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Bill Kipp’s colorful career began in 1973. After years of studying multiple martial arts, Kipp earned his black belt while living in Asia. In 1978, Kipp joined the US Marines and was accepted into the elite 3rd Marine Recon Unit, specializing in Counter Terrorism and testing security at top secret installations. Kipp traveled worldwide as a Recon Team Leader, cross-training with Korean, Thai, New Zealand, and other elite International Special Forces units. After 4 years in the Marine Corps, Kipp moved to the Philippines where he supported himself working as a movie stuntman, bouncer, and bodyguard while training in Filipino martial arts.
Since his return to the US in 1986, Kipp has become one of the world’s leading experts on adrenal-stress scenario-based self-defense, logging well over 30,000 instructional, full-contact fights in his unique Bulletman body armor. He has designed Adult and Children’s self-defense courses for NAPMA (National Association of Professional Martial Artists) and is also the program designer and Chief Instructor for Peyton Quinn’s RMCAT (Rocky Mountain Combat Applications Training).
Kipp is the President of FAST Defense, an instructor-training program in padded- assailant adrenal-stress response-training. He travels full-time to martial arts schools worldwide, training instructor teams in his innovative FAST Defense programs. Bill Kipp is also the president of POWER SOLUTIONS FOR LIFE, the innovative new series of motivational/inspirational workshops that use the latest technology to affect personal empowerment faster than ever before! He has authored 3 videos: “The ABC’s of Self-Defense,” “FAST Solutions for Life,” available at , and “The Missing Link – Self Protection Through Awareness, Avoidance, and De-Escalation,” available at .

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7 | 2006  Black Belt BEST in Industry Award
Bill Kipp"s FAST Defense Awarded at the annual Martial Arts Supershow in Vegas the BEST Women"s Self Defense Course in the Industry

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