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special dedication to Master Steve Sexton

From the students of Team Karate Centers

Hi Steve,
I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you a fabulous Birthday. Have a wonderful day my friend.
Warmest Wishes,
Your friend in the arts,

Richard Norton

I want to wish you the warmest Happy Birthday! What a blessing to be able to celebrate another year of life--a life that will be spent of you touching, again the lives of people!
Ron and I wish you love, peace and joy!

Diana Lee Inosanto

Mike Payson

Sensei Ash

Sensei Benny Urquidez

Sensei Linda Vogel

Sifu Ron Balicki

"Champions aren"t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill." ~ Muhammed Ali

Happy Birthday Master Sexton!
What an honor and privilege it is to be able to spend that hour each Saturday training with and learning from a true legend. It may be your birthday, but it is us, your students that continue to receive a gift each week. Many blessings to you this year and may you continue to be the champion that you are!
Much love and respect,

Nancy De Long

Dear Master Steve,
What an honor it is to be invited to help celebrate the birthday of a truly remarkable man! I am very grateful for the lessons youve taught me during Saturday classes, and appreciate the time and effort you spend helping each and every one of us! I can now flip someone over my back YEAH!!
Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a fabulous year ahead!

Lindsey Deitsch

Dear Master Sexton,

For the past 25 years at TKC, you have been a presence that, though not always there, has been loved, respected, as well as feared just a little bit. I remember being very young, and when you would come into the dojang, everyone would get a lot more serious and focused in their training. As a teenager, I never had the privilege to train with you like the newer generations are so fortunate to do so. But, in the last few years, I feel like I have developed a great relationship with you. I had the privilege to train with you for many Saturdays prior to opening up Evolution Martial Arts, and learn so many of the nuances and details to improve my Hapkido knowledge to another level. I want to thank you for all your additional time spent coaching me outside of class too. I was especially honored when you asked me your "fall guy" in your new instructional DVDs that you released last year. It was a great experience and memory that I will always remember. Also, when you did the demos with Mr. Fariborz and myself for our grand opening event at Evolution, it was an amazing feeling that conjured a lot of positive emotions for me.

Your contributions to the martial arts community are apparent through the quality of students that you have produced, such as Master Payson and Master Fariborz. Your reputation as a martial artist, especially in Hapkido, precede you. Our lineage back to the Hapkido founder through your teacher, GM Lee, is something that makes me very proud, since it is my other "family tree". On this special day, I want to wish you a happy birthday, and I look forward to many more years taking in all the knowledge you have to give.

Respect and honor,

Brandon Florian

Happy birthday master Sexton!

I remember having my first private lesson with you and thinking I knew how to do a simple roundhouse kick or a spinning heel kick only to have you break my kicks into so many little details that I had no idea about. You bring a huge pot of knowledge to the studio and it is greatly appreciated. I hope you have an amazing birthday and I wish you many more.

Ronald Rochel

Happy Birthday Master Sexton!

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how honored I feel to be your student. You have taught me so much and I always enjoy taking your classes. I remember that I met you during my very first karate class under Sensei Fariborz. I had no idea you are a martial arts legend. You were so humble and polite, and this is what you teach your students as well. You and Master Fariborz are my idols, not only because of your martial arts skills but because of your great personalities. John Wooden once said "Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there." You have both, ability and character, and it makes me feel proud that I can count myself as your student. I haven"t only learned new kicks and techniques that will keep me alive in real-life self defense situations; I have learned life lessons.

When I came to the USA I didn"t think I was going to learn karate but I am so glad I started at Team Karate Centers. It was the best decision I have ever made and I wanted to thank you for that. You are Sensei Fariborz" teacher and gave him the ability to do what he is passionate about and what he loves the most. He is such a wonderful teacher because he learned from the best. You have contributed and will continue to contribute so much to many people"s lives. Thank you Master Sexton!

