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Hwa Rang chivalry endured throughout the Silla and Koryo dynasties and was the driving force that unified the Korean peninsula and formed the basis for the modern state of Korea. In 1392, General Sung Kye Yi overthrew the Koryo Dynasty and established the Yi Dynasty. The prevailing religion of the time was Confucianism, which forced the Buddhist monks to seek refuge in the mountains. As a result, the Hwa Rang Do culture {Society of the Hwa Rang - Flowering Manhood or Flowering Knights} disappeared for 600 years. The secrets of their martial art were passed from one monk to one disciple {generation by generation} in secrecy. In the 1940's, the last monk, Suahm Dosa {aka Suahm Sunsa}, began teaching his only two disciples at the So Gwang Sa Temple in North Korea. These lone disciples were Joo Bang Lee and his brother Joo Sang Lee. Suahm Dosa was a friend of the Lee's father, who asked him to train his sons in his martial art.
In 1960, Dr. Joo Bang Lee created and founded his own martial art system {combining the spirit and philosophy of the Hwa Rang with his martial arts knowledge) and named it HWA RANG DO {translated to mean "The Way of the Flowering Manhood". Do - represents "the way" or the "martial art"}.
In 1962, the Lee Brother's founded the Korean Martial Arts Association {Han Kuk Mu Sul Hwe - shortened name Kuk Sul Hwe).
Due to various conflicts within the leadership of the Korean Martial Arts Association it was disbanded in 1966 and its original members started their own respective organizations.
In 1967, at the request of President Park, HWA RANG DO Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee organized the unification of the Korean martial arts and directed the Unified Korean Martial Arts Exposition on May 27, 1968 at the Jang Chung Sports Arena in Seoul. These martial arts included HWA RANG DO , Kuk Sool Kwan, Song Mu Kwan Hapkido, Shin Mu Kwan Hapkido, Bi Sool, Ki Hap Do, Ki Do, Yu Sool, Yu Kwan Sool.
At this time, Master Yong Sool Choi {Founder of Hapkido} confered to Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee the rank of 8th dan degree Black Belt - the highest position in Hapkido.
Since it was difficult for all martial art organization leaders to agree on methods of administration, this organization was also disbanded shortly after the exposition.
Following the dissolution, HWA RANG DO Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee concentrated his efforts solely on the development of HWA RANG DO and the Korean Hwa Rang Do Association, to the exclusion of all other martial arts.
In 1968, Head Grandmaster Joo Sang Lee introduced HWA RANG DO to the United States of America. In 1972, Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee immigrated to America and founded the World Hwa Rang Do Association - based in Downey, California.
In 1990, Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee developed a subsidiary martial sport of HWA RANG DO and named it TAE SOO DO . It was a means of exposing HWA RANG DO to the vast majority of people who were not experienced in martial arts training as a form of recreation and self defense.
When Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee created HWA RANG DO as a martial arts instructional business, he also divided the curriculum into the dichotomies of moo-sul {martial art} and in-sul {healing art}. If one has the ability to cause injury or worse, then he/she must also have the ability to heal. Founder Dr. Lee is a licensed doctor of Oriental Medicine and he insists that all advanced practitioners of HWA RANG DO learn the healing arts as well as the combative aspects.
Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee created the categories of instruction named NAE GONG {internal power}, WAE GONG {external power}, MOO GI GONG {weapon power}, SHIN GONG {mental power}.
Today, Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee presides over the World Hwa Rang Do Association, Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters in Downey, California {USA}.

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Martial Arts Chronology

9/5/2013  Grandmaster Joo Bang Lee talks about history of the Korean martial arts

1/1/1977  Rainbow Publication's BLACK BELT MAGAZINE features Dojoo Nim Dr. Joo-Bang Lee on it's cover
5/8/1976  WHRDA Exhibition at Utah University
10/11/1975  HWA RANG DO Exhibition for American Cancer Society
5/7/1975  Arizona Governor, The Honorable Raul Castro, presented with an honorary Black Belt in HWA RANG DO
3/10/1975  U.S. Army Special Forces Training Program begins Hand-to-Hand Combat School conducted by Michael Echanis
12/25/1974  World Martial Art Demonstration & Expo - HWA RANG DO receives BEST MARTIAL ART AWARD.
10/1/1974  HWA RANG DO techniques taught to Instructors at L.A. County Sheriff's Academy
6/16/1974  The 15th World Hwa Rang Do Assoc. Martial Arts Championships & Expo is held.
1/9/1973  HWA RANG DO on Korea's TBC- TV Show
12/1/1972  PROBE MAGAZINE features Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo-Bang Lee on it's cover for the premiere issue
8/13/1972  NBC Documentary of HWA RANG DO Nae Gong Technique is produced for worldwide distribution.
8/1/1972  Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo-Bang Lee opens The World Hwa Rang Do Association Headquarters inDowney, CA.
7/16/1972  HWA RANG DO exhibition at the Oriental Culture Festival for the City of Los Angeles
7/15/1972  Rainbow Publication's BLACK BELT MAGAZINE features Grandmaster Joo-Sang Lee on it's cover
7/1/1972  HWA RANG DO Founder Dr. Joo-Bang Lee arrives in the United States of America -at this time there were 68 Hwa Rang Do schools in Korea.
2/1/1972  HWA RANG DO Demonstration for H. Humphrey Presidential Fundraising Campaign
12/1/1969  HWA RANG DO Demonstration on NBC-TV 's "The Steve Allen Show" - worldwide distribution
7/7/1969  Suahm Dosa passes on. Founder Dr. Joo-Bang Lee becomes the 58th heir to the title of Hwarang and Supreme Grandmaster
9/1/1968  Dr. Joo-Bang Lee receives LION'S AWARD - given to the Best Martial Artist in Korea. (Seoul, Korea)
8/15/1968  Head Grandmaster Joo-Sang Lee opens first HWA RANG DO Academy in USA. (Los Angeles, California)
8/1/1968  HWA RANG DO Demonstration Invitation for Japan's FUJI TV. (Tokyo, Japan)
5/27/1968  The Lee Brothers unify the Korean Martial Arts & Open Expo at the request of Korea's President Park.
Hwa Rang Do Founder Dr. Joo-Bang Lee receives highest rank of 8th Dan Degree in Hap Ki Do. (Seoul, Korea)
11/1/1962  The Lee Brothers found the Korean Martial Art Assoc. (Han Kuk MuSool Hwe)
10/3/1960  1st HWA RANG DO Open Martial Arts Expo is held at HWA RANG DO Hdqts. (Jong Ro, Seoul, Korea)
4/15/1960  Dr. Joo-Bang Lee founded the name HWA RANG DO
First HWA RANG DO HDQTS open. (Seoul, Korea)
10/1/1956  Lee Brothers attain Master level of Dae Dong Ryu Yu Sool
12/1/1948  Due to the communist takeover of North Korea, the Lee Family moved to South Korea
3/1/1942  Founder Dr. Joo-Bang Lee and his brother, Joo-Sang Lee begin their formal training from Suahm Dosa
10/15/1936  Dr. Joo Bang Lee's Birthday