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Kyoshi Cordova began his training in 1977 under the guidance of legendary martial artist Grand Master Cecil Peoples. In 1980 he was promoted to his 1st Degree Black Belt and to this date is one of GM Peoples highest ranking Black Belts. A national tournament competitor in the early and mid 80's Kyoshi earned a reputation as a fast, hard hitting fighter. With numerous state titles and championship victories to his name, he retired from full time competition in late 1986 when he became a Denver Police Officer.
Kenpo Karate, famous for its practical application, served him well on the force. In 1991 he was face to face with a knife wielding armed robbery suspect. Rather than use his service revolver to end the confrontation, his Kenpo instincts took over and the suspect was disarmed in dramatic fashion. For his quick actions, and ability to use the least amount of force necessary to control the situation, Officer Cordova received the Denver Police Department Medal of Valor. His experiences as a police officer have been invaluable in the teaching of his students. The years of dealing with criminals and victims gives him a unique insight into the criminal mind and how to prepare his students, of all ages, to not become victims.

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Michael Matsuda speaks to Chuck Cordova at the 2016 Martial Arts SuperShow

Sensei Cecil Peoples talks about Sensei Chuck Cordova

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