Fariborz,
Ever since you announced that you were going to spar 50 people for your 50th birthday, I wondered how you were going to do it, how were you going to train, how was your family going to deal with all of it, and especially how what it would look like when the day actually came. I have seen your past photos, a video or two of your competition days, I have heard the stories of how TKC came to be, I have taken in as much as I can when my mind was able, and I am sure I have lost some great insight when I was present but not really checked in. Still no amount of planning helped me to be prepared for yesterday"s festivities. You certainly handled the whole day with grace, integrity, honor, and even a little humor.
A few key moments that stood out in my mind, Nina sharing about your life and how she came to be at TKC and how she has many instructors now but that you will always be the one that made her realize that she can do anything. Sensei Linda sharing her memories of how Little Ninjas came to be, Sensei T"s sharing his memory, Mr. Brandon sharing that you are like a second father to him, Mr. Jason sharing his experience of going to Oklahoma with you for the DVD series, the countless people that came in and out of the studio all day long, Sensei Sara, Sifu Diana, Sifu Ron, etc. Finally you hugging Sensei Benny at the end of your 50 rounds, to say that I was overwhelmend is an understament. This was truly one of the best celebrations of a life that I have ever attended. My family had an amazing time, thank you.
"Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, but its up to you to MERIT the face you have at fifty"


1/17/2012 4:34:15 PM | Dear Kyoshi - Boy....what a week! The energies of last Saturday are still active. I think the day made a very profound impact on many of us - and without really expecting the level of intensity that prevailed. It wasn"t just an event - it was an experience. And one that shall be long remembered and revisited through our own memories as well as in photographs. I felt a part of something bigger than I could imagine. There was never any one moment of feeling uncomfortable or out of place. There were always people around to see and talk to and catch up with and meet. Being able to participate as one of the 50 was your gift to me. You gave me a minute I have locked into the treasures in my mind to relive over and over. It was a surreal minute - the physical was fun, but it was the spiritual feeling that is hard to put into words. I speak for me at least. You have definitely made the ordinary, extraordinary. You made it a safe minute - I trusted you explicitely - probably more than I"ve ever trusted anything before. Maybe that"s what was so spiritual - coming from one who does not trust easily. And then, for me, to hear such kinds words from people such as Michael Matsuda, Master Nicolas, even Sensei Sara"s assistant, Nancy. I must have done something right.....or looked as though I"d beeen trained by the best :) Thank you so much for allowing us to share in this ceremony with you - I know each one of us will hold this dear in our hearts and souls - getting to share that one minute, literally with a great Master.


1/17/2012 4:31:21 PM | You make 50 look so easy! Congratulations on such a wonderful day and an amazing life.

The McGuire Family

1/17/2012 4:24:13 PM | Sensei, you raised a question before class today about our thoughts on this past weekend, what stood out most in our minds. I could have easily said something, but I chose not to because what I have to say goes far beyond the simple "it was nice" or "the energy in the studio that day was grand". Eventhough those points were true, I didn"t think I"d have enough time nor pinpoint the exact words to thoroughly explain what stood out in my mind. The stories your students mentioned of how you were a significant part of their lives because of the things you did for them such as driving a student home after you noticed he was walking to and from the studio, and especially the story about Mr. T and doing something so simple as providing a popsicle stick to a man because you had the insight to know the significance or the meaning of what that stick represented and what it would mean to him really validated my first impressions of you and Mr. Faramarz.
When I first walked into the studio and browsed the TKC website, I could not help but notice all these quotes and lessons that were hanging on the walls and posted throughout the site. I thought to myself, "wow, these guys are really insightful. Having a special type of perception that views, not only the world, but themselves moreso on a spiritual level, aiding in the expansion of one"s consciousness and developing/nurturing one"s spirit as a means to reach self actualization/awareness." But then again, not yet knowing you guys on a personal level, I had my doubts for these sayings and quotes are just that...sayings and quotes. They sound good to the ear and its nice to read them, but is it really what you live by. There"s a saying, "a person can talk the talk, but can they really walk the walk." In other words, do they live by what they preach. From my interactions with you and Mr. Faramarz and my experience this past saturday.
SIR, I feel you definetely are genuine and an enlightened individual. Not only am I your student who wants to learn the techniques of martial arts, I am an individual who earns to learn the martial arts of life, and I feel being in your presence I have the best of both worlds. Mr. Fariborz, it"s an honor to have you as my SENSEI! I hope not only to learn from you, but to grow with you as I walk on this path to my TRUE self. May the Most High continue to shine upon us all. My regards to your family as well. By the way, thanks for your thoughts and prayers for my dad. He"s getting stronger day by day. And that"s what I"m talking about sensei, those words that came from you as soon as I explained my dad"s situation, "I"m sorry to hear that, I"ll be sure to pray for him."

Michael Collado

1/16/2012 8:01:43 PM | Dear Sensei Fariborz
You requested feedback on the celebration last week,and I just wanted to say that the impact that you have had on the martial arts world and on TKC was truly displayed duriing the entire ceremony, including the rounds of fighting. Although it was terrifying to me to get up in front of everyone and perform during the demonstrations, I wanted to honor you and the positive impact you have had on my life, so I made myself get out on the mat and do the cane form. Sparring with you was very empowering, even though I suspect that you were taking care of me by not hitting and kicking me as hard as you could (as later demonstrated by the rounds with other masters such as Sensei Benny Urquidez and Sensei Steve Sexton) Thank you very much for making me feel competent and and powerful during our sparring round.
The entire day was very inspiring, and although I did not get to see some of the afternoon rounds (I was stationed at the front desk to welcome visitors and have them sign in) I still am honored that I could be a part of the celebration in a small way.
There were still people coming into the studio between 2-3:30 pm. during my shift at the front desk, and when I went to the back of the studio at the end I was amazed at all the people crowded onto the mat to see you spar some of the students and Master Steve Sexton. I did not see the sparring match with Sensei Benny but will watch it on the video that you sent out to everyone.
I think that the celebration was a great way to honor you and your special 50th Birthday and TKC"s 30th Anniversary as a very special place to train, and the entire day felt very inspiring to everyone, I think. Everyone was smiling and engaged in both the sparring rounds and the demonstrations and I think that people will be talking about it for quite some time in the future. It was great to see the crowd in the back shouting encourgagements to you as you kept going through the sparring rounds all day long, even though you must have been tired and physically spent--it did not show at all, and the last round was just as powerful as the first..
Congratulations and and again, Happy Birthday. The entire experience was a day of celebration that will not be forgotten..


