Gary Wasniewski
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Grandmaster Gary has been recognised worldwide for his incredible abilities and dedication to the martial arts, which has earned him worldwide fame and respect. He has been training in the martial arts since 1966 and is a World Martial Arts Champion and a martial arts phenomena. Grandmaster Gary has been called the world's greatest kicker! He has appeared on the front covers of 12 world martial arts magazines and has received awards from all the major Halls of Fame around the world. At the age of 52 he continues to train everyday.

40 years training in the Martial Arts.

World Sokeship Council Member/GB, Ambassador.
Worldblackbelt UK Ambassador.
World Grandmaster Council Member.
Founder TYGA Martial Arts International.
European Chairman Police Martial Arts Association.
World Karate Union Board Member.
Action Martial Arts Board Member.
Universal Taekwondo Federation Board Member.
Confederation Police/Security Experts Board Member.
London International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Chairman.
Martial Arts Degree BCUC University Course Director.
Police Tactics Instructors Federation USA Director.

Registered with:
World Head Family Sokeship Council.
World Grandmaster Council.
World Karate Union.
Police Martial Arts Association.
Professional Karate Association.
World Karate Federation.
Karate England.
Sport England.
Universal Taekwondo Federation.
Kempo Jujitsu International.
Confederation of Police/Security Experts.
International Martial Arts Federation.
Action Martial Arts Federation.

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Business Phone: 0208-9471038
Business Fax: 0208-9471038
Email: Not available to public
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