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5/17/2011 8:47:23 AM | My first meeting with Ted Wong was in the tiny men"s room in the Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in Los Angeles Chinatown. It was in 1967 when Bruce Lee encouraged his students to engage in intense, full contact sparring. Bruce Lee did not advocate light contact or point style sparring because he believed that one would react in a self-defense street fight on how one practices. He always said that a real street fight should end in ten seconds. After some hard sparring, Ted was in the men"s room wiping his bloody nose. He turned to me and said, "See what you did? I answered, "you gave me this fat lip, we"re even." And so our friendship began.
Ted was a true martial artist who had many other facets in his life. I remember after a Saturday class at the Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute, Ted invited me to go skydiving with him. I had no idea that Ted did skydiving. The most quiet, humble and polite man did skydiving? I, of course, told him he was crazy and declined. Why would I want to jump out of a good flying aircraft? He started making the chicken sound, so I invited him to go scuba diving with me. He declined and said, "I don"t like swimming." I started making the chicken noise. Again, we were even. Ted always had a natural respect and gratitude to those who made an impact on his life.
Many years later, Ted had the unfortunate opportunity to test Bruce Lee"s ten second fighting philosophy. On a Saturday afternoon after visiting with the late Herb Jackson who worked in the Iron Erector Company across the street from the IMB Academy, Ted stopped in the IMB Academy for a visit as he normally does when ever he is in the area. He then told me about a fight that he had had in Chinatown. His story began with him having dinner at the Golden Eagle Restaurant where we normally had lunch with Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto and the students after our Saturday morning class. Ted was having dinner with Bill Cheung and two journalists, a photographer, Doug Churchill, and a writer, Mike Lee. They were collaborating on a new book that they wanted to publish. After dinner they said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. As Ted was walking to his car, he heard his name being called. He turned and saw Doug and Mike in a fight a block away with a gang of boys. Ted said he ran back to help his journalist friends. He was now in the middle of the fight alongside Doug, and Mike was nowhere in sight. Ted knocked one down and continued the fight against the others, but then tripped over the person he knocked down. While on the ground, he got kicks to the head and body. Ted said that he was getting dizzy from being kicked and he knew that if he didn"t get up, then he would be in big trouble. Ted did get up and continued to fight on instincts. The gang left running.
Sadly, because of Mike"s dialyses treatment, he could hardly defend himself. He was found unconscious between two parked cars. Mike was transported by ambulance to the USC County Hospital. Ted went to the hospital and stayed with Mike Lee waiting for an available room, but it wasn"t until the next early morning until Mike was admitted. Unfortunately, Mike had waited too long for his care and he died in the hospital. Ted was heart-broken when he got home.
Id asked Ted what we could learn from this unfortunate experience, what would he have done differently in the fight. He said, "We practice too much safety. I should have kicked to break the knee, (biu gee) finger jabbed at the eyes, and kick at the groin area. I told Ted that he should be proud: "you survived a gang fight and helped a friend." Most times in a full-blown fight when the adrenal glands are pumping, one is punching and kicking instinctively to stop the aggressor from hitting you.
Ted Wong was the first to donate his seminar fee to the Bruce Lee Foundation. He once set up a seminar for me with his students in another State. When I sent him a percentage of the seminar"s receipt, he turned it around and donated the check to the Bruce Lee Foundation. Today, I don"t know of anyone else who donates to the BLF besides Ted and myself. My donations are normally from my seminar on Bruce Lee"s birthday - November 27th. Ted and I held many seminars together. We teamed with John Little and Chris Kent at the first Jeet Kune Do Conference in England hosted by Andy Gibney. Another event was at New York"s Chelsea"s pier. We also did a video together.
Founder and former owner and publisher of Black Belt Magazine Mito Uyehara requested that Ted Wong and I perform in a video from Bruce Lee"s Fighting Method - Skill in Techniques, A book written by Bruce Lee and M. Uyehara. Ted chose S. Watanabe as his partner and I chose Steve Martinez. As usual Ted said to me, "You do the punching cause I can"t punch like you. Excellent! I said to Ted, "Because I can"t kick like you either."
Gone are the days when I will see Ted at a Bruce Lee function or event, or even talk to him on the phone. I will miss my braddah Ted Wong. I am very fortunate to have spent time and space with a true martial artist and friend.

Richard S. Bustillo

1/20/2011 8:11:14 PM | I would like to express deepest condolances peace & love to the family. Sincerly

John DeCoste

1/6/2011 10:12:44 AM | I had the honor to meet him in Jackson Ms. in 2009 i think it was. He taught jeet kune do and gave a weekend seminar. I was sore for a week after the lessons. I just found out he passed. He was a great man. Very gentle and nice in spirit the short time i had to know him. Rest in peace Sifu Ted Wong, you and your teachings will be missed.

