Arjarn Nick Hewitson

Silent but deadly

Arjarn Nick Hewitson can best be described as quiet but deadly, as a martial artist / fighter and instructor his record of achievements are quite unbelievable. (Arjarn meaning fighting master) Nick has been studying martial arts for almost 35 years and during that time has accrued black belts in more than 14 martial art disciplines, these include ranks of 5th degree black belt in Tae kwon do, 5th degree in WKA Kick boxing, 6th degree black belt in Muay Thai, but unlike a lot of people these grades have been forged through combat, as Nicks prowess in Taekwondo led him to twice being selected for the British Olympic team in Taekwondo, together with an unbeaten record in competition including 14 consecutive British titles and 12 consecutive European titles which lead to his prominence in the far east winning titles in Singapore , Malaysia and Korea. Nick also spent 3 month in Korea teaching units of the Korea special forces the Eagle Taekwondo style.

Now for most people this level of achievement would be tremendous, but Taekwondo was only part of nick’s martial life, as from the age of 15 Nick had fought professionally in the brutally hard sport of Muay Thai both in Europe and the far east with a unbeaten record in over 120 fights including winning multiple titles including British, European and twice world titles and which lead him to spending three years in Thailand fighting and training at some of the very best Thai camps and all of this was brought about through a hit and run accident that smashed both of nicks shins .

But it is as an instructor that nicks true talent comes across; nick has a very individual teaching style, which he puts down to a need to save his students time and effort and also down to the fact that he suffers from dyslexia. “ I feel that an instructors time should be spend instructing not counting push ups or sit ups, the students can do that at home, its my job to tell my student how to do particular techniques or modify and refine the way they do a technique to maximize there potential. It has taken me almost 35 years to learn the skills I now posses, but if I can streamline some of those lessons learn’t remove some of the inefficient or unrealistic techniques then I save them time to better understand what they are being taught and to give them a thirst to seek more knowledge.

I still train and study with as many instructors and in as many different styles as I can in order to increase my knowledge, my love of the martial arts boundless, I have a library of literally thousands of books and video tapes on the different martial arts, all of which are either highlighted or have notable portioned listed, together with fight tapes with detailed notes on the application and delivery of techniques, some of which are unique to particular schools or trainers, this database of knowledge not only cover the technical side of master nicks training but he equally studies conditioning techniques from other sports in order to better develop his understanding and improve the performance of his students.

As an instructor I feel it is necessary to seek out and study with different instructors through seminars or courses. For because of both the geographical nature of martial arts there are major differences in the way techniques have developed and also due to the nature of people all being different particularly from a physical point of view, with different strengths and weaknesses. With regard to Thai boxing you could have a number of champions from one particular camp however they could all potentially have different skills with different techniques, thou taught by the same teacher, some might be physically stronger and so are better in the clinch, some may be better with there boxing skills, some could have a really strong jaw and be able to weather any opponents attack, and others could be better kickers. Thou they have all had the same training they have developed what they do best relative to the body type or character, therefore when they move on to open there own gym, the kicker will teach kicking better than he will teach boxing or clinch work because that is what he does best. Therefore when you train with an instructor from another camp of school or association, they are likely to show you something that you haven’t seen, or at least a different way to the way you are used to, as no one is the best at everything. Even as a champion I knew that the belts I won and the titles I gained were only relevant for that split second in time. As your victory is tied to that snapshot in time. For the minute you leave the ring you have changed, as has your opponent, it is unlikely that he would fight you the same way and if smart you definitely wouldn’t fight him the same way. When you watch fight tapes of your opponent in action you should look for development, that they are perfecting the mastery of there best techniques and developing new ones, so reducing the opportunity for failure. As I fought and trained I was always improving but only relative to what I was doing in the ring, since retiring I have learn’t so much more about Thai boxing simply because my studies now include the whole art and not just the competition side and this has given me such a great insight into the techniques that for the 20 years previous I thought I knew.

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