Tom Patire

Thomas J. Patire is the founder and senior instructor of the CDT Method of empty-handed non-deadly force. He has a diversified tactical and martial arts background that includes a Seventh Degree Black Belt in the martial art of Hom-Do. He was the first person in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania tri-state area ever to be ranked and certified as an instructor in this elite combat art. After many years of dedication and hard work, he was promoted to the title of Grandmaster of all Hom-Do schools around the world.
Mr. Patire heads one of the largest tactical training teams in the world and is currently teaching and certifying instructors in the CDT System. The CDT system was first put to street use in 1992 after a three-year research and development process and since then has become the front- runner in soft-handed force for people of all walks of life and all ages. He is the founder of the CDT International Tactical Training Center currently located in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Mr. Patire is also the Executive Director of his family-owned international security business, State of the Art Security Agency, where he heads a team of close-quarter specialists who provide elite protection for dignitaries, celebrities and sports personalities throughout the world. Mr. Patire’s certifications include, but are not limited to, Municipal, State and Federal Law Enforcement as well as Specialized Response Groups and Elite Military Units.
Mr. Patire has been featured in articles and magazines worldwide and he has appeared on many international and national television programs, including a featured documentary on A & E "The Inside Story", Good Morning America and Inside Edition. Tom Patire is currently traveling throughout the world on his awareness campaign called "Training For Lifeâ„¢" educating the masses about awareness, safety and personal protection.

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