Guru Willie Laureano
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Martial Arts Experience
Inosanto Academy Instructor Under Guro Dan Inosanto
Filipino Martial Arts
Majapahit Silat & JunFan Gung Fu
Martial Arts Research System Instructor Under Guro Ron Balicki
Filipino Martial Arts Maphilindo Silat & Jun Fan Gung Fu Degerberg Academy Instructor Under Fred Degerberg
Mixed Martial Arts & Thai Boxing Student Under Erik Paulson
Combat Submission Wrestling Student Under Nicolas Saignac
French Kickboxing/Boxe Francaise Student Under Vut Kamnark
Thai Boxing Student Under Bobby Pangilinan

Martial Arts Teaching Experience
Guro - Pendekar - Sifu - Khru - Sensei Willie B. Laureano Instructor Bio: Founder Chief Instructor - Inosanto / Laureano Filipino Martial Arts - Kali/Silat/Pangamut A.K.A. PPKM KALI Instructor -
Inosanto Filipino Martial Arts - under Magulang na Guro Dan Inosanto Instructor
Inosanto Majaphahit Silat - under Mahaguro Dan Inosanto Instructor
Inosanto Jeet Kune Do Concept - under Sifu Dan Inosanto Instructor
MAR System Filipino Martial Arts - under Guro Ron Balicki Instructor
MAR System Maphilindo Silat - under Pendekar Ron Balicki Instructor
MAR System Jeet Kune Do - under Sifu Ron Balicki Instructor
Degerberg Academy MMA Black Belt - under Shihan Fred Degerberg Instructor
Degerberg Academy United World Muay Thai Council Kru - under Ajarn Fred Degerberg

Trained under the following notable instructors:
MMA: Sensei Ron Balicki - Founder / Sensei / Head Coach MAR System MMA Sensei Erik Paulson - Founder/Sensei/Head Coach Combat Submission Wrestling
KICKBOXING: Professor Nicolas Saignac - World Cup Champion French Savate Ajarn Chai Surisite - Founder / Grand Master of Thai Boxing Association Ajarn Vut Kamnark - Vut Muay Thai Kru Mark Komuro - Vut Muay Thai - The Yard Muay Thai Gym Guro Bobby Pangilinan - Filipino Kickboxing / Sikaran / Muay Thai / Jet Center Kickboxing Ajarn Coban "The Crusher" Lookchaomaesaitong - Coban Muay Thai Ajarn Saeksan Janjira - Janjira Muay Thai - Muay Thai Academy Kru Puk - Puk Muay Thai - Muay Thai Academy
FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS: Grand Supreme Tuhon Leo Gaje - Founder Pekiti Tersia Kali International Tuhon Eric Laulagnet - Pekiti Tersia Kali - Inosanto Kali Punong Guro Edgar Sulite - Founder of Lameco Escrima Magulang na Guro Leo Giron - Founder of "Bahala Na Eskrima" Magulang na Guro Ben Lema - Founder of Lightning Scientific Arnis Grand Master Nene Gaabucayan - NNG Balintawak Eskrima International Grand Master Crispulo Atillo - Atillo Balintawak Eskrima Guro Nick Papadakis - Founder of K.I.L. = Kombat Instruments Limited / Longtime Member of "The Dog Brothers Martial Arts" Fight name Pappy Dog. Magulang na Guro Topher Ricketts - Kali Illustrisimo Guro Roy Harris - Kali Illustrisimo Edwin Ybanez via Grand Master Elmer Ybanez - Lightning Scientific Arnis
SILAT: Pendekar Paul De Thours - Bukti Negara Silat Pendekar Herman Suwanda - Mande Muda Pendekar Steven Benitez - Pencak Silat

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