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When an eager and enthusiastic four year old Chris Casamassa told his Dad that he wanted to start learning the Martial Arts there would be no turning back until he got his black belt because his Dad said so and when your Dad is Louis D. Casamassa, Grand Master and founder of the hugely successful chain of Red Dragon Karate Schools, you just dont say no. It looks like Father knows best because today Chris is well on his way to becoming one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, and his Martial Arts training has helped get him there.
It took me six years to reach my goal of black belt and the lessons it taught me about the importance of discipline, dedication and perseverance have stayed with me forever, recalls Chris, who has applied these principles to his acting career. The star of "Mortal Kombat" (Scorpion) and "W.M.A.C. Masters" (Red Dragon) holds no hard feelings against his Dad for his tough love approach, quite to the contrary as Chris quickly identifies his father as his number one influence. Chris also mentions the legendary Bruce Lee, along with his coach and good friend, fighting legend Steve Fisher as his other biggest influences.
World Black Belt Founding member Pat Johnson, "Mr. J" gave Chris his first big break in the acting business with a small role in a movie called "Shootfighter", after he was recommended for the part by Master Joe Corley, who is also the promoter of the prestigious Battle of Atlanta Tournament.Chris says. Mr. J. also gave me the best advice I ever received in show business when he told me Chris my son, they can take a great actor and make him look like a great Martial Artist, but they cannot take a great Martial Artist and make him look like a great actortake acting lessons.
Despite his success in landing roles in "The Red Canvas", "Food Fight","Batman & Robin",and "Blade" Chris is continuing to improve on his acting craft by studying with well-known Hollywood acting coach, Joel Asher.
Of course, Chris is much more than an actor, he is the President of the very popular and successful Red Dragon Karate Schools, which were founded by his father. The 2,000 Red Dragon students at 15 locations in southern California are learning from one of the best. As a national competitor on the North American Karate Association circuit (N.A.S.K.A) Chris was the #1 forms competitor in the country for four consecutive years. During his time on the competition circuit, he won 18 Forms Grand Championship titles, 12 Weapons Grand Championships as well as being at top 10 ranked middleweight fighter. After he retired from active competition Chris was voted into the American Karate Kung fu Federation, (A.K.K.F.) Hall of Fame, then soon after he was selected as a member of the prestigious USA international Hall of Fame for two separate categories Top Competitor of the decade and Instructor of the Year.
Chris and his beautiful wife Michelle, have two wonderful children Emily age 8 and Adam age 5. I am excited about training my kids in the Martial arts says Chris. "They were already following me with their kicks and punches at home. Now that they are in class at the studio its even more fun to watch them grow and learn in the Martial Arts". Chris still trains at least 3 days a week, said Chris. The Martial Arts is my passion, it is in my blood."
In addition to his feature acting roles, Chris is also regularly working as a stunt man, having worked on the sets of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, V.I.P. and Walker Texas Ranger. One of Chris biggest thrills came when he actually got to do a fight scene with World Black Belt champion Chuck Norris. At first Chuck was going to have a stunt man do the scene, but then we got to talking and he decided to test me out, it was really quite an honor, remembers Chris.
Next up for Chris is playing the leader of the Wind family in a futuristic television series that he describes as Mad Max meets Matrix. The show is about four families and each one controls one of the four elements, wind, fire, water and air. In addition, Chris is set to be the host for a new Martial Arts reality show called The Next Martial Arts Superstar they have just filmed the pilot and are shopping it around to the networks. Chris has some wise words for those that wish to follow in his footsteps which are rooted in his Martial Arts training, Remember in film and television you may hear a 1,000 people say no, but it only takes one "yes" to make it happen.

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