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A Dads Toolbox for Better Parenting

Dave Kovar's expertise as a leader and teacher in the martial arts world, as well as his own journey of fatherhood, gives him a unique perspective to speak out on what it really means to be a Dad. But more than experience, Dave has a passion for helping children and their parents lead healthier, happier lives. A Dad's Toolbox for Better Parenting is a source of constant support and practical inspiration on how to be a better father-the kind of father you want to be and your children deserve.

A Dad's Toolbox for Better Parenting is the essential owners manual for dads. Dave takes a common sense perspective and shares real life examples to illustrate how to put his guidelines into action.

The first section focuses on Parenting Basics and takes you through the 15 guidelines for being a great parent. Each of these is explained in detail and Dave gives specific examples to clearly illustrate the the benefits of following the guideline, and the problems that can arise from not following it.

The second section of the book describes how to keep your kids healthy. Here again, Dave's experience in dealing with lots of kids and dads really shines. Dave shows you how you can staying healthy can be fun for kids... and for dads. He keeps this same lighthearted tone in the section on family safety.

Every dad should know how to help their children be successful in school and Dave's tips for helping your kids be successful in school will make a huge difference and help put your kids on a path to success. Finally, Dave shows you how to help your kids have a great experience in all their extracurricular activities. Whether they play sports, musical instruments or participate in any other after-school activity, A Dad's Toolbox will help you guide your child in their activity so that they'll do their very best and they'll love the experience. And you'll have a great time on the sidelines or in the audience.

David Kovar Author of the Book

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