Stuart Quan

Stuart was my mentor, friend and someone that I looked up to for years.
My deepest condolences to his wife, kids and family.
I will miss you my friend.

Fariborz Azhakh

Each of us have had the priviledge of being able to study the martial arts sometime over the last 40 plus years. The martial arts is part of our lives, it is who we are. We have come to know great individuals, champions, pioneers and masters. Some we have known personally, some we know only by name and reputation. Nevertheless, we have come to appreciate these beautiful artforms that we cherish so dearly and those who became our inspiration. However, when one of our own leaves us, it is felt by the whole martial arts community. Stuart Quan was one of the bright and shinning lights of the tournament circuit. He was not only a top-rated competitor, but an excellent example of the spirit of the martial arts. I was priviledged to know Stuart personally throughout his tournament career and beyond. I was deeply sadden to hear of his passing. On behalf of the Martial Arts History Museum and the entire martial arts community, we send our prayers, thoughts and condolences to his wife and family. His legacy will continue to be an inspiration for many generations to come.

Michael Matsuda, Museum President

I admit --I was afraid to fight you Stuart. You were SO fast and so dynamic. Competing with you was an honor...but friend, you"ve gone too early! Strange that just last week I was thinking of you, wondering how to reach you. My sincere condolences to your loved ones –and, on behalf of your friends at West Coast Martial Arts and those of us in the Ultimate Black Belt Test who knew you, we will miss you.

Tom Callos

I have never met you but I have heard of you. It hard when one looses a friend, teacher, Dad and husband. I sure you have touched many peoples lives because you were a martial arts instructor and people look up to you. Part of you will live on forever, through the lives you have touch with your heart. May God have a special place for you my martial arts brother. Peace, Love and Soul

John McNabney - Purple Dragon Studio

he will be sadly missed....but now he is with the almighty..amen

harry james harth III

I had the pleasure of meeting Stuart and his lovely wife at Dragonfest some years ago. In that brief time we spoke, I could tell he was a martial arts instructor who sincerely cared about his students. My condolences to his family.

Jerry Poteet

I stand with all Martial Artists from all styles in sorrow for the loss of our Fellow Martial Artist Stuart Quan. May God be with his fmaily in their time of greif. Kyoshi Joe Williams

Kyoshi Joe Williams

The Martial Arts community has lost a true Bushi (Warrior) may his sprit live on for all who knew him. We offer our condolences to his family and students. May God Bless you all Goshin Budo Kai Shin Bu Kan Dojo Cheshire Conn, USA

Shihan Allen Nealy

The martial arts world has lost a great champion, teacher and human being. Your spirit of competition and your passion for the arts inspired thousands you met and taught along your journey. You will be missed by all. My sincere and respectful condolences to your family.

George Chung

The Martial Arts community has lost a true teacher, friend and Champion. Our thoughts and prayers are for him and his love ones. May God be with his family in their time of grief. We will all miss you.

Shihan Tim Thompson

snesi stuart, you were a grate teacher, and a awsome friend, thank you so much for everything you have tought me! I will miss you, friend Oss L.J. Say

L.J Say

I don"t understand why God took you home so soon. Like Bruce Lee we are stunned, confused, and disappointed. However, I KNOW for certain GOD is ALWAYS right, so HIS reason will be known in time. Someone might even come to know Jesus Christ because of this situation. At any rate GOD"S WILL be done. May the Family be Blessed dispite the Circumstances. Being in Heaven with his Creator is a good place to be.

Karl William Marx Sr (Pastor)

If I’ve learned anything down through my martial art years, it’s that nothing beautiful in this world is really lost – Those we cherish will always live on in our hearts and memory. My sincere Condolences to the Stuart Quan family, students and friends.

Richard S. Bustillo

To my cousin Stuart, I don"t understand why you were taken from us, but I do know God does everything for a reason. You will be greatly missed by everyone. I will cherish the memories made over the years. I love you and will miss you cousin Stuart.

Sabrina Aliece Quan

Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to meet Master Stuart Quan. However I did envy his Martial Arts skills and loved his acting career. May The Heavens Above Bless And Comfort His Family At This Time. Master Stuart Quan"s Spirit Will Live On As Long As We Continue To Practice And Teach The Martial Arts.

Master George Hetah

I met you in the early 80"s when I was just a child learning the arts. You gave me some wonderful advice on Kata and competition aspects that have blessed me with many wins over the years. I will pray for you and always remember your skills, determination and advice as I cherished it as much as a child as I still do today.

S. M. Franz

Stuart was an inspiration to me as a competitor and as a person, he accomplished great things in his life. This world was a brighter, more exciting place because he was here. My prayers go out to his family and students.

Mike Fillmore

I remember Stuart as a teenager doing kata and impressing us as judges. He will be sorely missed and his great deeds will live long after we are all passed. Rest in Peace Bro

Dan Tosh

I was saddend at the news of his passing. My thoughts go out to his family. One of the gaints of Sport Karate. I was a big fan of Stuart Quan when he was burning up the PKL tournament circuit, during an era when there really was only one true national sport karate circuit. probably best remembered back then for his flying kama routine to the theme from the 70"s TV show SWAT which many later emulated but noone equalled. I was delighted to spot his face in the movie comedy Dragnet among others and knew his success would continue on. He will be missed.

Melvin Roberts

Although I only had the honor to meet you once in 1988 at the Battle of Atlanta, you were one of my mentors of martial arts. You were so kind to me and I will never forget that day. We have suffered a great loss to our community. My prayers go out to all of his family, friends, and students.

Eric Myers

Your early passing is also a powerful lesson that death comes to us all regardless of how great our skill, how successful we are, how great a human being we were or how much we are loved by our friends, family and martial community and yet, even though you are gone, so much of you lives on in each of us whose lives you touched. The quality of your light and love will never die. Good Journey!

Peter Hill

R.I.P. Great One

Msrcos Lopez



To a martial arts brother who I did not have the pleasure to meet or know of until receiving this sad news-may God bless your family and friends. I will train with you on the other side and learn a great many things. Until then have a great trip and enjoy paradise.

Sensei Erskine isaac-Vee Arnis Jitsu

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends. We were stunned to learn of your passing. We love Debi and only met you briefly. We know of her love for you so you must have been a wonderful person.

Dr Peters, Lori, Marlene, Mary, Abby, Donna, Tami, Jonelle

I did not know Mr. Quan, but I was shocked to learn that this champion was taken at such a young age. My master instructor shared the sad news of this loss with us tonight, and told of the admiration he held for him. May he be blessed as he trains at the ultimate level.

Bill Null

To the family, students, and friends of Sensei Quan.I am very sorry for your loss. You will be in our thoughts and prayers for we also know the pain of losing a loved one.

Senior Master Jerry A. Hyde and students

Dear Master Stuart Quan:God gave you a beautiful talent to share with us. You were the bright star and you are not gone, you will still be shining like others that were gone before you, like Ed Parker,Peter Urban,Bruce Lee,Mas Oyama,LaPuPPet etc...angels don`t died, you earned your wings. I wish you the best. sincerely. and god bless all of those that missed you always.

Edgar Serrano Orta

To the family, students, and friends of Master Quan, one so special, we send you our love and prayers. USADOJO.COM

Dana L. Stamos

Death is such a hard task-master. A child"s death is the hardest to understand. But, from all experience is born new knowledge. If we but look and hope, new life can be found beyond the tears of grief.

Master Bob Smith-Hawaii

To the friends and family of Master Quan, although we are the same age, you were one of my mentors in the martial arts while growing up. It is your light, love and teaching that has graced many of us. You will be sadly missed mentor, friend and teacher. Be with God and be in peace. Our love and prayers go out to you my mentor and your family. Good bye sir.

Sabunim Dennis DeMeyere

Sensei Stuart Quan. Shining light. The rock. A mountain. My friend. Sensei. To say we"ll miss you is to say too little. But I will say I love you, and I thank you for everything you"ve given these many years to bless the lives of those around you. Oss

Brian Sortor

Master Stuart Quan,You were a great Teacher ,Competitor and Human being.GOD is receiving a great Warrior to protect the heavens.GOD blees you and my sincere condolences to your family,friends and students.The Martial Arts World will remenber you forever. Sifu Gerardo Garcia/American Kenpo Karate

Gerardo Garcia

I remember watching Stuart compete in many national championships over the years. He was a great champion and exceptional martial artist. Our thoughts and prayers go out go out to his family and friends.

Master Dan J. anderson

From sweat lodges to laughter we shared, I"m a better person for having known you. I’m sure the path you’re on now is brighter now that you"ve arrived.

Kevin Barber

Stuart, As I sit here in tears after just finding out about your early departure, I"m struggling to find just the right words to say. But then I can hear your voice in my head just say, "just go for it, there are no mistakes... just write whatever comes into your head. Go!" And then I"d start, but hesitate, and you"d just shoot me a look and say, "And, GO!" God Stu...i"m gonna miss running scenes with you and going over our standup comedy shit. And sitting in Ginza and just catching up with each other. From the day I met you in Brad"s acting class, you touched me. Your honesty, your kind heart. Your toughness. But most of all your vulnerability. I"m not sure how much of that you showed to other people, but that"s the quality I admired about you most. You were secure enough to be vulnerable. I learned a lot from you, brother, and I will always keep you in my heart. And when I get up there, I"m going to kick your ass! I miss you and love you sooo much.

Ken Huber

I only knew Stuart for a brief time. Not being a Martial Artist, I can only relate to the spirit of the man. His sense of humor and his sense of wonder were wonderful to see and experience. I wish I had knew him better and much, much longer. Rest well, my friend. May God bless you and keep you. You will be remembered, and missed.

Ronald Strong

It"s martial artist like Stuart Quan that set the standard. His skill is enveied by some, admired by others, but respected by all. He was taken to soon. My condolence to Master Quan"s family and frends.

Sensei Bryant Caminero

You inspired me to try my first tournament and were the first to teach me a flying split front kick. You will be missed. My students and I will keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.

John Nottingham, Master Instructor USA Martial Arts

Honestly i dont knw him personally but... I admired him for being a good martial artist and a good master to his students,my sincere condolences to your family,friends and students. i also like his cool great moves in his movies. My favorite is the Lethal Weapon 4. He made a great moves there... I know his expertise will leave forever to all the people who know"s him and love him trully and also to those people who idolisd him and im one of them... we will surely be missing you.. your moves and all your good dids ... you will alwyas be remembered and missed by all of us.

Michelle R Fabie

Master Stuart Quan, You are my hero and my son"s hero. Your leadership and guidance has been in perfect balance. You are an icon, a hero, an inspiration, a dear friend. We love you and will miss you always. Profound condolences to Sensei Debbie and the children.

With deepest admiration of Sensei Stuart Quan

I still remember meeting you at your dojo 10 yrs ago for karate lessons.You were very nice to me.I am very shocked to learn that you"ve passed away at the young age of 42.My sincere condolences to your family.You will always be remebered as a great person and martial artist.Good bye Sensei Quan

Prathee Kanagaratnam

Although I was just getting to know Stuart I was impressed with his positive energy. Always encouraging the youth around him evidenced at his tournament held only last month at Hoover High in Fresno. He was always aware respectful and humble giving the sum of his credit to his father. His ever present loving wife was credited with support and the primary driving force behind all his efforts which at the time included the tournament previously mentioned. Briefly knew of Stuart at the Rising Sun Dojo here in Fresno but never got to know him well even then. There were many times I had seen his performances in various movies and other mediums. Never was there a time I can remember he was without a smile. It gives me great sorrow to not have had the chance to get to know him better. On the occasion that I did get to speak with the Master I can say he was always ALWAYS walking in the light of humility. Never did he ever over speak his abilities (he didn"t have to). His abilities spoke for themselves. I will miss him and I will surely miss the opportunity to have gotten to know him even more.

Sensei Bruce Lee McGlynn

I am from India and came to know about the sad demise of Stuart Quan through mail. I never heard about him. But in the martial arts world there are no boundaries. My sincere condolences to the family of a GREAT MARTIAL ARTIST. Renshi Dev Anand, India.

Dev Anand

me my nam is boutafgha aziz rank of 3 dan in martial art andc president of algeria martial art age of 26 year"s old sincerely it"s hard to hear that an great artiste lik steward is lost sincerely i dont know him well but this is great loste for a familly of martial art in all world ....

boutafgha aziz

wy all wish on my behalf and of behalf of all martial artiuset an great liv full of happiness for a fammily of sewart Quand .....

shihan boutafgh aziz

To the family, students, and friends of Sensei Quan.I am very sorry for your loss. You will be in our thoughts and prayers for we also know the pain of losing a loved one from Master PARISI QI.KWAN.DO UK ENGLAND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

master PARISI

My Condolence to his family and friends. When a person passes away and leaves this world, after doing so much for others in need, and to leave the love ones behind to carry on, this is god will. Stuart mission on Earth is completed. once this happens God who gave us, also takes us. We will all meet again. God Blessing be upon all From Clifford Hyde-Gomes From Kent England UK

Master :Shijo: Clifford Hyde-Gomes (8th dan)

My deepest condolence to family, friends and students of Master Quan. He was a pleasure to watch work, as his movements were poetry in motion.

GM Ken Melbourne

i am from india my deepest condolence is to his family and his students and varry sad about loosing a martial artiast brother.STUART QUAN was a legand and when every there will be taken a name of karate every one will remember stuart quan.

kaschit solanki

This man appears to be a honorable person. I only hope that his students delegate themselves according to how he wanted his techniques to be utilized, which is honorably and respectfully.

sheddrick hunley

Sensei has never meant so much more than it does right now. Truly you have gone on before us now to prepare our dojo in the sky. Even as you pass this life your still our eternal teacher. Go in Peace. Your Friends at Kodokan-Tsunami Dojo.

Brian Strickler, Sensei

To Mr. Stuart Quan: A great warrior, showman, and human being. There are no words. Only the feeling of something special, now missing. Peace to you, And support and condolences to your family. TJ Storm~

TJ Storm

sorry for that may bess hem very well we from uganda east africa

eddie g

My deepest and sincere condolences to the family, students and friends of Mr. Stuart Quan. He represented the finest representation of the beauty and fury of the arts. Crisp movement with a warriors heart, Stuart will be sorely missed by the whole martial arts community. You will remain in the thoughts of everyone at Sending our prayers and respect- God Bless.

Kevin Huunjin Cullen - Chairman Ateru Worldwide Association

Stuart was certainly a fine competitor and martial artist, but more importantly, a wonderful human being, whose presence we always valued. My heartfelt condolences to the Quan family.

Joe Corley

You couldn"t met a nicer, honorable person and a great martial artists! Stuart always went out of his way to help others... we know, because he always went out of his way to help us....we will missed you Stuart! Our condolence to his family and friends.

Curtis F. Wong and Jackie Chan

Stuart Quan will not only be deeply missed for his great martial arts skills but also for the great and sincere man that he was. We can all take condolences in the fact that we are all better people for having known him. His spirit will remain with each of us forever. RIP my friend. Our dojo"s deepest condolences to the entire Quan family.

Master Del Rounds, Edinboro Family Martial Arts Center

What we as humans lose to the grave, the Lord receives into His arms. I pray for Stuart"s family at this time, that they will come to understand the early death of a loved one.

George Petrotta

As this website reveals, a life well-lived resonates. Deepest condolences to Stuart"s family and friends for his untimely departure. He was devoted, talented and a joy.

Karen Huie

My heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends and students. You may never know in this life time how his life has touched and guided the lives and spirit of those whom he was close and taught. Nor will we understand why such a great person is called away. He will be missed! Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusted in thee. Isaiah 26:3

Master Wayne Spencer

On behalf of the United Taekwondo Jidokwan Association, our condolences to the Stuart Quan Family and Martial Artists who interdependently worked with and studied under the direction of Mr. Quan. GM MILLER

Steven H. Miller

he was very young el era demasiado joven para morir es una pena no tenerlo mas con nosotros fisicamenete pero siempre estara en nuestros recuerdos y haci el nunca morira

fernando halford peña

Stuart Quan was one of the pioneers of open and musical forms competition responsible for what is known as extreme martial arts today. He was a showman with awesome martial arts skills, but more importantly a class act credit to our activity. A tournament did not have the same flavor if Stuart, his sister Kathy and "Poppa" Quan were not in attendance. My condolences to his family.

Richard Plowden

I have had the privilege in meeting Stuart and at first meeting you already knew this man was special, a humble man who listen to you sincerely with interest in what you had to say. I have to say that I am honored to have met him and he is and always will be a hard act to follow. It is obvious that the world needs guardian angels and Stuart Quan is now one of them. I am thankful to have met a man like him... Rest in peace

David Tadman

Knowing you would be at a tournament was a huge inspiration to me. Thank you Stuart, you are awesome! My warmest condolences to your family. Keith

Keith Cooke Hirabayashi

My heart goes out to his family, friends and students. Never had the honor of meeting him but I know from being an insructor that he touched alot of lifes and he will be missed.

Gerald K. Stephenson

My heart goes out to Stuart"s family and dear friends. Stuart"s champion spirit will live on in the hearts of all who appreciated his talent.

Karen Sheperd

Dear sir. i hope u will be fine and ok.i am amal gul black belt 3rd dan from pakistan.i want participat in your any tournament and seminar. i hope u will positive repl. thanksss amal gul black belt 3rd dan pakistan

amal gul

i am from kenya with deep condolence fast to his family /freinds /fans and to all who knows him persomal or view him as great martial art.there is no word i can say than bless this guy in future life. only god know. i feel like like i lost a brother. the way i feel it.well i hope the family feel more than i feel.if there are chidren he left. well i hope they follow root and steps of their legend[father]peace in his life,peace in his death and rest in peace .you will always being remebered.

peter balleth

I had no the honor to meet Mr. Quan in person, but all I heard, read and see in magazines or movies about him told me that he was a great martialo artist and person too. Only the good people die early. Because GOD need them in heaven to share his glory. My respects to his family. Sifu Rene D. Villacis.Guayaquil,Ecuador,SouthAmerica (

rene d. villacis

Stuart was living proof of Mastery in the Martial Arts. He really lived it at the highest level. Thanks for sharing so many golden moments of competing, training, and doing demonstrations during our old school West Coast Demo Team days. Stuart your spirit will be with us forever. At a time like this Stuart would probably tells us all to stay strong and united as a family. On behalf of the Ernie Reyes West Coast World Martial Arts Association and Master Tony Thompson we wish Mr. and Mrs. Quan"s family and Stuart"s family our heartfelt prayers.


It is always sad when someone you care about passes. Just by all the responses from people who knew you. I can tell you must have been an exceptional martial artist and person. Your journey in the martial arts world was surely cut to short. Times like these truely remind me how special it is to have the chance to continue to train in the martial arts. Much love and respect.

George Del Cid

Sensei Stuart you will never know what a great influence and inspiration that you were to Tyler. You fulfilled his void and needs with confidence, wisdom and respect when he was having his hard time and from this he will always have a piece of you in his heart for everything that he has learned from you in karate. It was a honor knowing you and we were the ones truly blessed to have you in our lives. Your family,Debbie and the children are in our prayers.

Larry, Debbie, and Tyler (purple 2) Sellers

All of us who remember Stuart from the Diamond Nationals are saddened by the news of his untimely death. From Larry Carnahan, Kelly Worley and all of us in Minnesota, our sincere condolences to the Quan family and to all of Stuart"s friends and students.

John Worley

A true master in the arts, I remembering meeting him in Ohio, when he was doing the weapons kata to SWAT back in the day. You will be truly missed! Master Gary Berry, Ohio Shorin Ryu Karate

Master Gary N. Berry, Shorin Ryu Karate, Ohio

Stuart was my teacher , mentor and friend. I am so blessed that my son started training with him just a few months ago and was able to test with him . Stuart had an amazing eye for people and what they needed . He would take us to places phyically and spitritually that we had no idea we were capable of. He never stopped pursuing new truths and he he will be missed beyond measure. I have used my training under Sensei stuart as a foundation for my life. Till we meet on the other side Sensei...

david white

God bless his family,R.I.P.,I watched him on movies and t.v.GOD BLESS.....


Stuart was my Sensei and one of my best friends for more than 15 years. He touched the lives of thousands of people. Through his remarkable spirit and talent, he was able to see the best in us all and show us how to love and respect all things, and how to be the best person we could be. For all of us that had the blessing to train under Stuart, we will forever have a part of him in all of us to grow and share for the rest of our lives. Words can"t express how much Stuart meant to me and how much I"ll miss him.

Jeff Rymer

I had the honor of working with Stuart on a project not knowing his background at all. I thought he was just an amazingly talented, funny and hard working individual who was so willing to step up and help others. No pretense. No drama. Simply a wonderful soul who will be greatly missed. My hearfelt condolences to Stuart"s family, friends and students.

Grayce Wey

Stuart was a true example of what it means to "pay it forward". His ripple-effect of goodness touched people in his community and all over the world. When you became part of the dojo, as a student or a student"s became part of HIS family. When my family needed it the most, Stuart reached out and we will always be grateful for that. The Kim Family shares in both the mourning over Stuart"s loss and the celebration of his life. Stuart, I hope that by airing a part of your rich and colorful story...we will ALL add to following your example.

Margot Kim

Stuart Quan was a great martial artist and competitor, and we were honored to have him at the US Open. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and students, from me, Mike McCoy, Cory Schafer, and the entire US Open staff.

Mike Sawyer

Words of Stuart Quan "the lesson continue to come, the eyes that are open learn the lessons" Dated 8/21/93. Simple truths from my Sensei, thank you. You are loved and will be missed.

Jim Cunningham

God Bless

Kevin Tipton

We actually loose a great figure in the field of martial arts international.Well let all believe that anything that has beginning must have an end one day.My advice for all to be very positive in all we are doing. I pray that may almighty God in his infinite mercy forgive Master Stuart Quan and make his soul rest in perfect peace

Sanusi Sulaymon Olakunle

I knew Stuart Quan he was my sensai when i was seven till I was about 10 years old and he literally touched my heart with such happiness that he had. He will be missed very much by me and my family I am now 13 and I still remember him beacause he was a good sensai and a good person and friend.He will be loved forever!!!.

Cassandra Perez

When the removal of one person leaves such a huge void in the lives of so many people, you begin to grasp how big that person was. Stuart, you are the inspiration for the way we live our lives both at the dojo and outside. You will be dearly missed by everyone here, and your memory and the principles you taught us will live here in the hearts of every one of our students generation after generation. God bless you Deb, Brandon, and Regan, my prayer every waking moment is for peace and love to surround you.

Sortor Bushido Kai Karate - Bend, OR

The world of Karatedo has lost a great competitor and fine human being. We are all saddened at his loss. "HE HAS GONE TO MEET THE MASTER" T.E. Cauley Ogasawara ha Shorinjiryu

Tom Cauley

It"s a great loss but also a great gift that he was here. A very nice and personable guy who was a huge attribute to the martial arts and film industry.

Michael Worth

To Stuart Quan , You are gone but not forgotten, To the family of Stuart, May the Lord bless you and keep you in this time of grieving. Sincerly, The Family of Wuseng Kung Fu,Datroit,Mi

Sifu Quentin Dunmore, Wuseng Kung Fu

Heart broken for you and your family my thoughts are confussed and with pain in my heart. I could only pray for your peace. with love and peace Reena.

Reena & Andrew

I did not know stuart personally, but I know his wife Debbie. I send her and her childern my condolences I"ll keep you in my prayers. Jacqueline

Jacqueline Lopez

When a person like Stuart shares his light so selflessly with others, that light is never lost in the world, but passed on throughout eternity. May God bless...

David M. Morizot

on behalf of the Staff and Students of our Dojo. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers. Osu !

Prince Loeffler

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Stuart and Debi in the eighties and enjoying the friendship of both through the early nineties, my daughter Domonique had the great benefit of being taught under Stuart"s instruction. I cried as I heard of Stuart untimely passing, it is with much sadness that I send these condolenses to Debi and her family. Stuart will be greaty missed by those who love him. Malaina Carrasco

Malaina Carrasco

Stuart taught at our Upward Bound summer program for years, and I was amazed at his ability to find that secret place in students" souls and grab onto it, master it...teach it. I have never heard one student--mine or others--that had an unkind word about him. We have lost an amazing spirit, a great teacher...a wonderful person.

Stuart taught at our Upward Bound Summer Program for years, and I was amazed by his ability to reach into students" souls and grab onto it, master it...teach it. Despite his toughness, I never heard one student complain or speak poorly of him. We are missing a great teacher, an amazing soul, and a wonderful person.

Perry Angle, Fresno State

Stuart,you were a a wonderful human being who set the best example for young martial artists to follow. Thank you for living a fine life that other can follow. Many times while training my team I used you as the model of how a National Champion should act in public. Your life had truly been a life lived to glorify God. God bless your wife and family we will keep them in our prayers for you are NOW home with the Father. You have fought the good fight and NOW you have the TRUE GRAND PRIZE. Peace be with you. Dr. Frank Hargrove, North American Shorin-ryu Karate-Do Association.

Dr. Frank Hargrove, Associate Pastor

On behalf of the Molum Combat Arts Association and the Honor Society, we would like to extend to the Quan Family our deepest condolences. We too, just lost a member of our martial arts family, so we too feel you loss. May God high shine him and all those he has touched with his skills, his friendship and his honor. Sifu Tim White Director MLCAA

Sifu Tim White

I did not know Stuart Quan but what an incredible testament to a life well lived. This notice went out less then 24 hours ago and the outpour of support from the martial arts community is humbling. I offer my sincere condolences to Mr. Quans family, friends & students.

Amir Khalighi

We became a part of the Quan family dojo two years ago and spent many hours there-My son training and I watching. What can you say of someone who was such a big part of your life? All his students were family to him. Most spent 4-5 days a week training. We loved Stuart"s style of teaching. You could feel the electricity when he walked onto the mat to teach. We also enjoyed following his film career. We will miss him enormously. Our hearts and prayers are with you, Debi, and all of your family. God needed one more shining star in his heavens. Sherrie and Tavis Nelson

Sherrie and Tavis Nelson

Stuart Quan had an innate ability to reach his students.I may have only been six years old when I started my lessons, but I remember his teachings well. His teachings have shaped and guided me through my growing years. This story is like many who have been blessed to have come across this incredible man. His passing is deeply saddening, but his teachings will live on and be passed on by all of us. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and students.

Janel Okahata

Sensei Stuart was a great man. On behalf of Loc Nguyen, Tara Rithaporn Agena, Trung Trinh, Hank Nguyen, Tan Nguyen, Michelle Clark, David Mukai, I want to send our prayers to the Quan family and the Dojo. In or out of the dojo, he was a great man who instilled the philosophy and teachings of both traditional and modern martial arts that saddens me to know he is gone. His teachings were not just in the body, but in the mind and in the spirit. He spoke of the warrior way and how to avoid conflicts that was deeper than how to punch or kick. He taught about climbing the mountain of life through the ranks of the colored belts with daily anecdotes to apply to real life situations of old ancient warriors and tea ceremonies. We bowed to past spirits of martial artists when we entered the dojo who gave their sweat and wisdom. Sensei Stuart Quan now joins those spirits and I hope that the Dojo in Fresno continues to live on with the loss of this great martial artist that lives in many of us in our various occuppations today. I send my love to the family and the dojo! Sincerely, Tat Rithaporn, and on behalf of Loc Nguyen, Tara Rithaporn Agena, Trung Trinh, Hank Nguyen, Tan Nguyen, Michelle Clark, and David Mukai. OSS!

