Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly was an International Film Star. He has starred in twelve motion pictures, such as Enter the Dragon, Black Belt Jones and Three The Hardway. Just to name a few. Kelly has never made a film that didn't make money for the investors. Black Belt Jones was Warner Bros. highest grossing film ever in Singapore. After making Enter The Dragon, Warner Bros. was so impressed, they signed him to a three picture deal, plus an option on a television series. He was the first Martial Artist to sign this kind of deal with a major American motion picture studio.
Jim Kelly was one of the most influential Martial Arts film stars, ever. He has inspired and motivated people all over the world of all races and ethnicity. Kelly was the first black Martial Arts film star. Kelly gave young black kids hope and pride thru his movies, style and charisma. He made them believe they could be successful in life.

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Black Belt Times: Jim Kelly on Bruce Lee Fighting Skills | Black Belt Times  | Black Belt Magazine | 1/2013 |  Magazine Publication  | 

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Enter The Dragon

 | Featured on the Cover of Magazine  | Black Belt Magazine | 10/2013 |  Magazine Publication  | 

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Jim Kelly Interview w Phillip Siddiq Wonder Con 2010

Jim Kelly(Enter The Dragon) at Wonder Con 2010

Grandmaster Jim Kelly of Enter The Dragon talks MMA, Martial Arts, Boxing vs MMA, & Bruce Lee

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5/5/1946  Jim Kelly's Birthday