Josh Arcemont

April 2016

Master Josh Arcemont is the owner and head instructor of Hero Martial Arts Academy in Spring, TX. His credentials and reputation span twenty years as instructor, competitor and motivator in life skills education. Along with his enthusiasm for helping kids appreciate the discipline and its principles, his expertise in the field of Taekwondo, fitness and other martial arts programs has made him one of the most trusted instructors in the region.
Master Josh Arcemont has won over 75 medals and trophies in such major tournaments as the Fort Worth Internationals and the Texas State Champions. He has extensively studied Taekwondo, Brazilian Jui-jitsu, Karate, and Mixed Martial Arts.
Master Josh Arcemont is certified by The World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon) and American Top Team on Mixed Martial Arts. He is an active member of the Martial Arts Industry Association and has been a member of the National Association of Professional Martial Artists and the Martial Business Solutions organization.
Master Josh Arcemont has taught motivational and educational classes in over 50 schools including: Klein ISD, Tomball ISD, Magnolia ISD, Waller ISD, and Hempstead ISD.
Master Josh Arcemont is a devoted husband and caring father of two kids a son and a daughter. He is dedicated to sharing the values of life skills and character development; helping people of all ages adopt his philosophy, Be Your Best.
Master Josh Arcemont has certified thousands during his career and has helped hundreds achieve Black Belt status.
Hero Martial Arts Academy competitive edge is achieved through their unique combination of successful programs, enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructors, respect for students and exceptional customer care.
Every employee at HERO in Spring, TX is a Black Belt and all have earned their Belts through our program. HMAA provides an extensive, innovative training program with an unprecedented level of instruction in a safe, clean atmosphere.
Here atHero Martial Arts Academy in Spring, Texas we believe martial arts should be available to everyone regardless of age, race, gender or religious beliefs. We are focused on helping you achieve all of your long-term goals.
Our Little Dragon and Youth programs teach life skills in addition to martial arts; focusing on principles like sportsmanship, social interaction and respect for others qualities that students can benefit from for their entire lives. We are positive that each of our students will leave knowing that their needs were met far beyond expectation.

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Martial Arts Chronology

0/0/2016  I plan on testing for my 6th Dan at the end of the year or early in 2017.
0/0/2015  Grown my school to over 330 active students by working with the school districts and doing school talks in over 20 local schools every year. I was nominated as the Volunteer of the Month for the Klein ISD.
0/0/2011   Earned my 5th Dan Black Belt and was award the title of KwanjaNim by Kyoshi Dave Kovar
0/0/2010  Opened my own school HERO Martial Arts Academy
Opened my own school HERO Martial Arts Academy and began creating working relationships with such instructors as Melody Shuman, Dave Kovar, Roland Osborne, Ricardo Liborio, Steven Lopez, Rener Gracie to name a few. My goal was to create well rounded martial artist. Our core art would be TKD but we would also teach a mixed style that incorporated BJJ and Kickboxing.
0/0/2009   Became an American Top Team certified Instructor
0/0/2008  Began training in MMA with American Top Team and Master Ricardo Liborio
0/0/2005   Earned my 4th Dan Black Belt
0/0/2004  Placed 1st in both forms and sparring in the Texas State Championship for TKD
0/0/2001  Earned my 3rd Dan Black Belt
0/0/2000   Began teaching full time as the Head Instructor
0/0/1998  My mom married my TKD instructor and the school became a family business
0/0/1998  Earned my 2nd Degree Black Belt
0/0/1996   Earned my 1st degree Black Belt at age 18
0/0/1996   Began teaching for my instructor part time
0/0/1994  Competed in my first TKD Tournament
0/0/1993  Moved to a new suburb of Houston and started training Olympic TKD
0/0/1987  Began training in Karate in Houston, TX

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