Larry St. Clair

Larry St. Clair has been taking martial arts for over the last 20 years. Starting in Tae Kwon Do at an early age, he began exploring many arts with friends from all over Austin. Branching out and cross training in Kung Fu, Wing Chun and even Karate, Guro Larry found his home with Muay Thai or Thailand Kickboxing before he could even get his permit to drive. After a few years of continuing to share techniques and train with others from various arts he found himself reading more and more of Bruce Lee's notes and philosophies. Continuing on with training, Guro Larry began expanding out and attending seminars to get closer to some of the people that held many of the hands on translations in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. This included Larry Hartsel, Burton Richardson and Dan Inosanto. About this time he also began his study of the Filipino and Indonesian Arts. After a few years training with many of these great instructors, Guro Larry met Sifu/Guro Ron Balicki. In one seminar he was "hooked". As Guro Larry says, "We started doing a drill and pushed it up to what felt like 60 miles per hour. It looked pretty cool and to be honest I had no clue what we were doing. He just got me there, fast!". Guro Larry continued his training formally under Ron Balicki from that moment forward. Taking every seminar he could attend in and out of Texas. This eventually led to regular trips to California to train with Guro Balicki privately as well. Now after 13 years Guro Larry has been double and even triple promotioned which led him to finally receiving his Associate Level Instructorship in both Jun Fan Gung Fu (JKD) and the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) in January of 2007. During this process, Guro Larry has also been promoted to the level of Kru in Muay Thai under Balicki and the United World Muay Thai Council. Under Guro Balicki he has also been recommended and promoted by Guro Dan Inosanto as an Apprentice Instructor Level 4 in both Jun Fan and FMA as well. Guro Larry has traveled through Europe and all over the United States to assist Guro Balicki at numerous seminars and demonstrations. He has also created and ran the Martial Way Academy for over the last 12 years. Over these years he has been able to hold many accomplishments including expanding the Academy from 525 square feet to now well over 3000 square feet. He has motivated and grown the student body to over 200 students and now has trained and promoted 10 Black Belts in the arts of Vale Tudo, Advanced Kickboxing (Thai-bred), Kali and Jun Fan. He continues to teach, coach and compete even to this day. After years of coaching people to first place and winning championships, Guro Larry enjoyed competing in September 2007 after a two year lay-off and a broken arm. He not only competed but also won the 2007 Cold Steel Championship Belts for both Spear as well as Sword and Shield Fighting. This made Guro Larry, not only the first Texan to bring the belts home; but also the first person to bring more than one Championship back from Cold Steel!!! Larry's advice to new students: "Everything is good, better and best! It is good because you are doing it right now. It will get better because you are planning to do it more often. It is the best because we strive for that with every training session. Keep training because it only gets more fun everytime. Cya sweatin!"

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