I wish you a sensational day with your family, friends, students, and teachers. I am looking forward to your next classes and to the next 60 years!


Kirstin Zemke

"Master Po:

Your legacy also lives on South of the Border!

Happy Birthday!


Jon Felperin

What can one say about Master Steve Sexton that has not already been well documented. The original "Roadhouse" martial arts "Cooler" says it best. The soft spoken and gentle demeanor is what we all aspire to attain at some point in our journey of self discovery. If I was to put up a family tree for our Hapkido lineage Master Sexton would be listed as my "Grandfather" and Master Fariborz would be listed as my "Father". I get chills as I sit and write this message thinking of what a tremendous gift it is to have such special people involved in my life and business. Master Sexton has visited and taught at our school in Moorpark more times than I can remember and has shared his incredible knowledge with both myself, my wife Kimberly and our students for years and years. I am so fortunate to have such a great teacher that I can call my friend. The legacy that Master Sexton has put before myself and those who choose to follow him is one that I will always hold in the highest regard. For myself, wife Kimberly and students we wish Master Sexton a very Happy Birthday and congratulate him for his many accomplishments. Thank you for the "Inspiration" you are to me and my pursuit of Hapkido excellence sir.

Dan Anderson

Happy 60th Birthday Master Sexton. Hoping you have another great successful year and continue sharing the gift of Hapkido with many martial artist to come. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me as it will allow me to pass it down to my students. I miss Saturday morning classes with you, one of my goals is to get back into class and continue improving. Again wishing you an amazing birthday with friends and family.


Jason Lau

Dear Mr.Sexton,

Our family would like to respectfully wish you a very happy birthday.My husband Bill and Son Jared take your Saturday class and you have instructed me at times too and we are lucky to have our teacher"s teacher available to instruct us.To bring fourth your style and your spirit to our studio.i think that you carry something that i personally value as a major trait of a person of mastery and that trait is that you connect with people and you are approachable.I think that speaks of the strength inside of a person when they make others feel like they have have the knowledge and you have passed the torch to so many people that you wont even know the radius of impact you have on any one person at any given time.I know my master instructor .Mr Fariborz was never the same after meeting you and then he passed that on to us.what a gift of knowledge and to have power of transforming people into learning something or changing direction is really the art of a true master.

wishing you a happy Birthday ,

Bill,Terri ,Jared and Ava

Dear Master Sexton,

it is always an honor and privileged knowing I have had and will have the opportunity to train under my master"s master. You are truly one of a kind. Your way of expressing your self, instructing and also the way you carry your self in the studio is remarkable and it is these qualities that attract me way more than the martial aspect of martial arts in order for me to thrive to become a better black belt as part of this community. May 60 be another new start to years full of happiness laughter and love.

Respect and Honor,

Ali Mojarrad

Happy Birthday Master Sexton,

Although I live in Florida I have had the honor and pleasure of receiving some training sessions from you during some of my visits to Team Karate Centers.

Your influence extends all the way to the East Coast through Sensei Fariborz and Team Karate Centers as we, Mixed Martial Arts Centers, teach the same curriculum that Sensei Fariborz does.

Thank you for being such a positive influence and Happy Birthday.


Pedro Font

Sensei Cecil Peoples

Sensei Nina

Faramarz Ajakh

Dear Master Sexton for nearly the 20 years that I have trained at Team Karate Centers you have been a a symbol of strength, honor and tradition. Thank you for keeping the essance of tradition and teachings of Hapkido alive in your teachings. Thank you for all that you"ve done for the Martial Arts community and affecting directly or indirectly hundreds if not thousands of students which include me. I would like to wish you a very Happy 60th Birthday in hopes of a year filled with good health, love and laughter. - Sincerely

Amir Khalighi

Greetings Mr. Sexton,
All of the students at TKC owe you a kind debt of gratitude for passing on such great knowledge and for your continued teaching and support of the martial arts.
Thanks and Happy Birthday.

