Kelly Muir

Kelly has been involved in the Martial Arts for nearly 30 years. Training since the age of 9, she holds advanced certifications in traditional Shorin-Ryu Karate and Korean Tae Kwon Do. As one of the few women in the professional world of Martial Arts, she has had the opportunity to train under some of the most influential martial art instructors in the World. As an athlete, Kelly received a sponsorship from the United States Olympic Committee that allowed her to live and train at the United States Olympic Training center. After years competing at the World Class level, she retired from competition and began to focus on teaching Martial Arts to others.

In 1994 she became the first women to be contracted by a leading Martial Art Production company, Panther Productions, to produce her own Martial Art training series. She has been featured in Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated, Black Belt Magazine, and highlighted in various industry magazine as a pioneer for women in the Martial Art Industry.

Her excellence in creating curriculum and establishing mainstream programs for children has won her numerous National Awards. Her Center in California won the distinction of being named one of the "TOP 20" Children's Martial art Centers in the Nation for three years running. She is an active member of the National Association for Professional Martial Artists.

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Does fitness have a place in your dojo? | Article  | Black Belt Magazine | 1/2013 |  Magazine Publication  | 

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Business Phone: 614-218-2433

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