Tat Rithaporn

My condolences to Stuart"s family, I was friends with his sister Kathy in high school and spent alot of time with his family watching young Stuart practice his art and was so proud of his accomplishments. He will be sadly missed.

Jeffrey Ybanez

I have known Stuart Quan when he was a student of Sensei Greg Dow. He became a great friend of Bruce Smolanoff and my self. We had spend many great times together in New York and around the country training and competeing. He was truly a great martial artist and human being. Because of him and Bruce Smolanoff , my nephew Ken Leung became an actor. Master Toyotaro Miyazaki and I will miss him greatly. Our deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and students. Sincerely, Kai Leung

Shihan Kai Leung

He was a great man, it is a great loss for the Martial Art Community around the World.

Master Usman Dildar

Debi and I met in high school and she is only one that I kept in touch with since. Stuart was the sweetest person that Debi ever met. I am just stunned and my heart has been aching for her since. My prayers are with both families. Debi, I love you! Sincerely, Kim

Kim Hotz

Stuart & Wife Debi I saw the very bad news & I feel so much pain for your your wife & children as I remember you in the sixth grade at figarden elementery back in 1974. I have our class pictures & will always remember what a sweet person you were you will forever live in all of our hearts even though I have"ntseen you in years. I will see you in heaven & you can teach some moves. God Bless You & your family you were a mogual of great discipline & a great role model. Forever thinking of you Kristi Montgomery-Johnson

Kristi Montogomery

Deb and Family, My heart aches for you all. There was no one like Stuart. He was one of a kind. Such a kind and gentle spirit. I have so many fond memories of all of us together. He will be greatly missed. I love you and I am here for you if you need me. Weeze

Louise Soto

Stuart, As I sat and watched you care for Uncle Ducky just two weeks ago today, I thought to myself how you had grown into a loving, responsible and caring individual. You exceeded all my thoughts of a "younger" cousin. Your face lit up when you spoke of your beautiful children and your laugh was full and hearty. You will be missed by all who remain on earth, but we can only imagine how you will be received by loved ones who have gone before us. Cousin Patti

Patricia J. Davis

Rest in Peace my friend of many years… Sincerest sympathy from myself and everyone at Genbu-Kai to Stuarts family and everyone that loved him. He was a great competitor, teacher and human being. An example for all. He will be missed…

Fumio Demura

I had the honor of being one of Stuart"s students several years back. His talent is unlike anything I have seen in person. His energy was like the brightest star in the grandest constellation in the canopy of a night sky, full of brilliant stars. His loss is palpable, so strong does it crush the heart. I am shocked -- it is a blow to the spirit. May God embrace you, Stuart, in our stead, for there are many souls here who are bidding you a spiritual hug in farewell. {{{{{ Spirit Hugs }}}}} "When one cannot hug the body, hugging the spirit is truly an embrace of the heart!"

Kathy Harris Pippig

we will miss you so much and tyler gust wanted to say thank you for everything.bryce will always rememder no thanks i am ok thank you for everything that you taught are family

tyler and bryce Asadoor

I will miss my teacher

Peyton Morris

In Sympathy for You and Your Family. Though I had just met Stuart several months ago, his presence was and still is effective. He was a great teacher, and a growing friend. May his spirit continue to fill those who loved him and those who longed to share a glimpse of his wisdom. Peacefully, sleep comes to a dear, beloved heart. Quietly, we understand the time has come to part. Tenderly, the love shines on -- a never-ending light. Gratefully, we feel its warmth and say, Sweet dreams, good-night. Pray strength to his family and friends and make them strong in these hours. Stuart, you will be missed...

Sloane Morris

On the behalf of my family - Ocean, Haley and I thank Sensei Quan and his family for all they have done to better our lives. -Jason Ellis

Jason Ellis

Though it has been many years since my son was one of Stuart"s students, the lessons learned have never been forgotten. Thank you Sensei Stuart. Debi, Ducky, Joyce and Kathy -- my heart hurts for you -- May God wrap his loving arms around you and hold you tight.

Kelley Quan

I was in the Theatre Department with Stuart. We lost touch for some time but were reacquainted later on. We used to have long talks about acting. I used to really enjoy working on his audition pieces with him. My husband went with him a couple of times to Los Angeles and was always so impressed with him. Stuart was a wonderful actor. So full of energy and fun. He was so inspirational to me that l asked him to come and speak to my acting class at Fresno State. They loved him. I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you all in this time of deep saddness. I am glad that Stuart lived. Sincerely, Leslie Mitts Martin

Leslie Mitts Martin

Sensei Stuart, even though you"re physically gone, your spirit still rests inside the dojo and inside the hearts of the many people you"ve touched throughout the years, including my family and I. I"ve learned so much from you, not just about Karate and martial arts, but life itself. You"ve lived out all my dreams and have taught me that everything requires hard work and that dreams can come true if you put your mind to it.You"ve never given up on me or let me give up on myself, even though there were many times that i felt like doing so. And with that, i will carry everything you"ve taught me for the rest of my life. Our deepest sympathies to Sensei Debbie & family.

Amit Patel & family

I was a student of Sensei Quan several years ago. He was a kind soul and his teachings will stay with me forever. My sympathy and prayers go to his family. God bless you all.

Christine Krikava

We met Stuart only once but found him instantly, unbelievably charming and sincere. He so WONDERFULLY inspired someone who is very important to us. For that, and for his obvious influence as a martial artist and all-around wonderful person he will be deeply missed. We wish we had gotten to know him better.

Janette and Rob Knittel

I have been a student of Sensei Stuart off and on for 19yrs. He was my hero, a friend and the best teacher in life that I had. This loss is great for martial arts and the world itself. When I first heard I was in disbelief. The only thing that comforts me now is knowing that Sensei would not want me to fall but to stand strong, face my fears and overcome my challenges. I wish I could"ve spent more time and said more to him. All I can do now is improve myself as Sensei wanted, I know he is looking down and wanting that for all of us. Much sympathy and love to all of Sensei"s family and fellow students. Your memory lives on Sensei! We love you!! OSS!

Neil Evans

Seeing the greatness of appreciation on this page is a small testement of his ability to touch lives. I know this is only a small portion of those who carry a part of him in themselves. Though I was a student for only a short time, I learned so much from Sensei Stuart and his family(blood and soul). And the greatest lesson"s I carry have nothing to do with strikes, kicks or throws, but of the mind, the heart and the soul, where Stuarts greatest strengths reside. To the Quan family, to his family of friends, and to his students... our sensei lives on through each of us. Let him shine. And to you, Sensei Stuart Quan, after class one night I said that I would be one to climb that mountain, but I have failed you. In another sense, I have not. I have found my own mountain to climb inside myself, and I will take your teachings with me to help guide me to the top. Thank you, Sensei.

Christopher Uhrle

I was so very saddened to hear of Stuart"s passing. I didn"t know him, but I had such a deep sadness at news of this impressive young man"s death. I just wanted to convey my thougts to his family, and my hopes for their wellbeing.

Karen Roberts

Sensei Stuart I regret ever quiting Karate and now every day my heart hurts worse when I think of it. It was so important to me and i let it go, i let you go, i remember you saying to me that "someday you will go to the top of the mountian." I just wish i would have stuck with it. I hav great pictures of us, when i broke my first board I just cant believe your gone. I will miss you so much and just to let you know if stuart quans stays open I am going back and I will do my best i promise, and i am doing it just for you. I love you. Sensei Debbi I am so sorry for you and the rest of your family, I will see you soon

Taylor Harris

Auntie Joyce and Uncle Ducky, my deepest sympathy to you and your family. You were there for my parents (Edward and Angie Lee) when they passed away, and we will be there for you. May God comfort you and your family. Stuart will be greatly missed Betty Lee Gong (cousin)

Betty Lee Gong

Sensei Stuart was more than just my instructor; he was my friend, my mentor. I will never forget the lessons I have learned at the dojo. You have taught me to not only become a better martial artist, but a better person. You always saw the good in each and every student and pushed us to succeed beyond our own expectations. It is such a tragedy that you were taken away from all of us so suddenly. Your legacy shall always be remembered. You will be missed greatly by all. Oss

Antony Lai

May you rest in peace.

Andrew and Sharon Martinez

I was very fortunate to be able to attend several classes with my grandson, Brendan Nelson. Stuart brought out the best in all his students, and will be missed by all! God bless!

Lynda Nelson

Although Stuarts body has left us, his spirit will live on. Sensi"s teaching will always be with us. We can truly walk through life with a peaceful mind knowing that Stuart"s spirit will be with us in mind and soul. For all those who went to the mountain, and those who didn"t, there is still one more mountain and sensei will be there waiting for us. You will always be my sensei. GOD SPEED

Brian Smart

I would like to wish peace to the entire Quan family. May God bless you. Your loss, and our loss is shocking, and un-expected. Sensei Quan"s life was a testiment to his family"s upbringing. Sensei Quan will be dearly missed by a great many. Sensei Quan had a heart that was matched only by his skill and commitment as a Martial Artist. Stuart Quan had character that truly made him shine among others. Stuart Quan had a spirit that set him apart, and drew others to him. He was a major roll model for me as a student growing up. With as many students and friends that Sensei Quan had, he always had the time to help you. Sensei Quan lived the values he taught-Honor, Courage , and Commitment (Bushido-Kai, the Way of the Warrior)! We will all love and miss you Stuart, Good-Bye! Until we see you again.

Daniel Patrick Carlin

Wow! Sunday afternoon I was driving my new sister in law from the Philippines around town. She mentioned that she wanted to learn martial arts and I proudly told her we had a star here that would teach her. I drove her by the studio and told her we would go by on Monday. She was soo excited! Then we got the late Sunday news!! What a huge loss for the Family, Students and my sister in law. You went too young! You will be missed.

Jeff Scott Haggard

You will always be on our hart"s you were one of the very vest martial arti"s, people like you never goes away, you will live on my harth forever, my codolences for all family and friend"s god bless. Alex Huichapan Shihan

Alex Huichapan



It is the hope of every man to walk this earth and leave behind a legacy for those who walk after him to admire, aspire to match, and ponder in amazement. Stuart"s legacy is that of a tireless committment to his family and friends, endless hours of deep thoughts shared with his students, the passing on of wisdom and skill, and most of all, the definition of a mentor. During my time as a student I was able to create fond memories and friendships and I am glad that God allowed our paths to cross. My deepest condolences are sent out to his family and to those who will never be able to fully understand his greatness. Sensei Stuart I send you off with one last, "oos!" Rest in peace.

Ray Gonzalez

Stuart Quan, was a great ambassador for Martial Arts. It is with my deepest sympathy that I send my prayers and condolences to Stuart"s family and friends. To see such an ambassador depart us is devastating, but to know he is a bigger ambassador in Heaven is rewarding. See you in Heaven from all of us at Willis Kempo Kung Fu School. May God bless you and all the lives that you have touched!!! Jimmy Willis

Jimmy Willis

We were very saddened to hear of your loss ,Ducky you were always there for my Dad Ygnacio Rey.I never had the pleasure of meeting Stuart but have the great respect for the Quan family.My sympathy and prayers go to his family. God Bless you all. Margaret Rey Flores.

Margaret Rey Flores

Although I never had the privilage of meeting Sensei Quan, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family and friends of a great person and fellow Martial Artist. His spirit will live on through the lives that he has touched. Also, my husband met Stuart when he came to talk to a class. He was sincere and genuine, a real person, even though he has true celebrity status. OSS Sensei and our prayers are with your family. The McIntyres

Dr. Kristin McIntyre and Family

Dear Sensei Stuart, thank you so much for teaching me to focus, concentrate, and become disciplined. That helped me to become a better student and person. You were a great Sensei. You won like a billion trophies. I"ll miss you. May you Rest In Peace now that you are home with God. Matthew Low

Matthew Weng-Yue Low

The Martial Arts community is unique in that when one passes on we all feel it. Let this be a reminder to live each day as your last, to touch others with your gifts and talents, to be thankful, and to seek the Lord God in good times and in the times of trouble. Please take the time to read Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. Stuart lived a life of significance, not just success. Very sorry to hear this news. My sincere condolences, along with my students from Wu-Xing, to his family and friends.

Jef Naayers

Please Accept Our Deepest Condolences to Debbie and Family . He will be in our thoughts and prayers. Love from Hung , Noon and kids.

Hung & Nhung Nguyen(Ex-Audelo Bakery)



Stuart Quan was a man of energy, integrity, and passion. I"ve known Stuart as far as I could remember; he was a second father to me. I received wisdom far beyond my years from this man that has been invaluable to who I am today. Every class, every lesson, everything Stuart had to say I took to heart. I still can’t believe that such a man who has touched the hearts and souls of so many has been lost. I feel so indebted to Stuart and his family for everything they have shared with me. I am so honored to call Stuart Quan Sensei. I am so humbled to call Stuart Quan my mentor. I am so blessed that Stuart was my friend. Rest in Peace Sensei. Oss.

Jason Ryan Kong

Debi, Although we just met at the Mom"s Club meeting you spoke at and I did not know your husband I wanted to send my condolences to you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss.

Andrea Hawker

to debi and family we are so sorry for the loss of our beloved friend who has taught so many people including myself and my son i will never forget the test i had with him when he broke my rib but it also taught me to be faster in my reaction time we love you sensei stuart may god bless you and your entire family and you will always be in our hearts. OSS The Butts Family

ernest butts

Thank you Sensei for your teachings and wisdom. Your teachings will stay in my heart for the rest of my life. I will miss you with my greatest respect.

Ryan Fukuda

As a student you pushed me hard trying to get me to do things that i havent tried and was scared to do anything new to me. As a child you were like an uncle to me because i started karate at four years old and i felt that i grew close to you. You have grown close to everyone at the dojo and it now feels like a family.You had such motivation in classes that i took when you taught to make us the students try new things that they thought they never thought they would be able to do. You"re an inspiration to many people and have change many peoples lives and the journies or paths that they almost chose. you have passed but you did something before you died that you enjoyed to do.he will always be in the spirit of his students and his family and his close friends..oss Sensei Stuart...

Todd Thornton

The shock of this news is hard to absorb...I must pause...My heart goes out to his family. For those of us who knew Stuart as a friend, mentor and teacher. We are all losing an incredible person and are so grateful to have had the opportunity to know and learn from such a gentle and giving man. I knew Stuart as a fellow actor and he was a GREAT acting coach. I can"t tell you how overwhelming talented and passionate he was of his craft. It was inspiring! I will never forget all the drills and acting exercises we"ve done...not to forget the fantastic time I had as his acting partner. The memory of it makes me laugh and cry. I will miss you Stuart and thank you for all you have shared with me. Heaven is a lucky place to have such a great soul in its population. God Speed...Mary Ann Rossi

Mary Ann Rossi

My prayers are with Sensei Stuart"s family, friends & relatives. God has a plan for each of us, and I"m sorry to see you go so soon. You were a GREAT teacher and friend, and I will miss the great memories I shared with you & the others at the dojo. Psalm 1:1-3

Daniel J Gonzales



My heart goes out to the Quan family. I have many happy memories of the years I trained with Stuart. May God welcome this great teacher and gentle soul. You will be greatly missed. Matt

Matthew P. Rhames MD

Debi & Family, I am sadden to hear the news. As I looked through the post what a great legacy Stuart has left behind. May the Lord bless and keep you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Cindy

Cindy (Craddock) Biletnikoff

The news of Sensei Stuart Quan"s death has deeply saddened our family, we pray for God"s Peace to be with Debbie, your children, and all of the family. It is hard understand why these things happen but know that the spirit, passion, emotion, and dedication of Stuart Quan will live in our hearts forever.

David, Fran and Matt Pomaville

The Martial Arts Community has lost a true artist and the world has lost a humble man. Sensei Stuart left this earth way too early, but he has left a legacy and will forever live in the hearts of those he has touched throughout his life. Our thoughts, prayers, and sincere condolences from the students of White Lotus Kung Fu Studio and the Wong family are with the Quan family at this time of loss.

Carrie Ogawa Wong

Stuart"s talents and abilities are without question. Most memorable for me and my sons, though, is the fact that he was always a kind and courtious man with time to share with all who asked for it. May God bless and strengthen his family and friends.

Steve Lockard

This is a great loss. not only to the martial arts world but to everyone. Sensei Stuart was my son Kevins"s mentor and teacher when he was only 4 years old. He also was inspirational to my daughter Michelle and myself in training. We have always had strong family ties with the whole family. This loss is something that will be with us for a long time but the teachings and ways of life Sturat has taught will be with us for eternity. Our heartfelt condolenses to the Quan family. Russell,May,Michelle and Kevin Ushijima

Russell Ushijima & Family

The news of Stuart"s passing took me quite by surprise as I"m sure it did everyone. I didn"t know Stuart well, but as a fellow actor, I did have the chance to work with him on a few occasions. He always had such wonderful knowledge to impart and he was a kind, gentle soul. My heart goes out to his family, students and loved ones. May you all find comfort during this difficult time. He touched more lives than he will ever know. He will be missed.

Wendy Snyder

Sensei Stuart truly was an amazing teacher and rolemodel in my life. He will be truly missed by all and I will always carry his teachings with me throughout my life. Knowing him has made me a better person and has helped me accomplish things that I never thought possible. I will never forget Sensei Stuart and will always carry him in my heart. Oss!

Jeffery Karr

I remember 10 years ago when I started going to his dojo i had a really great experience. Stuart Quan was the greatest person I ever met in my whole life. He was a well respected man. My condolenses go out to his wife and his children. I will miss you. You will always be in my heart.

Tonye Amachree

Sensei Quan, a great role model to all. I can"t stop crying when I read these wonderful tributes to a great man. I met Sensei Quan many years ago. I wanted to study under him but never was fortunate enough to pay my way to become his esteemed pupil. After many years of hard work and dedication, I was finally able to pay my son to study under this great man. Sensei Quan was a man of great integrity. Stuart Quan had an innate ability to reach his students. His teachings have shaped my son which led to better academic performance. I am certain many parents echo this sentiment. I am truly blessed to come across such an honorable person. His passing is deeply saddening, but his teachings will live on and be passed on by his students. My deepest condolences to Debbie, his friends and students. God bless, my sensei. Herr family

Nao Tou Herr

I started at Sensei"s dojo years and years ago, when I was a little kid. I left to focus on other interests years and years later, but I"ll never forget what I"ve learned going there. If it wasn"t for Sensei, I don"t know how I would"ve ended up. I don"t know what kind of person I would"ve been without his influence in my life. For a long time, the dojo was a major part of my life and helped make me who I am today. Being at the dojo came to feel like home to me and Sensei as well as everybody else came to feel like family to me. He helped me achieve things I"d never think I"d ever achieve. Even after I left, I"d run into Sensei every now and then at random places like the supermarket and he would remember me and smile and wave and we"d catch up. I look back at those times very fondly. I can"t believe he"s gone so soon. I"ll miss him a lot.

Derek Kwan

You Were My Sensei For Just A Brief Time. I Was So Young, And Yet, I Was So Foolish. I Am Much Different Now, And I Honor You More Than Most. I Had Failed Many I Loved... I Chose To Not Have Anything To Do With Life, And The One I Loved Was Kidnapped And Raped. I Never Saw Her Again. I Almost Gave Up On Life. However, I Continue. I Can Count More Than 100 Times Where I Was But A Paper"s Thickness Away From Death. I"ve Seen How Horrible The World Can Be, But, Instead Of Letting Myself Fade Away I"m Standing Up And Fighting This. With My Words And My Hands, I Have Saved More Than 10 People"s Lives. I Am Currently 17, And I Had Overcome Lifelong Illnesses Such As Epilepsy And Diabetes. I Want To Continue To Make This World As Great As I Can, And To Teach Anyone I Can Anything To Give Them Strength To Take Life In Their Hands And Realize How Fragile It Is. You Were One Of A Few. You Saw Corruption And You Did The Most Precious Thing I Could Think Of. You Helped The Children Of This World To Realize The Ways They Must Be, Without Hate And Mutual Respect. With Inner Strength, And Will Of Iron! You May Be Gone, But I Will Remember You Forever, My Friend. You Will Live Forever In My Mind, And My Heart. Or As You"d Put It, My Mind And Body. Everyone Here Will Forever Remember You, And You Will Always Have Been A Hero, Because Those Children Will Teach Their Children, And So Fourth. You"ve Done This World A Great And Wonderous Thing, And Forever You Have My Respect. Farewell, My Friend.

Nathan Jon Fernandez

I feel so lucky to have known Stuart for the short time I was allowed to. Stuarts stories and views on the craft of acting were inspiring. I will never forget you and your humble heart. He was a true teacher. May God bless you and your family through this tuff time. I"ll really miss you and I"ll never forget what you have taught me.

Heath Gfeller

Robert South once said, "If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives." With that being said, many would say that Sensei Stuart"s measurement of character is majestic. Throughout the years, he has provided people with his teachings, guidance, leadership, pure kindness, respect and true friendship. Although I was never a student of his, I feel that I learned quite a lot from him and the environment of his dojo. I was just a constant spectator at his dojo because my brother was a karate student for several years there. I would be present for my brother"s classes and testing and during those instances, I enjoyed watching and learning the morals and values that Sensei Stuart, his family, and staff would instill in the students. It wasn"t just about karate, but how to be the best that you can be throughout life. Although it has been quite a while since I have visited the Quan family or the dojo, I have never forgotten about them. I am forever grateful to have known Sensei Stuart and will miss him greatly. On behalf of the Mendoza Family (Edmund Sr., Lee, Edmund Jr., Charlene & Genevieve), we would like to send out our condolescences to the entire Quan family & the entire dojo family. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Love always, Charlene Mendoza

Charlene Mendoza

God must be thrilled to have you as an angel. You completed your work here early and as you can see by your messages, many will be inspired by you to make such a mark on so many. You held the first board I broke with my hand and smiled when I said, "They always act like that doesn"t hurt." Your showmanship is amazing, your acting passionate and your comedy hysterical. The residents of Heaven will enjoy you as much as we did. You and God can wrap your arms around your family and they will always be excited to know that when they are finished with their work here, their hero awaits them. Say, "Hi" to Bruce and James. You"re in excellent company!

Kelly Rudolph, SURVIVE!

I feel so sad about the loss if sensei Quan. I know I could have learned so much more from him. Although I only knew him a short year, he has inspired me to work hard to be my best. I will continue to follow his lessons at least through his videos and honor him at the Dojo and in life by doing the best I can to be the warrior he would be proud of. I share your sorrow Sensei Debbie, my family and I will pray for all our hearts to heal. Partick Beaston 15 purple belt.

Patrick Beaston

Sensei Stuart- you and the rest of the dojo family took me in as one of your own children when I came back last year. Since I began training 12 year ago you have taught me so much more than just kicks, punches, and patterns of katas. You taught me that the only way to become a better person was to know my strengths and work on my weaknesses together and you taught me the fine art of leading a class. You were like a father to us all, especially when we needed it the most. No problem was too small for your time and words of wisdom. Each person felt special when they spoke to you, knowing that they were in the presence of someone great, yet had the humility to make everyone feel like an equal to you. I hope that in my life I can be even half the man you were, for that would be an accomplishment and an honor in itself, beyond earning a black belt. Take care. I"m going to miss you. We all will.

Jeff Kumagai

Dear Debi and Family of Stuart... My heart goes out to all of you. While undoubedtly blessed, your time with Stuart was just too short. Stuart touched many people. I look back over twenty years and remember him as the sweet and playful young man he was. He was an expert martial artist with a silly side and was always a joy to be around. He knew when to play and yet he had a consciousness of being that shone brightly. I delight in knowing that God sends some special people to walk this earth, however briefly and, that you will all see him again. Stuart made a mark in the lives and on the hearts of many. I feel fortunate to have made his acquaintance. May God carry you through your time of grief. "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jer 29:11

Anne Plowman

condolence__ for this even _when i see this news i m sorry and say condolence ali dehghani sheeva president of iufc and founder of AFC asia_iran_hamedan city

ali dehghani sheeva

For all of us, those who knew You and those who didn"t, for all Martial Artists around the world it is a tremendouz loss when one of our Masters and friends leaves us. We"ll meet on the other side...OSU!

Kyoshi Jorgen Jorgensen

When our comedy group disbanded, Stuart, Wil Kettler and I decided we didn"t want to quit - so we started performing, just the three of us, doing stand-up whenever we could. Some of the fondest memories I have are of us sitting in the dojo office honing our writing skills and laughing and laughing. We all learned from each other, but what we learned from Stuart was that he made you want to be a better performer and a better person. Over the years, we sort of lost touch, but Ducky would come by and rent a van or three from me for martial arts competitions when I worked at the airport, and keep me updated on what was happening with the family and the dojo. It"s hard to believe you"re gone, Stuart, my friend. I, like so many others, will never forget you. We"ll always love you. How lucky we are to have known you! The bright flame you were burned out too quickly, but we got to bask in your light. It breaks my hear to say farewell, Stuart. Stuart the Fearless. Stuart ever smiling. Love to Debi, Ducky and Joyce and family. God bless you.

Anita (Schlessman) Fernandez, Jon Fernandez and sons: Adrian, Tore-Michael and Nathan

Our son Matthew has taken lessons at Stuart Quan"s dojo for the last year and a half, and he had such a wonderful way with his students - you could always tell that he cared and truly wanted them to succeed. Through karate he thought them important life lessons about developing self confidence, to treat their teachers, parents and fellow students with respect, and that through hard work and discipline they could achieve their goals. Our thanks for being such a positive influence and role model for our son and hundreds of others like him. Our sincere condolences go out to his family and friends.

Tim, Leslie & Matthew Hovsepian

I went to school with Stuart. In our younger years we were on the wrestling team together. I remember Stuart as being a very amiable and humble person as well as an outstanding athlete. My condolences to the Quan family. Our prayers are with you.

Scott Markarian

This is what I say to him: RIP Good Bye Stuart! Even though I am just getting started in my martial arts life,I admire your work! May you go up to the eternal dojo! C-ya someday-Sarah

Sarah Barnes

it is sad to feel that a great martial artist has just left...