Glenn Dietz

Mr. Shervin Ilbeig

Master Sexton, All of us from TKC owe a debt of gratitude to you. Everything weve learned trickled down from the teachings you shared with your student, who became our great teacher. Thank you for the personal training I was fortunate enough to receive from you a few times over the years. Your tips were always wildly helpful and your energy so grounding. I often think of you during one of the spectaculars when you did a demonstration fending off multiple attackers. It was as if you were swatting a fly. Standing so serene, calm and confident, you could take on the world. What an example for us all! Heres to a very happy birthday on this milestone year! With much respect.

JIll B.

Dear Master Sexton,
I wish you a happy birthday and many more years of life and love!
Thank you for teaching me the nuances of Hapkido which make all the difference in the execution of a move. Thank you for also for correction me when I needed on the mat and noticing when I did something right. It makes all the difference. I am honored to call you one of my teachers. Blessings and health!

Teresa Jenkins

Happy Birthday Steve, wishing you nothing but the best!
You look GREAT!
See you Saturday.
with respect.

Simon Rhee

Master Steve Sexton,
Before I met you, I could only begin to imagine the qualities that the teacher of my teacher must possess. I marveled at the thought of how advanced, brilliant, and spiritually centered you must be. As a young blue belt, it would be an understatement to say that I was intimidated when I first saw you. The act of approaching you was itself a feat for my shy self. Yet, when I finally worked up the courage to introduce myself to you, you put me at ease with humble understanding. As is the hallmark of a truly great teacher, you hadn"t even spoken a word when I learned my first lesson from you: allowing myself to be intimidated and shy only limited the depth and impact of my life experience. After summoning the courage to approach you, my reluctance to meet new people vanished because I had already met the most "intimidating" man that I could meet. As I interacted with you more in the years that followed, I grew to see how friendly and humble you are, and you continued teaching me important lessons. I"ve always admired and been grateful for the kindness that you have shown me since our first meeting. I wish you the happiest birthday and a long life filled with worthy challenges and great memories!
With respect,

Jake Kornack

Master Steve,
Congratulations on this milestone. I am so pleased to wish you Happy Birthday, Sir! Saturdays have an extra special meaning because of your class.
Looking forward to many more.

Sensei Bill Null

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Sensei Benny Urquidez ans Master Steve Sexton

Happy Birthday Master Steve Sexton

at Sensei Benny Urquidez 60th Birthday Celebration

at Sensei Benny Urquidez 60th Birthday Celebration

At Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration

at the Martial Arts History Museum on Sat, Jan 12 2013.

At Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration

at the Martial Arts History Museum on Sat, Jan 12 2013.

At Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration

at the Martial Arts History Museum on Sat, Jan 12 2013.

At Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration

at the Martial Arts History Museum on Sat, Jan 12 2013.

At Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration

at the Martial Arts History Museum on Sat, Jan 12 2013.

At Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration

at the Martial Arts History Museum on Sat, Jan 12 2013.

Seminar at American Hapkido with Mr. Anderson

Seminar at American Hapkido with Mr. Anderson

Seminar at American Hapkido with Mr. Anderson

Seminar at American Hapkido with Mr. Anderson

Seminar at American Hapkido with Mr. Anderson

Seminar at American Hapkido with Mr. Anderson

Mr. John Felperin

Steve Sexton teaches the Back Kick

Steve Sexton teaches the Roundhouse Kick

Steve Sexton teaches the Side Kick

Steve Sexton teaches the Front Kick

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Master Steve Sexton speaks at his 60th Birthday Celebration

Master Steve Sexton speaks at his 60th Birthday Celebration

Sifu Ron Balicki speaks at Master Steve Sexton 60th Birthday Celebration

Sifu Ron Balicki speaks at Master Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration on Sat, Jan 12 2013 at the Martial Arts Museum.

Nina Azhakh speaks at Master Steve Sexton 60th Birthday Celebration

Nina Azhakh speaks at Master Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration on Sat, Jan 12 2013 at the Martial Arts Museum.