1/16/2012 8:00:32 PM | Sir,
I want to thank you again for sharing your birthday with us. It was once again an unforgettable memory and experience at TKC - I can"t thank you enough for doing what you do - to hear and see how many lives you haves changed is heart warming. It is a great honor and we are so proud to be apart of the TKC family.
Thank you,

The Solleys

1/8/2012 1:08:52 PM | Master Fariborz,
Congratulations on TKC"s 30th anniversary and your 50th birthday! It was so nice to come back to the studio and re-live some of the great memories I had there. I wish we had the chance to speak one-on-one, but I wanted to thank you for everything you provided for myself, Venus, and my family. To me, TKC was a second home full of support and positive energy and I will always remember and cherish the experiences I had at your studio. Thank you again for everything you have done for us and the community; I just want you to know how much of a positive impact you had on me throughout my childhood and teenage years.
Hope to see you again soon. Best wishes for you and your family in the coming year!
Your Student,


1/8/2012 12:22:20 PM | Hello Kyoshi,
Just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for all of us and wish you a very happy birthday and a great day full of unforgettable memories on Saturday, I am glad to be a part of it. One thing I heard today from Sensei John was "Body ages but the human soul is ageless" and that is why the concept of age does not matter at TKC in a way i am trying to say that 50 is only a number and I am sure you are still the young man who fell in love with this art in your soul except now you have changed many people"s outlook on life and inspired many others. Respect and Honor


1/8/2012 12:21:19 PM | Mr. Fariborz,
What an experience! Today had an impact on me in many areas of my life, and I would like to share a few of my experiences from this day with you. The psychological air you spoke of today was more evident to me than ever. The atmosphere was not only home, but it also acted as a tool for my mind in a very special way. The past few months have been quite different than what I"m used to; I haven"t been attending karate as often. In the past months, I"ve handled situations in my own life the way I was taught to during my upbringing at the studio: with respect, humility, and deep consideration. I have been pretty happy with the way I"ve responded to occurrences in my life, but in other areas I have fallen short. Today, being in the atmosphere of the studio and in the presence of the great pillars of the industry, I was grounded and brought back to the way of thinking I had when I was incredibly involved with karate. I left the studio today with a different outlook on several areas of my life, mostly regarding the way I act socially. The studio did more than just provide a psychological air that made me feel at home; returning to the studio environment reminded me of lessons I had already learned. My physical return to the studio allowed me to return to the mindset that I had months earlier and gave me an opportunity to reflect on my past few months. The sparring was also great in itself. As you said with Sensei Ron Baliki"s punches, it was a pleasure every time you hit me. I"ll remember to wear a cup next time... With much love and respect,


1/2/2012 10:30:38 PM | Mr. Fariborz, A brave, bold and beautiful birthday celebration awaits you! What a way to ring in a new year! When I think of all the lives you have touched, all the students you have empowered, all the wealth of knowledge and skill you have shared, with such patience, love, and humor. all I can say is that your life has been a great gift to many, and the world is a better place because of your fifty years here. Much love, loyalty and respect,


1/2/2012 10:20:58 PM | Mr. Fariborz is a force of nature.
Our son, Jake, was inspired and shaped by him, mentally and physically, from an early age, and we know that Jake is greater, stronger, wiser, and kinder because of Mr. Fariborz. As a family, we all benefit from Mr. Fariborz"s influence because, well, Jake is probably more mature than the rest of us as a result of what he learned from Mr. Fariborz. More than once, Jake, who is the youngest member of our family, has gently nudged us back in the direction of what matters.
Mr. Fariborz, we can"t imagine Jake without the strength, confidence, and wisdom that you nurtured in him. All of us who are fortunate enough to know you are better versions of ourselves because of it.
Happy birthday, Mr. Fariborz!
With love and gratitude,

Julie and Russ Kornack

1/2/2012 11:34:27 AM | It is a pleasure sending our best wishes for a spectacular birthday celebration and many more fabulous years with Team Karate Centers. Being a part of TKC has left a lasting impression on our lives that will always be cherished and remembered, thanks to Sensei Fariborz. Forever your students, Joe, Janet, Karl and Julia Eisenreich

Joe Eisenreich

1/1/2012 9:24:45 AM | It is honor to have such a amazing soul like him in my life. I am so proud of you. You advanced Martial Arts. Keep up the good work.

Shirzad Alborzi

12/30/2011 10:47:13 PM | Mr. Fariborz,
For so long you have contributed so much to so many of us, much more than lessons in martial arts, rather lessons that we"ll continue to learn from & employ in many aspects of our lives. We will re-visit the fond memories from our training days which will always bring with them a smile & a cherished warm feeling. You will always be a roll model to us all & the only way we can thank you is through honoring the multitude of life lessons learned at TKC.
With respect.

Hooman Lahooti

12/29/2011 9:08:37 PM | Master Fariborz, I decided to save you from breaking my arm on your 50th birthday sparring celebration so I had Judo Gene break my arm and Gokor break my finger. I wish you the very best in good health and prosperity through out your next 50 years.
Aloha RSBustillo

Richard Bustillo

12/29/2011 9:02:16 PM | You just made my day, Sir. I have been a huge fan of yours and for you to ask about setting up a photo shoot - I am totally honored. I can"t wait to finally meet you. If I lived in Cali, I would"ve loved to attend your celebration - it looks like it"s going to be an awesome time! So....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Mr. Stace Sanchez

12/29/2011 9:00:37 PM | Very nice presentation. You should be proud of your contributions to the martial arts and to mankind. The world needs more people like you to make it a better place. Your respect, dignity and honor are symbols of true martial artist. Happy Birthday to you!

Grandmaster Dennis Ichikawa

12/29/2011 8:58:51 PM | What a beautiful way to display Sensei Fariborz and the respect of his students and instructors. I can honestly say that TKC motivated me to grow as an adult, mother, and friend. Not only me , but my two sons as well. I congratulate you on 30 amazing years and look forward to many more. Happy Birthday, Sensei Fariborz. You have created and are still creating nothing but Excellence. Much love and respect....always.

Marnie Strawn

12/28/2011 5:50:41 PM | I have had a lot of ups and downs through out my life and despite my young age I have had the pleasure of meeting many kinds of people but Ever since I came to TKC my idea of life has changed. I dont really know what it is about Karate and paying Respect to my Senseis and Master Fariborz that gives me a feeling of assurance that I am on the right path for me but I am very sure that I will do it for as long as I can take a punch, throw a punch and have time to continue an idea that I was once not very interested in.
Thank you Master Fariborz for setting an example that I could look upto to further improve my personality and self being on this planet.
I will see you Jan 7th.

Ali Mojarrad

12/28/2011 3:30:06 PM | Happy Holidays!!!
Thanks for sharing the video, you look great!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration! Love the idea - 50 rounds for fifty years! I wish I could make it but i"m committed for that weekend already.
Best to you and your family and hope you have a safe and Happy New Year!!!

Mike Chat

12/28/2011 3:27:20 PM | Sensei Fariborz, congratulations on your 50th birthday! I am proud and honored to be a part of your organization. Your leadership and guidance have been instrumental to our success.

Pedro Font

12/28/2011 11:46:17 AM | I am so happy to have you as a true friend and will be honored to be with you to celebrate your 50th birthday.
pce lve, :D Kevin

Kevin Carr

12/28/2011 11:45:35 AM | All the time and training have paid off. There is time for more of the same! But now, just now let the adventure of the second half begin! And what an adventure it is!!!

John Bain

12/28/2011 5:46:32 AM | Happy Birthday Master Fariborz !

