Ed Stahl

Ed began his martial arts training in 2006 in the back room of Office Depot. Not the most common of starts, but Ed fell in love martial arts having enjoyed old kung fu films of the past. Ed's first instructor is one of his closest friends, David Quigley, with whom he would train in his backyard and apartment. He was first introduced to Jeet Kune Do and Kali with the knife. This would be the kindling of a better life and health for Ed.
David moved to Chicago to pursue his academic dream leaving Ed without a training partner. He sought out after David's instructor, Scott Shields, in Matthews, NC. Ed would find his martial home at Scott Shields Martial Arts Academy learning Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Jiujitsu. Later he would join Muay Thai. Here he would meet and train with Bill Graff, Jason Outlaw, Mark Cukro, and other locals.
Concurrently while training at SSMAA, Ed would travel to Chicago and LA to train with Sifu Ron Balicki. Ron is Guro Dan Inosanto's son-in-law and holds a wealth of knowledge. Ed would visit Ron's seminars starting back in 2008 and continue yearly wherever he could. Through Ron, Ed was able to train with Diana Lee Inosanto Guro Dan's daughter and Bruce Lee's goddaughter at some of those seminars, too. At these seminars, he would learn Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Panatukan, Shoot Wrestling, Sarong, and Thai. Ed earned his instructorship in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and is ranked as an Intermediate Student under Ron Balicki in FIlipino Kali in the MARS Association.
After going to Japan, Ed found himself searching for a competitive outlet for his learnings and sought after a school in which could train for competition. He left SSMAA in 2011 after earning his instructorship in Jeet Kune Do.
Since then Ed has been a sort of Ronin trying to find his own way. Continuing to teach and train at various places, Ed and Bill decided to create a place in which they could train together thus, Metrolina Martial Arts Institute was born.

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Martial Arts Chronology

8/8/2015  Received Jun Fan JKD Apprentice 1 Instructorship from Sifu David Quigley
6/20/2015  Opened Metrolina Martial Arts Institute in Concord, NC
6/14/2015  Received Jun Fan JKD Apprentice Level 1 Instructorship from Sifu Ron Balicki
3/21/2015  Competed at the WKA Nationals in Richmond, VA
5/11/2013  Graduated from University of North Carolina at Charlotte
11/14/2009  Third Place at IKF NC State Kickboxing Championship
10/16/2008  First trained with Sifu Ron Balicki in Chicago, IL