Dennis Ichikawa

Dennis Ichikawa began his training with the Chuck Norris system in 1970. Though his instructors varied from Gerald Taylor, Vic Guerrero, Bob Barrow and Chuck Norris, Master Ichikawa credits Pat Johnson as his main mentor and inspiration as an instructor. Grandmaster Ichikawa has made his residence in Thousand Oaks since 1981, where he lives with his wife of 28 years and 3 grown children. He recently relocated his studio to its current location to accomodate a larger student body and more parking. Grandmaster Ichikawa currently heads the American Tang Soo Do Alliance. This is a group of 7 programs run by black belts trained by the grandmaster: 6th dan Terry McMeekin, 5th dan Mark Cox, 5th dan Conrad Ercolono, 4th dan Jason Flame, 3rd dan Frankie McConnell, 3rd dan Mikeal Smith (Reno) and 4th dan Aaron Lawrence. This forms one of the largest groups of students and instructors related to the Chuck Norris family.

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Dennis Ichikawa and Mark Cox

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