Dojunim - Master Allison

12/28/2011 5:44:37 AM | Happy Birthday Master Fariborz,welcome to the Club.Go strong,Be strong,Keep strong. Vic Antico Rome Italy

Vic Antico

12/27/2011 10:51:22 PM | Very nice video. Congratulations on your birthday. I wish you many more happy, healthy ones.
In the way,

Jeff Ader

12/27/2011 10:50:32 PM | Man that was sooooo awesome I wish I could make it IF I ever get a chance to visit I will I"ll book mark ya Singed Richtheolroughneck / Aka: kung-fu panda

Richard Pennington

12/27/2011 10:49:28 PM | Respect and gratitude for all you have done and are doing to promote morality and wushu. Best wishes from Scotland

Sandra Clancy

12/27/2011 10:48:45 PM | Hi Fariborz ,Great focus for your 50 years around the sun ,you are so right about many not training ,i have a had a focus of every 5 years entering a comp or setting a phyical goal to keep me in check ,hoping to catch up in the new year with you when i do some more reasearch with our friend Sensei Benny , wish i could have been there to add to the energy support,the best in Focused Mind Power to you now ,on the day and beyound.
Ian Waite New Zealand

Ps sence you are a sharer of great quotes,
here is one that is closest to my heart and perfect for your journey on the 7th....
We have not even to risk the adventure alone for the heroes of all time have have gone before us ,the labyrinth is fully known ,we have only to follow a thread of the hero path.And where we had thought to slay anonther ,we shall slay ourselves,and where we had thought to travel outward ,we will come to the centre of our own existence,and where we had thought to be alone ,we will be with all the world ,,Joseph Campbell

Ian Waite

12/27/2011 10:47:20 PM | Happy Birthday Grandmaster Fariborz, you were and you are an Great Inspiration for all hapkido practitionners,your talent and your knowledge are highly respected, my best wishes for your Birthday, your Friend in the arts.GM Serge Baubil, Hoshinkido Founder

Serge Baubil

12/27/2011 10:45:21 PM | This video captures the class and integrity of the master I met and was in awe of 19 years ago and who still continues to teach and inspire me mentally & physically. A humbling reminder that I am part of an incredible family of martial artists. Congratulations Kyoshi, on 30 years of changing lives and showing us our "true north" and wishing you the happiest of birthdays! Much love and respect!

Nancy De Long

12/27/2011 10:44:01 PM | Sorry I can"t make it. I know you will have a great day. Happy 50th. I am sure your 100th will be even greater.
Plainview NY

Sifu Rafael Gomez

12/25/2011 9:58:34 PM | I wish we could be there to join the fun. Have the best Birthday ever.. Round after round... Sounds like a ball. We will be there in spirit! Hugs from south Florida

Kim LaVallee

12/25/2011 9:58:03 PM | brother fariborz, I am writting you to wish you a great birthday and after reading your many emails to me i can say you have won in the biggest fight and thats LIFE, where you have mastered loving people !i don"t hang out with alot of kack guys like i did in my past but you are one i would . happy b-day brother . warren rodgers 7th degree blackbelt , korean national tae kwon do assoc.

Warren Rodgers

12/25/2011 9:57:01 PM | Gratulations to your birthday, 50years old, but you look very young for me, have a good christmas and happy new year... with love martin/sweden...

martin granlund

12/23/2011 7:29:31 AM | 

با عرض سلام ، خدمت آقا فریبرز
اول از همه بایستی پنجاهمین سال تولد شما را تبریک بگم امیدوارم همیشه خوب و خوش و سلامت باشی.
من از بچه محل های تهران پارسی شما هستم و چند سال پیش با هم تلفنی کلی صحبت کردیم.
من 30 ساله که کیوکوشین کار میکنم و در حال حاضر نماینده چند سازمان معتیبر کاراته در دنیا هستم برای شما و تمامی ایرانی ها در هر کجای دنیا که هستن آرزوی موفقیت میکنم.
به امید سلامتیت
جهانبخش مرادی

Jahanbakhsh Moradi

12/23/2011 7:16:31 AM | I would love to be there with this, incredible man.
I will be out of the country at this time, however, and won"t be able to make it.
With deepest respect... Happy Birthday!

Dennis Ichikawa

12/23/2011 6:33:54 AM | Happy Birthday - Incredible. Keep being the example Sir! Osu!!!

John Geyston

12/22/2011 10:23:57 PM | I remember 50! You have lots of impressive years of sharing and building ahead of you, Fariborz, having reached "senior master" status.

Stephen Hayes

12/22/2011 10:22:04 PM | I can say that without you guide and love the teachings made it that much more easy to learn. I respect you and love u. You are extra ordinary in everything!

John Nguyen

3/4/2008 11:34:53 PM | Mr. Fariborz, on the eve of my Third Degree journey under your guidance, I wish to say what an honor it is to be a member of your staff, and your student. My thanks to you for 13 years of training and friendship will be expressed in the effort I put forth during these next six months.

Bill Null

1/3/2008 11:28:59 AM | Sir,
Congratulations on 25 years of mastery. Ten years ago I had the pleasure of meeting you and touring your school. You were gracious and inspirational to me. You are a true master in martial arts. Continued success.
Thank You,
Chan Lee
J.K. Lee"s Black Belt Academy

Chan Lee

12/20/2007 10:43:38 AM | Dear Mr. Fariborz,
Congratulations on TKC 25th Anniversary. I would like to also thank you and your great staff for the great work that you people have done for my son Cameron Salehi. Starting at TKC,Cameron used to be a shy little boy, but over these past three years I have seen great improvement both socialy and academically in him. Once again my family and I are very thankful to you and all the instructors at TKC.

Mitra Hadjiagha

12/14/2007 9:37:06 PM | From a young girl of 18, lost, insecure and gangly. To an ol" wife and mother, confident in my ways, successful and happy. You have been there with me through it all. You have sincerely been such an enormous positive influence in my life, I am truly greatful for the many years we have shared.
You gave me confidence, a career path which grew into a passion, and constantly reminded me "what life is all about."
It"s no suprise to me that you have been a tremendous success for 25 years. This accomplishment is inevitable for someone with such vision and drive. It always amazes me to see the people come out of the woodwork to attest their love and admiration for you. Not that you aren"t incredibly loveable... but just to see the many, and know that they are but a few of the lives you have touched. The world is a better place because of who you are and what you have been to so very many people. I for one, know that my life would not be what it is today without you and TKC. You are so very special, thank you.

Erin Day

11/26/2007 10:41:14 PM | Dear Master Fariborz I would like to thank you for showing my children and I the way to constant and never ending improvement in our lives through martial arts. I have loved every minute of my last 6 years training at Team Karate Centers. I am honored to have you as my teacher. Congratulations on celebrating 25 years of teaching.

Zelia Samimi

10/14/2007 8:48:54 PM | Dear Master Fariborz--I came to the study of martial arts later in life, and I can only say thank you for opening a world of new possibilities for me, both in studying and training in the martial arts and in my terms of my professional goals and pursuits. More importantly, you have helped me to develop the confidence to try again, to believe in myself and to have hope that I can make a worthy contribution in the future. The culture of learning and excellence that you have created at TKC has been life-changing for me and for many others, and I wish you continued success and growth in the future. Congratulations on your achievement of 25 years as a mentor and educator in the martial arts and in our own TKC "community." I look forward to studying with you for many years to come, and to discovering new possibilities for achievement along the way.

Sandra Clark

9/14/2007 10:02:38 AM | Mr. Fariborz,
You have created a wonderful place for people to come and improve themselves through martial arts. I am truly appreciative for the opportunity to train at Team Karate Centers. Congratulations in your success.

