Graciella Casillas

Graciela Casillas, Black Belt Hall of Fame inductee, Women of the Year,has earned international acclaim as one of the world's top martial artist, and as a teacher of the art of self-defense. Casillas's 37 years as student, instructor, and professional competitor has giver her an eclectic approach to the martial arts which she shares with students at home and abroad.
Casillas was the first athlete to simultaneously hold world titles in the two different sports of boxing and kickboxing. After retiring undefeated with a record of 31-0, 18 K's she dedicated herself to teaching Defensive Tactics to law enforcement personnel and women's self defense courses emphasizing the psychological and mental aspects of self-defense. In 2006 she also became a World Champion in Filipino Stick Fighting. She has trained in a diversity of styles and is a certified Defensive Tactics Trainer who specializes in working with the small‚ officer and in teaching women's self defense. She is a court approved expert witness on issues relating to edge weapons, and a graduate of Executive Security International (ESI) an elite training program for executive protection specialists. She is also one of a few women to graduate from the Lethal Force Institute and is a certified NRA instructor. Casillas was the first and only women to be certified to the advanced instructors level in Serrada Escrima, a close quarter combative system of self-defense under the late Grand Master Angel Cabales. She also holds black belts in Kenpo and Jujitsu. Her devotion to the martial arts, coupled with an advanced degree in education, has led her to dedicate herself to the promotion of the art as a teacher and writer. In her role as teacher, Casillas has incorporated knowledge acquired from various arts, including her own personal and professional experiences to formulate a state of the art and highly effective personal defense system. When not practicing or teaching martial arts, works full time as a professor at Oxnard College. She has developed the curriculum for the martial arts program offered at the college. Devotion to the martial arts, coupled with the desire to teach self-esteem and confidence-building principles is what motivates her to work with women and teenagers. She hopes to impart her experiences that may encourage others to dream and achieve their goals.

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Graciella Casillas

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Martial Arts Chronology

8/16/1980  Kickboxing World Title Fight. Site: Tijuana, Mexico. Sanction: WKA.
Division: Bantam. Winner: Graciela Casillas. Dec-7. Loser: Darlena Valdez.