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Under the direct tutelage of Do Ju Nim, Ji Han Jae, Grandmaster MacKenzie has become the only Westerner to achieve the esteemed and prestigious 10th Degree Blackbelt in the art of Sin Moo Hapkido. Hapkido Founder Ji Han Jae, refers to MacKenzie as his son and has given Grandmaster MacKenzie the distinct honor of heading the growth, development & prosperity of the art of Sin Moo Hapkido in the United States & North America. Grandmaster MacKenzie opened his 1st Tae Kwon-Do, Hapkido & Kick-boxing Dojang in Southern New Jersey in 1982. His passion and unique talent in the art led him directly to Do Ju Nim, Ji Han Jae and to great success. His accomplishments are great in number and his knowledge of the art, unparalleled. Listed on "Our Staff" page are some of the more noteworthy accomplishments Grandmaster Ken MacKenzie has attained in his lifetime. While MacKenzie earned his fame throughout the Korean Karate community due to his role in the Hapkido world, it is the Korean art of Tae Kwon-Do which each of the MacKenzie's Karate Academies place their primary focus. Grandmaster MacKenzie has promoted 7 instructors to the esteemed rank of 4th Dan, Master in Tae Kwon-Do and has now promoted over 200 men, women & children to the rank of blackbelt!
Unlike many martial arts organizations that live and die by the styles they teach, competitions they run and belt tests that mark a student’s progress – Master MacKenzie will be the first to tell you that his organization is a family. When times are hard, your family comforts you, and when times are good, they celebrate with you. Master MacKenzie lives up to his student’s expectations as a master; but, more so because he lives what he teaches. He is patient with his students and humble before the masters under him. Perhaps this is why he has attracted such a rich and diverse – and lest we forget, talented – group of master instructors. These individuals embody a variety of styles as well as perspectives from the martial arts, and all of them have been enriched by Master MacKenzie who has given them the room and encouragement they needed in order to grow into their potential.
The true mark of a great man is that he is respected even by those whom he competes against. Other organizations invite Master MacKenzie even unto their worlds. This is because of his genuineness, which compels them to reach out and transcends petty squabbles – delivering both organizations into a feeling of brotherhood that has been so depleted in the hard-and-fast rules by which today’s martial arts businesses are run. There is nothing more to say about Grand Master MacKenzie except this: he is not only an exemplary Master, but an exemplary man – and for many of us, we are proud to have both qualities embodied in a man that cares more for us than he ever does for his own interests.

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Gradmaster MacKenzie and DoJuNim Ja Han Jae

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