Felicia Oh

On a long drive to a fateful camping trip soon to-go-very very bad, Felicia Oh was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by her friends husband. Intrigued by the notion that technique and skill could overcome size and strength, she went to watch a class. She signed up and started training the next day. Felicia has since dominated many national and international competitions and was awarded her black belt by Jean Jacques Machado after only 4.5 years an achievement that has left many of her male training partners both envious and struggling to keep up.
In 2007, Felicia became the first woman to win both the Pan American Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Gi and No-Gi divisions. After winning the ADCC North American Trials and securing her spot to represent the United States at the ADCC World Submission Wrestling Championship, she had convincing victories over a multi-time BJJ World Champion and a Japanese superstar which put her in the finals of the most prestigious grappling event in the world. Felicia represented the USA and won the gold medal at the first FILA World Wrestling Games for Grappling in Antalya, Turkey. She won two more gold medals in 2009 at the FILA Grappling World Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. In 2009, the three-time USA Grappling World Team member tried out for and was selected for the BJMUTA Fight Team.
In an effort to help the evolution and growth of womens participation in BJJ and grappling, Felicia held the first ever Womens Grappling Camp in Valencia, CA in February, 2009. Over 30 women from across the United States and Canada descended upon BJMUTA for an intensive week of training. In August 2009, Felicia held the second Womens Grappling Camp in Toronto, Canada which also sold out. The program has grown to include mini-weekend camps in different parts of the country in addition to the week-long camps. For more information on future womens grappling camps check www.womensgrappling.org.
Felicia currently teaches Womens Submission Grappling as well as Ultimate Fit classes at Big John McCarthys Ultimate Training Academy in Valencia, CA. In addition to a BJJ Black Belt, Felicia is Crossfit Certified as well as a certified Kettlebell instructor under RKC and AKC. She holds a Masters degree from UCLA in Fine Art. She is also a guest instructor with Jean Jacques Machados Online Training Program. She is now a happy camper.

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1 | 2009  USA Grappling World Team Trials Champion

1 | 2009  USA World Team Member

1 | 2008  FILA Grappling Silver Medalist

1 | 2008  USA Grappling World Team Trials Champion

1 | 2008  USA World Team Member

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