I am in deep sorrow bcoz in whole world some teachers are passionate to martial arts & lossing one of them is huge los 4 the people who want to learn martial art. To the family, students, and friends of Master Quan, one so special, we send you our love and prayers.

vivek sharma



Sensei Stuart, has been my teacher for many years. In those years of kicking and punching I have learned many things. Thru Discipline and training I have learned many things about myself and life in general, beyond Karate. One thing stuart taught was that to grow you have to expand your comfort zone and constantly expand it. In the years I have gone to the dojo I have had my own bussiness. I doubt that it would have been as successful as it is, if I had not been a student of Sensei Stuart. The impact Of Stuart"s passing was not felt fully untill Tuesday night"s class time. I felt a void in my life. I started grasping his recent class lessons in my mind trying to remember each move, wondering if I will now still be able to learn his warriors way karate without him. He had a way if teaching that even reached a block head and clutz like me. Eventually I came to the conclusion that his black belt students will be able to teach me. He made sure that each one of them had the ability to pass on his lessons. The dojo and Warriors Way will live on thru them, and hopefully me one day. I will honor his memory by my ways in life and martial arts and train like Master Quan! For many years he and I only spoke of karate or computers, our respective professions. Only recently did the conversations extend to more personal and family related matters. I am sad because I feel a freindship, beyond student and teacher, was being developed and was never quite complete. I am greatful to GOD for being able to train with you. When I go to the mountain, I know you will be there in spirit and in the hearts and minds of the black belts. The Van Rensselaer family will miss you for you have taught us to be champions of life!

Van Rensselaer Family , Ian, Steph, Tristan, Kiliaen, Analise, Huck

So sad to hear this news.Met Debi while working at Dr. Hamlin"s office.I am so shocked and sorry for her loss.My thoughts are with her and both families. Ronni

Ronni Dunmire

Stuart, it has been close to 20 years since I had the privilege to train under you. I am deeply saddened by your short stay, but your influence on others has been immense. Your impact will live on in the many people that have been touched by your presence. Thank you will be missed.

Jon Aoki, TX

It is still so hard to believe you are gone. I am so very grateful for the knowledge and self esteem you have given to my 8yr old son William(blue belt). He enjoyed coming to the Dojo, and so excited that his teacher was the "Red Power Ranger!" You will remain in our hearts forever...Thank You so much for caring..God"s Blessing to your Wife (debbie)and your little ones.

Guillermo,Susana,Adam & William Becerril



I didnt know you personally though your studio was down the street from my grandma"s house. I always talked about with your pride, your movies were of special note to me. You are always a Fresnotable. Godspeed.

Courtney Perry

We competed together, we traveled together and we had great times together. I am deeply sadden,we have lost not only a great martial artist but most of all a great human being. My deepest condoleances to the Quan Family. Bon Voyage my friend.. Jean Frenette

Jean Frenette

Sensei Stuart, thank you so much for the love you had for us, martial arts and life. Every person who climbed the mountain with you had their life transformed, that’s the greatest gift you gave all those who walked with you. Even now you’re still teaching us, by showing the preciousness of life. The greatness of a man isn’t in what he’s done for himself, but in what he’s done for others and these notes are a testament to Sensei Stuart and the entire Quan family. I pray that the Lord will give us the wisdom to continue what you started. Debi, Ducky, Joyce, Kathy and all the Quan family we love you and you’re in our prayers. Sensei I know I’ll see you again, till then….

brian hiett

Stuart was th stereotype of what a Martial Artist could become and what a person should become. I will miss you my friend. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU. "GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD ACTIONS "

Anton Pointer " Oakfoot "

We were lucky enough to have Stuart and his family as neighbors for some years. Our love and blessings go out to the family.

Harold and Sandy Hall

I did not know Master Stuart Quan. The sudden death of any Master saddens me deeply. Because there are so few left that are a wealth of information, are truly kind, and really care about their students. But, when my Grandmaster Kwan Sung Lee died of liver cancer. I remember the terrible pain of the loss, the disbelief, and the anger of losing him. May the peace of Lord fill the hearts of all his family, friends, and students who mourn his loss.

Master Lloyd N. Brown

my condolence to his family and friends. it is big set back to martial art world.

jaswant singh

My family, Cary & Darin, grew up with you being just two houses away. You set standards for them and for so many others which will last lifetimes. Cary and Max will miss your teachings. You approached me in your teens about being in films. God knows good will come of everything. Heaven is a good. You are there....

Tom Marsella, neighbor

I, as well as my family were stunned to hear the news. I met the Quan family at a very young age due to our families being friends. I was lucky enough to train under both Stuart and Kathy when I was a child and I am thankful that I did. Stuart was an amazing person with a presence matched by no other and he will be dearly missed. I send the love and prayers of myself as well as my family to his. Our condolonces, on behalf of the Perales and the Salazar families of Fresno.

Jessica R. Perales

Stuart was my friend i traint a couple of years with him and my condolence for his wife, kids and family. I will miss you friend and student.

Master M. v.d. Maas



Rick, Thank you for sharing. Your brother was a remarkable and compassionate human being. Our prayers to you and your family. Thank God for the opportunity of family togetherness and now the wonderful memories the trip to China provided.

Doug Winston

Sensei to say you will be missed doesn"t even come close. You"ve made such an impact on so many lives, it seems unreal. But you"ve gone on to the ultimate challenge and I"m sure you"ll be received in his kingdom as you were received here. May God bless and keep your family, our deepest condolences. Steve & Jan Koehler

Janice Koehler

Condolences to your family. A Friend

Kellard G. T, Walker

I had the privilege of knowing Stuart back in the early 80"s as I attended Fresno State. We shared a group of friends for a short time. I have always remembered Stuart as a wonderful, inspiring human being. I hope all of Stuart"s family feels the love and compassion that we all feel for Stuart. May your memories keep you warm.

Melissa De Benedetto

You were taken too soon from us but we were so fortunate to have you as our son, Clay"s, mentor. Your wisdom, encouragement and leadership has guided our son to the BEST person he can be. Clay looked forward to classes and especially the one-on-one training with you. His kicks and punches around the house shows the inspiration you instilled. Sensei Stuart, your spirit will remain with each of us forever. Debi, our hearts and prayers are with you and your family.

Bob, Vicki, Clay & Brooke Miller

Sensei Stuart, I remember taking Jeff, my brother to karate classes at this high school gym before you had a dojo.That was over 20 years ago.You and you"re family have touched our lives and even though it"s been so long since I"ve stepped foot in a dojo, I will never forget the confidence you instilled in me at my first Yellow Belt test.You will never be forgotten. Our condolences on behalf of Richard, Becky, Anna, Jeff & Socorro Madrigal

Anna-Marie Madrigal

I can"t help but think back on all the great times, friends, and life lessons I"ve learned. My deepest condolences during these trying times. Stuart will be greatly missed.

Trung Trinh

The first time I heard about Stuart was from Loc. He always said what a great person Stuart was. I finally got to meet him and Loc was right. Stuart was not only an outstanding teacher, but a wonderful son, husband and father. I will be forever greatful for Stuart"s influence in Loc"s life. Stuart did not just teach Loc Martial Arts, but he gave him a blueprint for his life. He will surely be missed! May God shower his family with blessings of hope and joy during this time of tribulation. May his spirit continue to live on in all of our lives. My deepest condolence.

Cindy Yang Nguyen

I don"t even know where to begin. Stuart, you make the world a better place and I am so lucky to have been impacted by you. You are one of the major influences in my life. To have known someone so well rounded in all aspects of live is truly special. My deepest condolances to Stuart"s family, and everybody that was lucky enough to know him. You will be missed. Malachi Harland

Malachi Harland

Thank you Sensei Stuart for reinforcing what we try to instill in our children, respect, and learning. We have truly felt like family at the Dojo. My son Alex will miss his Sensei very much. Our prayers are with your family. God Bless.

Tony, Martha, Alex and Analiese Figueroa

Condlences to your Family. I am a former student of Stuart. Just wanted you to know that I am very sorry and he will be missed. Daren and the Pritchard Family.

Daren Pritchard & Family

For a short period, I had the great honor of training with Stuart -- such a talented martial artist, but more importantly such a wonderful, supportive person. Though the time spent training with Stuart was brief, his influence on me continues to this day. My heartfelt condolences to all Stuart"s family -- and to Stuart: thank you. You"ve helped me and so many others more than you can possibly know.

Dave Macomber

Sensei Quan~ Your incredible spirit transcends life and has passed to many who knew you, including my Sensei Brian Sortor. Through him, your beautiful family, and those who trained with you the way of the warrior will never die. Your memorial service is held on the day of my birth...a new warrior is born. My sincerest warm wishes go to you on your new journey. Oss.

Wendie Hohman





I am still shocked that Sensei Stuart is gone. But I do know that everything happens for a reason and that he is with all the great ones. Words cannot describe the type of man he was. In the 9 years that I knew him, he taught me his wisdom, how to be humble and above all besides the kicking and punching, how to believe in myself. The confidence he had in me was enormous and has carried me through so much. I loved working by his side for the time that I did and will miss his great spirit and energy in which he moved all his students across the floor. His love for martial arts, his students, and family will forever live in my heart. Thank You Sensei for everything, I will miss you. My deepest condolences and my love goes out to Sensei Debi, Brandon, Regan, Kathy, Ducky, Joyce and the entire Quan family. Oss....

Belinda Lozano

I can remember a time when Stuart, Kathy, and I would workout and train together in the gym at Fresno State. This was a time when Stuart did not even own a dojo. During that time, he would teach at a high school gymnasium. Later, he would open the Bushido-Kai Dojo, and then after move to Bullard/First to open Stuart Quan’s Karate. I was very proud and happy for him. I remember the laughter, jokes and smiles. My sincere condolences to his entire family.

Jeff Shinoda

It was really hard hearing of your passing; I loved you in the movies. I watched it all the time when I was younger or back in High School. My son Loves to watch the action movies too. I hope that you are resting in peace. My love and warm thoughts go out to your family and friends.

Julie Huie-Poh

To Debbie and Family, Our family sends you our deepest sympathy. Stuart has been an inspiration to first Bradley and now to Max. He will be greatly missed. Doug and Judi Atkins (Bradley Thakham and Max St.Louis"s grandparents) Will there be a Memorial Service for the Kids at the Dojo?

Judith L. Atkins

Stuart.. You have fought the good fight during your time here. We met you only a few times but we know your life has impacted many, many people. You have a great family and we feel for them deeply. You have brought a smile to more than you ever realized. You will not be forgotten for your contribution for the good.

Larry, Janet Kirchert & family

Stuart was a good friend. I met him in 5th grade when he showed me one of "his moves"- droppoed me right to the floor! He lived around the corner from me and even at a young age he trained constantly. All his fame and fortune never changed his humble and friendly attitude. He will always be missed!!

John Beck

Debbie, your children and family, I am deeply sorry for the loss of you husband Stuart. Loosing Stuart has left a gap in the Fresno martial arts. He will be missed by his family, students and friends. Our deepest sympathy and brotherly love goes to you, your family, and his students. In the Spirit of Budo Vincent A. Cruz International San Ten Karate Association

Vincent A. Cruz

I speak if heard in a solemn tone, giving quite thanks for all of the things in this life made easier for my son Darren, by the teachings of a great man, Stuart Quan, and I am equally as sure that parents of any child that acquired life"s lessons from Stuart, are thankful also. Stuart will be missed but never forgotten.

Donald Gene Pritchard

Our deepest condolences to Debi and Stuart"s family for the loss of a great martial arts teacher. The dojo will not be the same without him. A mass will be offered in honor of Stuart at St. Anthony"s Church in Fresno.

Robert, Teresa, Jon and Rachel Kratz

I was really stunned, as we all were, when I heard of Stuarts passing. It is always hard to understand why someone with such talent and good nature is taken from us in their prime. I enjoyed knowing Stuart and working with him on "Line of Fire" and "Night Shadow", aka "Lycanthrope". He was amazing and always a great attitude. I will miss him. My thoughts and prayers go to his family.

Darrell Mapson

We are so saddened by the news of Sensei Stuarts death. Our hearts go out to Debi and their children. Our daughter Shelley studied at Stuarts Dojo for about a year and a half and my best memories of Stuart are that of working with the kids. He had a unique connection with them and you could see he just loved it. He taught them respect, self-discipline, honor, courage and to love what you are doing. Always a wonderful family environment. His spirit will live on throught the lives he has touched, and they are many. God Bless your family, and rest in peace Sensei.

Sally Strong

Poeple say everything happens for a reason. But to loose a legend like Mr. Quan is "sad". My deepest condolences to the Quan family and all martial artists who Mr. Quan had a great impact on. Stuart Quan will be missed.

Mr. Shervin Ilbeig

Our family has been a part of the Stuart Quan Dojo family for the past 5 years. During that time, Nick started as a 7 year old white belt and grew into a more confident, happier, self-disciplined Brown 2 belt who was in the Jr. Black Belt program and is now 12 years old. The memory of Stuart that sticks out the most for me as a mom was when I was struggling with Nick to practice and continue to attend the 3-4 days a week of Karate classes when he got into the Jr. Black Belt program. Nick has broken both of his wrists that summer & couldn"t do Karate for about 6 weeks. He then lost motivation to train at the level that Stuart expects of a Brown 2, and Jeff, Nick & myself met with Stuart. Stuart talked to Nick, had him read the letter he wrote stating why he wanted to be in the Jr. Black Belt program, and then talked to Nick personally & directly about his goals, the need for committment & discipline if he were to continue, and how Stuart would work with Nick personally in private lessons for 4 months to see if that helped Nick. That was a very special time for Nick, as he got to know Stuart on more of a personal level during those 4 months than he had known him the previous 4 years. After the 4 months, we all met again and Stuart was not only compassionate, but he truly cared about Nick"s needs & feelings, even if that meant that Nick was going to quit Karate for a while. We were all in tears by the end of the meeting, realizing that Nick wasn"t going to continue, but Stuart was calm & steady, and Nick felt Stuart really cared about him. Stuart"s death is very difficult for all of us because he was our inspiration, our teacher, our support, our spiritual guide! Matthew & Nathan are taking classes now and despite them being 6 years old, they are worried about how Brandon is doing and were sad & crying, knowing they wouldn"t see Stuart again until they go to Heaven. Matthew said, "but Sensei Stuart taught me my first Kata!!". All the boys have talked to their friends & their teachers about how much they loved Sensei"s Stuart & Debi and the Dojo.... Debi, Thank you so much for being a part of helping to raise our children. We will miss Stuart sooo much, but we are so thankful we still have you, for you have Stuart"s spirit within you, as does Brandon & your daughter too! Our deepest heartfelt love go out to you, your children & your family, as well as Stuart"s family. We will see you again Sensei Stuart in Heaven!!!! Love: The Avery Family

The Avery Family: Jeff, DeAnna, Nicholas, Matthew & Nathan

For most of our lives, the Pena children have heard stories of the great adventures of Stuart Quan and friends. Our father Israel enjoyed every moment that he spent with Stuart and the pride that he took in his involvement with the dojo. Our family is deeply saddened and stunned by the news of his untimely death. We wish the family, students and friends our deepest sympathies and condolences.

The Pena Family

To the entire Quan Family, our deepest sorrows, condolences and our prayers for your loss. But most important, thank you, for allowing Sensei Stuart to become a part of our lives. The descriptions of how he lived and treated others could not be more truely accurate. His wisdom, his teachings, his beliefs and now his memory will always be etched in our family. God bless

Greg, Brennan & Carson Stockdale

I met Stuart in 1990, when John Cho opened his Kung Fu school on Fresno St., and we were having a grand opening party. It was a Saturday morning when I walked into Stuart"s dojo, and he was alone sitting at his desk. My first impression of Stuart was that he was very stoic. He really didn"t say much, asked me a few questions and when the day of the grand opening arrived, showed up at John Cho"s new school. My impression of the stoic quickly changed when I offered Stuart one of my "Kung Fu Cookies" (sugar cookies frosted to look like the yin/yang symbol). He burst out laughing and asked "WHAT ARE KUNG FU COOKIES?!". I was still in the beginning stages of becoming a martial artist, and entered local tounaments. Stuart never failed to offer me words of encouragement such as "You looked good out there" after a competition. Stuart invited me to work with him on the "Mind Body Spirit" program with the Boys and Girls Club. I invited him to Tai Chi and Wu Shu classes. One of my fondest memories of a time with Stuart Quan was when I was showing him the Kung Fu style of twirling the staff! Me, a "young" martial artist, demonstrating to a weapons champion how to twirl a staff! We spend many hours talking philosophy. There was the time I surprised him by inviting Douglas and Carrie Wong from Northridge to stop by the dojo one afternoon when we were teaching the Mind Body Spirit program. Stuart was in his office talking to 2 other people, when I said "Oh look, Stuart, here comes Doug Wong". I then heard him ask one of his other guests "What did she say?" (he didn"t believe me, and was shocked when the Wongs walked through the door). While Carrie and I took the kids next door for Ice Cream, Stuart and Doug had time for a visit. Carrie later told me that Stuart "picked Doug"s brain" for more philosophical thoughts. Stuart loved exchanging philosophical thought with others. I recall the time we (the Lion Dancers from John Cho"s) showed up at Stuart"s dojo during Chinese New Year. I told him we"d be dropping by one Friday evening, but didn"t tell him why. He invited us to stay and demontrate some of our forms for his students. In more recent years, when I got involved with the "Hollywood Scene", I"d sometimes stop by the dojo and ask Stuart for an opinion or advice on things I thought might be a "scam". I talked a lot about Stuart to my Peer Group Governor at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood. My own father, who died at the age of 56, used to say "Only the Good die young". Unfortunately, this seems to be true. We"ll miss you, Stuart.

Debbie Goodman

Mr. Quan has been inspiration to all of us and we are truely sorry for the lost. Our sympathy goes out to Debbie and rest of the family. We are thankful for all the things that he has done in our lives and in the Martial arts world. He will be greatly missed!

Paul Kim & Five Forms Fist School of Self-Defense

Mr. Quan has been an inspiration to all of as and we are deeply sorry for the lost. Our prayers go out to Mrs. Quan and his Parents and sister Kathy. He will be greatly missed! Gary Sison Sison Karate - Do Hokushin Shito - Ryu

Gary Sison

Sensei, I thank you for everything you have taught me. I remembered coming to you last Friday because my tape on my Purple I came off. YOu told me that I was on my way to Purple II and I was excited. I will miss you greatly. You have been great to me. I have learned a lot from you. You have given me the confidence to succeed in everything that I do. That, I thank you. I hope Sensei Debbie will continue your legacy because I know that"s what you would have wanted. My deepest sympathy to Mrs. Debbie Quan and the children. You will be sorely missed by all. We love you, Sensei.

Alex Herr and Family

Auntie Joyce, Uncle Ducky, Kathy, Debbie and the rest of the Quan family. I"m still in a state of shock in hearing the untimely passing of Stuart. Stuart has always been an inspiration and an idol for me. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I am truly sorry for the lost. He will be missed!

Matthew, Hanh and Nolan Lee

Stu, I have thought about you almost every day of my life. So many memories that will live on from our friendship in grade school, your ride to the top of the circuit, the first pair of camas we made in my back yard, all those dumb movies we made at your parent"s house, our departure from the Rising Sun and the beginnings of your own school, the numerous adventures (the motorcycle trip!!!), and standing by me on my wedding day I will never ever forget. Your mom and dad took care of me to get me through college with a good job and constant support, and fed me more meals that I could count. And the dojo family with Kathy, Debbie, Jim, Blake and the rest. Now I know how 15 years of time can be erased in a split second. You are with God now. I will miss you for now my friend and brother, but I will see you again. Steve Alfheim

Steve Alfheim

I didn"t know Stuart I knew his brother Rick. I know what it feels like to loose a family member. I lost my son Jed in 2003 at age 23. My condolences to Rick and his family. God Bless you Stuart...

Frank X. Flynn

I was stunned last night to learn of Stuart Quan"s untimely passing. I met Stuart back in 1977 at the Rising Sun Dojo, Greg Dow was our Sensei and Stuart and I were both starting white belt students,he was an amazing athlete also we both went to Bullard High school. I have always admired him following his carrer in Martial Arts in becoming a Great Master and Champion. I wish to express my deepest sympathy.My thoughts and prayers are with Stuart"s Family and Friends.

Karl DeKlotz

Stuart will live on through other people"s lives. If you knew Stuart, please honor his memory for the rest of your life by conducting yourself in a way that would make him proud. His untimely passing will cause my daughters, Alexis and Jocelyn to consciously strive to behave and make decisions that show repect for how Stuart lived and taught.

Keith Jackson

Our family send sincere sympathy to the family of Stuart Quan. My daughter grew up knowing him as the Red Power Ranger. My daughter Jen and her Dad Jon both have a Black Belt in Taekwondo. My husband Jon worked with his Uncle Jimmy Leong for Fresno County in the Clerk"s Office.

Jon, Judy & Jen Langworthy

This unexpected tragedy caught everyone off guard. Thank you Stuart for all your contribution to the Martial Arts community. You are the pinnacle of how an instructor should be. You will live on through your teachings and always in our hearts.

Anthony Camarillo and Five Forms Fist School of Self-Defence



Stewart, You were truly a special person and an incredible mentor who positively touched the lives of all of your students, their families and everyone you came into contact with. You will be missed and respected forever. You made a positive difference in the world. Our thoughts and prayers are with Debbie and your entire family. Larry, Sharon, Hawk & Summer Duncan

Larry Duncan

Wow. A Surprise and a shock. Stuart was way too young in life and in his goals to leave this world. I didn"t know him well but he always made it a point to come up and talk to me or my wife at tournaments. I hope the best for his family. Kenny Blair

Kenny Blair

Sensei Stuart is one of the best martial art instructor i have ever studied under. Not only did he influence my way of life but his words of wisdom and teaching of martial art motivated me to train with passion. Thank you sincerely for being part of my life and a role model. Whenever I had a chance to teach a class, I would always try to mirror the way he would teach his class. That"s how much I love his philosophy and teaching and appreciate his style and class. He will surely be missed! May God shower his family with blessings of hope and joy during this time of tribulation. May his spirit continue to live on in all of our lives. My deepest condolence to the Quan family and friends. BUSHIDO KAI FOR LIFE.

Loc Nguyen

I have no doubt that the thousands of people Stuart met were just as inspired as I was the first time I met him in the early 80s. He was and will forever be one of the true gems of the Martial Arts world. I am still in a state of shock and denial regarding his passing and I ache deeply for the loss of his presence and for his family members and students. I choose to hold closely the many wonderful and bright memories of being around him, his smile, his giving nature, his kindness, his motivation. I know that his values and dreams will continue to live on through all of us that he touched. Thank You Stuart for granting me the privilege of knowing you. I am honored. Sincere condolences are extended from the entire International Seieido Federation. Your presence is felt and will remain among us all.

Master Dave Johnson


Bushido Kai Family

I knew Stuart many year ago when we were both students training at the Rising Sun. It was clear then that he was gifted beyond most. He was one of the most positive and focused people I’d had ever met. The times I was able train with him was always a treat. Later in life I would see Stuart from time to time. Years later, after moving from Fresno to San Diego, I was in Fresno and visited Stuart at his Martial Arts School. As you know, a conversation with Stuart was never short, and I remember it well. He spoke of how our lives were and would always be changed by martial arts. “Our common bond.” How although my life was in business now, it’s the spirit, character, and discipline of martial arts that guides and applies to all aspects of our lives. Something we carry with us forever. I celebrate for the opportunity to have known him and offer my deepest condolences to the Quan family and friends. His Spirit will always be with us and in our common bond.

Rick Leon

It was truly a privilege growing up with you on old Tollhouse Road. Even at a very young age, you could just tell that you had very special qualities. Your legacy will always live on, in the hearts of the many thousands of people who love you.


We will miss you Sensei.

Tom and Jessica Schab

Thank you for your spirit of the martial arts. that will never be forgotton. steven


It was a great honor to be one of Stuart"s students. Even though I hadn"t trained with Stuart for several years, I still considered him my teacher. Staurt wasn"t just a master of martial arts, but a master of life. To, Debbie and to the entire Quan Family, you are all in my prayers.

Mickey Burrow

We had fun working on a movie set. I learned a few things. I will miss you, but you"re spirit lives on.

James Ranells

Debbie, You gave him support, love and children to nourish his soul. You nourished and cared for him so he could be all he could be. My thoughts and love are with you. Namaste, Jan

Jan Coyle

Stuart touched many people"s lives, more than anyone will ever now. He deeply influenced mine without ever having met me. And years later, when we finally did meet, he was the bright shining light I always imagined him to be. His radiance will continue to light the path for many, including myself. Sincere condolences to his family. Kenn Scott

Kenn Scott

I remember cousin Stuart when he was a little baby in diapers when i use to baby sit for him, cathy and ricky. i have not been a part of stuart"s life for many many years, but he has aways been in my heart as is his family. The last time i had seen Stuart at family dinner - he had grown into a man and had aloving wife and family. He had a gentle silence yet powerful majestic presence about him.

Vicki Chung

I want to extend the greatest of condolences, deep love and compassion to his family anf friends.

Vicki Chung

You were my son"s hero and Sensei. You taught him about Karate and life. Tom was so proud to tell everyone that his Sensei was THE RED POWER RANGER! You will be missed by all of us. I can"t believe you will not be running up on that mat to start class, that we won"t see your smiling face at the Dojo. Thanks for your advice and help when I needed it. Your teachings will live through all that have known you. Debi, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Kelly and Barry Schab

Stuart and Debbie, You have been a blessing in our son, Brian"s life. He met you when he was 14 and you have always encouraged him to be the best he can be. You were his second family through highschool and college. He spent so many hours at the dojo, first as a student and then as a teacher. You helped to teach him discipline and patience and to teach others. You inspired him to open his own dojo in Bend. We will always be thankful for your influence in his life and the Fresno/Clovis area. We love and pray for you Debbie, Brandon, Regan, Joyce and Ducky. John and Annie Sortor

Annie & John Sortor

Sensi Stuart was someone I could always talk to. He was more than a friend, he was family to me. I"ll always cherish the times we had during my training time. The "Black Belt" journey was a life changing experience for me and am forever grateful for your patients and time you had given. Your will always live in spirit within the hearts of those lives you touched. OSS!

Brian Lee Gumm

The Quan family may remember Great Grand Master Al Novak, [iron palm] he supplied most of the tournaments in calif. with trophys for many years. I spoke with him yesterday,from the care home where he has been since his auto accident last september. He remembered Stuart very well from his younger days in competion. G.G.M Novak expressed his deep sorry for his passing. Master Jerry A. Hyde

senior master jerry a. hyde

As a student Sensi Stuart taught me many things throughout the years. He was my role model when I first met him and he will still be my role model. I will never forget him and his spirit will live on in my heart and in everyone else. I will miss you and never forget you.!! Oss!

Trever Dennis

My Deepest sympathy to the Quan and Extended Family. I, as the rest of you feel so luck to have had my life touched by such a great human being as Stuart. He has been an inspiration to my life in many ways, the Martial Arts, Film & Stunts, Family Man and most of all a friend. I am deeply saddened by the your passing, but know that in the absence of your presence you will hold a special place in our hearts. I will miss you tremendously my Friend!

Marcus Young

Thank you, Sansei Stuart, for everything that you have taught me. I have been with the dojo for almost 7 years and you have changed my life. You have taught me to be strong not only in the body but also in my mind, to stay focus, to have good discipline, and to stay sharp in whatever I do. I will surely miss you. May you rest in peace. OSS.