Daniel Bruce Brown

12/22/2010 4:02:52 PM | On behalf of my family and JFJKD - Italian Organization, it is with the deepest sorrow that we learnt about our great Sifu Ted Wong loss.
He was not only the most valuable technical guide throughout my martial career, but also a father to me, who helped me becoming a better human being. He was a very decent and humble person and a hard willing man, always keen on teaching and teaching again with the same gentleness.
Since 1996, when i got the chance to meet him in Italy the first time, he has always been a referring point to me. He teached me that every goal is at hand with perseverance and hard work. He always showed respect for every student, was it the best around or the last joining the JKD family. He was a great human being.
Now you"re somewhere up in the blue sky and you have rejoined your good old friend Bruce. You"ll be sorely missed. Thank you for what you teached me and let me say that i will treasure up your legacy and try to hand it down to my students. My deepest condolences to Sifu Wong"s family.
Andrea Torres (Italy)

Andrea Torres

12/22/2010 4:01:59 PM | ed Wong epitomized the way of JKD. His quiet reserve and manner will be remembered and that his training and skills are what spoke loudly. He was "man enough" to pick and train Terri Tom without regard to gender:for te art of JKD is formless. He will be missed but he and his teachings live on in his students. My and CSSD/SC family"s condolences to the Wong family.

Bram Frank

12/20/2010 8:49:19 AM | My deepest condoances to the family and friends of a man that touched, inspired, and past on so much good knowlege in his lifetime.

Tony Salvitti

12/20/2010 8:48:58 AM | Having had only a brief opportunity with Sifu Ted is something that I"ll treasure. Because of his efforts, the roots of true JKD have flourished and there are many of us that stand ready to pass the torch of Bruce Lee"s teachings to the next generation of truth seekers in martial art.

Fred Blum

12/20/2010 8:48:42 AM | ted wong was a gifted man and a good teacher and practisaner of jetkundo my hart go out to his famaley and frends tedwong wang will be missed


12/14/2010 9:17:18 AM | Gonna miss Sifu Ted very much and will forever treasure my times with him. My condolences to the Wong family. RIP Sifu Ted - thanks for all you gracefully taught me.

Steve Sylvester, NY

12/14/2010 9:16:46 AM | On behalf of Mac"s KungFu Institutes students and family members and staff, we offer our condolence and prayers to the family and friends this is a great loss, may he rest in peace regards.

Stephen &, Po Chu McDonald

12/14/2010 9:16:29 AM | My most sencire condolences to you, your family his loyal students and friends. May he rest in peace knowing that he would not be forgatten.

Mauricio Sanchez

12/14/2010 9:16:07 AM | may his heart and soul rest in peace Amen.

tony nicholas

12/13/2010 9:20:43 AM | As a writer for Martial Arts Illustrated in England and a person on a personal quest to keep the name of Bruce Lee and his method of martial arts alive, I have interviewed Ted Wong on several occasions, he was a very nice quite man with a very friendly manner, but once he was in action he was dynamic, he moves were just like Mr Lee"s and I was amazed with his power and speed. I will miss this ambassador for Jeet Kune Do and send my respects to his family in this time of grief .

Andrew J Staton

12/13/2010 9:20:25 AM | I am honored to invited Ted in Italy for give lessons to original teaching of Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do, for many times from 1996. I put articles and covers of Ted in Bruce Lee Kung Fu Magazine,that I edit in italian language. I remember his invitation at first Nucleus reunion on San Francisco.
One very good person.I think now stay training with his master.In my first edition of my dvd magazine the cover and first videoarticle was with him in last our meeting in Italy in 2008. My condolences to Ted"s family.
Giuseppe Bordini

Giuseppe Bordini

12/13/2010 9:10:19 AM | We will remerber Ted like a great martial arts practioner and JKDer, with respect and condolences to his family and friends.

Hans De Burchgraeve

12/11/2010 11:03:23 AM | Ted Wong was a very good man, and martial arts practitioner who will never be forgotten.

Dana L. Stamos

12/8/2010 4:19:48 PM | I first met Ted in "93 and worked with him whenever I could. When I traveled to LA at least once a year, I would always go straight to Ted"s home and train. We had a routine which found us at a great dim sum place...the kind of place only Ted could take you to. I have to stop writing now. It"s all still too much to accept. I miss my friend and mentor!

