Detroit, MI

Cooper International Boxing and Kickboxing Gym
1211 Trumbull

Cooper's Kickboxing and Muay Thai Gym USA
16849 Warren Avenue

Cooper's Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing Gym USA
1211 Trumbull

Detroit Martial Arts Institute
13030 W. 7 Mile Rd

2000 2ND. AVE. #660SB

Greater Fitness & Karate Ctr
14531 Harper Ave

Michigan Traditional Hapkido Dojang
16849 Warren

16849 Warren Avenue

Tamashi Karate Dojo
17731 E. Warren

Tiger Chungs Tae Kwon DO 2
16650 E Warren Ave

United States Tae Kwon DO
19132 Livernois Ave

United Tae Kwon DO
14485 Gratiot Ave

Wuseng Kung Fu
19317 Fenmore

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martial art statistics

want to know how popular martial arts is

Over the years has received more than a thousand requests for statistics regarding the martial arts. How many schools are there in the United States? In North America? In India? How many children under the age of 10 study the martial arts in the United Kingdom? How many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools are their in Brazil?

In what is a landmark and, frankly, a monumental project, is committed to constructing the largest and most accurate database of martial arts school statistics in the world.