Kean Vaziry

Sensei Stuart. I appreciate what you"ve done for me and for all the long hours Ive spent at the dojo. I remember the first time I did a twister and how we use to trade twisters off. I miss it. I will still throw twisters but I"ll always miss watching you throw twisters.I learned so much from you and you will always be my hero for life. You just didn"t teach me how to punch and kick but to learn about yourself and how much you will push yourself to the limit till you cant go anymore but you still go because you know you can do it if you try. You influenced me so much. That the least I can do for you is teach others what you taught me and show them how to do twisters like you taught me. I will do my best to teach others the way you taught me. I will miss you deeply with all my heart. I wouldnt be were I am today without you. From the rest of the Sano family we will miss you.

your student Chris Sano

Our hearts go out to Debi, the kids, and the entire Quan family. We can"t even begin to imagine what you are going through right now. We are extremely grateful to have had the honor of knowing Sensei Stuart, to have had him be a big part of our son"s life. What a great influence he has been! His strength of character and his teachings in regards to respect will leave a lasting impression on all of us. Thank you so much Stuart...OSS

Kevin and Lynn Fukuda

It"s heartbreaking to hear Stuart"s sudden passing. He was such a nice person and a wonderful Sansei to Kean. When we first met, about 7 years ago, Stuart asked Kean to stand on one leg and our son could not even balance himself and he kept on falling. With Stuart"s guidance and discipline we are very proud to see our son wear the red belt. Our family is truly grateful to Stuart for all the wonderful things he has taught Kean. Our condolences to Debi and family. You"ll be in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We"ll miss Stuart and may he rest in peace.

Saeid and Melissa Vaziry

I wish that I would have known Stuart. My mom and dad knew him and his family well some years ago. I know that he was a nice and loving person. He was a great teacher. Altough it is sad, God has great plans for him. He will be missed. I"m praying for the family.

Jacob Thornton (son of Cari and Doug Thornton)

I trained under Stuart and his family 89" to 93". Those years left me with an incredible amount of memories and lessons of life, that I still carry with me today. You and your family are a divine inspiration. I am grateful to have been given the time I had with you. OSS!

Ed Haley

We became part of Sensei Stuart and Sensei Debi"s Dojo family a little over two years ago. In that time we have watched our young son transform into a disciplined, loving, and happy child. Telling little Brennan that his greatest hero had passed away was the hardest thing I"ve ever had to do! Stuart will alway be in our hearts ... not because he taught our child karate but because he made him want to be a better person. Our heart felt condolences to Debi and the rest of the Quan family. "Sensei Stuart, I miss you very much!" Brennan Evans & the Evans Family

Drs. Cindy & Allen Evans

A true hero and and a great instructor not only in martial arts, but in life. My deepest condolences go out to the Quan family. Even though I have not trained with Sensei in over 10 yrs. the memory of him will live on forever. I will never forget the smell of the dojo and all the good times we all had as kids there. All the road trips to tournaments with Duck at the helm and the comraderie between us students. I"ll miss you and I wish we could have hung out one more time.

Eric Asistin

My sincerest condolences to Stuart"s family and our good friend, his brother Rick. While we did not know him personally, we enjoyed his work in film and television. It is a great loss to all when one such as Stuart passes so soon. Peace, brother. A candle shall burn at the Temple of St Brigid"s Moon every service for a year and a day, in memory of you. Dr Michael Farrell, Catherine C-Farrell

Dr Michael & Kate Farrell

Dear Sensai Debbie, David and I have been mourning Sensai Stuart"s death. David and I have prayed that the Holy Spirit comfort you and the children. I told David that God wanted an excellent, gentle, caring karate instructor for the children in Heaven so He chose Sensai Stuart. Do not be angry about Sensai Stuart"s death. Sincere condolences for his parents, grandparents and siblings. Blessings, Lydia and David

Lydia Ledezma and David Miller

I still can"t believe that I will never see his face in person ever again. Sensei Stuart had tought me all i"ve known and more. It will never be the same at the dojo without him, but with the thought in my mind that he will always with me and everyone else who loved him always makes feel better inside. My dearest thoughts and prayers go out to all of the Quan family. Sometimes life isn"t very fair, but i"m glad that i"m apart of the dojo family and have some of the happiest memories with him. I just wish that when I become a black belt, I could see his face when I here that bull gong at the tea cerimony. I don"t think anyone could ever have a more talented Sensei like Sensei Stuart. I"ll love him and miss him so, so much. May God let him rest in peace.Oss

Roni Jean Bates

Dearest Debbie, I have spent a tearful hour reading condolences from those who have been touched by Stuart, you, and your children. Truly amazing and endless tributes! You and I have lost touch and many years have passed since we were young fancy free girls, laughing, dancing, modeling and dreaming of falling in love. It saddens me to learn of your great loss and yet it does my heart good to hear how full your life has been. It is clear to me that you married an amazing man and I pray that his qualities shine brightly in your children to comfort you in your deepest grief. All my love, Always your friend Marie Simpson

Marie Simpson

I feel very blessed to have known Stuart. I trained with him for awhile and spent much time with Stuart, Kathy, and Debi. I was fortunate to be in Stuart and Debi"s wedding, what a wonderful day!! For some reason we drifted apart and we have lost communication for many years. I regret that my twin boys never had the opportunity to meet Stuart, but they know of his spirit and legacy. It is really unbelieveable how many lives this wonderful man has touched. My sincerest thoughts and prayes are with the family, students, and everyone who has been touched by Stuart. Rest in peace my friend and Sensei.

Cari Thornton (formarly Cari Forrest)

My deepest sympathy and warmest wishes to Stuart, his family and friends who have been devastated by this most unfortunate loss. I cannot express how blessed I feel to have had Stuart touched my life not only as a professional but as a friend. He was an exceptional human being and family man. I feel so lucky that our paths have crossed and regret that we can no longer exchange entertaining stories of our children and how to handle the next endeavour they would undoubtedly encounter. God bless you Stuart and your family. You have touched us all and we will carry you within our hearts and remember, in our own unique ways, your special essence and qualities that will forever have touched our souls. May you find peace, and happiness. I will truly miss you.

Roel Failma

Sensei Stuart was a very good and sincere man. He was not only a Sensei and a good friend, but also a great father and husband to Sensei Debbie. I am really shocked at his passing. He really meant a lot to my family and me. He was like a father to me who watched me grow up and improve at my karate skills. I will never forget what you have taught me, Sensei Stuart. No matter what happens, your legacy will still live on forever through your family, friends, and your students at your dojo. I am very privileged to be your student. My sincerest condolence to your family. May God bless you and your family. Oss. Denny Manuel and the Manuel family

Denny Manuel

The loss of someone so vital is always hard to understand. The loss of a man who touched the spirit of so many is unthinkable. The Almighty decided there was a soul that needed to be reborn. To live again, to teach again, to touch so many lives unselfishly again. Knowing Master Quan has made us all better; he continues to live on in all of us. DON"T GRIEVE TIME LOST....CELEBRATE TIME SPENT.

Shihan Anton Pointer & The Kemp Kwon Do Martial Arts Academy

Condolences from the staff and members at Shapemakers 2000. Special thoughts & prayers to Joyce from your friends in the 50-50 Low Impact class.

Tracy Peterson



A true hero and a great roll model to the youth of today. I am sadden by the lost a friend from years past. The memory of Stuart will live on forever with us all. I will never forget the memories friends share. From our times at Bullard High to New Port Beach we had a blast. I"ll miss you and I wish we could have hung out one more time. My deepest condolences go out to the Quan family. Ron Dupras

Ron Dupras

Sensei Stuart, Thank you for everything. I will never forget, "Good Thoughts, Good Actions."

Maya Pointer

On behalf of myself, my family and all my students I would like to offer my deepest condolencenses to the Quan Family. Stuart was a true champion and a great Martial Artist. May he rest in peace.

Abe Belardo Jr

I was saddened to hear the news of Stuart"s death. We attended high school together. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

Anna Morrisson Rivas

I cannot describe the sorrow I felt at hearing of Sensei Stuart Quan"s passing. Sensei Stuart has profoundly influenced the person I am today, and I will be forever grateful to him. I started taking Karate with Stuart Quan at the age of 6 or 7, and trained off and on for many years with him. Though I have since left Karate behind what I learned while part of the Bushido Kai family has served me well in my further studies in the Martial Arts and in life. My martial arts path since leaving the Bushido Kai family has brought me in contact with various Karate schools, but every one of them pales in comparison to what Sensei Stuart had to give. It was not that they were bad schools or instructors, only that they had the misfortune to follow Stuart Quan in my life experiences. In many ways I know Sensei Stuart lives on, I know he does so in my heart and that all those who I teach in life will also gain from what he gave me.

Toby Staley

Stuart Quan"s passion for integrity, inner resolve, and humility clearly hit the mark in the hearts of the PATES of Fort Washington Elementary School. Through his sister Kathryn, a fellow PATE, he graciously volunteered his time and pearls of wisdom for over a decade. His memory will continue to inspire us through the years. Stuart, NO KA OI. You are the BEST.

Charlene Kiyuna

Sensei Stuart, you have taught me so much since I started 9 years ago. Your death was very unexpected. I am very thankful for the time I had to train with you. many people are affected by your loss. I will never forget you and everything you taught to me.

Kainoa Louie

I taught with Stuart"s sister Kathy for five years, and Stuart volunteered at our school numerous times. He seemed so genuine in his caring for the kids. I did not know him well, but I could see the pride in Kathy"s face every time he was around. My deepest sympathy and condolences go to Kathy and the entire Quan family. May he rest in peace.

Joe Frates

My deepest condolences to the Quan Family. Stuart not only was a great stuntman, but gracious, generous and a true professional. It was truly an honor work with him and to call him my friend. God Bless you Stuart. With Respect and honor, Rocky Capella

Rocky Capella

Sensei Stuart helped me a lot through the seven years that I have been learning Karate in his dojo. He always wanted to make sure that I got everything perfect as I went from a white belt to junior black belt. I am happy that he pushed me when I wanted to give up. It was especially hard to master the three section staff. Sensei Stuart helped me become a better person, be more confident, and to do everything at the best of my ability. Thank You Sensei Stuart. OSS!

Jon Kratz

Even as I write this, it is still hard for me to come to the realization that one of the greatest people I have ever had the privilage of knowing, has left this earth forever. I have known Stuart Quan for as long as I can remember. I was only 3 when I first began studying karate under him. Some of the most memorable moments in my life come from within the dojo walls. Sensei Stuart was not only a great karate teacher, but a great teacher in life. The wisdom I have gained from Sensei Stuart and his family has been held dear to me as it has helped guide me in becoming the person I am today. Sensei Stuart, I don"t think there is ever a way that I could have repaid you for the knowledge you have given to me, but I just want you to know that your teachings will never be forgotten. All I can say to you now is that i"m honored to have known you as my friend and my mentor. Rest in peace Sensei... Oss

Kevin Ushijima

My Blessings are with the Quan Family. The Martial Arts and Stunt Industry are going to miss a Great Friend. I cherish the time I knew him. Thank you Stuart.

Mike Martinez

Sensei Stuart had an extraordinary gift. He had the gift of touching the lives of everyone he encountered. My family and I are blessed to be recipients of such an awesome gift from an amazing person. It is this greatness in Stuart that makes us feel the pain of his untimely passing. Sensei Stuart taught us to reach our utmost potential through practice, practice, practice as well as through self discovery. He didn"t just give us the answers, he wanted us to find the answers within ourselves. Sensei Stuart always said to trust yourself-- don"t question. He had such wisdom... so much to share... I will miss Sensei Stuart terribly. He was a great master and friend. Thank you Sensei Stuart for guiding me through my journey up that mountain. I count my blessings everyday that I had you in my life. Your spirit will live on through all of us who have been so touched by your gift...

Stephanie V. Louie

Sen Sei Stuart was a huge influence on me and I can honestly say I am a better and stronger person today because of his teachings, his spirit and his charisma. Although it has been many years since I have trained with Sen Sei Stuart, I will never forget the workouts and our conversations. I will really miss him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family - to Ducky, Joyce, Kathy, Deb and the kids.

Bronson Quon

My deepest condolences to Stewart"s family - it was good to see my friend, who I played with when we were little, to become such a great and respected person in life. It is a great loss to to us all with his passing.

Bryan Bruno

DEAR MASTER QUAN,I am very sorry to hear about your passing prayers go out to you & your,family & close friends.I have met you a few times. since the mid 80"s I have trained with head instructor AARON FLORES which has, KAE BANG DO WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS school of fresno.I know you would remember me from my tv commercial I made for my insurance agency,with me doing aerial & spinning kicks,which had nothing to do with insurance.I have been out of the scene for about five years,but after hearing the shocking news,I realized I have been taking life for have touched me in a way I can"t describe right now,I have had no drive to train of our students in the early 90"s was killed in clovis by a truck when he was on his skateboard, his name was robert parada,he was only a kid just starting to go in the right direction,he looked up to me.I was his example & his viewing I gave him my key to the doing that I promised him I would be strong in heart & I feel I have let him down. please if you see robert tell him I am sorry & that jack is back I promise. MASTER QUAN may your soul be with GOD & when I make it to heaven,please remember me.I hope you touch many peoples lives like myself.I hope your students will become stronger & keep that drive that I have will be missed,but always with us in our hearts.


Thank you so much, Sensei Stuart. You may not have been my sensei, but I have learned from you just by sitting on the benches at the dojo and by hearing about you and what you have taught through my brother, Ryan. He doesn"t openly display much emotion, but I could always tell that next to my parents, he respected you more than any other adult. He did not like to talk about his teachers at school or other adults in his life, but when the subject of karate came up, he came to life, and he would even spend time telling me about what Sensei Stuart did or said. I"ve thoroughly enjoyed watching my brother grow and mature from the timid, insecure boy into the strong, more confident student he has become. I don"t know if you fully realized how important and influential you were--and still are--in his life. What"s amazing is that I only know my brother"s story, and yet you"ve touched the lives of so many others as well! I truly appreciate everything you have done. Thank you, and may you rest in peace.

Corrie Fukuda

My dear Rick, I have just finished reading the many tributes to your brother. Alhough Paul and I never had the privilege of knowing him - or other members of his and your family, we want to express our deep sympathy to each of you, who have lost a vital cog in your family wheel. The letters I have just read express, in so mny ways, the quality and character which epitomized Stuart"s too-brief time in this realm of life. Surely, he has even now moved on to a higher plane of Living. Our loving thoughts are, and will remain, with you now and in the future. Lovingly, Audrey Handloss

Audrey Handloss

As a student of Fariborz Azhakh, I was saddened to hear of Stuart Quan’s unexpected passing and want to pay my respects to a man who by all accounts was a beautiful spirit and a great martial artist. Although I did not know him, his life has touched mine and will continue to do so, as I am taught by one who has been so inspired by him. It is comforting to think that this inspiration will live on in many students for years to come. Much peace.

Jill Brewer

Duckey, Joyce and all the Quan family our deepest sympathy to all of you. I know your son was a special man because he touched so many lives in such a wonderful way. May God bless Stuart, his wife and child. Lee and Marlon Jones

Lee and Marlon Jones

I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Stuart and his family in the late 80"s, when he attended the American Martial Arts Tournaments here in Fresno. Stuart had won the Grand Championship Kata Division many times and he will always be the American Champion. On behalf of myself, my family and all my students at Red Dragon Martial Arts, I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the Quan Family.

Sigung JR Correa (red dragon)

Sensei Stuart Quan had influenced my life in many great ways and I am very thankful of his teachings. I"ve been blessed and thankful of meeting such an extraodinary person and may God bless Stuart and his family.

Thanh Nguyen

Stuart"s participation in the making of two films we produced led to many wonderful times and some intense production schedules. Shooting all night, or all day and all night would bring out the best and the worst in all of us. Stuart was committed to our projects a hundred and ten percent and often lightened the set with his humor and video camera. His behind the scenes footage was better than our films. I personally feel a tremendous loss. It is difficult to express my gratitude and sorrow. Thank you Stuart. With heartfelt sympathy to Debi, Kathy and the Quan family.

Randy and Daphne Cohlan

Stuart, I still picture in my mind at our family functions the young boy with the rolled up karate magazine in his back pocket....Oh what a man you turned out to be, touching the lives of so many people. You have been taken from us much too soon. I know in my heart that God has a special plan for you. Cousin Doug

Douglas L. Leong

Even though Stuart and I hadn"t had the chance to meet personally, through Brandon I can tell Stuart and Debi did a fine job. Brandon goes to school with my son and I would occasionally see Stuart either drop him off or pick him up, but never at one of the school parties, so I never got the chance to really chat with him. Our deepest condolences go out to Debi, Brandon and the Quan family.... Jason, Diana and Jordan Wong

Jason Wong

Stuart will never leave our hearts. Here"s a few reasons why: his gentle manner, his patience while teaching, his willingness to give, and his infectious smile. Our deepest sympathies go out to the entire Quan Family. We"re always here for you. ....Chris, Robyn, Brendan, and Logan Nelson

The Nelson Family

We had only known Stuart for a short amount of time, but it was such a huge impact on our lives. The warmth that was felt was instant and he had a sincere way of touching your heart. All that knew him longer than I did are very lucky. Four days have past and I am still crying. You will be forever in our memories and live in our hearts. Thank you for the opportunity to have known you. I am blessed to have met you. Thank you for being a sensei to my son, Nick. I know he will miss you forever. Our thoughts and prayers are with Debi and the Quan Family. May the legacy of Stuart Quan live on in our hearts and in all of his students. Oss.

Raymond Franco and Family

Sensei Stuart, your teachings, and the lessons learned from simply being around you, are, and will forever be one of the great foundations of my life. I am profoundly fortunate to have known you.

Kenneth Kimura

Stuart Quan, just that name alone, if you knew the man,brings joy and hapiness to your heart. Sensei Stuart was a father to me when no father was around. I grew up at the dojo and was considered part of his family. Stuart always told me to remember how a man lived and not to remember how he died. To all that knew the man, remember what he taught you....not through the kicking and the punching, but through the lessons he shared. You taught me how to live my life....and for that I can never forget you. I love you sensei and everyone that has walked through those doors to experience the teachings of a great man. To all at the dojo, and to Debi, Duck and Joyce...You will always be considered my family.

Randy Mack

I am from Kundapura in India, I came to know about the sad demise of Stuart Quan through TKC mail.I stand with all martial artists from all styles in sorrow for the loss of our Great Martial Artists Stuart Quan. May God be with his family in their time of Grief. Abdul Lathif, Kundapura

Abdul Lathif , Kundapura

I have never met Stuart Quan but his brother Rick Quan and he is a great and loyal friend and I will be always there for him and his family. I know how hard it is to lose a family member and I pray for the Quan family.

Ina Fuchs

Our hearts are with the Quan Family during this difficult time. Stuart was a great teacher to our son Tyler, teaching him the love of martial arts. Stuart will always be in my son"s heart for giving him so much confidence and discipline in life outside and inside the dojo. We miss you Stuart.OSS.

Kevin , Dana, Tyler, Zach Wright

I have never met Mr. Quan, but the Spirit of the Warrior unites us all. This is another reminder of the precious little time that we all have to spend with each other. We must cherish each moment. Obviously Stuart shared his love and passion with many. That is a sign of a real Man of Budo. If we must all go, then this is the way. Great example my brother.

Armando Jemmott, Shihan International San Ten Karate Association, International Traditional Karate Institute.

Sensei Stu... it"s been over 10 years since I looked down the line and participated in our grueling Monday night black belt workouts. As I reflect on those nights, it wasn"t about doing 6 katas in a row or mastering the perfect side kick, it was about reaching deep inside your spirit and soul and putting it on the line and going above and beyond what your body and/or mind would be able to do. Through our talks, journal entries, and my experience at the mountain, I am blessed and honored to have had the opportunity to know you, and to learn the way of the Bushido. I will miss you. My prayers and blessings go to Duck, Joyce, Kathy, Deb, the kids and the rest of the Quan family.

Bradford Quon

It is so hard to believe that Sensei Stuart has passed on. Although we had not seen him in some time, we will always remember his warrior spirit and his humility. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sensei Debi and the family. Sensei Stuart, you will always live in our hearts. Oss! ...Richard, Connie, Shannon, and Sean Littrell

The Littrell Family

Stuart This was a big loss for me an my son Omid. He learned so much from you and your dear wife. Oh how I am in pain knowing you are gone. Omid told me when I came back from my trip. He is so sad. He learned so much from you and I enjoyed your kindness and your way with kids. We all loved you. You will never lose your place in our hearts.


Words will never express the enormity and depth of impact you have made in the lives of the many, many people you so lovingly have touched. Your presence and eternal wisdom will continue to embrace our thoughts and hearts through the journey of sorrow providing comfort knowing that we are never alone. You have truely made a difference; and I, along with a multitude of others will never forget....until we meet again....

Jeff Lawson

Stuart was my Uncle, friend and karate Teacher. I loved him so much. Right befor he died, he gave me a ball with chinese dragons all over it. I remember what he said: "This ball will help comfort you when you don"t know why things happen or when you just don"t know what"s going to happen, you just hold it and remember that things happen for a reason." But what he didm"t know was that he gave this to me to help me prepare for his death. I left it in Fresno, California hidden under my cousin"s bed so it wouldn"t get broken. This helped my Aunt Debbie and my mom deal with his death too as they were present when my Uncle Stuart handed my this ball and told me what it meant.

Alexis N. Brown

Rick, I never met Stuart, but I am sure he was a great guy... it runs in the family. I"ve been monitoring the web site. He sure touched a lot of lives. I think what is most important in life is to make a difference. If that is true, Stuart was indeed successful. My condolences to you and your family.

Jeffrey Kaufman

My deepest sympathies to Uncle Ducky, Auntie Joyce, Debi, Brandon, and Regan. I will always remember the get together for my great grandmother at your parents house after Christmas one year (back in the mid 80s). I remember the room full of trophies and your very upbeat spirit and you always had a smile on your face. Even though I only talked to you a few times and didn"t really know you well, you are my 2nd cousin and I love you. You will be greatly missed. Keep your Auntie Rose and Uncle Jimmy laughing, and everyone else that may be with you now.

Shelley Marie Davis Knott

Ducky, with a heavy heart we offer you and your family our deepest condolences and prayers. The trips you and Stuart took the students on will always be remembered Las Vegas, Mexico, Hawaii. I recall a night when several students were having a sleep over and Stuart had just finished making a movie and he came to the party dressed in his movie roll outfit - gave them quite a fright. They told the story over and over. We thank you and your son for giving so much to your students and their families.

Roy and Joanne Harland

Those who go up the mountain are never the same when they come down. Sensei Stuart is the only man I"ve ever met who would do the things he did just to teach a lesson. In this, he was truly selfless. His tragic and untimely passing brings into sharp relief his mortality. What is most telling, however, is that we have to be reminded that he was mortal. He moved and taught with a grace that was otherworldly. Sensei, thank you for the mountain. Thank you for teaching me how to teach; how to find my own voice. I will miss you, my friend.

David Budzik

My entire organization and martial arts family would like to send respectful condolance to Master staurt Quan family We in the martial arts community have lost one of the greatest human being and martial artist. We at Family Taekwondo Inc are closing our dojo will include him in all of our payer. Master Fulvio A Ortega Family Taekwondo Inc Stony Point N.Y

Master Fulvio A Ortega

Words cannot describe how much Sensei Stuart has touched our lives. It has been a blessing to know and learn from such a wonderful and inspiring person. Our prayers go out to the Quan family, especially to Sensei Debi. You have treated our family with such kindness. Be strong for your children. We hope that you will continue Sensei Stuart"s legacy. He was always so full of life that we still can not believe that he has passed on. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. Thank you, Sensei Stuart for your love, compassion, and guidance. We will miss you dearly.

The Heu Family

At a young age I was blessed to learn from Sensei Stuart. Now, as an adult I thrive as a healthy individual, helping others to be better, do better, live better. I owe my confidence and internal strength from Sensei Stuart"s teachings and for him believing in me. My thoughts and prayers to the Quan family.

Lynette Mercado Quinto

My thoughts and prayers to the Quan family. He was too young to go.

Tatyana Golberidze

Thank you Sensei Stuart for all your teachings and for giving me the confidence I have now. I will miss you very much. Our condolences go out to The Quan Family.

Raymond Rodriguez and Family.

Stuart was a friend, a colleague, and he brought truth to the words "wonderful human being". I"ve had the pleasure of working with Stuart on many film and television projects....Always, pleasant, always funny, and always doing nothing but spectacular work. It rings true that only the good die young. You"ll live forever in our hearts and minds.......You"ll be missed my friend and stunt brother.....My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family, may God bless you always.

Al Goto

Hi Debbie!.
This is Jenny who lived across the street from Brenda when she lived on Niles. I"m sorry to hear about your loss. I know how much you loved Stu. The memories that come to me about Stuart are when I was over across the street and Alexis would be in her karate clothes waiting to go get lessons with uncle Stuart. She loved spending time with him. I miss your family. I haven"t seen Brenda, Alexis or Chase in such a long time. I hope that they are doing well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers this week.


Sensei Stuart, I came to train at the Dojo eight years ago after my father died. You taught me many important things that I have used in life such as focus and discipline. You will always be a role model to me. You will always be loved and missed by me. Oss

Sean Charters

Rick & Nancy & Quan Family: Stuart has touched many, many live and will be greatly missed by all. Thank you Rick, for keeping in touch with us and we enjoy all the wonderful pictures that you sent of your makes us feel like part of your family. Our thoughts and heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family during this difficult time of sorrow.

Stan, Patty & Jonathan Abe

I just wanted you to know that I am sorry for the loss of Stuart. HE was a great man that took care of you and your family. He was very caring and took care of anyone that needed them. I was only 13 when I met you guys. I am here for you whenever you need a shoulder to cry on. I will talk to you later love, robin *(sandy"s daughter)

Robin Anderson

Even though you were not my teacher I always had a deep respect for you and feel a great loss at your leaving us too soon. Why do the truely good always die too soon . Rest in peace Stuart we will all miss you deeply!!!! Gregg Williamson


Hi Debbie and Brenda (and families) - just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you, and know your hearts are hurting right now. Whenever you were all together, there was always much laughter coming from the house. Always remember the fun and the special memories, as they will be your treasures to keep forever. Bev Robinson - across the street neighbor of the Brown"s on Niles.

Bev Robinson



A great martial artist and great leader who will be missed. However, Mr. Quan shared his passion and love for the martial arts with all who came in contact with him. For that his memory and teachings will live on forever.

Fred DePalma, Master Instructor

Rick, Nancy & whole Quan Family. Even though Stuart didn"t know me personally, I had the fortunate opportunity of seeing him perform twice through our Rotary and see his movie exploits as well. I was truly impressed and blessed by his feats and presence. He seemed like a "class" act and from the feeling of all these other E-mails, he was. The father has him in his care now and will use his talents as a "protecting" angel aggainst the forces of evil. I am blessed to have known who his is and was. May his survivors be blessed and comforted... Scott W. Lowe, Rotarian

Scott W. Lowe

Sensei, oh what a loss. I joined Stuart Quan Bushido Kai 22 years ago. I have learned so much since then, but your way of teaching Karate and Life was so deep and spiritual and powerful. You flunked me from Yellow belt when I was 12 for a real deep reason, not performance but not giving it my mental ALL. That was a turning point in my life. Thank you. My prayers are with your family. I will never forget you....Rest in Peace Sensie.