Allison Mosa

9/13/2007 10:00:28 PM | Thirty one years ago, a 16 year old Irianian boy (FARIBORZ) walked into my small martial arts school to sign up for lessons. Eager and ready to learn he had asperations of becoming the next Bruce Lee, as did every other kid in the 1970"s.
Very much alone in a new country, with his parents half a world away, he found a new home in the school, and was there all the time. He trained hard and started getting quite good. I remember the better he got, the cockier he got. It was time for Life Lesson #1. There is always someone better! After solving this prolem and teaching him humility, he started training with a renewed vigor and with a humblness about him.
I was very old school in training, and getting promoted in rank was not an easy thing to acheive. To this day I have only promoted 16 people to Black Belt, and Fariborz was one of them.
In 1981 I got an offer to get involved in another business. The offer was to good to turn down. I had a choice to make. Close the school, or sell it! Fariborz showed an interest in the school and bought it from me. Armed with a desire to be successful in his new business, Fariborz started making changes in teaching. These changes angered me. I felt he was breaking tradition, and me being so old school decided to dis-associate myself with him.
Two years or so passed before we spoke again. By then he had moved the location of the school.
I left him with a 1200 sq ft hole in the wall school. The next time I walked into his school I didn"t know what to expect. It was 7000 sq ft filled with students. When I walk in, a hush fell over the class that was going on, then everyone turned to face me and bowed. I remember looking up on the wall next to the flags, and there was my picture. It made me feel great!
He hadn"t forgotten tradition, all of his students knew who I was, and knew all about me.
I was to narrow minded to allow him to grow. I guess the student becomes the teacher sometimes. During my absence Fariborz got to know, and was trained by some of martial arts elite, royalty if you will. On top of furthering his martial arts knowledge, he has created the largest martial arts web site in the world.
I am proud to have played a small part in molding the 16 year old boy that came to me 31 years ago, into the man he is today.
"Happy 25th Anniversary Fariborz"
Your Teacher/Your Friend

Steve Sexton

8/29/2007 9:11:00 PM | Mr.Fariboz: Congratulations and thank you for all you have done for me. I am here today comtemplating my black belt because you have chalenged me todo so.May God bestow his richest blessings upon you and your beautiful family.

Nilza Kamansky

8/27/2007 8:39:35 PM | Mr.Fariborz,
Words are not sufficient to express the gratitude that I have for you and the community that you have created here at Team Karate Centers. TKC is indeed my second home and my teammates over the years are truly members of my family. Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary!
In Bushido,

Sani Morin

8/26/2007 7:34:54 PM | Mr. Fariborz,
Congratulations on 25 years. TKC will always hold a very special place in my heart. It is because of your teachings that I gained confidence and the ability to believe in myself. Again, Congratulations. Both Jason and I thank you!!!

Julie Cohen

8/12/2007 7:32:53 PM | Like Albert Einstein said: "try not to be a man of success but rather to become a man of value." - You have given great value to the martial arts! We thank you!

Dan Haney

8/3/2007 6:17:06 AM | Master Fariborz,
Wow, 25 years, incredible. I would never have imagined the path my life would have taken over 10 years ago when I stepped into your studio. You have helped my two most precious gifts, Max and Cassidy, to become wonderful young adults and even gotten my husband kicking and screaming into the martial arts and loving it. I have had the awesome pleasure of watching you over the years touch peoples lives in such a profoundly positive way, my life included. I thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to teach the Little Ninjas Karate Program at Team Karate Centers. I thank you for you unconditional friendship, and invaluable mentorship. Congratulations on an amazing 25 years.

Linda Vogel

8/2/2007 10:13:58 AM | Dear mr.fariborz-
congratulations sir, for twenty five years of teaching your life"s work. many people do not have any idea of what they are here to do,and if they do figure it out-many more are too afraid or too bogged down by life to to reach their own full human potential.Here, you have moved far above many men in that you have indeed tapped into your own gifts and one of those gifts is bringing out the gifts in others.That is as powerful as much as the martial arts itself.Then comes the philanthropic work of supporting the community and the "I can do anything,with enough time and practice"attitude.These are life changing ideals we are taught at T.K.C.along with tools for living,but as we all know that a great master ,role model and teacher is better able to be effective in the job of instructing other people if he has reached something within himself.That is why twenty five years is so outstanding.yes, we are all changed by knowing you.My family is simply not the same and neither am I.The other instructors,the decipline,the ideals come from you and flow throughout an entire community of participants that are simply not the same from the day they decided to improve themselves and walk into the studio.That is truly amazing to have that much influence and to reach so many people because you have dedicated yourself to your life"s work and that work makes a difference to all of us.

Terri Recchia

8/1/2007 8:37:21 PM | Happy 25 Anniversary Fariborz, Can"t beleive we have been teaching in Woodland Hills for that long.
Thank you for doing so much good work for Martial Arts

Simon Rhee

8/1/2007 5:00:38 AM | Dear Master Fariborz,
Congrats on making it to your 25th year teaching the martial arts. On behalf of the Molum Combat Arts Association we wish you another 25.

Tim White

7/31/2007 11:50:27 PM | Congratulations Master Fariborz on your
25 years.I first heard of Master Fariborz Through the Panther videos. Sincerly From:Barceloneta,Puerto Rico
Luis A. Nuñez Ortega

Luis A. Nuñez Ortega

7/31/2007 9:27:30 PM | Happy 25th Anniversary Master Fariborz!Conratulations..
Fatih Ince
Chief Instructor
Toronto - Canada

Fatih Ince

7/31/2007 8:38:18 PM | Master Fariborz, Words are not enough to express the place that you and your family have in my heart. Thank you much for being so much. I came to you to learn about martial arts. What I received in return goes beyond words. You always have an ear for my troubles and a hug for my heart. You have been a great friend, teacher and mentor. Congratulations on this, your 25th anniversary and I wish you 25 more!!! Hail to the Master... Master Fariborz Azhakh!

Lisa McCumber

7/31/2007 7:29:42 PM | Mr. Fariborz,
Congratulations! My kids and I feel so blessed that TKC has come into our lives. In the short time that we have been at TKC, I can see why you are admired and loved by so many...Here"s to at least another 25 years of success, health, family and friends. You certainly deserve it!!!!!!

Marnie S

7/31/2007 7:11:38 PM | Everyone has said all that there is to say but i would like to let you know that you made a big difference in my life and i believe i owe much of who i am today to you. I still remember the first day i met you and what went thruogh my head and it is something i will never forget along with all my training. There are no words to explain what a great person you are and i wish you a very long and healthy life because you are already successful.

Ronald Rochel

7/31/2007 5:33:12 PM | Dear Master Fariborz,
I have always tried to show my appreciation and respect for you through my actions all my years at TKC. This is my opportunity to publicly thank you for your commitment to spiritual principles expressed in all that you are and do as a person and a martial artist. I looked up to you 13 years ago when I sheepishly poked my head in the door to watch you and the rest of the instructors on that panel and I wanted what you had, not just the belt but that calm, confident presence. Your guidance and the environment at TKC gave me the opportunity for me to make that a reality for myself. Today I’m proud to be on the panel with you and guide others to realize the warrior within each every person that walks through those doors. Happy 25th! Amir Khalighi

Amir Khalighi

7/31/2007 3:50:12 PM | Master Fariborz,
Congratulations on this milestone of your life. May you continue to inspire, motivate and share your vast knowledge with the people you come across. Best wishes to you and your family.
Sensei Zeus

Sensei Zeus

7/31/2007 12:43:17 PM | Dear Mr. Fariborz, After reading what others have said there is no greater accolade I can give. Instead I think of the first time I walked into your original school in 1984. I was 9 years old. Although life took me away for a time ...I knew I would be back! Today I"m 33 years old and I am about to test for my 3rd degree Black Belt under your instruction. I also have the privilege of being one of your instructors at TKC. In case I have never expressed it before ...THANK YOU!!! I can"t put into words the gratitude I feel for being allowed to train at TKC. May heaven grant you another 25 years ....MINIMUM!!!
Love, -T


