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18663 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana 

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Mission is to provide a complete Strength Training and Kickboxing program for all Fitness Levels. From never having worked out to a highly tuned athlete, our Fitness Programs adjust to all levels. The Adult Fitness Program is to help you live the healthy active lifestyle so you can live a long happy life for you and your kids. Sensei Ash has taken the best from all types of Strength Training, Conditioning, Core Training and Kickboxing workouts from the best Martial Artists, Fighters, and Trainers from around the world and combined it into one great program. Come try it out and you will be hooked, it's never too late. Just check out the testimonials from other current students.

September 2016

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10/24/2014 10:49:05 AM | Nahid Rashtizadeh
I'm not good in writing reviews but I see as my duty to say something about Body shot studio.
As a parent, I wanted my son to do some sort of sports preferably Basketball, Soccer, Football or Tennis at least. He tried them all and at the end to our surprise he decided to do Martial Art at age 5 because he fell in love with the instructor sensei Ash. 7 years later, he is a 2nd degree black belt and still is in love with him. He had told me over and over that when he grow up wants to be just like Sensie Ash.
Sensei Ash never treated the youngster like a little kid, they get lots of tough love from him but they all adore him because he is awesome at what he does. What my son learned from Sensei was not just Karate(Hapkido), he learned to be a strong person mentally and physically yet sensitive to peoples need, great friend, organized on his school work and most important part a kind, respectful person to everybody around him regardless of their age. As for adult classes, I've been an active person all my life, member of different gym, from yoga to tae Bo. 3 years ago, I've decided to take one of Senseis classes. I dont know what to call it, its a mixture of Cross fit, Kickboxing, Plyometrics moves. Here I am 3 years later, in the best shape of my life physically and mentally. HONEST!
I've never been more relaxed and focused in my life. I had so much fun in his classes that decided to drag my husband (never exercised in his life) 2 years later he is a regular too. This gym is not your normal gym. His classes are not easy but I promise you, you'll have so much fun and enjoy it so much that you will not realize the hour is up. Youll take the class at your own pace but your peers will push you. Try one class and you are hooked!
Did I mention that his karate students learn to grapple, use weapons, cross fit and boxing and yet they never do competition because that is not the art of Hapkido is about. Seriously, try it, you'll love him and his classes, He is an amazing instructor!

10/24/2014 10:47:43 AM | Martha Johnson
As a parent, it's very important that my daughter and son are around a positive environment and people. Even though there are many 'name it and claim it' Martial Arts facilities out there-but the QUALITY of the Instructor is hard to find. I NEEDED my kids to see what discipline, respect, and camaraderie looks like and at the same time for the Martial Art Instructor to connect and engage with them.
I visited Sensei Ash Training facility and watched him. I wasn't looking to see if he can break the wall with his forearm or do a 100 push-ups with his pinky. I was watching his "Sensei to student and student to Sensei interaction". I was very impressed with what I saw and what I was hearing. The way his students interacted with him and the way he interacts with them is what sold me!! He encouraged, motivated, and uplifted his students that were there! He pushed them past their own mental limits. He was engaging with them on a level that gave them strength and confidence within themselves. I thought he was doing and saying all these things because I'm sitting there, so I decided to sign my two kids with him to see if my kids like it or not!! He welcomed my kids and treated them just like the others. He didn't baby them or show them favoritism. He treated them just like his other white belts who were there with him longer-I like that! He complimented them on what they did good and encouraged them to do better on what they didn't do so well on-I like that! Someone said to me "How do I know the difference between Senseis -my answer is, I grew up in Martial Art, trained with and by many Instructors and was trained by some really good Sensei and trained by some really bad ones too. I have stepped into countless training Gyms, have seen, and heard all kinds of things regardless of who is there. I expected Sensei Ash to be just like that, but he wasn't. He is definitely different. He is definitely an A+ rating with my family!!
The music that he played was appropriate for kids and their watchful parents. The language he has been using is constructive not destructive! His training place is clean! My kids started with him as white belts and obviously they love him because they are now green belts and still going! He teaches adults too -fitness and conditioning! I promise you if you want to loose weight quick and strengthen your core and feel better-take his Fitness class! You will shed weight faster than you can count them. His conditioning and strengthening classes targets the full body and you will see the results in a month, some have seen it less than a month.
GREAT MUSIC! GREAT ATMOSPHERE! GREAT MOTIVATOR! My whole family is with Sensei Ash now because we believe in what he teaches, how he teaches it, and the results of his teachings! The one thing I've learned being an Executive Manager for a Post Production Company in the Film industry for over 15 years and that is never ever endorse someone or something you don't believe in! Since I've seen the difference in my kids -I AM ABSOLUTELY ENDORSING AND RECOMMENDING SENSEI ASH! GO and TRY HIS METHOD OUT! If he can change my family -I know he can change yours! One of the things we really like about Sensei Ash is that we have never heard bragging words or boasting words come out of him! HE IS A VERY HUMBLE SENSEI! Not the fake humility stuff-the real genuine humility.
What brags and boasts for him are the results seen in his Martial Art students and the results seen in the adults that are in his Fitness classes.

