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Chris Kent is widely acknowledged as one of the world's foremost authorities on Jeet Kune Do. With over 37 years of experience, he has gained international recognition for his knowledge and leadership in perpetuating the art, training methods, and philosophy developed by the legendary Bruce Lee, and is considered one of the few individuals in the world having total comprehension of all facets of Lee's martial art.

At the age of 17, Chris became the final (and youngest) member admitted into Dan Inosanto’s now legendary “Backyard JKD” group during Bruce Lee’s lifetime. He studied with and assisted Inosanto for over 13 years, mastering his skills and traveling extensively both nationally and internationally while serving as Inosanto’s personal assistant for seminars and public exhibitions. In recognition of his efforts, in 1982 he was one of the first students to be awarded the prestigious title of Full Instructor in both the Jun Fan Martial Arts the Filipino Martial Arts by Inosanto.

Refusing to compromise the integrity of Bruce Lee’s art and philosophy, Chris has performed extensive research into the foundations of Jeet Kune Do from a technical, philosophical, and spiritual perspective, as well as educating himself in the fields of exercise physiology, kinesiology, and human performance. This commitment to continuous improvement has made Chris one of the most sought after instructors on Jeet Kune Do and its applications.

As one of the pre-eminent torchbearers of Lee’s martial legacy, Chris remains at the forefront in perpetuating not only the martial aspects of Jeet Kune Do, but also the much broader application of the philosophical material into the fields of human endeavor and self-actualization. Never allowing himself to be categorized as simply “a martial art instructor”, Chris has used many avenues to help people train their body and educate their mind, including:

• Instructor/Performance Specialist
• Training Consultant
• Seminar Instruction
• Writer
• Public Speaker

In addition to his expertise in Jeet Kune Do, Chris is also a highly respected instructor of the Filipino Martial Arts known as Kali – Escrima- Arnis, and holds the title of “Escrimador.” He also holds a Moniteur Certificate (Teaching credential), Silver Glove (Technical), and Bronze Glove (Competition) rankings in the French kickboxing sport of Boxe Francaise/Savate.

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Liberate Yourself. A Guide to Personal Freedom

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at Bruce Lee 75th Birthday Celebration in LV

at Bruce Lee 75th Birthday Celebration in LV

JKD Chris Kent on Martial Arts Equipment Training: Part 1

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at Bruce Lee 75th Birthday Celebration in LV

at Bruce Lee 75th Birthday Celebration in LV

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