Tamir Sakoury

My condolences to the family of Stuart Quan who have lost a dear son, father, husband, and brother. Those are the most important roles that Stuart had and I am sure that he was great in those capacities. For the Fresno Martial Arts Community, we have lost a leader, an outstanding instructor, an ambassador of the martial arts spirit, and life long practitioner. Our deep respect to Sensei Stuart Quan and his memory. Sifu John Cho

John Cho

We want to let you know we loved Stuart very much and will miss him dearly. We all were touched by him in our lifetime. Cary grew up with him and we both went to school with Stuart. I know Cary loved hanging out at Stuart and his family and I enjoyed hanging out with Stuart and he would try to teach me his moves in PE at Bullard High. Our son Max was lucky enough to learn so much from his Sensei and will hold on to his teachings forever. I would watch Stuart with awe as he taught those kids and put everything he had into each and every student. To have known him and learned from him is such a privilige. Not everyone is so fortunate and we feel blessed that we had had that privilige. Our prayers and love go out to you all.. Cary Maria and Max Marsella

The Marsella Family

My sincere condolences to the Quan Family. I was truly shocked and saddened when I heard of Stuart"s passing. I had the great fortune to know Stuart through high school and not too long ago getting re-aqauinted with him in the acting community. I will cherish the times we had running lines together before one of his auditions and working on stage. I will always admire the compassion he showed toward friends and strangers alike. He was blessed and will be sorely missed. My prayers are with you. Mark Fimbres

Mark Fimbres

Debi, I wish there was something I could say to console you, but there isn"t. Just know that I love you and I"m praying for you and the family. Sensei Stuart is looking down on you and will never really leave you because you hold him in your heart. Shannon

Shannon Littrell

It was an honor to have worked with such a professional person as Sensei Stuart Quon on various Hollywood projects. My deepest condolences to your family & friends... Peace Brother

Danny Wong

My sincere condolences to the entire Quan Family. My heart was broken the moment I heard that you had died. Although it has been about 2 years since we last saw each other I can"t help but remember us laughing and sharing the times we were roomates in New Port Beach. You never changed from then until now. When people ask me what he was like I can honestly say ! He was a much better friend and caring person then he ever was a martial artist, and he was one of the best martial artist I ever saw. I just can"t get your laugh out of my head, which I guess is a good thing because i"ll never forget the times we shared so many years ago. My you be at peace with your Lord and may God look down upon your family and heal there pain.

Geoffrey Cantrell and Family

I attened Stuart Quan"s karate center from the ages of 6-10....I then thought I needed a break but through the past few years I"ve thought about attending back now i"m at the age of 15 and I just really wish I could have been there with him one more time. He was such a great instructor. Just one more day to have a lesson with him would be so awsome. I hope he rests peacefully...I pray for Debbie and the rest of the Stuart family and close friends as they grieve...God bless them...

Kelly Chandler

A Cherokee saying about how one should live their life goes like this; “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.” Sensei Stuart Quan, you lived your life in such a way that now; your family, your friends, and the entire martial arts world are grieving and in tears. You were a great martial artist, and a better teacher, but you will most be remembered by my family as a man of great respect, compassion, and dignity. We are truly blessed to have learned about life by the way that you lived yours. Your spirit will live on in our hearts and in the manner which we relate to others. Our deepest condolences go out to Sensei Debbie and your entire family. May God bless you and comfort you in this very difficult time. Tony Garduque & Family

Tony Garduque

Dear Stuart, You are the best sensei, you made every thing the best. You taught me to know my strengths and to work on my weaknesses. We will all miss you. Good Thoughts Good Action Brett Keller

Brett Keller

I went to high school with Stuart and his locker was right next to mine in senior year. I will always remember what a kind, gentle and funny person he was and even back then, we were all in awe of his talent in the martial arts. Although my 8 year old son attends a different martial arts studio, he has heard many, many times of the Red Power Ranger that went to school with his mommy. My prayers go out to his family at this very difficult time. But after spending a tearful hour reading all of the entries above, it is obvious that Stuart was loved by so many and touched more lives than most in his short 43 years. God Bless your family... Kelly Irwin (Bullard High School-class of "81)

Kelly Irwin

Our family would like to say how sorry we are about Stuart. It is really hard to believe. Steve has known Stuart since he was little and Steven had the honor of training with him for 5 years. What we all learned from Stuart will always remain in our hearts, he was one in a million. He always spoke with great respect of his parents, family, and friends and he will be greatly missed by everyone that knew him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. The Floratos Family, Steve, Stacy, Steven, and Dominic

Stacy Floratos

Stuart’s smile and warm personality said it all. I feel fortunate to have met and worked with Stuart in the film industry. He was a person who touched your heart. My thoughts go out to all family and friends with heart felt condolences.

Jill Terashita

sensei stuart, your teachings have taght he alot. not just kicking and punching but things i will use in life and all that i do . i will miss you and i will never forget you.

Owen Sferrazza

I have taught with Kathryn at Fort Washington for several years. Kathryn had such pride as she introduced her brother at our Red Ribbon assemblies. I watched as the children at the Fort were fascinated as Stuart would perform . Children will remember Stuart telling them... If someone wants you to try drugs, you tell them, NO, I"m OK . I also watched the sad faces of the children in my classroom when they shared the news of Stuart"s death. What a legacy...What an honored man in the eyes of these young children. God bless you Stuart, for everything you did for kids. Sharon Ferguson and Family

Sharon Ferguson

Many years ago when my son expressed an interest in martial arts, we went dojo shopping and he was drawn to you and your dojo family. I can"t say enough about the way you were able to draw that last bit of strength from the kids when belt testing. It was a lesson for both students and parents alike. My condolences to the Quan family.

Glenn Kumagai

The first time I stepped foot inside the dojo, I was terrified of being a stranger - training in a new place. What I found inside those four walls was a family of friends, a second home, an incredible journey, and a mentor whose open heart, generosity of spirit and unwavering support that touched me and so many others. I will hold those memories dear to me forever. Thank you for everything. Deepest sympathy and condolences to Ducky, Joyce, Kathy, Deb and the kids.

Lacey Hanada

The dojo was my second home. Everything, friends, teachers, and family were there. Thank you for everything Sensei. You taught me discipline and technique. Thank you Sensei, for everything. Oss.

Robert Quan

Stuart and I went to the same high school. He had his locker next to mine. He was always so nice and friendly. I am very sad for his family and friends, my thoughts and prayers are with them. The world has lost a wonderful person. Beth Sager

Beth Sager

I knew Stuart from Bullard High. I am very shocked and saddened to hear of his sudden passing. Although it has been many years since we last saw each other, I was always reminded of him whenever I saw any martial arts. He was very a talented and genuine person. I send my condolences to the Quan family and everyone who knew him. Spencer Sager, Saugus CA (Bullard HS 1981)

Spencer Sager

I love you and miss you.


My heart goes out to the Quan family for your loss. Sensei Stuart changed my life in ways I can never begin to explain. His strength and wisdom will always live in my heart. My only regret is that my children will never get to learn from the master. Rest in peace Sensei

David A. Garcia

There are no words that can explain fully all you have done for me, my family, and how much we will all miss you. There are some people who can replaced Sensei, but you are not one of them. I know you are reaping all of your rewards in heaven right now, but I wish you could have stayed with us a bit longer. I will miss you dearly. I love you. With all my heart. God bless, the Quan family.

Your student, Lindsay Kerr

Dear Quan Family: I feel very fortunate that Stuart was able to touch my life. He was a master teacher and a kind and gentle man. It gave me a lot of pleasure watching him teach his youngest students. Stuart expectated the identical thing from every student: He wanted everything you could give in every move you made. May God bless you and comfort you.

David Jacobson

You taught my son for a short amount of time. In that time he has learned so much. Thank you. Our condolences to your wife, beautiful kids and the rest of your family. They have a wonderful, protective angel looking over them. I first met you when I d.j."d your sisters wedding some time back (14 Karat). May peace be with you.

The Paull Family

I"ve known Sensei Stuart since 1979 when we competed against each other in tournament competition. Since that time, I"ve seen him grow into an outstanding young man who has been an inspiration and example to everyone around him. My heartfelt wishes and condolensces to his family and friends.

Dominador "Domi" Tomate

Care,Communicate,Cultivate & Celebrate. These are the words to describe Stuart Quan"s manner of teaching his students and cultivating friendships. They are also the words that are used by a local church to teach and inspire us to live our lives the way God intended. It was not until recently that I realized how my search for a relationship with God was inspired by Stuart Quan.I never got a chance to discuss this with him and this truely saddens me. As I see him standing by God"s side I know that not all is lost, because now he will be able to hear me through God"s ears.The spirit of God lives in all of us, however there are few men or women that I have met in my life that this spirit shines with the intensity that touches so many. I see his smile in my mind and his smile alone communicated his caring for others, unconditional encouragement and celebration of even the smallest success. I think this is what they mean when people refer to "God"s Grace". Lessons he taught will live on for generations. Let us now practice what our Sensei taught us, to celebrate his life and ours. I pray for peace and God"s blessing for Stuart"s family and friend"s, but most of all for his children who had so little time to know their father. May mine and others prayers bless his children, communicate to them all that their father meant, enrich their lives and help them to celebrate what Stuart has given them in life. My thoughts and prayers our with Debi,Brandon,Regan and the entire Quan family. Love/Oss Jeff Avery We will always remember Sensei Stuart, but I will always remember how patient he was with me.Oss. Nick Avery

Jeffery Avery

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of Sensei Stuart Quan and the students of Bushido-kai Dojo. All our martial arts brothers and sisters are affected the untimely passing of Sensei Stuart Quan.

Sensei Will Cho and Asian Martial Arts Center

Dear Debi, Brad and I were so sad to hear about Stuart. We got the news from Irene. Of course Brad wanted to jump in the car and come to Fresno. He thinks a lot of you. You have always been so kind to him. He is proud to be your cousin. You all have been such a great family to us. Debi, I know what a strong person you are. I have watched you since you were born. Your Dad would be so proud of what a beautiful young woman you have become and what a great family you have. You chose your mate well, Stuart was a terriffic man. Love to all of you. Aunt Bonnie

Bonnie Vance

Dear Debi, Brad and I were so sad to hear about Stuart. We got the news from Irene. Of course Brad wanted to jump in the car and come to Fresno. He thinks a lot of you. You have always been so kind to him. He is proud to be your cousin. You all have been such a great family to us. Debi, I know what a strong person you are. I have watched you since you were born. Your Dad would be so proud of what a beautiful young woman you have become and what a great family you have. You chose your mate well, Stuart was a terriffic man. Love to all of you. Aunt Bonnie

Bonnie Vance

It is with incredible shock and disbelief that I heard the sad news of Stuart Quan’s untimely passing. The martial arts world has suffered a tremendous loss. He was not only an amazing competitor, but also an inspirational teacher and human being. To me he exemplified all the qualities of what a TRUE MARTIAL ARTIST should be. Strong and proud yet gentle and humble. Always striving to improve himself and go after his dreams, all the while sharing his journey with all. His legacy will live forever in those that knew him and those that he touched. On behalf of myself and the Modern Farang Mu Sul® family around the world, I would like to extend our heartfelt condolences and prayers to Stuart’s family, loved ones, students and friends. May God bless and keep him. With brotherhood, Grand Master Michael De Alba Modern Farang Mu Sul® International San Francisco, Ca.

Grand Master Michael De Alba

I just want to thank Sensei Stuart for everything he"s taught me and how he wanted all of us to do good in karate and in school. I want to make it to black belt for all my senseis including Sensei Stuart, my parents and Ducky. I also want to thank Sensei Stuart for encouraging me to get this far on the belt board (Brown 2). Wherever I go, I will think about him and whatever he said to me, I will always keep it in my head to remember Sensei Stuart.

Kiana Louie

Sensei Stuart has taught me alot in Karate. He taught me things that I thought I could not even do. I will miss him and all the Karate lessons he has taught me.

Keanu Louie

I will never forget Sensei Quan as i looked up to him as an ideal role model, not only as a great martial artist but also as a great human being, who Always taught an important lesson. Both the Abrescy family and students of Kemscrima-Doh send our condolences to the Quan family.

Chris Abrescy

Our family would like to thank the Quan family for sharing Stuart with us. Stuart was a wonderful teacher, mentor and role model for our son Dylan. Dylan first started at the dojo when he was 5 and so excited to meet the "red ranger." Thank you for making Dylan"s karate experience so much more than that. Our son is now a strong, self-disciplined, kind, young man of 15- thanks in large part to being part of the dojo family. God placed Stuart in the lives of all these children to touch them and head them off on the right path in life. My prayers and thoughts are with your entire family in this most difficult time.

Terry Webster

Our kids had the pleasure of competing in several of the tournaments put on by Stuart Quan and family. We always looked forward to his tournaments. Hearing Sensei Quan speak at this past tournament of the importance of family and respect as he paid tribute to his own family was especially heartwarming. Our family was deeply shocked and saddened when we heard the news of his passing. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to his family and all of his students and friends. He will be greatly missed. Bruce, Sandra, Craig, Tyler, and Lindsey Sano

Bruce Sano and family

As parents we saw many classes, patch workshops, and rank tests, and sat in awe at the powerful wisdom Sensei Stuart imparted not just to those training on the mat but to those of us sitting in the chairs. Sensei always knew just what to say to his students to help them excel above the potential they thought they had. We are blessed to be a part of the dojo family that Sensei Stuart and Debi worked tirelessly for. Debi, Brandon, Regan, Duck, Joyce and Kathy, we pray for your continued strength. You are deeply loved.

Danny, Lynn, Dylan and Alyssa Medeiros

Dear Stuart, with all sorry,I was received a news that you are gone. You rich life full off goodnes and care for the others said how much we are lost with your soudenly disapear. You"ll allways be with us, im our harts. My simpathy and prayers go to his family. God bless you all... Kruno Juric CROATIA,Europe

Kruno Juric, (Croatia,Europe)

First off, I would like to offer my sincerest prayers, condolences, and tears for the family of such a wonderful, talented, and loved man. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Quan and it if unfortunate I did not get to know him better. I am a student of Wing Chun but as many have said, a loss in the martial arts community is a loss to all. I have grown up seeing Stuart in many films and TV shows and to see him go is truly seeing a piece of my own childhood go with him, I am sure many feel the same. The quotes from Alexis and Pastor Marx, in my opinion, sum up what most I am sure are feeling during this sorrowful time. "This ball will help comfort you when you don"t know why things happen or when you just don"t know what"s going to happen, you just hold it and remember that things happen for a reason." Karl William Marx Sr (Pastor) I don"t understand why God took you home so soon. Like Bruce Lee we are stunned, confused, and disappointed. However, I KNOW for certain GOD is ALWAYS right, so HIS reason will be known in time. Someone might even come to know Jesus Christ because of this situation. At any rate GOD"S WILL be done. Alexis N. Brown It is tough to understand what this universe has in plan for all of us. Life often times makes no sense and though your loss seems to make little sense, the legacy you have left behind will never fade. You have inspired your students and those who barely knew you and you will always be remembered as nothing less than a true artist, a loving husband/parent, above all a magnificent teacher.....the world is a lesser place without you though you have made it a better place during your short stay. Like Bruce Lee your time was too soon but you will never be forgotten. It is disheartening to know that I will never get to know you better or catch you in the to go line at Pick Up Stix again, but I am sure one day we will meet again. May God welcome you into his kingdom with open arms. My prayers go out to your family and loved ones and know you will be missed by all, sir. Kris Miller

Kristoffer Miller

MY SINCEREST APOLOGIES AGAIN: When I quoted Karl William Marx I meant to quote ALEXIS N. BROWN. I can"t believe I did that and I apologize to you, Alexis and to anybody else who has read my mistake. I meant no disrespect to any of you and once again I am sorry for such a loss and you all will be in my prayers.

Kris Miller

a greatful person and teacher is gone, but as artist he will live for ever - as legend Shihan B.Hartmann WICKO Honbu of I-Shin

Shihan Bernd Hartmann, Honbu of I-Shin Florida

I had the privelage to actually see Stuart Quan in some local Fresno tournaments back in the late 80"s. I was shocked to hear of his passing. He was a well renowned and recognized martial artist and he will not be forgotten. God bless his family as he is everbody"s angel from above.

Chris Pisano

I am also a Fresno native, and fellow martial artist. You are a inspiring person and you memory will live on in our hearts and in our spirits. Truley a remarkable man with a remarkable talent.

Ed Price

Shawn was in Stuart classes 10 years ago. His great heart and spirit help my son alot. He will be miss.

Shawn and Lora Lee Bibb

Dear Quan Family, We at The Karate School in Lemoore are praying for you and wish you peace at this painful time. Our deepest condolences are extended to you all. We are so sorry for your loss. Stuart was an amazing man. David Calhoun

David Calhoun

I didn"t know stuart, but was deeply touched by all the people he inspired.I wish his family my heart felt condolences

Tommy P

Our heartfelt condolences to Debi, the Quan family, and the dojo family. Our son, Matthew, took his "break" from the dojo almost 3 years ago now, yet the memories and lessons learned during his time there are ones that we all will keep with us forever. When talking to Matt about Sensei Stuart"s passing, he adamantly and without hesitation stated how he personally wanted to pay his last respects to his sensei. Debi, in doing so yesterday, and seeing you and other senseis and students again, made us realize how strong of an influence Stuart and the dojo has on Matt"s life and ours too. Even after a few years, we realize that once you are a part of the dojo family, you never leave it. This is a great testament to Stuart and all the heart and soul he showed to his students and their families. The lessons he has taught, about karate and life, are those that will be cherished by the many people who were privileged to have called him sensei. OSS

Stanley, Sherri, Matthew, and Morgan Miyake

We will miss you Stuart, I remember competing along side you in the early 90"s, you were so dynamic, my condolences to you and your family. Sincerely, master troy Trudeau

Troy Trudeau

It was a pleasure to have known you Sensei. You will be greatly missed.

Romi Morgan

I was stunned to learn of your passing. I had the honor to meet you in the early 90"s in the martial arts class. We were talking a lot about martial arts and the philosophy of martial arts. you certainly was a true martial artist and a wonderful person who will be greatly missed. My heart felt condolences to his wife-Bebi and family.

Qiuying Feng



Stuart w

Jacob Kovacevich

Stuart was a great guy.He was also a great leader.We"ll all miss him alot.God bless you.OOS.

Jacob Kovacevich

Go with God warrior!

stephen weik

stuart quan was a great martial artist, the best kicks i have ever seen . a very driven master. i have known him for about 18 years and have followechis career. i will truly miss him--- Shifu tom martin 1st degree black white dragon

tom martin

I was fortunate to see Stuart in action at our North Fresno Rotary gathering,arranged by his dear brother and my friend Rick.From what I have witnessed today at this Website,I see the bond among the Karate world and their legacy to the rest of us.Truly Stuart seems to have practiced what he preached,something for everyone to learn.My sincere condolences to The Quan Family at the untimely departure of Stuart.God Bless. "Dr.Pad"

Anantanarayan Padmanabhan

This loss is felt so deeply in our community. My daughter, Kelly, was taught by Stuart, Debi, Kathy, Shannon, David, and Howard, and our lives were significantly & positively effected. The dojo was an extended family to us during those years. It has been a hope that at some point to rejoin the dojo. Our deepest sympathy, repect, and prayers for Stuart, his family, and the dojo.

Cheryl Chandler

Our simcere condolences. May you rest in peace. God bless you and The Quan Family.

Sean & Christine Lynch

Sensei Stuart, thank you for all you have done for me. You taught me how to do martial arts. You have been a good teacher to me and I will never forget you and your family.

Bruce Heu

My brother and I were former students to Sensai Stuart and his BEAUTIFUL sister many years ago. We will never forget his awesome personality and sprit. Thank you for always making us feel welcome in your dojo. Your memory will live in us forever. My deepest condolences to the Quan family. REST IN PEACE SENSAI STUART Love, Tania Garduque and Omar Garduque aka (JUMPING BEAN).

Tania Garduque and Omar Garduque

Debbie & Quan Family, It was soooo worth the drive to Fresno to say goodbye to Stuart. Though he"s gone, he"ll live on in our hearts & memories. Stuart must have been laughing at us the day of his viewing, when the plastic urn caught fire and the smoke alarm went off! You acted so quickly to put out the fire and it"s a good thing that floral shop was just down the block. I"m glad they had a claypot we could borrow. But you know...that was Stuart lookin" down on us joking and laughing all the way. He wanted to bring up our spirits! The martial arts world and movie/stunt industry has truly suffered a great loss. We had such a fun time working on "RENT" together. Everyday was filled with jokes and laughter! Between him, Larry Lam, Paul Crawford & Kevin Larson, we laughed til we cried! I will miss his big smile and laughter, but most of all...I will miss his friendship. Much Love, take care and god bless.

Kru Danton Mew & Family

My deepest condolences to the entire Quan family. I was fortunate enough to train under Sensai Stuart many years ago and what he taught me about life and the martial arts will live in me until my own demise. The dojo was an open door to anyone and Stuart and co. were like a second family to many. We have lost a great teacher, leader, and human and through everyone his legacy lives on. Rest in pease Sensai Stuart.

Kyle Handley

The world has lost another great Man, Stuart is loved and missed by so many. Debbie keep your chin up and remember he is with God now. Ducky and Joyce we love and miss you both. Stuart and Kathy were the only ones we ever wanted to train our children and they did it so well. God Bless you all and remember to live the Bushido way. Love, Mike, Sherrie, Chris and Julie Penrod

Michel/Sherrie L. Penrod

Stuart- though I was never a student of yours, both my younger brothers were. The older of the two has matured into a successful, teachable, well tempered young man, who because of these qualities has been offered numerous athletic scholarships to many PAC-10 universities. My parents credit his success to two things, God and his early training with you. Now, in just a few short months, you took my youngest brother, one very talented and passionate, and taught him how to bridle that passion and channel it into a positive force; he is a new little boy. Your profound influence affected my entire family through my brothers. By just sitting in on their lessons with you learned so much. Thank you, God bless your wife and children and may you rest in peace.


Stuart"s reputation of martial arts excellence preceeded him before I moved to California. Having practiced Shotokan in New York, I feel honored to have trained with him here in Fresno. Stuart not only taught by lesson, but more so by example. You will be missed.

Travis Reilly

I was truly shocked to hear of the passing of Mr. Quan. His generosity and kindness,his willingness to open his home and heart to our students and I and allowing us to be part of his family is what I remember most. His love for his family was so powerful especially the times when he and his wife were expecting their first born. His eyes shined when we spoke about it at one of his tournaments and how proud he was to know that he was going to be a father. It"s hard to understand why the lord took him so soon, but I know that it is for his purpose. To Debbie and the family, my heart felt condolenses to you all. I"m truly sorry that I could not be there physically, but my heart is with you all and so are my prayers. Larry Sambrano (formerly of Five Form Fist Karate School - Kingsburg Ca.) Houston, Texas

Larry Sambrano

To the entire Quan Family: Our loss is Heavens Reward. Its hard to believe we have lost a Master at such a young age. Even though Stuarts Martial Arts style was not the same as ours, His teachings of Wisdom, dicipline and Life we were Honored by. May God be with you/us in your/our hours of sorrow. Sally, Tony, and Patrick McCoy, Selma, CA

Sally McCoy

I will miss you deeply my sensei, I hope you find peace where you might be now. To Sensei Debbie and kids, i wish the best of luck to you all in the years to come.

Michael Wisener

May God bless you and your family. Darrin Nichols (Darrin Nichols 3rd Dan Way of Japan, Fresno)

Darrin Nichols ( 3rd Dan Way of Japan)

Sensei Stuart, your lessons are priceless and unforgettable.They"ve changed me as a person.I"ll never forget them.From lunge punches to wrestling moves they were all excellent.You were the best teacher with the best attitude and the best personality.I will miss your stories and lessons.We"ll never forget you.Oss.

Josh Avina

It is nearly impossible to express fully what an impact that Sensei had on my life. I cannot begin to imagine what my life would be like had i not had Stuart to share his countless insights into karate and into my personal life as well. He was a mentor, a teacher, and a friend to everyone that walked into the dojo over the years, and in that time you could always count on Sensei to be there for you when you needed him. I will always treasure the time that i had with you, sensei, and although you"re gone you will never be forgotten. I will miss you deeply. Thank you for everything you"ve done for me and i know i will see you again. Until then, Oss. Rest in peace Sensei.

Brett Asher

I am finding it hard to say what it is inside of me that Sensei Stuart did for me as a youth.For what this man did for me is beyond anything my words could say. To try and describe this man of men, would and could not be justified for what he brought to so many in ether a short or long period of time in knowing him. I remeber the first time I went to train at the dojo it was on Shaw ave. I spent 3-4 hours there everyday for 2 years before we moved to Bullard ave. Then my time at the dojo was even more intence for I would be there 6 or 8 hours during the summer.I can not express what it meant to me to have a man of his wisdom and understanding at a troubled young mans side. I will never forget our many demos we all did not as a school or dojo but as a family from bullard high to L.A. Nor will I ever forget our trips to Mexico, Hawaii, Florida ,Vegas and all up an down California. Sensei Stuart you were god sent at a time when many of us you touched needed that guiding spirit that bright light at the end of the never endding tunnel of life.May god bless you my mentor and friend for he blessed all of us with you. God be with you Debbie, Sensei Kathy, Joyce, Ducky and rest of the Quan family.

Chris Penrod

Stuart, Kathy, and Pa Pa Quan are special people in my Martial Arts Journey as a child and adult. My respects to Stuart"s family, and dojo family. I am deeply sadden for everyone in this monumental loss, but would like to say something special to Ducky. I remember Ducky"s pride, love, and support of Stuart and the dojo all through the tournament years. He was and is the greatest karate dad ever witnessed, and I truley respected him. With Respect, Denette Zaninovich, Z"s Kenpo Karate, Reedley/Fresno/Nogalez

Denette Zaninovich

I was saddened when my family called to let me know of Stuart"s passing. My thoughts and prayers to Stuart"s family, friends, students and all those touched by such a kind and gentle being. I was fortunate to have sat next to Stuart and became friends with him in a class at Bullard High. I remember laughing, sharing stories, and being encouraged about soccer by him. I think back on how generous he was with his spirtual insights. Thank you, Stuart, for the happy memories. Peace.

Deborah Silva

I attended Bullard High School with Stuart, and remember his powerful grace doing exhibitions at school. He was always friendly, humble and dedicated to his sport. His influence as a teacher will go on for generations. God be with him, and always with his family. He will not be forgotten.

Andrea Suchsland Jett

I attended his school when i was a young child from around the ages of 4-9. Im 19 years old now and notification of his death has broughten tears to my eyes. He truley was a great mentor and human being.