7/31/2007 12:17:27 PM | Dear Mr. Fariborz:
Congratulations on your 25th anniversary in teaching! I cannot believe how fast time has gone by, since my grandfather first brought me to your studio in the Fall of 1987. He met you when you were 20 years old, and had just opened up your first martial arts school (before the Victory Blvd location). Taking your advice, he enrolled me when I was "old enough" (there wasn"t a little dragons back then). Never did I imagine that the study of martial arts would have such a profound impact and become an integral part of my life.
Fast forward 20 years later, I am proud to still call you my sensei, my mentor, and my friend. Your guidance, wisdom, and leadership have allowed me to develop into the person I am today. You and rest of the TKC family are my second home. Even though, I might not live in the immediate area anymore to be there all time like I use to, I make it to class whenever possible.
I am and will forever be thankful for the tremendous influence you have had in my life, not to mention the rest of my family, who also holds you in the highest regard.
Here is to another 25 years under your instruction, and hopefully one day, as the teacher for my kids. All the best!

Brandon Florian

7/31/2007 11:46:34 AM | Congratulations Mr. Fariborz,
I"m so grateful for all that you"ve done for me. I can"t imagine what my life would be like if I had not joined TKC. I"ve known you as long as I can remember and your studio is truly a home away from home for me. I"m looking foward to more great times.

Max Vogel

7/31/2007 11:05:29 AM | My Dear friend, Master Fariborz,
My heartfelt congratulations to you on your 25 year milestone of teaching in the Martial Arts. In such a short time you have welcomed me into your school and made me feel like a part of the family at Team Karate. Your way of always giving far more than you ever receive, whether intellectually or physically on the mat, is truly an example to all of us seeking the "Master" way.I feel proud to call you my friend and look forward to many more years with you in our never ending endevour of perfection in the Arts. People like you always make the way that so much clearer by your sheer nature leading by example, and for that I thank you. Sincerely,=

Richard Norton



7/31/2007 10:31:22 AM | Master Fariborz
Congratulations on your 25th annuversary. A quarter of a century! And, we have been friends for most of that time. Fariborz, I just wanted to say you have been such an inspiration in so many people"s lives. You are a bundle of light, warmth and love who leads the people around him, keeps them warm and safe. I have been blessed to have you in my life and in my children"s lives. You have been a brother, a freind, a martial arts master, a role model, and the light and strength in our lives. I look forward to many more years of friendhsip and many more years of playing on the mat with you! One day we will be celebrating your 50th....

Sara Soheila Zamhariri

7/31/2007 10:28:59 AM | Congratulations from the Czech Republic!!!!

Mirek Dusbaba

7/31/2007 9:38:15 AM | Thank you, Mr. Fariborz for creating an ever-improving environment for success, both on and off the mat.

Dan Baker

7/31/2007 9:31:54 AM | Master Fariborz, you and your studio bring strength and encouragement everyday to our son and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Congratulations on your well deserved success! Thank you for being there for my family! YOU ROCK!!!

Jennifer Solter

7/31/2007 9:26:36 AM | Felicidades Maestro Fariborz.
Por tona la inovacion que usted muy atinadamente ha dado a las ARTES MARCIALES, no cualquiera hace tan interezantes logros, no tengo el gusto de conoserlo personalmente pero lo poco que he visto en su web, me dice todo.
Maestros como unsted necesitamos, para una verdadesa evolucion como seres humanos. gracias Maestro.


7/31/2007 8:40:06 AM | Congratulations on this 25th year anniversary.. May you continue to share your wealth and knowledge thru out he world. Again, Conratulations..


7/31/2007 8:20:45 AM | I love, and have loved, for years all that Fariborz has done and even encorporate a lot of it in my Iss-Hogai Jujitsu teachings. Of course, I was a friend of Bong Soo Han"s for almost 40 years and got some of it from him. But Fariborz has my highest respect for what he continues to do. I"ve been teaching for 34 years and still love it even though it isn"t easy to keep going at times. Keep up the good work my friend. Duane Ethington
Founder Iss-Hogai, An American Jujitsu

Duane R. Ethington

7/31/2007 5:18:42 AM | Master Fairborz,
Congratulations on 25 years of teaching. It is truly a milestone in ones career.

Shihan Brandon Fisher, 6th Dan

7/31/2007 4:00:09 AM | My Dear Friend! What an inspiration you are to me! Congratulations on your many amazing accomplishments. The most powerful, however, is the way you have helped shape our industry and chnge lives! With Love and Resect...
Excel Dojo Martal Art Center
Bexley, Ohio

Kelly Muir

7/31/2007 12:26:28 AM | My son Sam and I recieved our black belts at your 20th anniversary. I can"t believe five years have gone by!

Frank Accardo

7/30/2007 11:51:37 PM | Dear Master Azhakh,
You are my inspiration for USADOJO.COM! Thank you for your dedication in helping martial artists to grow technologically. You are not only a wonderful, talented teacher of the martial arts, but a fine educator of others who wish to succeed in teaching the martial arts. Keep up the great work!!!

Dana L. Stamos

7/30/2007 11:45:00 PM | Congrats Mr Farbiborz on your 25th anniversary year. It was great to meet you at the MA supershow downunder in Brisbane 2006. A real inspiration, with a great message to everyone, especially martial artists and instructors. The spirit of martial arts is back, it don"t matter what style you do, just do it.

Shihan Rick O Brien, ProActive Self Defence, Melbourne, Australia

7/30/2007 11:37:12 PM | Dear Master Fariborz, congratulations on your epic 25 year milestone in the keen practice of the martial arts, well done!

Master Vince Palumbo

7/30/2007 6:47:26 PM | Congratulations, Mr. Fariborz! It has been a pleasure learning from you these past years - what a testament to you it is that all these people are wishing you well... It speaks to who you are as a teacher, and a person. Enjoy!

Karen Wilkens

7/30/2007 3:53:32 PM | Dear Fariborz,
Congratulations Sir! What a great accomplishment. I remember my family and I visiting your school in the early 90"s and how impressed we were to see the operation. But even more so, how you generously open your arms in helping us understand how you run your SYSTEMS. I thank you for that and all you have done to raise the standard of the martial arts industry. A good leader takes people where they want to be, but a GREAT leader takes people where they need to be. You are that GREAT leader.
God Bless, Master Hung Tran

Hung Tran

7/30/2007 2:05:53 PM | Master Fariborz
Congratulations on 25 great years, you are a true Master in our industry!
Tabrik migoyam

George Chung

7/30/2007 1:24:02 PM | Dear Fariborz Sensei,
25 years is a long time and through all that I know that you have influenced many lives for the positive.
May you teach and influence lives for the next 1000 years to come. Generation after generation that will continue to speak the wisdom from today.
Thanks again for everything.
All the best
Mark J. Speranza

Mark J. Speranza

7/30/2007 1:05:14 PM | Master Fariborz,
Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary!
You have done so much - for So many!Keep up the good work. Thank you for all of your martial arts teachings. It takes alot of hard work,training,and devotion to be the best. You are the Best!

