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Kinamotay (Also correctly pronounced as "Kinamutay" due to Cebuano language quirks, but erroneously referred to as kino mutai by Western martial artists who have misheard the term) is a specialized sub-section of some Filipino martial arts that emphasizes biting, pinching, eye-gouging and other "dirty" fighting techniques. The root word of the term is the Cebuano term for hand, kamot. Although in Cebu, it is culturally associated with the way women fight (pinching, scratching and gouging), the techniques used are effective against opponents of all sizes.
Kinamotay involves extensive use of grappling and manipulation of nerve and pressure points, so as to allow the practitioner to inflict pain and control the opponent while applying the techniques.
The biting aspect of kinamutoy concerns itself with what targets to bite, how much to bite at a time, and the angle and movement of the bite. Favoured targets include sensitive and easily accessible areas such as the face, neck, ear, groin, nipple, and latissimus dorsi muscle. These targets are also chosen over others because of the difficulty countering a kinamotay practitioner biting them, and hence to ensure that an uninterrupted bite can take place.
One key principle is uninterrupted biting, this means that you place yourself in such position that you can continue biting as long as you want, disabling your opponent from escaping your bites. It can be used to inflict pain and can be used to cut arteries which can cause severe bleeding.


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