Dak Feaster

My memories of Stuart are mostly from many years ago - the early days. I saw and talked with him occasionally over the years since. He was always warm and friendly, and full of energy. I was very saddened to hear of his passing - he was a good man.

John Harrison

Forever burned into my mind, my heart, my soul.....Stuart did it right. Stuart -You lived in all of us. Our Newport memories will never die but it was your kind, gentle spirit that I will carry with me. To those of us fortunate enough to be called "friend" at any point in your life, you were the example. We love you Stu..... ~Alan

Alan Hill

Debi and the Quan family, I wanted to let you know that you are all in our prayers. I am so sorry for your loss! God tells in Isaiah 43:5, "Do not be afraid, for I am with you. I will gather you and your chldren from east and west and from north and south." He loves you and is present. God bless you, Mark and Kathie Spriggs

Kathie Spriggs

I remember when you were a blue belt at the Rising Sun studio. That was nearly 30 years ago, but your smile and friendliness was never forgotten.

Lynn Nichols

I would go to the dojo at least 4 times a week to watch my son train. I could hardly wait to get off work to go. What a place to unwind after a hard days work. To watch the Senseis teach the children and adults. To witness how Sensei Stuart had instilled his Spirit in all who were there to teach. Now these Senseis will carry on his Spirit, his teachings and the stories of the mighty warriors within us all. I am not a martial arts person, but my 9 year old son is. I too have learned how to be the best I can be.thank you Sensei Stuart.Debi a big heartfelt hug for you and your children. Thank You soooo much from the Kovacevich family for letting us be a part of the dojo family. It is such a blessing to know you and to of had Sensei Sruart be a big part of Jacobs life. We will always be there for you and yours in body and in SPIRIT! God Bless! We love you!

Elizabeth Kovacevich

you will be missed. we have lost a great man. peace be with you and your family

richard rodriguez

To the entire Quan family - my heart and prayers are with you. I was so shocked to hear about Stuart. He was so young and had so much to live for. His Spirit will live with us forever. May God give you all the strength needed to move forward.

Aunt Junnie Lujano

Stuart--I will always remember from High School how hard you worked to succeed. You put many hours into your dreams. Very few on this earth ever achieve them. You are numbered amoung those few. May your family feel the comfort of having your spirit always nearby.

Steven Fogg, MD

I met Stuart on several occasions many many years ago. He"d walked into the office I worked in and I made a comment to my friend that went something like "who the hell is that?". I thought wow what good looking man. She obviously said something to him (we were all single at the time Debi) because the next time he came into the office he had that cute smirk on his face. I turned about 5 shades of red and almost killed my friend for saying anything to him. After time and the embarrassment wore off, I ran into him years later, when he was becoming famous and he actually remembered me. I was so flattered and happy for him that he was becoming so successful. Needless to say I was totally shocked when I heard about his passing. Stuart you were taken from this world, your wife and family way too soon. You were obviously adored from all over the world and I personally will remember you for your kindness.


Sensei Stuart was such an inspiration to me, when he showed us all of those kicks and punches I was in aw.Even though I didn"t get to know him mluch because I was just a student, and a kid at that, he was so cool! I will miss him always and forever.

Kiliaen Van Rensselaer

Even though I did know Stuart, I know Debi, Brenda and Mrs.T. It is obvious from the outpouring of love and grief on this web site what a great man Stuart was. Debi, Brenda & Mrs. T have always been a first class act. I know Debi is an very beautiful, kind, fun, loyal and a strong person. It is no surprise that Stuart would marry a wife with many of his great qualitys. I know the future will not be easy for her and the familys. I believe he is watching over all from above. You have so many wonderful friends to help you get through the future. I know you will carry out Stuart & your dreams. While you will make Staurt proud. I know you will honor the Quan name and help keep Stuarts memory alive. Debi I am sending you my love and many hugs through the days to come. I have been praying for you and your entire family.


I want to send my deepest sympathy to the entire Quan Family. The Quan Family has known my family for years, and my heart breaks for them during this sad time. I know that Stuart will live on and will be always with his family, and friends. Ducky and Joyce I will always keep you in my prayers just as I will the other members of the Family. I also want to thank you for always being there for my dad, Dennis Patterson. He always speaks very highly of the Quan Family. He is very saddened for your loss. Thinking of you all, You all will be in my prayers, Christine Lazalde ( Patterson)

Christine Lazalde

He will rest in peace. He has made his family proud. Our heart-felt sympathy is sent to the Quan family during this very difficult time. Sherry and Jenna

Sherry Smiley

As a constant student of life and a philosophical sponge, I imagine Stuart in a place now where so many of life"s mysteries have become clear to him. I can see him smiling and nodding with a new enlightenment and understanding of the Universe. I see him happy. When I first heard the news, my mind instinctively pulled its first and last memories of Stuart. We first met around 1982 at a Karate tournament in San Jose. What initially caught my attention was Stuart"s KIAI. Martial artist know that the word Kiai translate literally into "fighting spirit", and Stuart"s Kiai literally and figuratively filled the college gymnasium. I clearly remember, as a young teen at that time, vowing to one day possess the Kiai that Stuart so obviously owned. My last moments with Stuart were in Paso Robles where we spent several months on a challenging location. During downtime, we would catch up on our lives, share new fighting strategies, discuss phiosophy, and pull a few practical jokes. We reminisced about Stuart"s first stand-up comedy stint on the Sunset Strip, and we practiced sticky hand drills during breaks, and he urged me to have children. I will cherish those moments eternally. What I remember most about our conversations during those few months was his dedication, his passion, his love, his KIAI towards his family. He would gush about fatherhood and his great appreciation for Debi in his life. Whether it was in fighting, in teaching, in stunts, or in his family, Stuart lived his entire life with KIAI. His scream echoed...and will continue to ring.

Steven Ho

My condolences to the Quan family.

Richard T. Hill 2nd Dan Way of Japan

I remember when stuart came to my elementary school for an assembly. I am 17 now and a Junior in high school. I remember going to the stage to get an autograph. When I got home I called my dad to tell him about the visitor only to realize he was my uncle Doug"s cousin. It"s a sad thing I couldn"t get to know him better. It"s ironic, I was just talking on the phone about stuart to my girlfriend "Chelsea" two day"s before I heard the tragic news of his death.

William Gordon Winther

I remember when stuart came to my elementary school for an assembly. I am 17 now and a Junior in high school. I remember going to the stage to get an autograph. When I got home I called my dad to tell him about the visitor only to realize he was my uncle Doug"s cousin. It"s a sad thing I couldn"t get to know him better. It"s ironic, I was just talking on the phone about stuart to my girlfriend "Chelsea" two day"s before I heard the tragic news of his death.

William Gordon Winther

What a life! As I’m looking over this website and soaking in what Stuart Quan’s students, family, and friends have to say, I find it amazing to ponder how many lives have been positively impacted by this one human. If you look at all those who have written something on this site, you can’t help but recognize some of the names. Some are famous, such as Jackie Chan, while others are not famous at all. There are professionals whose names we recognize, and others (children, foreign acquaintances) whose letters are full of grammatical errors--but when feelings are communicated from the heart, errors can’t interfere with our understanding, can they? Take a moment and look for names you know, even if you had no personal connection to Stuart Quan. You’ll be hard-pressed to say that you know or recognize absolutely no one on this page. Another common thought in most of these messages is the spiritual connection. Even more important than the physical skills Sensei has taught his students, there remains the training of the spirit. Legitimate martial arts center first on self-discipline, then skills. Most would interpret that as maintaining your cool during a fight, or when you’re mad, or when otherwise in an uncontrolled situation. Notice, though, the similarity between the words discipline and disciple; they are, in fact, related. No matter your spirituality, it’s impossible to argue that the disciples of Christ attempted to--and through the written word continue to--teach us how to live with self-control through all aspects of our lives. The words we speak, as well as our private and public actions, broadcast our level of self control and announce to the world what we are thinking (“Good thoughts; good actions”). The number of people who speak of Sensei’s actions and words are testimony to his life, just as Paul, Peter, Matthew, Luke, John, and 7 others spoke & wrote of the life of Jesus. 2,000 years from now, will others read these words from this website and doubt that a kind and caring person named Stuart Quan even existed? Will they say that this was all concocted by a few people who want to exaggerate a few good deeds for the express purpose of controlling lives or making money? Will they say (depending on the human condition in 4006) that it is impossible for someone to be so good and wholesome? (Will they ask the same questions only 3 or 4 generations from now?--I hope not!) I see Sensei Quan’s life mirroring the parable of a man walking on the beach, throwing starfish back into the ocean after a high tide. Another man observes the actions of the first and wonders how someone could waste time like this. He finally approaches the first man and asks, “What are you doing?” The first man responds, “I’m saving these starfish; they will surely die if they remain out of the water.” The second man asks, “Isn’t this a rather fruitless effort? You can’t save all of them! Look how far this beach goes, you can’t possibly throw each one back; what you’re doing doesn’t matter!” The first man paused, then picked up yet another starfish from the beach. “Do you see this one?” he asked as he held it up for the second man to observe. “Yes,” was the response from the puzzled second man. “Well,” began the first man as he launched the creature into the air toward the surf, “it matters to that one.” We can learn a great deal from the life of Stuart Quan, as well as others who have lived like him. Our actions will not only impact those who we immediately touch, but also indirectly those we will never meet. Although Sensei will be missed, his life is certainly a period in history that should be celebrated. The best way we can do that is to live a life of discipline where our [best] actions, not empty words, will drown out the harsh words and actions of others, and hopefully stand as an example for others to follow, as we would follow Sensei’s example. I think he would wish for us not to be sad, not to wander aimlessly asking, “Why,” not to hopelessly give up, but to simply take up the reins that he has left upon the saddle. What will be said of YOUR dash?


I did not know Mr. Quan personally and I never trained in martial arts but I have lived in Fresno most of my life and knew who Stuart Quan was from the movies and tv. And my long time girlfriend was trained by him when she was a child. The memory I wanted to share was that when I was going to Hoover High School I pulled my truck out on first street headed north. And I saw a guy standing in the center divide to cross the street wearing a blue gee. I recognized this man and I waved my arm out the window and yelled "Hey Stuart Quan". He waved back at me and gave a big friendly smile. I never met him formally but after reading the posts of those who did and hearing my girlfreind speak of him. I can tell that that big freindly smile and the polite wave he gave to a passing stranger was right in line with his character. Rest in peace Mr. Quan and God bless the family

Royce Noble

I went off and on at Stuart Quan"s dojo. It took me awhile to make the commitment to it half of which was I was very young. The last time I went back, I stayed for discipline and to protect myself. To learn self-confidence and control as well. All of which, sensei Stuart and everyone else, sensei Debbie, Kathy, and everyone else at the dojo I"m sorry, it"s been soooo long. Now i wish i had stayed longer, to obtain more memmories of you, learn more lessons because there is always something new to learn. I greatly appreciate what you have done for me and how you changed me. Thank you everyone at the dojo for being there for me when I needed that little extra push for what I wanted to reach. With all my love, I miss you all and I miss you sensei Stuart. We WILL meet again.... in heaven. "Til then...OSS!!

Brian Gumm Jr.

Sensei Stuart has been a huge part of our lives the last couple of years as our sons have started their martial arts journey with him. Stuart had an incredible life and was an extraordinary human being. We send our deepest condelences to Debi, Brandon and Regan. We know God will give you the strength during these tough times. It has been an honor to have known Stuart and know each of us will draw on wisdom we learned from our association with Stuart Quan. Oss Paul and Sheri Provost

Paul and Sheri Provost

Sensei Stuart Quan was and still is one of the best martial artists there has ever been. All of his students at the dojo will surely agree with me in saying that though he had unbeatable skill, no sensei can match the love he had for his students. We miss you sensei. Oss

Sean Miranda

I was one of Sensei Stuart"s students and was very sad to here the disappointing news about Stuart. I hope Sensei Debbi and family will have the Lord by their side forever. I will miss you so much Sensei Stuart. Oss

Jarrod Carter

Although I personally did not have the pleasure of getting to know Mr Quan, Friends of his that are friends of mine have shared with me thier love, respect and affection for this wonderful Soul. My prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

Joel Kramer

I knew Stuart as a phenomenal martial artist, excellent stuntman and an incredibly kind, caring, funny and talented friend. But, the one thing that stands out, is the advice and knowledge he gave me about family and children. While we were on location in Hawaii, my wife gave birth to our first child. Stuart enlightened me through his thoughts and experiences about fatherhood and being a great husband. Among many things, he told me that kids change fast so treasure every moment you have with them. He would tell me stories about Debbie and Brandon with so much energy, excitement and love. When they came out to visit, Stuart"s actions greatly outweighed his words. Without even knowing it, he showed me first hand all of the lessons that he was teaching me. The love, dedication, loyalty and pride he had for Debbie and Brandon put a smile on my face and inspired me to become the best husband and father I could be. Stuart not only spoke these words, he absolutely lived them. I will never forget the talks we had and the priceless advice and knowledge he shared. I feel lucky and honored to have been a friend of his. His teachings will live on and will always be a part of my family. I miss you brah.

John Koyama

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amir saeedy

Sensei, I can"t believe that you"re gone. A little more than a week ago, we were doing cloud hands and talking about the 13 chambers of shaolin. You"ve taught me a long list of lessons in the dojo, and I cannot begin to tell you how much of an honor it has been and how lucky i am to have trained with you for such a long time. I truly cherish the memories I have of you and the things that you have brought out in me. Thank you for everything. I"ll always remember.

Travis Asher

Dear Debi, Brandon, Regan and Quan family. We want to extend our deepest sympathy and to thank you for the beautiful service on Friday at People"s Church. Yes, there were tears, but as we were reminded this was also a celebration of Stuart"s life. And what a life he led. As we honored your request, Debi, for a farewell bow and Oss to Sensei Stuart, it made our hearts full and was a perfect end to the service. We will keep you all in our thoughts. Oss, Barbara, Walt and our son Michael (Purple 1)

The Leath Family

Sensei Debi and family, thank you for sharing Sensei Stuart with our family. Sensei Stuart was James Jr.s" karate instructor. We are truly blessed by the time we were able to spend with him. He taught our son many lessons, and we just want to say thank you. We ask now that GOD will keep his loving arms around you and your family during this difficult time. Your family will be in our hearts and prayers. Love, Lee and Anisha Mayberry

Lee & Anisha Mayberry

“For everything, there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die;…” This is the beginning of a very beautiful and philosophical passage in the Bible; one that I have read at many funerals in an attempt to ease some grief and sorrow. Normally, this passage brings with it a measure of comfort however; in this case it seems somewhat inadequate as I write this. My girlfriend’s son was a student of Stuart’s and I had the pleasure of watching Stuart teach on many occasions in addition to meeting with some of the “dojo family” for several family oriented get-togethers. What could have been a somewhat awkward situation was made tranquil for me by Stuart’s warm smile and Debbie’s welcoming hugs. I will always be grateful for that. Watching Stuart teach was sheer joy; the energy with which he taught was electric and the love he felt for his students was palpable. It was clear to me that this man was a healer; a unique individual with the gift of turning insecurity into confidence and honor. How wonderful that must have been for him to propel positive change in others. It is just not fair or just that a man as fine as Stuart was taken so tragically and at a time that we all believe was not his. But we, as mere humans, are blind to the true workings of our maker. There is a school of thought that dictates that a person gets to choose his or her next life and must live it to the fullest; through the sufferings and the joy, to love and teach others to love with enormous gentle passion and to learn all the lessons that they need to learn. The cycle ends only when one chooses and only if one reaches purity of heart. I believe that Stuart will need to make that choice now. No words can ever express my sympathy and sorrow for Debbie, their children and the entire dojo family, who have been shattered by this tragedy. Suffice it only to say that those who were in clontact with Stuart were the fortunate recipients of his wonderful gifts for many years and will carry on his love, gentleness, patience and his many other incredible attributes as, I believe, our maker designed it to be. This is the true legacy of any individual. May Stuart’s spirit fill others with love, kindness and understanding of the human condition, and may it never end. Goodbye for now Stuart, and may your journey bring you as much joy as you brought to us. With respect and admiration~ Stefanie J. Acker

Stefanie J. Acker

I didn"t know Stuart because he was a great Sensei...I knew him because he was a great father. I had the privilege of being Brandon"s preschool teacher. Stuart would drop Brandon off and give a simple, Hello. Every few weeks he would inquire about Brandons progress. It was very inportant to him that Brandon was well behaved and respected his teachers. Stuart was a wonderful father, his children were blessed to have him for even a short time. My family sends its deepest sympathy to Mr & Mrs Quan, Kathy and Ricky. My heart breaks for you Debi but to you I offer my friendship. Please hold Brandon and Regan close to your heart and if need anything at all please call.

Shelley Wong

To the Quan Family: My thoughts and prayers are with you. Stuart had a very strong positive impact on my son and myself for the 7 years we attended the Dojo. Stuart will always be in our minds and hearts. Oss Kathy Ferrari

Kathy Ferrari

Dear Debi: I just heard about Stuart. We go back to the early 80"s. I remember a really nice guy who was liked by everyone. He will be missed by all. Sincerely Jim Lantrip

Jim Lantrip Past President of NASKA

I did not know Stuart but know of his legacy around the Fresno area. My condolences to the Quan family in this terrible time. May god bless and help you through this terrible time.

Angie Rosenthal

Sensei Debi, Brandon, Regan, Sensei Kathy, and members of the Quan family: My experiences with Sensei Stuart were brief, but long-term in terms of feeling the wake of his energy. I started at the dojo in ’93 and in ’95 left for college, but my brother Steve Batth was there for a much longer period of time. I cannot find the words to express the sorrow and grief after I heard the news. It feels so unreal that this man of men, who was so spiritual, the guiding light for so many people, including my brother could leave this world so early in his life. He has been such a positive influence in thousands of people’s lives. I have yet to see another person who cares so much about his students. As a student at the dojo, you really felt like a family member, especially from my experiences with Sensei Kathy and Sensei Debi. I am so grateful for that. It is difficult to deal with this feeling of loss -- that personal sense of emptiness -- that all of us feel because our sensei was cut off in the prime of life. We have lost a Sensei who understood the institution of teaching, gloried in its overwhelming responsibilities, and discharged his duties with dash and joy, which were an inspiration to all that he had touched. But Sensei Stuart was more than that. He was a man filled with the joy of living. He was a husband, and a father. Now, that death has done all that death can do. And as Sensei Stuart goes his way, we are left with the joyful hope and teachings he shared. We look to that fine day when we will see him again, and the sorrow of his parting gone forever. May God bless Sensei Stuart, Sensei Debi, his children and the entire Quan Family. Oss.

Rajneesh K Dail, DDS

Debbie and Quan family. Just to let you know. We put a section on our web site about Stewarts services. we hope you approve.

senior master jerry a. hyde

My deepest condolences go out to Sensei Debi and the whole family. Sensei Stuart and Sensei Debi played a large part in me becoming the individual that I am today. I was going through a very tough time in my life, and Stuart and Debi were always there when I needed anything. No words can describe how much you have taught me and how important the two of you are to me and my family. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to email me ( Oss.

R.T. Canady

More than self-defense, Sensei showed me the path to find confidence in myself. Sensei showed me how a disciplined individual can accomplish his goals. Sensei, showed me it is good to feel wonder of places, people, and ideas. Sensei showed me that even a powerful man must laugh, even (or especially) at himself. The Quan family showed me how the love and support of one another in a family can infect other families. I feel I was blessed to see the examples of you and your family. Sensei, I will honor you by continuing to raise my warriors with discipline, laughter, love, and wonder of our world. Love to you and your family. God Bless. Wendell, Sarah, Ashley, Morgan, Chloe, Emmajean, and Sammy Wilson

Wendell Todd Wilson

It was about 30 years ago when I trained at Rising Sun that I met Stuart. I have memories of this incredibly energetic student that probably spent more time at Sensei Dow"s school than at his own home.He was always training and you could find him taking part in every class taught in one way or another. A real "dojo rat." I went on to other things training as often as possible with many different instructors. I am sorry to say that I never had the priviledge of traing with Sensei Quan. I always felt a certain pride in seeing Stuart in film and television. I would have recommended more times that I can remember Stuart"s dojo to those looking for a place to train thier children. I knew that he would instill the values, principles,discipline and respect that we had learned many years ago. My time is spent teaching high school students and training them in the arts the best way I know how. I hope it is a reflection of Senseis like Stuart and other Masters before. I may have not had a friendship like many others had, but his death has left an indelible mark on my spirit. May God bless the family of Stuart. Take consolation in knowing that he stands by the side of Our Lord Jesus Christ smiling at all of us. Oss Sensei.

John De La Cerda

I didn"t know Mr. Quan very well. My grandson (Peyton Morris) was one of Mr. Quan"s students. I would sometimes take Peyton to karate practice and was very impressed with the care and patience shown by Mr. Quan. I was surprised and saddened to hear of his passing. My heart goes out to the Quan family. Respectfully, Dan Golden

Dan Golden

Our deepest condolences go to the all of the Quan family. Though we have never had the fortunate opportunity to meet him, we as martial artists feel that we have lost a great ambassador for the martial arts. We just want to pay our respects for such a great man.

Iwan Ong & Georgianna Garcia

I didn"t know Mr. Quan very well. Our deepest condolences go to the all of the Quan family. Though we have never had the fortunate opportunity to meet him, we as martial artists feel that we have lost a great ambassador for the martial arts. We just want to pay our respects for such a great man.


Our son was a student at the dojo a few years ago and has kept all the pictures of he and Sensei Stuart and encouraging words written on broken boards by Stuart. He was very sad when he heard the news. Kurt is 14 now and a kind and thoughtful person and I know his time at the dojo played a part in how he see"s other people. We will always remember Sensei Stuart and the other Sensei"s and his time there fondly. Our hearts and prayers are with the Quan family. God Bless you and comfort you. The Harris family

The Harris Family

i do not know what to say all i have is may his soul rest in perfect peace.but the only thing is i will miss him forever for his good work done i sympatise with his family and friends.once again may he rest in perfect peace.osss

mohammed annor

In this world there are two world both unique in their own ways, but in onr world known as the martial arts world, there is an empty spot where it will never be filled, the Martial arts world lost a good warrior of honour, and he will never be forgotten, I just hope that one day I will be at his level of honor and power. In the ordinary world, they lost a person of wisdom who enlightened people with just one word, he will be truly missed in the ordinarr world also. My whole life I have ben a practioneer of the martial arts and now I continue to be a practioneer of the martial arts, and now I have something to give tribute to. Everyday that I practice my martial arts I will think about how Stuart Quan was and how he lived, he is truly the divine and most honourable one, and I hope that one day I will be remembered just as Stuart Quan is now. Rest in Peace, Great Warrior. Sincerely, Tim Raymond.

Tim Raymond

I started at the Dojo when I was 5 years old in the ninja turtles program. As I grew older, I graduated that program and began learning at the new clovis dojo as a white belt. I continued through the ranks at the Fresno dojo with the help of all of the dojo family. Stuart and Debbie were always pushing me, pushing all of us, to bring out the best in all of us. Everyone developed a great sense of self confidence once we were shown by the dojo family, that each and every one of us had the inner strength that all of us admired in Sensei Stuart and the others who had traveled the path before us. I now reflect on all of the great times I was a part of at the dojo, all of the friends I made, all of the trials we went through together, only to come out even stronger together. Stuart always had such powerful and meaningful messages. His words always inspired, and the way he spoke just held everyone at attention. Just hearing him speak seemed to strenghten everyones stance. I will miss you greatly Sensei. The dojo is and will always be one of the most influential aspects of my life. It taught me so much, more than can ever be written. How do you put all of the love, wisdom, and courage we all gained through the Dojo and our Senseis into words? You can"t. Thank you Stuart, for everything you taught us, you are truly one of the greatest men to have ever walked the face of the earth. Oss.

Hawk Duncan

I was incredibly fortunate to meet Sensei through my friend Wendell Wilson in 1984. I learned so much from Sensei Stuart, and his teachings layed a foundation for my life and martial arts training. He tought us to always reach higher and deeper then we thought we were capable, and never give up. His humor, skill, and broad heart set an example that I can only try and emulate. Thank you Sensei. Oss.

Mark Thomas Shekoyan

I"m grateful to have kown Stuart as a friend, mentor and sensei. Though I have known him for short time, I got to know him as a good man willing to help me when ever I needed help on a technique during my training. As the years went by and I come by to visit him at his dojo he always ask me to return to training in the martial arts. Now I"m a 3rd degree black belt and I have my own school here in my home town of Atwater, California. We will miss him. On behalf of my family and my school our deepest condolence to the Quan family.

Sensei Tony Deziga, 3rd Degree Black Belt

We have truly lost a wonderful man. His spirit and kindness will live on forever in our family.We are blessed to have been part of the dojo family.God bless you Debi, and your family, our thoughts and prayers are with you always. The Matheus, Patti,Hans,Kyle,Lucas

Patti Matheus

"You were my hero, my champion, my arrow straight and true I will love you for the rest of my life..."These words were reserved for my father upon his death on Sept. 24th 2004. I renew these words for you Stuart. For you were also my father. I am so happy that I was back in your life at the last. I will so miss the times we shared. When I came to you, I was a child and you were a 19 year old champion, finding your destiny. I was afraid so you taught me that to face my fear could make me strong. I was alone so you taught that to be alone was an elusion. You took me not only into your teachings but into your family and your heart.There you and I spent many summer days cutting film and making our home movies on your BETA machine. I tagged along with you to so many tournaments and watched you make history and raise the level of compition forever. I was there the day your heart first got broken. You were my big brother so my heart broke with you. And when you and kathy convinced me that Ducky didnt really hate me, he just yelled at everyone that he loved, that he loved me. You were right about that old softy. I love him so. (Dont tell him I called him a softy!) There will never be the right words, never enough tears. You were my shinning star. I love you so much. In my selfishness I thought what I know so many thought, "you were supposed to take me to the mountain one day" my wife then wisely told me, "maybe now you will". Many people make promises in good faith, never to be foefilled. I do not many a promise of this kind. To honor my life that you have shaped my brother, I make to you my most excellent promise. Upon my life, as I spoke these words to your wife and sister, I promise to finish what you and I began so very long ago. I will find my way to the place, I will search I will climb. I have nothing better to give to you than the best of myself. For me, only then can I truley lay you to rest. Farewell my big brother, my invincible man. I will see you upon the mountain. Forever, Nicholas

Nicholas J. Dodson

My heartfelt condolences to Ducky, Joyce, Debi and rest of Quan"s family. I am so glad I was able to help the Quan"s family go to China couple years ago with the family generations going, thus those memories will always be with them forever, no one can take away or replace. Roots of a great family living and enjoying life together. Peace. Beverly Cho Mar

Beverly Cho Mar

To the Family, Loved Ones and Students of Stuart Quan: As I reflect back to the first time I ever saw Stuart at the Battle of Atlanta. I was privledged to judge him in BB Weapons and Forms Competition that day... afterward, I pulled him aside and spoke with him. In those few minutes, I saw what all of you have seen forever, a gentle, loving, caring person who had more heart, courage and determination than anyone I had met. I know that he is gone too soon, but we too shall soon join him... the main thing is to honor his time here by striving to be more like him in our daily lives. Don"t let one day go by without giving it your all. This is how he lived his life. He always lead by example... and now, still does. Go with God my Friend, Dr. Dennis

Dr. Dennis Black

We extend our deepest sympathy to the Quan family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Stuart will be sadly missed by all that he touched. Don & Chris Rodrigues

Christine Bannon-Rodrigues

I was with my friend geoff cantrell when we learned of your untimely death, I am still in shock. I wish to extend my condolences to your family. You will be missed. RIP STUART QUAN.