Roger Boggs - Goshin Karate & Judo AcademyGos

7/30/2007 7:10:11 AM | Congratulations on 25 years of teaching the martial arts. Your dedication to the industry is evidenced not only by your commitment as an instructor, but by bringing martial artists together through your web site and sharing your expertise as a speaker for education events. You are a credit to the industry!

Jan Szijarto, MAIA

7/30/2007 6:43:20 AM | Awesome, keep up the great work making adifference in the world you live in....I would like to sahre this with all....
To Teach or Pointing to Enlighten?
"The good teacher discovers the natural gifts of their pupils and liberates them by the stimulating influence of the inspiration that they can impart, never imposing laws of containment or stigma on them"
For All Teachers Keeping "IT" Real,

Sifu John McNabney

7/29/2007 1:56:58 AM | Dear Master Fariborz,
You"ve done very great jobs there, as we all martial artist are much thankful to you. I wish to hear the same in future too. Good luck. Cheers!
Bikash Subedi

bikash subedi

7/28/2007 5:47:51 PM | Fariborz:
Your mixture of styles, aikido and judo with Karate is excellant, I personally want to congradulate you on your anniversity and your success in the arts.
Louis D. Casamassa
Master and Founder
Red Dragon Karate Studios

Louis D. Casamassa

7/28/2007 3:03:05 PM | Dear Master Fariborz, congratulations on 25 great years. I myself have just double that and my wishes for you are that you do the same. Teaching martial arts isn"t a job but an honor and you sir honor this profession with the wonderful job that you do.
My Compliments
Founder Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts
President Beikoku Bushikan Karate Jutsu

Grand Master Larry Sanders

7/28/2007 8:55:35 AM | Congrats brother!
I have only known you as the highly successful, ever-motivating, constantly giving martial artist and friend that you have become to me.
Now I know "the rest of the story".. Wow! What a journey.

Much love, and thanks for sharing.

Dale "Apollo" Cook

7/28/2007 8:27:22 AM | Master Fariborz,
Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary!
Keep up the good work. Thank you for all of your martial arts teachings. It takes alot of hard work,training,and devotion to be the best. You are the Best!
I wish you all the best in all of your future adventures. Shihan Tim Thompson.

Shihan Tim Thompson 7th Dan

7/28/2007 7:58:58 AM | Dear Master Fariborz, THANK YOU! And CONGRATULATIONS on 25 years of continuous teaching! You have done a great job for Martial Arts community and Martial Artists around the world.
God will helps you always........
Dr. Zulfiqar
Secretary General
Pakistan Chin Woo Wushu Kung Fu Association

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi

7/28/2007 6:01:07 AM | Dear Master Fariborz, has it been 25 years already?.. Wow! it just seems like last month that we first spoke and shared Hapkido information. Congratulations on all the success of your organization and your family, and I look forward to celebrating your 50th Anniversary. You are a great leader, motivator and "martialist". It is an honor to know you and have you as a friend. I recommend anyone who has not has the opportunity to train with you, do so, they will not regret one moment of it.

Grandmaster James McMurray

4/21/2007 10:25:51 AM | Mr. Fariborz,
It is almost hard for me to believe that someone with so much knowledge, grace, wisdom and strength could have only been teaching for 25 years. Congratulations, on your 25th anniversary. I feel you have a true gift, a gift that is not present in enough people in the world. You impacted my life so greatly with memories that will last me a lifetime, and I"m sure so many others can say the same. Thank you for all you have done. You really changed my life, and I think of you always.

Sanaz Bakhtiari

4/16/2007 11:08:50 PM | Master Fariborz,
Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. A solid foundation and thoughtful construction will always stand the test of time. Thank you for you support over the years, and thank you for all of the good you have done in the community as well. I have always admired your tenacity, caring, innovation, and skill. Congratulations!

Warren Jones

4/11/2007 2:17:26 AM | There is so much I could say. But Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. If I wrote more, I could say it no better than that, there is just so much you do for all of us fortunate enough to be in your studio.

Becky McQuilling

4/6/2007 2:05:50 PM | Master Fariborz,
When I first started teaching for you, you shared with me that the best thing about teaching is sharing a class with a variety of people including doctors, lawyers, and business people who all want to learn from you. 14 years later and after receiving an engineering degree and soon my doctorate degree, my proudest moments still are those standing in front of a group of students, teaching Hapkido. Thanks for giving me that opportunity and congratulations on your 25th anniversary. Your student, Jourak

Jourak Rafael

4/4/2007 10:46:32 PM | Mr. Fariborz,
You have helped me develop my mind and work through some challenging times. As I grow both as a father, student and business associate I see your teachings and guidance and reflect on my training at TKC. I always look forward to coming into the studio whether I am there to work out, or just to say hello. It has been an honor to train with you and get to know the Team Karate Center family. Congratulations!

Glenn Dietz

4/4/2007 10:32:01 AM | Congradulations Mr. Fariborz!
Thank You for all you have done and all your help and encouragement. I am proud to call u my instructor. Happy! 25 yrs.

Agnes Artoonian

4/3/2007 12:14:47 PM | Both Tracy and I feel very fortunate to have you as a special friend and mentor in our life. Over the years you have been beyond generous with your time and talents. Your impact has contributed in a very positive way to shape our organization. We wish you many more happy years living by the compass!

Christopher Rappold

4/3/2007 10:43:10 AM | Mr. Fariborz, What a great achievment - over the last 25 years you have not only built a great martial arts school, but have proved yourself to be a master of many trades! Your skill in the arts is well balanced by your great business sense - and you have created a much need venue for teaching our children the honor of respect. I hope I and my family will be a part of the next 25 years.

Jeri Clackett

4/2/2007 10:03:27 PM | Master Fariborz,
Congratulations on our 25th Anniversary!
The light from your candle continues to be a beacon, shattering the darkness and lighting the way for so many. I will forever treasure the memories of those early years and the warm friendship you have always shared so easily. May you continue to find True and Lasting JOY in all aspects of your life.
Your Friend and Brother,

Dennis Walker

4/2/2007 4:43:01 PM | Congratulations on 25 years of success and dedication in the martial arts. Though I only had the pleasure of meeting you twice, once while testing for my first degree and second time I was training for my second degree black belt, through Master Anderson. You have been an inspiration. I wish you many more years of sucess and good health. Sincerely,

Gloria Gillis

3/30/2007 1:48:40 AM | Congratulations Mr Fariborz for your works and dedication to martial arts in the last 25 years. Though i have known you for a short time and never met face to face with you,Your story and all what i read in your articles gives me strength to persevere in martial arts. It"s unfortunate i live far from you and chances of training with are slim but i will always put what you teach through articles into practice. I wish you many more happy returns. May God Almight grant you more years of success.

Shergan Chinhoi

3/29/2007 7:45:08 PM | To an inspirational martial artist, role model and outstanding teacher. It has been an honor to know you and see you leading by example these many years. The world would be a better place if we had more individuals like you sir!
Thank you for dedicating your life to building a better world as a teacher.
Keep kicking for many more!
John D. Nottingham
President/Master Instructor
USA Martial Arts

John Nottingham

3/29/2007 11:43:40 AM | Fariborz, It"s hard to believe that it"s been 25 years since I stopped by that corner store to get me abite to eat when I saw this small karate school next door to the store. I went to see who school this was, this was the fist time we went. You went out of your way to make me feel welcome and 25 years later you are still making me feel welcome in your awesome school. Who would have know from that small little school to the mega beautiful school that you now have, you have made me part of your life and part of your school which I feel right at home. Did you know way back then that you and Team Karate Center would be a world leader in Martial Arts,seminars,videos,self defense,weapons,striking,& computer technology. I know I speak for the hundereds of students and friends you have when I say Congratulations on a job well done. I hope you have another 25 successful years.
Many Thanks,
P.S. Not bad for a little chubby kid from Iran.

