Tiger Schulmann

As a young man, after years of rigorous training and winning over 100 competitions, Daniel "Tiger" Schulmann set his sights on the ultimate: full contact bare knuckle competition. This type of competition was widely known to be the most brutal and challenging of all, testing the true effectiveness of each competitor's martial arts skills. Drawing upon his exceptional technique, speed, and non-quitting spirit, Tiger Schulmann reigned as the undefeated North American knockdown champion for six consecutive years.Tiger Schulmann could imagine no greater pursuit than to give back to other what the martial arts had given him, so he devoted his life to developing what has become the most comprehensive and effective style known today. Drawn by his outstanding reputation and high standards, people come to train in his karate centers year after year. Today, those numbers have grown to many thousands including students who have gone on to become champions themselves.

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 | Featured on the Cover of Magazine  | Martial Arts Success | 6/2012 |  Magazine Publication  | 

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Tiger Schulmann

Tiger Schulmann

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Tiger Schulmann

Tiger Schulmann

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