It has been many years since I have seen the dojo and all the familiar faces around it. Although I was just a little boy then, the lessons I learned and the confidence I have gained through the endless nights at the dojo will remain with me through my years to come. Many remember me as the little ninja turtle, I wasn"t even old enough to fully understand the true meaning of Bushido Kai, which is now a journey I have now traveled in my daily life. Stuart was more than just a sensei, but a mentor to me in not only karate, but in life. The dojo was my 2nd home for years as I spent countless hours there, literally hanging out there everyday when I wasn"t in school. I am sorry I will never get to thank Stuart personally for how much he has changed my life, but I know somehow he will be repayed for his dedication to the arts for the rest of eternity. Stuart Quan will always be a legacy inspiring hope and peace, committment and dedication, love and kindness. Thank you to the Stuart Quan Dojo for all the memories, peace be with you all.

Grant Hanada

Our heartfelt sympathy to the entire Quan family, and particularly to his loving sister, Kathy Doi. Through Kathy, many of the children at Fort Washington Elementary were able to share in Mr. Quan"s love of his craft and his enthusiasm for life. He will surely be missed by all the young souls he touched in his all too brief time in this world.

Aidan Stanley and Family

Well, the first time I met stuart it was with my best friend, Alexis(who I consider my sister).Stuart was her uncle & I was about 10 or 11, can"t quite remember, but Alexis & I would always ride our bibes with Brenda(Alexis"s mom & Debi"s sister)over to Debi"s & Stuart"s house. Where we would meet up with Brandon, Debi, Stuart & the gang. It was a blast spending time with them, & I remember it all so well. And I felt so comfortable & so used to them, I started refering to them as Uncle Stuart & Aunt Debi. I sware it they were family, but I just looked different. My favorite memory though was when Alexis had one of her Birthday parties @ their house before she went back to her dad"s house in Vegas. We all had a great time visiting & Eating( the two things I need to cut back on, lol.)Now I"m 13 going on 14, realizing what a loss it is, coming from experience,(my father died when I was 12)how much we take people for granted & that we should in fact be greatful to our family, because they are the ones who help you through everything & anything, no matter how big the situation or problem. They back you up & I just wanted to say to Debi & Lola & Brenda & Alexis & Family... Thank you for being my family when I needed one & when I was going through stuff, I will miss stuart & all our memories. <3

Gina Ortega

Stuart always made time to stop and chat when he came into Boot"s Camera, where I work. I would ask "What are you working on now, Stuart? And He would tell us of his latest film works, and stories while on location. We will miss Stuart and his smiling face. Our deepest condolences to his family-you will be in our hearts. Linda Biggers

Linda Biggers

i am going to miss you so much and i will miss you all my life and all my heart. RIP stoney

stoney c dodson

i hardley knew you but my dad did.i will always miss you

christian estrada

I have heard that there are those that have compared Stuart and Debi to Bruce and Linda Lee. There is a dramatic difference however in the fact that Bruce became a legend after his death, whereas Stuart became a legend while he was still alive. Stuart will always live on as we pass his wisdom towards our friends and our loved ones. With great affection William Kong

William Kong

I can"t even begin to explain how significant of a role Stuart, Debi, Kathy, Duck and the entire Dojo played in my childhood. The lessons Stuart has taught in training and life were timeless and I"m honored to have learned from such an extraordinary person. Thank you. My deepest condolences to the entire Quan Family.

Michael Wang

To the Quan family our prayers are with you. We wish you peace at this painful time. We are so sorry for your loss. Stuart was a wonderful teacher and a great role model. May you rest in peace.

The Sidhu Family

Dearest Debi, Though it has been many years since we’ve had contact, my heart ached deeply for you when I learned of the passing of your sweet Stuart. Please accept my condolences, and know how sorry I am for you, that you’ve been thrust into facing a future without Stuart at your side. From reading his website, and the beautifully respectful articles written about him, it is obvious his presence will be felt strongly for you and so many others whose lives he touched so deeply. Debi, I think of you daily, and pray that God will comfort and assist you in trying to understand why this plan was determined for you. I hope you and your children gain strength in knowing that Stuart had a beautiful impact on so many people, and there was great purpose in his life. Again, though I haven’t seen you in so many years, your sweetness, zest for love and life, and vibrancy is still strong in my memory. Gina Wiens

Gina Wiens

I never knew Stuart Quan but I had heard of him and am sorry to lelarn that he has passed away.His sudden death,unexplained, should serve as an inspiration and a reminder that we need to live each day to our fullest potential and that as we grow older,advance in chronological years(not real years)we should speed up not slow down. At 69 years of age, I find far too many persons younger than me preaching and teaching old age. If the law of accident is not operating in our lives, we should live very long.Unfortunately,this law does happen to work as it apparently did in Stuart"s life.Sometimes the gods are hungry and need to eat! We are food for the goods, like sheep and other animals are food for us.


My condolences to the Quan Family. We have lost a great martial artist, as well as, a great person. I was shocked when I heard about the news. The service was beautiful. I am so glad I got a chance to see him one last time. I remember seeing him for the first time at the Rising Sun Karate Dojo, training under Sensei Greg Dow, he was and still is a wonderful person to watch when he is doing his katas. He always moved with such fluidity and grace that surpassed any martial artist. I last saw him performed at a Chinese New Year function at the Chinese Benevolent Assoc. 2 years ago, and I still admired the way he moves. We will missed him and he will always be in our hearts and mind forever. Prayers and warm wishes to his family and his students at the dojo. Oss Sensei Stuart, Peace be with you always. Mimi

Mimi Cho

I am Ramon Navarro, HapKiDo Teacher from the country of Panama and want to say I feel sorry that a person like Stuart must be missed; good people like You Stuart are needed as examples to the younger generations. My condolences to his family and friends. Be well Stuart.

Ramon Navarro

Sensei Stuart, your spirit and teachings still guide me and I am sure will continue to guide myself and many others. What you taught was invaluable knowledge, not just on the physical aspect of karate, but on life itself. My deepest condolences to the Quan family.

Winston Lee

Sensei Quan, you were an idol of mine growing up! You were a pioneer of West Coast Karate! You will be FOREVER missed! :( God Bless your soul! RIP! Yours in Martial Arts, Master Steve M. Arce 06th Dan Korean Karate Do San Dojang

Master Steve M. Arce

A beautiful soul has left this world, only to pass to his next life. I had the honor of meeting Stuart and his wife Debi at their dojo. My mother and I took a self defense class with Debi years back. My brother Anthony "Tony" has become a black belt and has been an instructor at the dojo. I have been blessed in my lifetime to have encountered such a lifelasting experience through Debi at the dojo. Debi, I was unable to attend any of the services for Stuart, the pain was simply overwhelming. I admire you for the courage that you have, I know this has been extremely difficult for you, I have felt for your children, and for the entire Quan family. I remeber going thru the self defense class and thinking i just cant do this. Little did i know, i didnt have a choice but to finish!!! A few days before I heard of Stuarts death, I was straightening up my son"s bedroom, i came across the board that I broke in the self defense class, i find it amazing now, how i picked it up and held it for a few moments, the strengh that it represented, the memory that I had from accomplishing the self defense class. I gave that board to my son with the words I love you on it. Thank you Debi for being such a strong leader, in your time of sadness i pray for you and for your 2 children. When I was spoke to my mother about the services she could hardly speak when she reflected upon your courage at Stuarts final service. In that moment i felt your stength. Thank you and i thank Stuart for the gift that you have given my brother Tony, he is truly endeared to his karate family. May God contiue to bless the Dojo, the entire Quan family. May Stuarts spirit continue to live on thru his wife Debi, and his two children Sincerley. Monica Pancotti

,Monica Pancotti

When I was a 6 year old yellow belt at The Rising Sun I found a Martial Art roll model. It was a 15 year old brown belt named Stuart Quan. You were great then, as a person and a martial artist, and my memory of you will always be about greatness. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to have been taught buy you, compete against you, and consider you my friend for the past 28 years. You took martial arts to a level that most could only dream of. Thank you Stuart, for all the memories. I will miss you but never forget you. All my best wishes to the family and everyone who"s lives were touched by this unbelievable man.

Jim Dedmon, Jr

I met Stuart in New York City in 1979, he came to train for the summer with Sensei Miyazaki....I"ll never forget his smile on that day meeting him at the dojo...he was my friend immediately. one year later at 18yrs old I was directionless, uncertain what to do with myself and wandering aimlessly...At this time Stuarts parents (who I"ll never forget) Ducky and Mrs. Quan invited me to come to Fresno and live with them and train with them.....The Quans gave me a home, a job, hope and love and support.... I have great memories of Stuart and his family.... I"ll never forget the birthday party the Quans made for me....they were endlessly kind and generous...I have many memories too long to list of Stuart, Kathy, Ducky and Mrs. Quan. I have been deeply moved by your generousity. Many years later, returning to calif. (1998) I had the pleasure to meet and get to know Stuarts wife Debi....again I was a welcome guest in their home. I have a picture of us atop of the peak at Joshua Tree desert.... Stuart my buddy did nothin" but constantly give, give, give.... Stuart, I"ll never forget you teaching me my first back-flip.....Our road trip to L.A., at 18yrs old knockin" on studio doors, eager and innocently asking hollywood veterans how to break into the stunt business.... Stuart was Fearless in his pursuit of goodness and excellence..... I will never forget you Stuart and what you and your family had given me....I can hear and feel your kind spirit over me. bless your deepest condolences to Debi, the students, and the entire Quan family. Bruce Smolanoff

Bruce Smolanoff

For Debi and family: I will always remember you from the gym in Fresno. I now live in Michigan, Saginaw, and was shocked when My mother left a message on my phone recorder. My mother knew I would know who Stuart was and I returned her call! Debi, I remember you were still pregnant when I last saw you, I will always remember you and your loved one, and will keep you daily in my thoughts and prayers, and God bless you all so much! Please, always Stay STRONG

Michelle Rocco

I first met Stuart as an eleven year old tournament competitor in th early 1980"s. He quicly became one of my Idols of the circuit and I modeled my Kama form after his for years. There is a saying that "You should not meet your Idols because they will always disappoint you", well, this is not the case with Stuart Quan. On every occation that I spoke with him over the years of competing he was the most warm and gracious person you could meet. He will be missed. Shannon Albracht - Studi Kicks Martial Arts

Shannon Albracht

My only contact with Stuart Quan and his family was through my son, Josh. He was a student of Stuart and Larry. His grandpa took him most of the time but I was able to be a part of things a few times. On those few times I was there, I was treated as one of the family, not as a stranger, by everyone at the dojo. It was and still is a true family atmosphere there. Josh is not a big one for words. Every thing he thinks and feels is in his eyes and in his face. He would come home from karate and tell me everything he had learned and show me things. That was nice and fun, but what I loved most was the excitement on his face and in his eyes when he spoke of what Stuart had taught him or things he had told him. Josh absorbed it all. When Stuart died, again I could see Josh"s feelings and thoughts all over his face. It was the saddest thing in the world to me. He respects Stuart so much and I have noticed a difference in the man Josh is becoming. I am so proud of that man and I would love to take all the credit but a lot of it is the influence Stuart had on him. I am thankful that Josh had the one tournament with Stuart. Josh did well and he was able to see the pride Stuart had in him. That will stay with him forever. God Bless Stuart and God Bless and be with his Family. Thank you all!!!!!

Susan Avina

To Sensei Debi & The Quan Family: It was a great honor of meeting Sensei Stuart as well as training in the martial arts under his and his staff"s supervision at his dojo. Sensei Stuart was definitely an astonishing person-an individual with multiple skills. He and Sensei Debi were supportive of my training and endeavors, and treated me like family as they have always done with their other students. I have respected and will always respect Sensei Stuart. I was very shocked when I found out late about his untimely passing away and feel guilty about not being able to attend the funeral. I will miss Sensei Stuart. I hope for the best for him and his family.


I had the honor of knowing Stuart and the "dojo family". I realized how much our time with "the family" meant as I have pondered this un-timely passing and the events of the media, the funeral and this amazing website. Thanks to the creator the website so we can all say things. I really miss our time with Marcus, I called you Shannon at the funeral, David Budzik, Debi, and everyone. I am glad to hear that Debi plans to further the dream. Although the student were his pupils, so were we the Dojo parents. We all learned much. Stuart lived a full and amazing life full of dreams and accomphishments. I wish we all were as brave and humble, and had as much fun as he did. Respectly, oss!

Cheryl Chandler

Words cannot describe the loss I feel about my close friend Stuart, who I consider a brother. I apologize for taking so long to have posted my thoughts. There are simply too many great memories of the times I have experienced and shared with Stuart over the 20 something years since I have known him. All the thoughts and memories of him that flood my head still overwhelm and sadden me when I reminisce and look back on them. Stuart was there for me during many different phases and changes in my life and never judged me for it, but rather jumped in the ring and participated with me during those times. From tournament competition, stand up comedy, video game production, to stunts and film work, we’ve always had great times working together that will be forever etched in my mind. But it’s the soulful heart to heart talks, the sharing and exchanging of different spiritual ideologies, the times and experiences in the sweat lodges, going to the Bodhi Tree bookstore, and the many gut busting laughs we’ve had together that I will truly cherish and sorely miss. As I get older, I’ve come to realize that the martial arts is not about how many boards you can break, degrees you have, trophies you win, or how high your kick is. But what I feel the martial arts can teach us is how to break down the mental, psychological, and emotional walls that hinder us from fully absorbing life’s experiences and lessons. Then we gradually have clearer eyes and an open heart by having shed our fears, ignorance, and prejudice we unknowingly take in as we go through life. I say this because, Stuart helped restore my faith in the martial arts during a dark period in my life that I will be forever indebted to him for. I can honestly say that my life is truly that much better for having experienced Stuart’s martial camaraderie and friendship. You are sadly missed, my brother. I know where ever you are, a lot of life’s questions and puzzles you’ve had are answered. I look forward to the day when I will see you again and we can talk, compare notes about our journeys, and laugh again. Oooss John Kreng

John Kreng

My condolences to th entire Quan family, students and very cose frinds. My name is Sifu Blane Warrior. I am the Nephew of Robin and Gregg Sanders. I was shocked to hear about the loss of the Great Master Stuart Quan. In 1989 I lived in Fresno for several months and was envited by Stuart to train at the dojo for free. I didn"t stay long but the short time I spent with Stuart at the dojo was an eye opener. The one thing that sticks out in my mind the most is how Stuart had the ability to fly high. It appeared that he was soaring with the eagles. My brother, It seems as though you have finally reached the MOUNTAIN TOP. Every now and then, can you look down from Heaven and let us know that you are watching us. To the Family, students and Friends of Master Quan, here is one last thought. 1st Corinthians 13. Read the whole chapter. I title this chapter "THE WAY TO LOVE". STUART TAUGHT US HOW TO LOVE IN THE MOST EXCELLENT WAY. God Bless you all. Sifu Blane Warrior, 3rd Degree Black Belt

Sifu Blane Warrior

My condolences to the Quan family. It"s been a long time since I trained and after getting out of the army was looking to getting back into training again and imediately thought about Stuart. I have never forgotten his teaching and thank him. I"m still convinced that Stuarts training is what helped keep me alive in Iraq,Bouncing at clubs and working as an MP in the army. Now more than ever I have the drive to get back into training. You will be missed.

Gabe Aranaydo

salut a tout le monde et je vous remercier boucoup

farid boutafgha

salut a tout le monde et je vous remercier boucoup

farid boutafgha

My deepest condolence to the Quan family. I first met Stuart at an audition for a stunt double in southern California. We shared stories of our training, and he invited me to train at his school since I am also a Fresno resident. Unfortunately with my busy schedule, I did not get the oportunity to. Stuart, you will be missed...

Irvin A.I. Marquez

STUART QUAN"S KARATE RE-OPENS JAN. 20, 2006... How do you honor one of the greatest men that has ever lived? How can one possibly hope to walk in the footsteps of one so great, wise, humble and strong? Will we ever be worthy enough to guide and lead the legions of students in the school that started in a small wrestiling room at Bullard High and evolved into a place of wisdom, love and great fellowship? A sanctuary to those in need of healing and a place where one leaves all bagage behind as he/she bows in and gets a chance to start over with each kick and punch... These and many questions have gone through the heads of myself and many of our instructors. Where is our fearless leader, our Sensei, our heart? How do we do this? But the answer comes straight from the heart - from Sensei Stuarts" lips. Before he even left the world he prepared us for this challenge. He tested our courage, our hearts and strength - our faith in an art that is fading in the world of man - and charged us to be the ones to pass it on. The best way to honor him is to keep his flame alive - this sacred flame that grows and grows with every punch, every kick, each drop of sweat and each tear shed on the dojo floor. Many students over time have moved across that floor with pure spirit, and their kiai"s, their strength, honor and courage is still there. And so is his...So is our wonderful Sensei Stuarts". We will carry on the dojo as he would have wanted us to. He is the founder of the "Bushido-Kai" and as his wife, I choose the duty to make sure that everyone in the world hears his way, his thougths, can share in his teachings and his wisdom. Many of our students started training with a dream of some day attaining a Black Belt...Together, those of us already blessed with our dream come true - will help them get there. Junior or Adult, the mountain will be found. To those who have the dream and haven"t started yet, "a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single footstep", as it is written on all of our Black Belt plaques, so it can be written for you! Again - my heart cannot express the thanks and gratitude to all who have been so wonderful, lifting and caring since Stuart"s death. One day, thanks to Fariborz and this website, the many cards and letters, our children, Brandon (6yrs.) and Regan (16 months) will be able to read all of the wonderful words about their father and be proud his blood runs in their veins, but for now, they (as we all do) just mourn the loss of a wonderful dad, husband, friend, partner and love. We"ll see you on January 30... Oss, Debi Quan

Debi Quan


Debi Quan

I would like to thank the Quan family for the invitation to speak to you today. It is an honor to share my memories of Stuart with you. Stuart was an amazing person. He was able to balance so many activities in his life. Debi, Joyce, Ducky, Kathy, and Rick provided him with a strong support system that allowed him to follow his dreams – from young competitor to building a dojo and beyond. He was always pushing himself, always thinking of new challenges for himself and the dojo. Stuart was a gifted teacher and a role model for me. Although I never trained at the dojo, I observed him teaching hundreds of classes over that last 15 years. Each class was unique. His ability to improvise and change his teaching strategies in the middle of a lesson was incredible. Stuart had a positive attitude toward each student. He found ways to help students who were struggling find success. When Stuart led a rank test, he was really “dialed in” to bring out the best in each student. I could see this from the sidelines. Afterward, listening to Stuart open his heart to compliment each student on his or her test always inspired me to be this encouraging with my own students. I have always appreciated his sincere respect for all students, and I carried these influences back to my own classroom. I would like to share a couple stories with you. Two years ago, Ducky told me, “Hey, let’s go to China.” I said, “Sounds great,” and the wheels were in motion. The summer before our trip, Stuart took it upon himself to become Ducky’s personal trainer. Duck needed to get in shape for China. The two went to GB3 on Ducky’s lunch hour three times a week. Stuart had Ducky on the treadmill, lifting weights, and walking in the pool. When Stuart couldn’t make it, I volunteered to step in and meet Ducky at the gym. Stuart and I talked often and his questions were typically, “How is Ducky doing?” and, “Is he still complaining?” “Is his spirit strong?” Stuart always emphasized spirit. Very few of you probably know of Stuart’s latest challenge. All summer long, he worked out by running on the treadmill, pumping weights, taking spinning classes, and in the fall he started teaching himself a new swimming technique in the pool. If you haven’t guessed by now, he was in training for his first triathlon. In September, he went to Malibu to watch the Malibu Triathlon. He said he was inspired by what he saw. This red ranger was gearing up to go full throttle. Other memorable events with Stuart were two trips hiking up to the top of Half Dome. Our first trip together was in 1997, with five of us going - Stuart, Marcus, Penny, Amelia, and myself. At the top, Stuart and Marcus amused themselves by doing various karate and kung fu poses out on the narrow ledge that overhangs the face. They had no fears. Two years later, Stuart asked, “Half Dome anyone?” Many of the dojo faithful marched up the mountain at midnight. We had a group of about 15. Sunrise on Half Dome was unbelievable. What was more unbelievable was returning to Curry Village at the end of the hike to find the Quan and Wong vehicles damaged from bear break-ins. Not to be discouraged, Debi and Stuart taped up their missing car window with duct tape and stayed to enjoy another day in Yosemite, only to find the bear broke in again the second night, and into the our car as well. We joked that we were members of the “bear club” and that our three cars had bear spirit. Last spring, the Quan family trip to China was finally here. Penny and I were so thankful to be invited. This trip brought out a different side of Stuart. Instead of being the teacher, he was the student. He couldn’t get enough of the culture. He was like a sponge, absorbing everything about life in China. Early in the mornings, Kathy and he ventured out exploring. They watched tai chi classes in the park, and took some fascinating trips down side streets and alleys. Stuart would return to breakfast in the hotel, excited to share what he saw while the rest of us had been sleeping. One day, not be shy, Stuart decided Tiananmen Square was large enough for some acrobatics. He decided to throw a full twister in the middle of the square. He asked me to run the video. He’d throw a twister, then ask me to replay the shot for him. But I kept having trouble getting the camera to work and we had to keep doing re-takes. Seven times! He was exhausted! Finally, we got a couple recorded on his camera. They are probably on the Red Party security cameras too. Being with Stuart on this trip ignited many spirited discussions about the people and their history, and of course these always led into Stuart reflecting on his perspectives and philosophies on life. At these times, Stuart was again the teacher, enriching our experience with his profound knowledge. He missed Debi and the kids during this trip, and upon returning said that they would all go the next time. Everyone here today can relate a story about how Stuart has made an impact on his or her life. The website is a testament to this. The Quans have been reading the e-mails, and they are most grateful. Debi, Brandon, and Regan were his shining stars. Debi and Stuart balanced their home life with their dojo life and we could see that being parents brought even more fulfillment to their life, and a new dimension and meaning to Debi’s and Stuart’s teaching. Family was most important to Stuart. He emphasized this when he would ask his students at the end of each rank test to bow to their families for thanks and to pay their respects. Stuart would then thank Ducky, Joyce, and his family for encouraging and supporting him throughout his martial arts career. Students and parents all benefited from hearing these words at each test. The Quan family has always opened their arms to everyone. Now it is time for all of us to open our arms and embrace them, and help guide them in the days and years ahead. I believe I can say, on behalf of everyone here today, thank you Stuart for enriching our lives. Your spirit will be with us forever. Eulogy by Timothy Carlo.

Timothy Carlo

I will never forget my good friend. He was loved by all in the martial arts community. Rest in peace and may God Bless Your Family.

Charlie Lee

Godspeed in heaven Stuart and bless your family. You were and continue to be a difference maker.

Brian Enos

Stuart, I will never forget you. We had a lot of good times. See you in heaven bro! May the force stay with you! God bless you and your family. With all due repect, Your friend, Chucky Lee Currie

Chucky Currie

What A loss to our Martial Arts World. One of the best , we will miss him greatly. God works His wonders in ways we cannot understand, but God takes care of the good ones. Stuart Quan was one of the good ones. Rest in peace

Grand Master Greg Tearney

I’m Ricky, Stuart’s older brother. You know, of course I was the one that started Stuart out in the martial arts. It was way back when Stuart was little. He was always bugging me to work out with him in the backyard every day –to teach him some of the things I was learning in Kung Fu class at the Old Fay Wah Club in Fresno’s Chinatown being taught by Mr. Lin. You could see the dedication in him even then. But after that, I can take no credit for what Stuart became. Stuart turned his interest and desire into a passion that could not be supressed. And he did that all his own way. I went away to college to pursue an academic career, and he went on to pursue excellence and mastery over his mind and body and to win distinction on the Karate tournament circuit. He trained his youthful spirit to always be learning, to always be making new connections and finding new answers, and to develop a philosophy all his own. Mind, Body, Spirit. And later on, he was to teach and inspire others to do the same. In doing so, he fulfilled a father’s dream of a Nationally and Internationally recognized champion. As Ducky says “He was the top of his field.” In doing so, he created Stuart Quan’s Bushido Kai, a Karate School of the highest order, respected by all, and holding to the highest standards. In doing so, he fostered a loyal extended family, the Dojo Family, whom he loved and who loved him. And together they created their own traditions as all close families do. In doing so, he inspired countless others through his reputation, his acting and stunt-work…even his standup comedy. In doing so, he chose a beautiful and talented partner in life, and together they created two beautiful children, the apple of their grandparents’ eye. But above all, what stood out always was his caring and compassion for others. You all know what I’m talking about. And for me, in no place was this more evident than when our parents came down with heart problems shortly after that magical trip to China. Stuart was tireless in his efforts to help keep everyone positive and moving forward. It meant cajoling Ducky to be a better patient. It meant being encouraging and working with Joyce to do the things she needed to do in order to regain her independence after surgery. It meant talking with and really listening to my sister Kathy and Me, and respecting our opinions and feelings, while at the same time being mindful of his own obligations to Debi and Brandon and Regan. Stuart did all these things. Nothing throws a family together more and prompts family members to really talk with each other, than when there is a crisis affecting one or more of them. You end up talking about things you never thought you would have to. There were times when we started out with a difference of opinion on a particular subject. But Stuart and I always ended a conversation with both of us being on the same page, and with both of us feeling good about the talk. You also talk about things you’d always hoped you would someday. And in these last few months I gained a better understanding of and appreciation for my brother Stuart, and he gained a better understanding of and appreciation for me. Last Friday, in fact one week ago, he and I talked for over two hours. We talked about a lot --about our past as little kids growing up, about our present lives with spouses and families, and about the future. At the end of it, I felt he and I had become closer than we had ever been. And then this happened. And he was gone. And the first thing I said to Stuart in the funeral home when I saw him was, “Stuart why did you leave us now? Now, when we need you so much?” But then I remembered---that caring and compassion for each other that Stuart showed us---that is what is going to see us through. That and our faith in God. And for all of us now---remembering to be caring and compassionate to each other, as he would have been---is what will see us through this tragic loss. I am so very grateful for the lessons Stuart taught me in the way he lived his life. I think we all are. Stuart, we will miss you. But your shining spirit will live on in us all forever. Be well, my brother. Eulogy Delivered by Rick Quan at Stuart’s Funeral January 13, 2006

Rick Quan

with respect, God Bless Rest In Peace.