Cecil Peoples

3/29/2007 7:47:02 AM | Master Fariborz
Congratulations on this huge milestone in your career. Your students are lucky to have had a rock of stability in their martial arts training for so many years.
I have been a regular visitor to your website and I enjoy it very much.
I have fond memories of my visit to your school and rock climbing on the beach. I will never forget the kindness you showed the NAPMA leadership, and the inspiration you provided through your contributions.
Thank you. I know that there are few in this industry who have achived your level of longevity,success, contribution and admiration.
For you sir, a well deserved, deep bow of respect.

Mark Graden

3/28/2007 8:29:46 PM | Happy 25th Anniversary Master Fariborz!
Wishing you another 25 years!

Jesus A. Ortiz, Jr.

3/28/2007 10:19:30 AM | Master Fariborz,
Congratulations on your 25th year! I personally know how hard you have worked to accomplish all you have done in that time. You have always been an insipration to others in the martial arts and I am sure you will continue that tradition of excellence beyond your 50th year.
I am honored to have known you aslong as I have and hope to continuing working together in the future!
Again - Congratulation!
Master Roberto Serrano, Jr.
8th Degree Black Belt
Martial Arts America
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Master Roberto Serrano, Jr.

3/27/2007 4:47:43 PM | Fariborz Azhakh: 25 Year Teaching Celebration Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary. You have done a great job for Martial Arts community and Martial Artists around the fellow of Traditional excellence God Bless you and wish you all the best for non stop teaching.
Yours in Budo


3/27/2007 4:38:54 PM | Dear Sensei Budo India extending its salutation to Fariborz, THANK YOU! And CONGRATULATIONS on 25 years of his traditional excelence for his continuous teaching!in compliance with international standards" dedicated to the preservation of the "Old Ways", offering an alternative for serious martial arts organizations of all parts of Budo community by preservation and popularization of the arts of Traditional karate to the future generations.
My best wishes to you As A Brother In Budo, i hope i will meet you once again during you 50th Golden jublee year of your Budo road
Yours Brother in Budo

M.Srinivasulu,6th dan, Shihan, India

3/27/2007 12:38:43 PM | Master Fariborz,
It has been many years since visiting your school with my Old boss (Master Dave Kovar) My memories come mainly from the PAIN of the joint locks, of which I still use and give you credit for to this day. I opened up my own school in 1999 and owe my living to pioneers like yourself, EFC, Steve Levalle, Tim and Dave Kovar, Ernie Reyes and his crew, etc. etc. etc.
Congrats and I hope to see you with many more years of unstoppable, uncompromisable teaching.
with utmost respect,

Bob Langley

3/27/2007 9:38:15 AM | Congratulations and Well done to you on all you have done for the Martial Arts community.
You are among the Best of the Best!

Shihan Tim Thompson

3/27/2007 7:11:47 AM | Congratulations on your 25th anniversary!
Thank you for helping my teaching method! Martial arts make us peace and make one unite. Once again, happy Anniversary!

James J Park

3/27/2007 6:11:54 AM | Fariborz, Thank you. For all you have shared with me and my students over the last several years. My leadership team still speaks of the visit to your school and all they learned about the art of teaching from you and your staff. Happy Anniversary!! Your friend, Michael Price

michael Price

3/26/2007 6:43:54 PM | Fariborz congradulation on you 25th year in the martial arts, You are a true gental men of the arts, Keep doing what you do best and that is helping people become better people. People like you a hard to find in today world. OSU

Bill Wakefield

3/26/2007 1:59:40 PM | Fariborz, is one of the most egenrous and giving martial artists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. An industry leader - sure - a great Hapkido man - sure - but I am most impressed by his kind nature and his burning desire to learn more, train harder and understand the many wonderful principles that lie at the heart of martial arts training.
Fariborz is a super-charged learning machine.
Congratulations on 25 years "out the front" Fariborz. We are all better off for having been in your company.

John Will

3/26/2007 12:24:53 PM | Fariborz my good friend. Thanks for all that you have done for me and my schools, and for that matter....the whole Martial Arts industry. Your giving spirit has touched many.

Dave Kovar

3/26/2007 11:50:52 AM | I have had the great opportunity to be welcomed into TKC as a visiting student and into the TKC family as a visiting friend over the past year. I really have come to the conclusion that the reason for having felt so welcome, so accepted, so comfortable, so much part of the "family" for the short periods that I"m there is because of the true leadership of Mr. Fariborz. I have felt his generous presence in dealing with his students, instructors, close friends and family members. I have met so few people who are so genuinely excited about and ACTIVELY supportive of other people"s dreams, visions and accomplishments, whether or not they conflict or compete with his own dreams, visions or accomplishments. My impression is that he"s someone to really watch--if we can just stand back and be quiet for a moment, it is obvious what we can learn from him. So, quick, what has stood out the most to you?

Danielle Thomas

3/26/2007 11:31:41 AM | Congratulations and best wishes, Master Fariborz!

Richard Marlin

3/26/2007 10:55:59 AM | Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary. You have done a great job for Martial Arts and Martial Artists around the world. God Bless you and wish you all the best. Shihan Dev Anand, Jiu Jitsu International, India.

Shihan Dev Anand

3/26/2007 9:19:54 AM | Happy 25th Anniversary Master Fariborz!
Your studio and teachings have given me so much! Wishing you 25 more!


Kia Andersson

3/26/2007 5:50:08 AM | Hi i am umer from pakistan and i am only say too u that Happy anaversary, may God grant you 30 more(at least) okz.

Umer Khan

3/26/2007 4:49:18 AM | Congratulations on your 25 years of teaching.Its a great effort to be helping so many people achieve their goals.well done once again.

Ridvan Manav

3/26/2007 12:37:24 AM | Happy Birthday of the 25 years in the martial arts. You have left an impression in Australia last year. When are you coming back so we can give you a birthday cake?

Kyoshi George Adams

3/25/2007 4:27:22 PM | I have been with Mr. Fariborz for over 15 years now. He has taught me so much about martial arts and THE WAY of life! Mr. Fariborz you will always be someone special in my heart ...Happy anniversary! OSU!!!!!

Mr. Shervin Ilbeig

3/25/2007 12:36:36 PM | Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. What a fantastic journey it must be! I feel very fortunate to be your student and always enjoy your classes. Quality is not always easy to come by. I am honored to have the opportunity to study martial arts with someone of your superior abilities and very pleasant personal nature. Thank you and congratulations once again.

Shelley Spiegel

3/25/2007 11:40:06 AM | master fariborz,you have been a great inspiration to me .not only being around you have changed how i view martial arts and life in general ,it has made me a better person,your unselfish,unconditional giving spirit is unmatched. congratulation on your 25th year of spreading martial arts.yours truly, reza ghasry

reza ghasry

3/25/2007 10:48:54 AM | Thank you so much for all you've done. You've made a dynamic difference in my life, and I continue to learn more each and every day.