Mike Payson and Billy Bosson speak at Master Steve Sexton 60th Birthday Celebration

Mike Payson and Billy Bosson speak at Master Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration on Sat, Jan 12 2013 at the Martial Arts Museum.

Sensei Jason Lau speaks at Master Steve Sexton 60th Birthday Celebration

Sensei Jason Lau speaks at Master Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration on Sat, Jan 12 2013 at he Martial Arts Museum.

Mr. Shervin Ilbeig speaks at Master Steve Sexton 60th Birthday Celebration

Mr. Shervin Ilbeig speaks at Master Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration on Sat, Jan 12 2013 at he Martial Arts Museum.

Sensei Cecil Peoples speaks at Master Steve Sexton 60th Birthday Celebration

Sensei Cecil Peoples speaks at Master Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration on Sat, Jan 12 2013 at he Martial Arts Museum.

Dan and Kimberly Anderson speak at Master Steve Sexton 60th Birthday Celebration

Dan and Kimberly Anderson speak at Master Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration on Sat, Jan 12 2013 at he Martial Arts Museum.

Master Simon Rhee speaks at Master Steve Sexton 60th Birthday Celebration

Master Simon Rhee speaks at Master Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration on Sat, Jan 12 2013 at he Martial Arts Museum.

Sensei Benny Urquidez speaks at Master Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration

Sensei Benny Urquidez speaks at Master Steve Sexton's 60th Birthday Celebration on Sat, Jan 12 2013 at he Martial Arts Museum.

Master Steve Sexton is presented with the - Steve Sexton Day - certificate from Michael Matsuda

Master Steve Sexton is presented with the "Steve Sexton Day" certificate from Michael Matsuda, president of the Martial Arts Museum on Saturday, Jan 12 2013

Master Steve Sexton shows Hapkido moves and angles

Steve Sexton Hapkido

Steve Sexton Hapkido Demonstration

Steve Sexton Hapkido demonstrations October 9, 2009

Tom Edwards talks about his experience with Master Steve Sexton

Mike Payson talks about his experience with Master Steve Sexton

Jan 9, 2013


Knife defense by Hapkido Master Steve Sexton

Hapkido Master Steve Sexton demonstrates a few techniques

Steve Sexton receiving a gift from Sensei Bill Null


Steven Douglas Sexton (born January 11, 1953) is a martial arts instructor in Hapkido from Los Angeles, California. Master Sexton is one of only a few Americans who have achieved the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt (as of 10/20/2007) in Hapkido. In the early 1970’s, Master Sexton began training with Korean instructor, Jung Bai Lee, (who was a student of Dong Gu Lee) in Canoga Park, California and earned his Black Belt in 1975. Ji Han Jae promoted Master Sexton to 6th Degree Black Belt in 1992. In 1975, Master Sexton took over the karate studio from Master Lee and continued teaching Hapkido in the San Fernando Valley for many years. His student base was quite diverse. Not only did he have students that were members of Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club, he also trained police officers from LAPD’s West Valley Division, and everyone in-between. In 1982, Master Sexton sold the school to his student, Sensei Fariborz Azhakh, who still owns the school known as Team Karate Centers. Master Sexton continues to teach traditional Hapkido techniques at the school today. Several of his other students have also gone on to open their own Martial Arts studios, still applying the basic techniques instilled in them by Master Sexton and keeping the legacy alive. Master Sexton has also produced a series of DVDs on Hapkido that demonstrate and break down the techniques and the practicality of the art that can be applied to any situation.
In addition, to being a Martial Arts instructor, Master Sexton has over 25 years’ experience as a professional bar bouncer and has applied his Hapkido skills to resolve many dangerous situations. Many refer to him as the real-life “Road House” bar bouncer. Master Sexton currently works Security at CBS Studios and most recently was an on-site bodyguard for Betty White.

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