10/24/2014 10:46:37 AM | Kenric Pedroza
Sensei Ash is one of the toughest, nicest, and funniest guys I know, and if I did not meet him I wouldn't be the same responsible kind of guy I am.
I will put this in a simple yet understandable way, Sensei Ash is a role model without a doubt. He came from nothing to someone owning a small studio. Now he is on his way to bigger place. I believe that his system to teach kids to protect themselves and be fit at the same time is a great method, which works with his energy which starts to stick and becomes your energy as well. By that i mean, if i have 10 more push-ups or 30 seconds left he doesn't yell at me he encourages not only me but everyone else to push just a little more therefore bringing out our best.
Sensei Ash tells very little people about his past and how hard to work to be where he is, not only success wise but physically wise. Sensei Ash use to be over weight like some of his students which gives him a better understanding that us fit people don't understand. He not only encourages them but helps them become more fit and active.
The energy he brings to each class is incredible. I have never been so excited to work out in my life, and i am a pretty typical couch potato. So if you are looking for a safe environment to workout (which is better than a gym), or a place that can teach your kids to be active and have fun doing it then Sensei Ash Martial Arts and Fitness is the place.

10/24/2014 10:45:11 AM | Tanya McGraw
My 9 year old daughter had been doing martial arts with Sensei Ash for over 3 years and STILL loves it! Sensei Ash has such a great energy with the kids which makes the classes so fun. Not only does my daughter have a great time in class, but she is challenged physically and mentally. I am grateful to have found a place that encourages health, strength, and confidence for my daughter. My daughter isn't the only one bene'fit'ing from the classes here. I decided to try one of Sensei Ash's adult fitness classes a couple of years ago and I've been addicted ever since! I've never looked or felt so good! Such a fun, energetic class that he makes work for men and women of ALL ages and ability. Now my husband and 14 year old son take the classes too! I love that it's something that we can do as a family. I'm proud to have a healthy, fit family. Thank you so much Sensei Ash!!!

9/7/2014 11:03:55 AM | Paul B
Dear Mr. Ash,
You were our first introduction to TKC. I clearly remember Jacqui"s first day of class. As I sat watching, I remembering admiring the way you worked with the kids. You had great control over the class of youngsters and they responded to your commands with enthusiasm like little soldiers. And you could tell they were all having fun too. Having coached the same age group of kids in soccer, I was really impressed with the way you taught the class and made the hard work fun. You made such an impact on Jacqui that by the end of the first or second week, Jacqui, about 7 at the time, turned to me and said, "I think we should invite Mr. Ash to our house for dinner."
I remember having had a chance to train with you in the adults class. You combined a solid curriculum with an excellent workout. I would say you definitely found your niche when you decided to become a martial arts instructor. Recently, during a Black Belt pre-test, I recall how you were ready to demonstrate a detailed form with attributes when asked to do so out of the blue. That is a sign of dedication to me and an inspiration as I continue my own training. You showed us all the you walk the walk.
All of us in the Fanning family wish you the best of success in your new school and we look forward to dropping by to see your new headquarters. We know you will do well.

9/7/2014 11:01:38 AM | John S

The qualities that are striking about Sensei Ash that make him an excellent instructor are:
1. He is an great motivator. I took his Saturday morning kick-boxing and work-out class. As the sweat was dripping off me and my will power to continue with some exceptionally difficult exercise was flagging, he had a great way about his personality of motivating me to keep on going - usually using humor. For example, when he started counting down the last 10 seconds of an exercise, the class knew those seconds always magically turned into 30 seconds. That always elicited playful groans. His classes were both grueling, yet fun.
2. His upbeat personality. Mr. Ash is always cheerful and good humored both on and off the mat. His spirit shines through and infect his classes and his students.
3. Overall, you can just sense that Sensei Ash loves what he does, has great pride in his skill, and is a consummate martial artist. For example, I once sparred him and it was like fighting a demon fast Octopus. His skill at teaching forms is unsurpassed. And he is a great teacher of both kids and adults, which is rare. Both of my kids have been taught by him, as well as I. We all respect him.

9/7/2014 11:00:22 AM | Julie D
Sensei Ash was my children"s first Martial Arts teacher and I now understand why they loved and blossomed under his instruction. I have been training in the Adult Fitness program for a year and a half and love both the classes and the results. During that time, the structure, music and content of every class has varied however every class is definitely challenging with a sense of fun. He"s always introducing new "fun" ways to work different areas and manages to provide workouts that accommodate students of all ages and levels. Sensei Ash"s enthusiasm and energy level is contagious, he has an amazing ability to motivate his students who then push themselves to, and past, the limits they have previously set. He clearly loves what he is doing, and enjoys helping students reach their goals, whether its kids on their journey to black belt or adults wanting to maintain a high level of fitness. Although the classes are exhausting, I always leave feeling good about myself and my achievements and look forward to the next class.

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