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Sophia Crawford was born and raised in London, England. She is a fraternal triplet and has an older brother and sister as well. Her father was an accomplished economics journalist and her mother a model and teacher.

After her mother died of cancer when Sophia was only twelve years old, Sophia went through quite a rebellious period, which paved the way for an early independent streak and a burning desire to travel.

Sophia got her first taste of show business as a teenager while backpacking across Asia with her sister. They traveled on an old school bus through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, and Nepal. After six months of exploring, they ended up in Thailand, where Sophia obtained work as a print model and English teacher. It was in Thailand that she landed her first small roles in film and commercials for the Asian market.

At the time, Hong Kong was still a British colony, and Sophia felt the bustling action film industry there was her best opportunity for securing more work. With only a plastic bag of clothes and very little money, she made a leap of faith and flew to Hong Kong.

Upon arriving in Hong Kong, she promptly looked up every casting studio listed in the Hong Kong phone directory. After landing her first film role there, she quickly discovered that in order to make it in Hong Kong action films she needed extensive martial arts skills. She soon began training hard every day with stuntmen from the Jackie Chan Group and other top Hong Kong stunt professionals.

She spent five years honing her skills, and became Hong Kong’s first full-time female villain, which ultimately landed her under the tutelage of Hong Kong’s well-known female action star, Yukari Oshima. Sophia became the first Western woman to join an all-Asian stunt group, Yukari’s Funky Action Crew. After fighting her way through over thirty action-packed movies, Sophia earned a reputation as the top female foil for Chinese actresses to battle with. However, as the approaching turnover of Hong Kong to the Chinese government loomed near, she decided to once again take a leap of faith and take the next step in her career by moving to Hollywood.

She soon found herself co-starring with acclaimed actors Patrick McNee and Robert Vaughn in an episode of the television series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, which was soon followed by another co-starring role in the American action film Sword of Honor.

During this period, Sophia met martial artist/stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt, who invited her to join the stunt team for The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers to portray the Pink Ranger and double actress Amy Jo Johnson.

Stepping out from behind the Power Ranger helmets, several of the Morphin’ stunt team alumni were later cast as lead actors in another Saturday morning children’s action adventure called WMAC Masters. The role of the character Chameleon went to Sophia, and soon the series found itself in a ratings battle with their old Power Rangers series.

Around this time, a new series based on the film Buffy: The Vampire Slayer was set to begin shooting its very first episode. Sophia was brought in to tackle the martial arts and stunts for the Buffy character and soon was again working with stunt coordinator/director Jeff Pruitt, who came aboard to choreograph the action scenes and fights. During the ensuing four years, Sophia performed every single fight as the hard-hitting Slayer, and the series became a worldwide hit.

After leaving Buffy, Sophia continued making action scenes by portraying the villainess in the film US Seals 2, and making guest appearances on more televisions series, including Sheena: Queen of the Jungle and others. She continues stunt-doubling music icon Madonna and actress Poppy Montgomery from the series Without a Trace, as well as performing stunts for Fergie (of the Black Eyed Peas) and many other actresses.

Today Sophia resides in Los Angeles, with her partner Jeff Pruitt and their two dogs, Kato and Suki. She is an active member of the United Stuntwomen’s Association.

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