Warren Graham

12/8/2010 4:19:30 PM | Ted Wong was a great JKDer and most of all he was a good, kind man who will be missed by his friends and family. There are too few left like Ted.

Tim Tackett

12/8/2010 8:53:49 AM |  I had the honor of meeting and training with Sifu Wong around 1997 in Dallas Tx.
Sifu Wong was calm spoken and masterful!
I even saw him execute a "one inch punch" on a man that was twice his size and easily 85 lbs. heavier than himself!
The man flew several feet before his toes touched the ground again! Incredible.... He will be greatly missed.
R.I.P. Sifu Ted Wong.... Much respect
I learned a lot from you sir.

Brad Hart

12/7/2010 2:41:48 PM | We remember the great contributions to the Art and the Lifestyle and shall live as he would have still lived while thinking of him as the inspiration. That is a memory he would be honored to have. Rest in Peace. You shall be missed.

Master Tommy DiLallo

12/7/2010 2:41:33 PM | Ted Wong,with respect and deep sadness of your passing, you are in my prayers,God bless you.

Curt Belzer

12/7/2010 10:24:17 AM | I send my condolences to Master WONG"s family, students and friends. RIP master WONG...
Wu We academy, REUNION Island

Frdric GENCE

12/7/2010 10:23:58 AM | The JKD family lost a great teacher and a wonderfull man, I adress my condolences to Ted Wong"s family, friends and students. RIP Sifu


12/6/2010 3:27:36 PM | My grief goes out to all of master"s family and friends.
A deep bow to you, Sifu Wong

Richard Ramey

12/6/2010 11:43:20 AM | My deepest condolence to the Wong family,students and friends. Ted Wong"s legacy in the martial arts will live on, as it did in his spirit!

Edward Huerta

12/6/2010 11:43:05 AM | May the Wong family find comfort during this difficult time. On be have of the entire Parker family we send our aloha and respects.

Ed Parker Jr.

12/6/2010 11:42:53 AM | Our Respects to the JKD family on the passing of Ted Wong,our prayers are with you. Peace and Blessings onto you. May you RIP Master Ted Wong you will be missed. Oss

Hanshi Miguel Rivera

12/6/2010 8:58:01 AM | On behalf of my family The Figueroas we would like to extend our deepest, deepest condolences to Master Wongs family.Sifu Wong will be deeply missed.. .Osu!!!

Jose Figueroa

12/6/2010 8:57:46 AM | Peace and Blessings from Our family to yours during your time of loss. Sincerily, United States hapkihae

GM. Shelton R. Moreland

12/5/2010 8:34:41 PM | Sensei, Ted Wong never died,only the body has been disappear not soul.
You have lead example of human life.
Happy journey for his next life.

white eagle

12/5/2010 7:18:04 PM | My deepest condolences to the Wong family. Sifu Wong will be remembered as a legendary martial artist.

Jonathan Loyhayem

12/5/2010 5:33:48 PM | The martial arts community once again must learn of yet another great loss. My deepest sympathy and prayers to the family of Sifu Wong. But through his students his leagacy will, thankfully, live on. Best wishes to them all.

Bill Null

12/5/2010 5:31:18 PM | On behalf of our association Shibuko association of Karate Do JKS Pakistan and my Magazine Monthly Sports Observers staff we would like to extend our deepest condolences to Great Master Wong"s family.

Shahzad Ahmed

12/4/2010 10:14:22 PM | sorry to all those grieving family members, students, and friends of Ted Wong

Tony Ivancich

12/4/2010 10:14:05 PM |  mis mas sincero psame, dios lo tenga en su santa gloria descanse en paz, SIFU TED!!

oscar benavente

12/4/2010 10:13:49 PM | Sifu Wong will be deeply missed,The World MooSul Kwan Federation and Family will keep your Family and freinds in all our prayers! God Speed

GM Derman Hodge

12/4/2010 10:13:29 PM | I want to take the time to express our sympathy to his family and students at his departure. Sifu Wong did so much for the martial arts industry to make it alot of what it is today. A teachers legacy continues long after he or she is gone because of the influence on students lives. May God Bless his family , friends and students.
Sifu Randy Harper
Bellaire WuShu Academy

Dr. F. Randy Harper

12/4/2010 3:59:11 PM | We all here at the JKD Nexus offer our deapest condolences to Sifu Wong"s family and freinds. He was and will always be the driving force behind our JKD and martial way. May God bless his family ans may Ted and Bruce train together once more!

