My Fortune Cookie

A big burly samurai comes to the wise man and says, Tell me the nature of heaven and hell. And the roshi looks him in the face and says: Why should I tell a scruffy, disgusting, miserable slob like you? The samurai starts to get purple in the face, his hair starts to stand up, but the roshi wont stop, he keeps saying, A miserable worm like you, do you think I should tell you anything? Consumed by rage, the samurai draws his sword, and hes just about to cut off the head of the roshi. Then the roshi says, That is hell. The samurai, who is in fact a sensitive person, instantly gets it, that he just created his own hell; he was deep in hell. It was black and hot, filled with hatred, self-protection, anger, and resentment, so much so that he was going to kill this man. Tears fill his eyes and he starts to cry and he puts his palms together and the roshi says, That is heaven.

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