Bloomington, IL

Academy of Mixed Martial Arts
1615 E. Empire

Bloomington Martial Arts Association
409 S. Center Str. Suite B

Bloomington Martial Arts Association
310 Wylie Drive Suite 139, Crossroads Center

Bloomington Normal Mitsubishi Kendo Club
Bromen Adult Day Care Center 202 E. Locust


Central Illinois Karate Assn
904 Four Seasons Rd.

Coffrins ATA Martial Arts
503 N. Prospect Rd #203

Dynamic Martial Arts of Bloomington-Normal
510 E. Washington, Suite 306

P S Total Fitness
215 E Front St

1408 South Madison

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martial art statistics

want to know how popular martial arts is

Over the years has received more than a thousand requests for statistics regarding the martial arts. How many schools are there in the United States? In North America? In India? How many children under the age of 10 study the martial arts in the United Kingdom? How many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools are their in Brazil?

In what is a landmark and, frankly, a monumental project, is committed to constructing the largest and most accurate database of martial arts school statistics in the world.