Sifu Jerry Anderson

12/4/2010 3:58:42 PM | On Behalf of the Brotherhood of Triadic Arts our condolences to family and friends of Sifu Wong. Sifu you will be greatly missed. The teachings you worked so hard to preserve will not go to the wayside and your legacy will remain. Respect

Michael Robinson

12/4/2010 3:56:23 PM | Since the first time we met in the summer of 1994, I have been hooked on true JKD. Your teachings have paved my foundation in fighting and in truth. You said you would never give up on your quest to promote Sugun Lee"s teachings and you never did! Thank you for being the greatest teacher I have ever had the honor of learning from. May God be with you now and may the JKD family never forget you!

Sifu Lazaro "Assassin" Bueno

12/4/2010 3:54:59 PM | My Family and I as well as the Ryoshin-Kan Karate School and the Dragon Force National Karate Demo Team would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and students of a great master and a wonderful Role Model. Our Hearts and Prayers are with him and his Family.

Kyoshi Tim Thompson

12/4/2010 3:54:20 PM | Sifu Wong
sleep well ,rest in peace knowing you contributed to the world.

Jay Brandt

12/4/2010 3:53:56 PM | Ted Wong was a pillar of strength within the JKD community. Dedicated to the original teachings of Bruce Lee, Ted brought clarity to personal development for all those who stood by his teachings. My sincere condolences to the Wong Family and the JKD Family Worldwide. Ted Wong will be remembered for his ability to share truth, respect, and discipline within the martial art industry; a True Jeet Kune Do Icon! Respectfully, Kelly S. Worden

Kelly S. Worden

12/4/2010 3:53:25 PM | We at Family Taekwondo Inc located in Haverstraw Ny .Our orgaization will pray for Sifu Ted Wong passing that he has found ever lasting peace .
To his family: Our hearts are with you, We are very sad that such a great and kind gentleman has passed but his legend will continue to live thru the martial arts .

Fulvio Ortega

12/4/2010 3:52:58 PM | my sincere condolence to Sifu Ted Wong family, and thanks for his share knowledge about JKD. May this the best legacy for our and next generation.

Lie Harjono Abarya

12/4/2010 3:52:42 PM | thank you for the many young people who you teach so graetful and make beter people of him

michael kis t

12/4/2010 3:52:27 PM | on behalf of all my students our condolences to the family of sifu Ted Wong

fernando martinez

12/4/2010 3:52:04 PM | On behalf of Mixed Martial Arts Centers, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the Wong family.

Mixed Martial Arts Centers

12/4/2010 3:51:44 PM | Even if our existence on earth is finite, our deeds are immortal. + Rest in Peace Sifu!+ Our thoughts are with the bereaved.

Hermann Harms

12/4/2010 3:51:27 PM | I am sure that his presence will live on in his students and family. His passion for the martial arts was 2nd to none. Our Prayers and condolences go out to the family.

Sifu Tim White

12/4/2010 3:51:09 PM | With RESPECT I send my deepest regrest for the loss of one of the pillars in the martial arts. From the very forst time I met and began training with Sifu Ted Wong it was a memorable experience, so mcuh knowledge and humility. Always shraing his martail arts knowledge and interesting stories! My reguards to the immediate Wong Familiy and to the JKD Family !
Thank You Sifu for the *impact and legacy you have left for us to continue.
Master Brian Gates PA
International federation of ALL Mixed Martial Arts

Master Brian Gates

12/4/2010 3:50:39 PM | The I.S.A. Martial Arts family extend our sympathy to the family of Sifu Wong.

Dr. George Petrotta

12/4/2010 3:50:20 PM | our deepest sympathy and love to all Teds Family

Stuart Smith

12/4/2010 3:49:57 PM | Sifu is training with Bruce again, and we morn his passing. With condolences to all his family and students, until we all meet and train again together.

Dr. Ron Chapl

12/3/2010 10:56:15 PM | Thank you for your dedication to the arts, and for sharing your knowledge and insight with all of us. Continue to watch over us please.

Joel Espinoza

12/3/2010 10:54:41 PM | On behalf of the International Yiliquan Martial Arts Association, please allow me to express our deepest regrets at the passing of this wonderful man. Our prayers will be with his fmaily and those who loved him.

