Greg Silva
Greg Silva

966. While attending the University of Connecticut I taught for the Tracy Karate School in Wethersfield under Richard Griffin. Soon after graduating from UCONN's School of Business I opened my own school, Farmington Kenpo Karate, soon to become East West Karate.

My schools were incredibly successful in the 70's and 80's with 6 locations and almost 2000 active students training. During this time I advanced my personal martial arts training and earned a 6th degree black belt under the late Ed Parker. Following Ed Parker's passing, I was promoted to 7th degree by the World Wide Kenpo Karate Association under Joe Palanzo and Huk Planas. My schools were featured several times in local television for their community service and progress.

HOWEVER, I wasn't satisfied. I soon moved to Florida and opened Coral Springs East West Karate just northwest of Fort Lauderdale. What happened here was totally amazing. Still a student of Ed Parker's, I felt there were certain shortcomings in the martial arts in regards to teaching children.

I worked with a child psychologist, studying and learning strategies of children and made some drastic changes in the way martial arts was presented to children. I innovated "Teaching Benefits", "Universal Curriculum" and "Phase Curriculum." Students began learning faster, excelling in the physical progress, and within three years over 1300 students were training in a single facility.

SCHOOL owners from all over the country were traveling to Coral Springs to see if the stories they were hearing were true! This soon lead to me taking a change of direction in his career and United Professionals was born.

I actively participats in the Martial Arts as well as working with school owners on a daily basis.

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