David Tomasulo

To be honest, I haven"t visited this site very often. Everytime I log-in, I just can"t get very far before I have to shut it off. Stuart and I were more than just brother and sister. Our minds thought as one. Whenever we"d see a hawk circling high up in the sky or experience a spectacular sunset, we"d just look at each other and smile. We both knew what each other was thinking and feeling at that very moment without even saying a word. To say that I will terribly miss Stuart is a huge understatement. Stuart and I had a very special connection...through family, personal goals, and spirituality, as well as karate. I find comfort knowing that Stuart is just a prayer away and he"ll always watch over me, but I"ll still miss him. "I Love You, Stu. Play with Kuma for me." Me ke aloha, Kathy

Kathryn Doi (Quan)

Wow! What an incredible legacy Stuart has left. Only the truly great people leave such an impressive positive impact on those they come in direct or even indirect contact with. We too were one of the numerous lucky families that were blessed with being able to be touched by Stuart’s love of life, energy, skill, strength, passion, generosity, spirit, and love. Stuart and the many qualities with which he has touched us will always be in our hearts and souls. Much love and comfort to the entire Quan family. The Sue Family

The Sue Family Wanted to make sure the family saw these too


Stuart you were an angel, sent here to mend people"s lives. you did your good deeds & untimely called by God. I feel blessed to get to know you during the times i brought my kids to Dojo. Especially my son Sukhjeet for eight years. I will never forget when Sukhjeet will take time off from Dojo, you will call my home to tell him to start back & will give him private lessons to catch up. You had a amazing vision to see in kids hearts & work on what they need. I know you are watching over your students & your family.You will be greatly missed & live on forever through the lives you have touched. Dear Debby If he is missed so much by all these people I can not imagine your loss. Who are needed most here are needed most by God. I am sure Brandon & Ragen will follow the footsteps of their great dad. God is watching over you & kids. May God give strength to you, kids, Kathy & his parents go through this tough time. Daljeet Batth

Daljeet Batth

My son Michael studied karate under Stuart from 1991-1993, when we moved from California back to Oklahoma. His sister, Julie, studied from 1992-1993. Both Michael and Julie were inspired by Stuart"s dignity and respect. Due to the encouragement from Stuart, Kathy, and Debi, and the love they had for them, they continued their martial arts training in Oklahoma. Michael received his black belt and Julie her red belt. They both felt Stuart"s guidance during their training and value it as adults. As their parent, I will always be grateful that Stuart was part of my children"s lives. My condolences to the entire Quan family.

Diane Banasiak

I have come to this site learning, for the first time, who Stuart was and that he was in some of the greatest movies of all time. I would like to offer my prayers and love to the family and friends of Stuart. With love, LeeAnn & all from World Marial Arts Academy Port Charlotte, FL

LeeAnn Arney

Sensei Stuart, thank you for being like a father to me. I will never forget the life changing lessons I learned from you while growing up and training in the dojo. You were there for me when I needed guidance the most and I can"t express enough appreciation for that. I went to you as a kid with the naive hopes of learning how to fight and ended up leaving the dojo for college having found so much more: a second family, self-confidence, discipline, and most importantly, a drive to live life to the fullest. I am thankful for the time I was able to spend with you and everything did for me. I will always miss you, my dear friend, mentor, and sensei. My sincere condolences to the entire Quan family.

Sukhjeet "Steve" Batth

Sensei Stuart, thank you for being like a father to me. I will never forget the life changing lessons I learned from you while growing up and training in the dojo. You were there for me when I needed guidance the most and I can"t express enough appreciation for that. I went to you as a kid with the naive hopes of learning how to fight and ended up leaving the dojo for college having found so much more: a second family, self-confidence, discipline, and most importantly, a drive to live life to the fullest. I am thankful for the time I was able to spend with you and everything you did for me. I will always miss you, my dear friend, mentor, and sensei. My sincere condolences to the entire Quan family.

Sukhjeet "Steve" Batth

I"ve never personly msst Master Stuart Quan,but seen him many times compete. This was in the 1980"s what I refer to as the Golden era of the Martial Arts. I was heavy into compition at that time.What a wonderful Martial Artist he was, I feel that I lost a dear brother in the Martial Arts and will surely miss him.My heart goes out to you Miss Quarn and your family. be of good courage Iknow that God will comfort your heart.Peace to you and your family. Jim Muse

Jim Muse

I"ve never personly msst Master Stuart Quan,but seen him many times compete. This was in the 1980"s what I refer to as the Golden era of the Martial Arts. I was heavy into compition at that time.What a wonderful Martial Artist he was, I feel that I lost a dear brother in the Martial Arts and will surely miss him.My heart goes out to you Miss Quarn and your family. be of good courage Iknow that God will comfort your heart.Peace to you and your family. Jim Muse

Jim Muse

It has been two weeks ago today that we said our goodbyes to Stuart, but as you can see from this website, he is still on our minds and in our hearts. This website has given us the opportunity to share our memories and thoughts on how Stuart touched so many lives. The magnitude of what he meant to so many is overwhelming. Here is one more story to share and each time I tell it, the reactions cover a wide range of emotions. It was the night of Stuart"s service and one of his movies, "Big Trouble in Little China" was playing on the TV. I thought to myself, someone must have contacted a TV station to play it in honor of Stuart. When we looked at the Direct TV guide, it was scheduled to play three times in a row and it had been scheduled in advance for a month! Thank you Stuart for giving us a legacy of fact, fiction, and dreams.

Patricia (Leong)Davis

We will miss you every much and always remember how we feel of losing a student or instructor and them entering a new level of martial arts in spirit.we thank you for letting sensei stephanie fighting in the men"s black belt level, that trophy will always be a memeory of you.

Sensei joseph & stephanie ferris

I"m so sorry to hear about Stuart"s passing. He was a friend -- a very good friend and someone I"ll miss dearly. I will always have Stuart and his family in my heart and in my mind.

Nolan Adams

When Nolan told me of Stuart"s passing -- my brain froze for several minutes and, as he continued to speak, I found myself in such profound disbelief that I could not form a coherent thought. Stuart -- so alive and vibrant -- died?? Although I had not seen or talked with Stuart in decades, I remember so well his quick wit, infectious laughter, brilliant smile, passion for excellence and literally quite amazing physical skill. I remember also how close the family was and, I"m sure, still is. I extend my profound sympathy at this difficult time. May you all be comforted in the embrace of God"s love and may Stuart live on in our memories and actions -- and most of all may he live forever in God"s peace. The world is so blessed to have known him even if for such a short while.

Marie (Binder) Taylor

After being forwarded an email about the news on Stuart, I was immediately shocked! We have lost an amazing Martial Artist and a friend to all those who knew him. I only had the pleasure of knowing and competition against Mr. Quan back in the day! You knew you better have your " A " game when it came to competing against him! My heart and prayers go to his family and dojo. Arigato and God Bless Wayne E. Smith Hana Dai Ichi Karate Association (AZ)

Wayne E Smith

Stuart, I miss you and will never forget you. Sensi Stuart I will always be your student and follow your teachings, you will always be a part of me, thank you, your friend Casey

Casey Mauldin

Stuart, my client, my friend. How saddened I am so hear of your an age which no one should be leaving but still achieving. You are truly a hero , a great spirit and presence on the screen as well as in my heart. You were known to many and a terrific friend to all. I will miss you greatly but always carry your wisdom and friendship within me. My deepest condolences to all of your family. May your essence continue to inspire us all

Jeffrey Loseff

My condolences to the Quan family and to his student. The lost of a love one and/or an instructor is a painful experience. However, our lost is heaven"s gain. His spirit is now one with god and will always be with us! Your memeory will be with us until we meet again. I often remember and think of the old days. Competiting in the U.S Top Ten and CKL Tournament Circuit. Good Bye My Friend... Sensei Jose D. Hernandez

Sensei Jose D. Hernandez

I was a student of yours a while back when I was about 8 or 9. I didn"t really get to know you because you taught the adults most of the time. However reading all the comments left for you made me realize how many lives you touched. I am sort of jealous that i didn"t have the opportunity to get to know you at all. I really needed a mentor back then. But now you encourage me to touch as many lives as you have. God bless your soul.

Long Vo

Dear Debi, I never had the opportunity to meet Stuart but he was definitely at the top of my list of "who I have GOT to meet." My heart is so heavy for you and your family. My beautifuly mother--the most important person in my life--passed away last year and it was a tremendous blow. So I know all too well what you are going through. But like me, you will find comfort in your faith, family, and friends. I found this prayer very comforting and I encourage you to say it: "We give back to you, O God, those whom you gave to us. You did not lose them when you gave them to us and we do not lose them by their return to you. Your dear Son has taught us that life is eternal and love cannot die, so death is only a horizon and a horizon is only the limit of our sight. Open our eyes to see more clearly and draw us close to you that we may know that we are nearer to our loved ones, who are with you. You have told us that you are preparing a place for us; prepare us also for that happy place, that where you are we may also be always, Oh dear Lord of life and death..Amen" I"ll pray for you and your family. And I"ll have my Mom comfort him as well. God Bless, Mr. Stace Sanchez from KICKPICS

Mr. Stace Sanchez

I was in the first after school program they had at Awahnee some years ago. Stuart was the kindest person I have met. He was willing to help with anything. Only having spent but a few months with him I can only Imagine the tremendous Loss that every one else is enduring. To Debbie and family I would like to send my deepest condolences in your time of sorrow. I will always remember what a GREAT MAN he was and will always be. His life was too short, but in the amount of time he was here he accomplished so much and touched so many lives he will never be forgoten. I am truly sorry for your loss.

Crystal Gehrke

God has blessed your family in many ways. May he continue to bless your family.

Charles J. Gabriel

My deepest condolences to Stuart Quan"s family and students. We send love and prayers from all of My family, freinds, Aloha O" Hawaii, and Agape Martial Arts. Master Frank T. Leon-Guerrero

Frank T. Leon-Guerrero

I met Stuart when I was training in the mountains under a student of Stuart"s named Frank. We"d have to go to the dojo in Fresno to get our next belt. Stuart always had a smile and willing to help with anything. I remember how proud he was when the group from the hills took home four trophies from an invitational in Irvine, Ca. It"s a great loss not only to friends and family, but to the martial arts world as well. My deepest sympathies. Sincerely David Agbisit

David Sean Agbisit

Sensie Stuart, You"ve changed all of our lives in the most positive ways imaginable. Thank you for the lessons and the memories. Your spirit will continue to live within all of us. You will forever be missed. You are, and will always be the greatest teacher for martial arts and life to all of your students. Thank you, Sensei. How fortunate I am to be able to call you my sensei. How fortunate I have had the chances of training for years with you. How fortunate I am to have known you outside the dojo on a more personal level. As I look back, my life is blessed because I have encountered you. I will never forget the "Chili"s conversations," trampolines in the living room, dojo sleepovers, the Vegas trips, Hawaii trip, and countless other trips, horses on the bridge, the Mountain, the out-trips, the sweats, training, classes, tears and all the moments I"ve had the priviledge to share with you. The dojo students are the luckiest people in the world. And our stories will continue. On Friday, January 13th, 2006, we cried with the greatest sadness on your physical departure from this world. On Friday, January 13th, 2006, we also celebrated with the greatest joy of your life of eternity -- You will FOREVER be part of our lives. Thank you Sensei. With the greatest admiration and respect. Howard Cheung

Howard Cheung

I was a student of Sensai Quan as a young man, his teachings and wisdom have stayed with me through out my life, my deepest condolances to the entire Quan family, this is a poem by Dylan Thomas that has helped me through some hard times, maybe it can help some of you, RIP Stuart... And death shall have no dominion. Dead men naked they shall be one With the man in the wind and the west moon; When their bones are picked clean and the clean bones gone, They shall have stars at elbow and foot; Though they go mad they shall be sane, Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again; Though lovers be lost love shall not; And death shall have no dominion. And death shall have no dominion. Under the windings of the sea They lying long shall not die windily; Twisting on racks when sinews give way, Strapped to a wheel, yet they shall not break; Faith in their hands shall snap in two, And the unicorn evils run them through; Split all ends up they shan"t crack; And death shall have no dominion. And death shall have no dominion. No more may gulls cry at their ears Or waves break loud on the seashores; Where blew a flower may a flower no more Lift its head to the blows of the rain; Though they be mad and dead as nails, Heads of the characters hammer through daisies; Break in the sun till the sun breaks down, And death shall have no dominion.


What a huge loss for our martial arts community. I just moved to Tucson from Hawaii to open my own school. I rememeber seeing Mr. Quan compete for the first time. What was comforting to know that he never loss his humble spirit, no matter how good he became and he was very good. He was certainly a bright spot in our martial arts family. Thank you Mr. Quan for being a tremendous influence on my life.

Herman Kepani Jr

It was quite a while back that I practiced under Sensei Quan, but the impression he left upon me will never fade. He was an amazing man, in both his craft and his love for all who shared it with him. I remember his father and Debi, his fondness for them was abundantly clear. Kathy, an incredible spirit and strength, you were an idol as he was. The experiences I shared and my time spent with Stuart and the others are still vivid in my memories. More now than ever, I think back and realize the greatness I was privileged to witness. Beyond the incredible strength and power, there was a very gentle and caring man who children all loved instantly. I was one of them. To Debi, my most sincere thoughts are with you now. Kathy, you helped mold me into the person I am today. My time there was short, but left an indelible mark on me. I have never forgotten about you or Stuart and I never will.

Jason Kentros

Hey Stuart, todays my birthday and 14 years ago I still remember at the end of my brother"s class you had set up someone to get me a clown ice cream cone for my birthday. I can still remember it vividly in my mind. I remember the class, I remember everyone singing, I remember everyone wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you for everything you"ve shared with me. Thank you Debi for being there for me as well. I can still even remember my red belt test when I didn"t break it with a reverse punch and you used your nails to mark a X where i had to hit it on the board. I still wasn"t able to break it, but the following year I broke it with ease. thank you so much. All the memories will be with me forever.

Jason Ryan Kong

Thank you sensi for taeching me how to do martial arts. I love you and God bless you and your family.

Bruce Heu

I never had the pleasure of meeting Stuart, but know many people who did, and I followed his career with great intrest, he was a great Martial Artist and a good man. God bless you and your family Master Paul Drury

Master Paul Drury

Our son, Seamus studied with Debi & Stuart from kindergarten until we moved from Clovis to Stockton when Seamus was in 5th grade. He completed his "junior" brown belt before we left the area. I can still remember the thrill of watching Seamus break the board that Sensei Stuart held. Our son has carried with him many lessons learned in the dojo. It was last week that Seamus decided to look up his Sensei and dojo and discovered this shocking news. So many of us carry the dojo family in our hearts and are sending our heartfelt condolences, love, admiration to the entire Quan family. We were also fortunate to have adopted Wicket, one of the puppies born of Debi & Stuart"s dogs. The dojo family was always with us with Wicket. Our thoughts are with all of you.

Patti Kennedy-Gormly

It pained me dearly to have heard about the passing of a great Martial Artist. Mr Stuart Quan. I remember the time I got to compete against Stuart at a tournament in New York and he had very little trouble beating me. What impressed me the most was that after the event he came up to me and hugged me. He tolded me that I was good and to keep training. At that moment he gained a trust that I rarely gave to other Martial Artist at the time.
The the Martial Arts community has lost a rare individual. He will be forever missed.

Carlos Muniz

To The Quan Famliy. No word can express the change that has come! I would like to send my prayer to Family,friends and the world .Sensi Quan touch the world.His spirit lives in everyone who was touch, who has seen Him loves and amirered Teacher Quan Your SPIRIT LIVES! God Bless Micheal (The Machine )Wilson.

Micheal (The Machine) Wilson

Our martial arts history brought us great leaders and people who helped shape the industry. Sensei Stuart Quan, was one of these martial artists. I remember his martial arts skills when he was competing and the trail of his accomplishments throughout the years. I wish his family and friend’s strength and peace and USA Martial Arts extends our prayers to all that love him. Master Jim L. Buhisan

Jim L. Buhisan

Stuart... You were like a father to my best friend. You also, were my hero in both the martial arts, and movie/tv fantasies for quite a while. It was an honour to know you, to have met you. I am deeply saddened that i will not be able to train under you personally, however i know that your students, and especially your wife, will do an excellent job in passing on what you taught, those life lessons, even more important than any style of martial arts. My feelings go out to your family, that they may live on strong throught the years. I know, that right now you are learning everything that you can, so that when we all arrive there, that you may share with us what you learn there, just like you did here. We all loved you Stuart Stay strong everyone...

Mason E. Monson

I am moved by the number of people Stuart"s life has touched. I knew Stuart in our Jr High and HS days. As so many have attested, he was a gem of a guy. I have always admired his passion. I look forward to a reunion in heaven. Blessings of comfort and hope to those who must live on without him. Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher

Stuart Quan was an incredible influence in my life as well as my brother Greg. Not only because of the discipline he instilled in us at such a young age but because he also believed us. I will always admire Stuart for the "Faith" that he had and how he lived it. I also want to send my love and prayers for Debbie and the kids. Debbie you were such an unbelievable friend always to us. Looking over these pictures makes me realize how deeply I miss you all. I know God will provide you the strength you need during this time and upcoming years. What an example you both have been to so many people. Jaime Beard (Joseph)

Jaime Beard

Stuart was my Uncle and Father Figure to me. I am with Brandon and Regan every day after school. It makes me really sad to see them grow up not really remember their dad, so if anyone has any touching stories please e-mail me at or I am going to write a book for Brandon and Regan and give it to them when they are old enough to read it and picture what their dad was like. I feel this is my responsibility because I know one day they will ask me "What was my dad like?" and I know that now if they do, I will be able to give them this book and tell them that he was one of the most awesome people in the world. Thanks, Alexis N. Brown

Alexis N. Brown

Stuart Quan was impressive to watch in competition, it was he that introduced me to the "Spinning Sickles". I only got to spend time with him at tournaments, but he always had time to take a moment and talk with me. He will be surely missed at the House of Discipline... and to those who have had the opportunity to be graced by his presence.

James McMurray

Your spirit is and was a guiding force for many. Thanks for the memories of days past and the inspiration found in them to excel. I extend the deepest and warmest thoughts to your family.

Douglas Hale

I competed against Stuart a few times in the late 1980"s. I was just a local weapons competitor in Southern California and Stuart was a National Champion but he was always very kind and humble and he never made me feel that I was any less than he was. He was always generous with his knowledge and always gave pointers when asked. He was always a gentleman and was a great martial artist. Sensei William Christopher Ford

William Christopher Ford

I never had the Honor of meeting Stuart Quan but I am a fan of His. As a fellow Martial Artist it is sad to hear about the passing of a truely great man. Men like Quan are a inspiration to all and especially to those in the martial arts. I was deeply sadend when I heard about Quan and my deepest condolences to Quans" family and His students. May God be with you and protect you.

Stacy Crow Morse

On behalf of my husband, GM Tino Tuiolosega and the Limalama community, we wish to extend our deepest sympathy to Debi Quan and her family.

Adele Tuiolosega

In the late 80"s I had my first martial arts experience with Stuart at his dojo. I would stop by during the day and Stu and I would sit for hours discussing anything and everything. I hadn"t spoke to Stuart in years, but recently I have been thinking alot about our Heart to heart talks, I think he called them "Shin-Shins". Today I found out Stuart was gone, and an overwhelming sadness took hold. I haven"t spoke with Stuart in at least 15 years but his spirit is still in my life, and always will be. My condolances to the family, Stuart was an exceptional spirit who will be missed.

Steven Williams

Our sincere condolences to you and your loved ones He was a wonderful Martial Artist He will be missed God bless Sensei Kevin McMurtry

Kevin McMurtry

I love you dad. I miss you. You sure are a great dad. I miss you a lot and I bet your doing great. You don"t know how happy I will be when I see you in heaven and I hope that you will come in to my dreams. I love you so much. I really loved you and I hope that you will be the same in heaven when I get there - and when I get to heaven, I hope I will be the same as when you left us so you will remember me. I will never forget you dad...Love Brandon

Brandon Quan

dear debi, i am so shocked and saddened to learn of stuart"s death. i was a ninja with him in the james bond film. i feel such a loss of a beautiful, positive man for this community. with deep remorse, diane hsu

I never had the pleasure of meeting Master Quan but I knew of him. In the 80"s he was the one everyone wanted to beat and yet everyone wanted to be like. He shined brightly in the martial arts world and he influenced so many martial artists around the country like myself. I was shocked and sadden to hear of his passing. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and the many who loved and admired him for the incrediable human being he was. God keep you all. I. Aguilar Japan Martial Arts Association of New York

Ismael Aguilar

Dear Sensei, It"s mid-April, and I will always remember the time when you, Debi and I shared the most important conversation that changed my life. It took place 10 years ago, in the month of April, at Chili"s. I still talk to all my friends about it, and use it as an example to help others. Thanks for being such an influential person in my life. I am a better person because of you.

Howard Cheung

I thought that he was such a gifted actor and that he was a really awsome martial arts artist! He will forever be missed!

Marisa Rindlisbacher

It seems that people that love martial arts by heart do care for each other and that`s, what it is" cares for someone that left footprints on earth with a thesis: People who understood him wanted him to stay forever, like the impossible dream" maybe" to be continue in heaven" In the name of our lord "JESUSCHRIST" WE STAY TO CONTINUE HIS AND OUR MISSION" AMEN, Edgar Serrano Orta

Edgar Serrano Orta

As a youngster, Stuart Quan was one of the first champions I read about in Karate Illustrated during the 80"s. I was awestruck the first time I saw him perform. He was one of the early originators of extreme form. All instructors should honor the memory of this fine man by teaching this generation of his accomplishments. If it weren"t for Stuart, there would be no creative forms. God Bless you and your family. Peace.

Michael Tull

I did not know Sensei Quan personally, but I was familiar with his work as well as his philosophies, as I have been involved in the martial arts for the past 15 years. I along with the rest of the Martial Arts will mourn his passing as another great warrior has passed on. *Jing Ch"i Shen*

Vinnie Pontillo

I am familiar with stuart, from the film big trouble in little china, as it was my favourite film of all time, to hear of this has touched me. God bless.

paul markowski

I was shocked to hear of the passing of Stuart Quan. I enjoyed watching him compete in the early 80"s on the tournament circuit. God bless you and your family,

Tessa Gordon

I,m very sorry about your loss. Stuart was a great guy. Down to earth and easy to talk to. I met Him and Debi at my dad"s funeral in Heber City in "97 and in Auburn Washington "99. Only twice I saw him, but I remember Stuart. Do you remember me? Been a long time.

Joe Fabian

Very shocked to hear of our loss.But we gained so much from his presence.We honor him. Liahona Warrior Arts

Rocky R Twitchell

I didn"t find out about the passing of my dear friend Stuart until mid-April and it"s taken me until now, mid-May to come terms in a small way what happen. I miss him. He was a great friend and better person. We should all strive to be half the man he was. Most of all I will remember his smile which rest safely in my heart. Debie my condolences and sympathy. We spoke and you know I"m there.

steven kravitz

Debi"s poignant speech at Stuart"s memorial service can be viewed here:

Keith Jackson

We seldom truly and fully appreciate that which lights our way in our journey through life until we experience some darkness. All too often we take for granted the gift of goodness that is given to us in our friends and family for far too short a time.
I join my family, friends and students in offering condolences to Stuart"s loved ones. Stuart, to you I can only say thank you for all you"ve done for the arts and those of us in it; we are better for it. Full Salute!

Joel B. White

I"m very sorry for the loss of a great Sensei to many. I Thank Sensei Stuart for sending me a wonderful Sensei from his teachings Brian Sortor has learned from the Best Sensei and I believe that he will teach us everything that he has learned from Stuart. And he will live on in everyones hearts and dojo"s evrerywhere forever.

Tammy May

It is not until I found this site to find that you were gone. You were the brother of my second grade teacher, and my sister, Caitie, says that she is the reason why she is successful in multiplication and you were a very nice man and that she misses you. I truly miss you, too. Mrs. Doi, if you happen to come across this message, I want to say thank you for a great year in second grade. I miss Fresno and Fort Washington Elementary. You were a great teacher and I miss you, too. I was a blue belt when I left Fresno to return to Pueblo where I was born. I still have it now. I am 13 years old now and I hope that you have not forgotten about me or my family. I"ve loved karate and I still do. You and your brother make karate a big deal and exciting. Sensei Stuart, my family misses you so much. You and your dojo was the first thing I thought about before I moved. I thought of joining in karate here in Pueblo, but I constantly refuse for it would not be the same.

Alexander Taylor

I knew Stuart and his family in the 80"s and early 90"s. Stuart was always so positive and friendly. He shined bigger than life and always had something deeper to share with you in thought and spirt. I have many fond memories and feel very lucky to have studied under Stuart. The spiritual experiences I had with Stuart, Debi and his American Indian friend Frank, among the Giant Redwoods, will live in my heart forever. My heart goes out to Debi, kathy and all the Quan family.

Douglas Thornton

I was overcome with grief and shock when I learned about Sensei Stuart"s untimely passing. Ever since I moved away from Fresno, I lost touch with the old dojo on First and Bullard... and when I looked him up online, only to discover he had passed away 7 months prior... all I could ask was how could this have happened?
As a kid in the 5th grade, I remember being in constant awe of Sensei Stuart. His physical conditioning, discipline, and charisma seemed larger than life, and although I hadn"t seen him in years, I always considered him my sensei.
I hope I never forget the lessons I learned from him. Thank you, Sensei Stuart... for everything.

Michael Wang

Today is our 15th Wedding Anniversary, and last week Regan turned 2 and had a little party. She had a great time and Brandon did too. I cherish the smiles and joy that I see in the children, especially since you left. Brandon"s smile is becoming happier little by little. It"s been so difficult for him losing his dad, best friend, hero and the one who can teach him full twisters, which as you know is my weakness. Butterflies o.k. Twisters no good! All day my thoughts have been on you. I felt compelled to visit your website because I feel close to you and find comfort through all of these beautiful and heartfelt messages. I love you so much and miss you so much and the children do to. Regan still calls out for "dad" and points to your picture. Life is so different without you Stuart - but we"re finding our way and we"ll be o.k. We"ve got great kids with strong spirits. I hope you can see them. Happy Anniversary my love...I love you.

Debi Q.

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Martial Arts Community Loses a Champion
Former National Forms Champion Stuart Quan, 43,
Dies of Unknown Causes
Fresno, CA -- According to a report by KFSN-TV, Fresno martial artist and Hollywood actor Stuart Quan died suddenly here on January 8 while returning home from a snowboarding trip to Sierra Summit. He was only 42.
Quan lost consciousness while riding in the back of a car. His friends tried to revive him as paramedics rushed to the scene, but he died.
Quan owned a long-standing karate studio in North Fresno, teaching students of all ages. He was a national-ranked forms champion in the early 1980s. His expertise landed him roles in movies and TV shows, such as Lethal Weapon 4, Dragnet and Home Improvement.
At press time, an autopsy was scheduled to find out the exact cause of death. Meanwhile, Quan is being remembered by thousands of people whose lives he touched.

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Stuart Quan and David Wald: Sydney, Australia - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1994). A hero on the screen and a hero in real life. I will miss you bro.

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