Phillip Starr

12/3/2010 10:37:32 PM | It is with great sorrow that we see our icons passing. For the family, we pray and offer our condolence. For his students and friends, we offer our hand in understanding. Ted Wong was an amazing individual and a legend amongst the martial arts community. He was a man who created milestones for us to follow and became one of the strongest advocates for JKD. The Martial Arts History Museum offers its sympathy to the Wong Family and for all those who were close to him. Michael Matsuda

Martial Arts History Museum

12/3/2010 10:37:11 PM | On behalf of my Organizations and my Family Martial Arts Friend, Master Sifu Ted Wong the Great World Master of Jeet Kune Do [JKD]will always be in our heart, our sincere condolences to the family, friends and students of JKD

Soke Dr.Jagdish Singh Khatri

12/3/2010 9:57:34 PM | We are so sorry hearing about this bad news and Sifu Wong is one of the greatest martial artists in the world and we should be grateful for his contribution to develop the spirit of JKD after Master Bruce Lee. He will be in our heart forever.

York University, USA

12/3/2010 9:57:15 PM | On behalf of my family and the St.Lucia Combat Martial Arts Gee-Ryu Karate-Do Association,we extent our sincere condolences to the family and friends

Paul Clery



12/3/2010 9:56:41 PM | I and the members of the House of Discipline Martial Arts Group would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and students of a great master and great man. He will be missed and never replaced. But I can see Bruce standing there with his arms outreached with that boyish smile welcoming Ted for more practicing.

Grandmaster James McMurray

12/3/2010 9:56:22 PM | We will miss you sifu, you were a great inspiration to me as a martial artist, i honor you in my memory always, will never forget you, God bless your family and friends.

Richard Hartness

12/3/2010 9:56:06 PM | Sifu Ted Wong is great teacher and one of last Bruce Lee students.You will be miss by many.I extend my sincere condolences to all of Sifu Wong"s family. It is a great loss.
Sifu Sinisa Ivanji
Hu Shen Fa Kung Fu Association

Sinisa Ivanji

12/3/2010 9:55:41 PM | on behalf of my students and family may i offer my condolence to the family and friends this is a great loss to the martial art community may he rest in peace regards shidoshi Alfred reid ireland

alfred reid

12/3/2010 9:55:25 PM | We come to you with a sad Heart, We have lost another Great Martial Artist, The Dark Gift Combat Family would like to extend our deepest condolences to Master Wong"s family We * BOW * with MUCH RESPECT and SADNESS family

Mr. & Mrs. Traylor

12/3/2010 8:33:23 PM | Respected!I never forget sifu Ted Wong, he was a great sifu in the world.

Sifu Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi

12/3/2010 8:28:35 PM | All the best pal and thanks for stopping by. Thanks for helping others. I will eventually join you.
Thomas Keplar
Tom Keplar"s Non Classical Gung Fu

Thomas Keplar

12/3/2010 8:28:02 PM | Another Great...My thoughts and prayers...are with the Family...May his lifelong work...In trying to preserve Sigung Bruce"s Legacy...live on in Sifu Ted"s Students

Damien Johnson

12/3/2010 8:17:58 PM | On behalf of My family and Crows Martial Arts. We extend our sincere condolences to all of Master Wong"s family. It is a great loss.

Raymond Crow

12/3/2010 8:17:43 PM | My condolences and prayers to a great man and a great teacher. You will be miss by many. Sijo Douglas Wong, White Lotus Martial Art System.

Sijo Douglas Wong

12/3/2010 8:17:17 PM | Now, Ted and Bruce are working out together again!!

Johnny Williams Jr.

12/3/2010 8:17:02 PM | On behalf of the Shugyokan Dojo. We offer the family our sincere condelence. Once again the martial arts community has lost one of the few remaining true humble masters of the martial arts. May you Rest in Peace Master Wong.

Prince Loeffler

12/3/2010 8:16:46 PM | The world has grown a little darker with Sifu"s passing but certainly the light in heaven has gotten brighter.

Master Eric Johnson

12/3/2010 7:59:34 PM | A great loss to this world, my condolences.

Jerry L. Herrmann

12/3/2010 7:23:53 PM | I want to extend my sincere condolences to all of Master Wong"s family, and those he influenced throughout his life.

Alain Burrese

12/3/2010 6:56:58 PM | I had the privilege to meet Sifu at the Torrance Academy many years ago. The Martial Arts Industry has lost a true gentleman and pioneer. Our prayers and condolences go out to the the entire Wong family.
God Bless

Master Dan J. Anderson

12/3/2010 6:40:43 PM | On behalf of my father Dr. Joo Bang Lee, founder of Hwa Rang Do, and the World Hwa Rang Do Association, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to Master Wong"s family.

Grandmaster Taejoon Lee

12/3/2010 6:26:49 PM | To Master Ted Wong"s family, we send our condolences, love, and aloha from the islands.

Tom Callos

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