Rick Binder

3/25/2007 6:27:52 AM | Happy anaversary, may God grant you 30 more(at least)

rallph a. kern

3/24/2007 10:53:48 PM | Dear Brother Fariborz Azhakh
Greetings from Pakistan!!!
The Pakistan martial Arts community wishes you on your martial arts successes during the years espically on 25 years teaching celebrations cum anniversary.This is a very important momements of any martial artist,that he has been recognized by his students first , his teachers and world leaders in martial arts. I wish your success in future. Best regards
Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi
International Master Instructor
Taekwondo-7 th Dan
Hapkido-4 th Dan

Prof Dr Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi

3/24/2007 10:16:26 PM | As we celebrate a 25-year milestone, we celebrate the dedication of a rare individual who gives not for himself, but for his students and their success in life. His perseverance in business, his achievements through and his openness to the arts are just some of the reasons the Museum selected Fariborz Azhakh, "Father of Martial Arts on the Internet," as their 2006 Funakoshi Award Winner. Congratulations on this landmark achievement!!!

Michael Matsuda

3/24/2007 6:50:54 PM | Happy 25 years! I have been a student at TKC for almost 2 years and in that 2 years I have grown to love the art of Hapkido. Thanks to you, you and your studio has been a vehicle for my physical, mental and emotional and spiritual growth. I am so grateful for you. You have been such a great teacher,a role model and a friend. Every time I leave the studio I leave learning something new about the art, about myself, about life. When I look at you I see a man that is compassionate, loving, has the desire and ambition to do and be his best. The words that stick in my mind that I carry with me is that your job is to empower people, and I see and feel your magic. It is very powerful. The other is that you are human, and that is very comforting to me. I appreciate and love all that you are. Thanks for being the beautiful and wonderful person you are and for being a touchstone for me and for many others. Love, Tina

Tina Davis

3/24/2007 6:22:14 PM | Fariborz
Thank You for giving me somthing I feel that nobody else could give. Iam very PROUD to say Iam your first adult female black belt. I"ve known you for 23 yrs. It"s so awsome to have been a part of your young life watching you grow in your personnel life and professional life. Thank you for being there during very hard times and new beginnings.
With all my RESPECT SIR & LOVE

Kimberly Anderson

3/24/2007 5:09:00 PM | 25 Years, Wow! what can I say about that but totally awesome sir. I wish you all the best as you continue to grow and prosper. You are my inspiration, my teacher and most importantly my friend. Everyday I thank god for the gift that you are to me, my family and my students.

Master Dan Anderson

3/24/2007 4:19:06 PM | Congrades on your 25th year teaching keep up the good work. It"s a hard road to teach martial arts it takes alot of hard work and training, but the out come is something you can be proud of to be called "Sensie". God bless Soke Jay Blanton

Soke Jay Blanton

3/24/2007 12:56:13 PM | I first heard of Master Fariborz through the Panther videos. I was in awe then as I am today.
By 1996 I had the opportunity to meet him in person, that visit saved my martial arts career providing me with an injection of much needed motivation & a whole new outlook. I still remember the visit…Mr Fariborz had each & every student line up and say “gooday” to the Aussies. I remember one boy asked me if I eat snake? (Crocodile Dundee was big at the time).
Mr Fariborz makes everyone feel like statesman, nothing has ever changed .Always generous with time & insisting on help without hesitation.,br> Mr Fariborz you are a priceless jewel in the lives of so many, especially mine. Thank you & a very sincere congratulations on your 25 years of achievement.(best is yet to come).
Your friend & student,
Fari Salievski
Sydney Australia
p.s we only eat snake on Sundays….

fari salievski

3/24/2007 12:47:04 PM | Your dedication to learning and then passing on the martial arts is appreciated. You have honored your teachers and I am sure your students will continue to honor you and your spirit.
Continue and your efforts will help make a better place for all of us in which to live,


3/24/2007 12:17:12 PM | I am so glade to be at TCK and get to learn new things....My attuide as changed a lot and i have more respect for a lot of people...thanks for Mr Fariborz words i have been hearing.....So thank u Mr Fariborz for letting me be at TKC...

Kari Cramer

3/24/2007 12:19:44 AM | 25 years. Wow! Seems like only yesterday we celebrated the 20th. I"ve been a student under Mr. Fariborz for 13 of those wonderful years. Wonderful because of the spirit of Team that fills the studio.
I was attending night school in 1994 and one of my classmates mentioned that she was taking karate classes nearby. Sounds like fun, I thought. So a few days later I visited the school and talked with Mr. Fariborz. But I was uncommited, and he wished me well and said to come by again if I decide to enroll. Two months later three high school kids tried to steal some of my product while I made a delivery at work. We just yelled back and forth a bit, but one of the kids was 6"-3" and must have weighed 260 pounds. I just turned away and it was over. I handled it well, but thought I might take karate lessons just to be safe.
I saw Mr. Fariborz again soon afterward and stared my training. But within weeks I learned there was more going on here than just self-defense. Through the process I found self-IMPROVEMENT! I was not simply changing with increased confidence, goal-setting skills and other life lessons, I was becomming a new person. It has all been far beyond simply learning some cool karate kicks (although the kicks are not simple, and some are rather cool indeed.) And when I think back to when I was a child, playing with my friends and running around immagining we were pro athletes, police officers, cowboys and such, I never thought I would ever be a karate instructor.
Thank you, Mr. Fariborz, for opening the door and inviting me to step through.
It has been so fulfilling, both as a student and as a staff member. I learn, and I get to share as well. I think the best thing is that each day I learn something new. Sometimes little things, and sometimes big realizations about life. It"s been a great 13 years for me, and it is exciting to think of what the future is going to bring.
Congratulations, Sir, on 25 years of Black Belt Excellence. And congratulations as well to all who have chosen this path. It is truly one that leads us to our dreams. All we have to do is stay on it.

Bill Null

3/23/2007 9:20:26 PM | Studying with you has helped me make many positive changes in my life - and plus, it's FUN! Thanks for everything. Happy 25th Anniversary! So glad to be at TKC this year to join in the celebration!

Jill Brewer

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Personal Accomplishments

6 | 2012  CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer

3 | 2012  Sensei Fariborz introduces Sensei Benny Urquidez at the Martial Arts Museum 2012 Ceremony
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1 | 2012  Dariush Eghbali and Fariborz Azhakh
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12 | 2010  Mr. Fariborz receives his seventh degree Black Belt in Hapkido
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10 | 2007  25th Anniversary
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Friends and Relationships

My Teachers Steve Sexton

Instructors Benny Urquidez

Studied Under Ron Balicki

Studied Under David Meyer

Studied Under Ji Han Jae

Friend and Training Partner of Tom Callos

Friend and Training Partner of Richard Norton

Friend and Training Partner of Cliff Lenderman

Had the priviledge of training with David Kovar

Had the priviledge of training with Stuart Quan

Last 2 photos added

at Bruce Lee 75th Birthday Celebration in LV

at Bruce Lee 75th Birthday Celebration in LV

Martial Arts Chronology

1/5/2012  Fariborz Azhakh Celebrates his 50th Birthday by Sparring 50 Rounds
5/1/1985  Fariborz Azhakh receives his 4th degree from Grandmaster Ji Han Jae
3/1/1982  Panther Productions creates the first Hapkido instructional video tapes with Fariborz Azhakh
In 1982, the first training tapes ever to show Hapkido methods were released by Panther Productions, and quickly fought its way to becoming one of Panther Productions best selling videos everywhere, as well as creating a worldwide standard for the Korean art.

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