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Jan 2014 MA Success Magazine

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Black Belt Magazine

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DragonFest 2014

DragonFest 2014

Master Ken of Ameri-Do-Te at the 2013 MASuperShow

Enter The Dojo S2, Episode 7 - Part 2

MMA vs. Ameri-Do-Te

Enter The Dojo S2 - Episode 3: Defensa De Zombie

Enter The Dojo S2 - Episode 2: Thrust of Freedom

Enter The Dojo S2 - Episode 1: You Jitsu

Enter The Dojo, Episode 10: Meditation

Enter The Dojo, Episode 9: The Hurticane

Enter The Dojo, Episode 8: Attack The Heart

Enter The Dojo, Episode 7: Dance Of Death

Enter The Dojo, Episode 6: Into The Darkness

Enter The Dojo, Episode 5: Kill Face

Enter The Dojo, Episode 4: Rape Class (Part 2)

Enter The Dojo, Episode 3: Rape Class (Part 1)

Enter The Dojo, Episode 2: Destroy The Groin

Enter The Dojo, Episode 1: Welcome To The Dojo

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DragonFest 2014

DragonFest 2014

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8/5/2011  Enter the Dojo debuts on YouTube
Aug. 5, 2011-Present Enter the Dojo, a satiric web series about the world of American martial arts schools, debuts on YouTube and, within 14 months, generates 4-million views, 14,000 subscribers, an avid following of international fans and two comedy awards. In five- to 12-minute mockumentary-style episodes, Enter the Dojo chronicles the hilarious teachings of its principle character, Master Ken, and his motley crew of students. The web series is the brainchild of television writer and Okinawan kempo black belt Matt Page, who plays Master Ken. A martial arts school in Albuquerque, NM serves as the shows location where Master Ken teaches his fictional style of

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