Mike Ferreira

Mike Ferreira is the President and Senior Instructor at 100 Percent Martial Arts in Glastonbury, CT. He began his martial arts training in his hometown of Enfield, CT in December of 1994 and began helping teach classes within a few months. Throughout high school, martial arts training was a top priority for Michael, which led to him to teaching full time in 1999, and ultimately opening Glastonbury karate school in 2007: 100 Percent Martial Arts.
In addition to teaching martial arts for over 15 years, Mike has focused heavily on developing strong character building curriculum within his children's martial arts school. The focus on confidence building and character development has led to a strong relationship with Glastonbury Public schools, Daycares, and other area businesses as many see 100 Percent Martial Arts as a valuable program for area families.
Over the years Mike and his staff have also designed and taught countless seminars on topics including Women's Self Defense, Child Safety, Stranger Danger, Cardio/Fitness, Tournament and Performance skills, Self Defense, Ground Defense and Grappling.
Throughout his career, Sensei Mike has taught literally thousands of students, hundreds of them to Black Belt level. Many of these Black Belts have even gone on to become instructors themselves.
Mike is also known for having coached the #1 competition team in the country for several years: 100 Percent Performance. This team was born from Mike's passion for performance martial arts as he grew up doing karate demonstrations when he was younger. In the span of 5 years, Sensei Mike built, coached and led his team to several National titles and was featured on ESPN several years in a row. In its final year 100 Percent Performance featured more world champions on its roster than any other youth team in the country. Mike has since moved on from the NASKA circuit focusing on his school and enjoying more time with his friends and family.
Mike currently holds the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt. In addition to Kempo, he has also trained in Wushu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Lysa's Sento Method, Sport Karate, CDT (Compliance Direction Takedown, a non-deadly force training), and Know & Go (child safety program) in addition to several other martial arts styles.

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