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ge of 10 in my home town of Oconomowoc, WI (population, 10,000). Like other young people during that time, I was inspired by Kwai Chang Caine of the “Kung Fu” television series. Classes in “Korean Karate” were offered at our local community center and I begged my mom to let me enroll. Because I had quit several activities for which she had to foot the bill, the agreement was made that I could begin lessons if I paid for them myself. I gladly paid the $15 monthly tuition to get started; however, I spent the first month training in sweat pants and a t-shirt because I could not afford the uniform. I have always appreciated my mom’s decision to “allow” me to pay for my own lessons as it taught me such a valuable lesson. It didn’t matter to me how much it cost, from the first night I was hooked.
In August of 1977, I earned my 1st Degree Black Belt and by age 16 I had assumed the head instructor position of my community center school. In addition to teaching 3 nights per week, I would travel to Milwaukee the other three nights making the 60 mile round trip to train with my instructor, Grandmaster Jae Kyu Lee.

Upon graduation from high school, I accepted a football scholarship to Northwestern University. Those were NU’s “lean years” however; the martial arts spirit helped me to persevere through 4 years of getting pummeled by dominate Big Ten teams and enduring, with my teammates, a 7-37 record during that time.

Although I continued to train in martial arts throughout college, upon graduation, I entered the world of corporate America, accepting a sales management position with Procter & Gamble. I had a very rewarding and successful career with P&G, however, something was missing and in 1995 I left the corporate world to pursue my dream of owning and operating a professional martial arts school. That dream come true, the Family Martial Arts Center, now services over 500 active students and is one of the largest schools in the Denver area.

In 1998, I decided to return to Taekwondo Competition winning a Silver Medal in the USTU National Championships (Heavyweight Sparring ages 33-40). In 1999, I returned to win the Gold Medal for that same division.

In addition to running my school, I have also served as a NAPMA Regional Director, assisting other school owners in maximizing the productivity of their schools.

In August 2000, I tested for and was awarded my 6th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo by Grandmaster Lee and a 6th Dan in Superfoot Systems by my other instructor, former World Champion, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.

My wife Theresa and I have two sons, Joshua, age 19 and Jason, age 15. All are Black Belts and the boys are very active in the school.

I feel so honored and excited to part of the UBBT group. During my time with the team in July 2004, a fire for my training and personal development was rekindled and I look forward in training with and assisting each other to reach new and greater heights, not only in our martial arts training but, more importantly, in our lives as well.

List of Teachers: Grandmaster Jae Kyu Lee - Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace - Kicking, Flexibility and Kickboxing
Current Rank: 6th Dan - Tae Kwon Do/Superfoot Systems, 2nd Dan - Hapkido
Years of Training: 31
Other Skills: Motivational Speaking, Martial Arts Business Consultation
Years in Business: 9
# Students: 485
# Locatitons: 1
School Size: 5,400 sq ft
2 Children: Joshua, age 19 and Jason, age 15
I enrolled in UBBT to take myself, my staff, my students and business to levels never experienced before.

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