Troy Miller

Troy has been actively learning and practicing his art for over 30 years. His life-long goal has been to seek out and study the best martial arts and train with superior instructors. This quest has led him to acquire a diverse background and to be certified by some of the foremost martial artists of our time.
Troy has taught martial arts seminars around the world for a wide range of audiences; the general public, law enforcement and military groups
Troy's certifications are under several notable instructors; Instructor Certification in Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do, the Filipino Martial Arts and Maphilindo Silat under Sifu Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's protege), Lakan Guro Filipino Martial Arts from Guru Dan Inosanto, Full Instructor Jun Fan Gung Fu from Ron Balicki, Full Instructor Filipino Kali/Lameco Escrima Ron Balicki, Full Instructor under Jun Fan-Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Catchascathcan Wrestling, Kali-IMB Academy from Richard Bustillo, Instructor Kru Black Ring Muay Thai from United World Muay Thai Council Ron Balicki, 4th Degree Black Belt Blended Martial Arts Degeberg International, Initiator and Silver Glove Savate from Nicolas Saignac, 2nd Grade Black Belt Doce Pares Escrima, 2nd Grade Black Belt Escrido from Cacoy Canete, Black Belt Jui Jitsu Walt Bayless from Justin Ellison, 5th Degree Black Belt Mark Shultz Grappling Systems , Black Belt Han Foo Wa with Bill Shaw, Certified Training With Warriors Instructor.
Troy not only loves training in the martial arts he has developed the love to teach and help others benefit from the martial arts as he has. This led him to open his first school in Grand Junction in 1989 to his now expanded facility, Martial Arts Research Systems of Colorado. Troy's strength as an instructor is his continual desire to learn and his ability to cultivate each instructor and each student individually.
He realizes that every student develops differently and has their personal strengths and weaknesses. Sifu Troy makes sure use the martial arts as a vehicle to help others become successful at the academy, in school, at home, and in life.

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