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11/12/2014 11:57:36 AM | Paul Fanning
The thing that really stands out to me about this book is how author and 8th Dan Black Belt Steve Sexton made use of Hapkido karate in his daily life. Most practitioners of the martial arts never get their skills put to the test. Master Sexton ended up using his pretty much every day for a couple decades. Most of us cannot image taking on 15 guys single handedly, yet Master Sexton did that a few times and somehow managed to prevail each time. The parts that involve him becoming a legendary bouncer contrast against his own laid back personality which comes across in the book. It also reminds us all never to mess with the quiet guy.
The book is a walk through Master Steve Sexton's life and provides an account of the man behind his art, lessons, and reflections on 40 years as a Hapkido martial artist. Master Sexton's experience goes back to the early 1970's when many people were just becoming aware of the martial arts. If one looks up `Hapkido' on Wikipedia, a faded black and white can be found of a young Master Sexton demonstrating a side kick. This is a great read and the story of a man who helped shape and in the process became a part of American martial arts history.

11/12/2014 11:57:09 AM | Dennis
The Legend of Steve "Road House" Sexton is the real deal. Not only is Steve Sexton a master martial artist, ,he is one of the few that actually had to use his skills in real life situations on a day to day basis. This story reads like a Hollywood movie script, but is a true story. This book is a great read and a must for martial arts action fans. I hope to see this one made into a movie.

11/12/2014 11:56:36 AM | Da Shocker
After watching Master Sexton's Hapkido Videos I was hooked.. His clear and effective style of teaching makes all the difference especially when following through a video. His videos aside I knew when this book came out I had to get a copy and sure enough its more than I expected. This book is perfect for an action movie. Steve Sexton's experiences make for an action filled page turner. Even though I wanted to sit down and finish the book the day I received it I preferred to take half hour a day to read allowing me to anticipate the next day's read. Once finished I was excited and happy to have read such an honorable man's book. No matter video or text Master Steve delivers. Thank you for sharing your stories Master Sexton you truly are "The Real Deal" martial arts master.

11/12/2014 11:55:55 AM | Richard Naimy
"The Legend of Steve "Road House" Sexton" by Steve Sexton and Nancy DeLong was a surprising book that contained an authentic insight into Mr. Sexton's life. The booked covered the good, the bad and the ugly which made it real. Being a new student of Hapkido (Yellow Belt) I was excited to learn about Master Sexton's life. I have seen him around Sensei Fariborz's Team Karate Center and have heard from my fellow students he is a true master and badass! The book did not disappoint, it was a fast read that had me wanting more. Mr. Sexton's stories were colorful, illuminating and fun to read. As another reviewer stated, "his story is action filled, dangerous, violent, and very real." I highly recommend the book!!!
I look forward to one day having my own private lesson from Master Sexton on the traditional Hapkido techniques that he is known for teaching.

11/12/2014 11:55:01 AM | Ed Torres
The Legend of Steve "Road House" Sexton had me riveted for the last 2 days. Steve and Nancy have found a way to express in writing a warrior's world. The challenges he faced as a young man, mental toughness, growing up, choices made, experiences, and most importantly his life investment in martial arts.
Master Steve Sexton has told his story, about his life, with a heartfelt honesty. This story is action filled, dangerous, violent, and very real; a real life Rambo. The great Martial Artists challenge themselves each and every day. This story is about one of the best we have. Enjoy the read.
I too am one of those generational people referred to in his book at the Team Karate Center in Woodland Hills, looking up at his picture on the wall in absolute admiration. The man is a legend in the martial arts world, loved and admired for who he is at TKC.

11/12/2014 11:54:23 AM | Scott Jon Leibow
I LOVE this book, i was looking forward to it's release and didnt put it down from the time i got it in my hands until i finished every last word.
The book flows through the life of Steve Sexton from birth through today with the twists and turns life brings, the difference here is Steve never turns from confrontation, never worries what the right thing to do is when it came time to use his art. A lot of martial artists do not get to use what they have learned in real combat situations, the training and practice stay on the mat.
Steve uses his natural talent night after night in a seedy San Fernando bar regardless of who the assailant is or how many of them there are.This man is a true warrior of the highest degree.
Then there is the personal side of the story, about the love for his wife, the friends he has made and kept for over 30 years, even the rough patches in the relationships are in the read.
If there was a rank above Grand Master, Steve should have it !

11/12/2014 11:53:39 AM | Kia Andersson
Through tough beginnings, finds a martial art studio out of curiosity and so begins his journey. The mental and physical training he received and the life lessons learned along the way make for a brilliant read that was hard to put down until finished! The greats of the martial arts community that he is involved with to this day are an inspiration to students of all ages. An amazing Master that still has many more chapters unwritten as he continues to teach. Would love to see a 2nd book!

11/12/2014 11:52:37 AM | Brandon F
THIS BOOK WAS GREAT!!! As a Hapkido "grandson" to Master Sexton, I can attest to how great of a teacher, martial artist, and person he is. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, and training at Team Karate Centers with Sensei Fariborz since 1987, I heard stories about the legend of Master Sexton. I remember I was about 11 or 12, when Master Sexton started coming around again, after he and Sensei Fariborz started talking again. But, it is true, as he details in the book, we all knew who he was already!!
To finally be able to read a book detailing his encounters and life experiences was more than fulfulling. It is like discovering a book about a family member who was notorious for all the right reasons, and you are captivated by their adventures! His love and passion for our art, and preserving the legacy of what he learned from his teacher, GM Lee Jung Bae, and using it hundreds of times in his life to save himself and others, is a testament to the legitimacy of his revered reputation amongst Hapkido practitioners.
A great read for any martial artist, considering that there are not many living legends like Master Sexton still around.
Additionally, check out Master Sexton's Hapkido instructional DVDs. He released a new 6 DVD series called "Hapkido Dynamite" last year!! GREAT STUFF!!

11/12/2014 11:50:01 AM | Laura Stricklin
A thoroughly enjoyable read-Master Sexton and Nancy DeLong have superbly captured 60 incredible years of a truly amazing life. I found this book raw, honest and thoroughly entertaining-I couldn't put it down! Master Sexton's stories of how his life unfolded and the choices he made are both incredible and inspirational. His extreme and very rare talent are rivaled only by his generosity and courage. I am honored to actually know Master Sexton and after reading his book I feel I know him so much better. The very morning I finished this book I was working out at Team Karate Center, practicing my back kicks, and, in between teaching a private lesson and teaching another class, Master Sexton came over to help me sharpen my kicks, showing me how to create more balance and power, exemplifying the very kindness and incredible passion for teaching he is so well know for. So generous with his great talent and his time, Master Sexton is a living legend whose life has been well captured on the pages of this book.

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