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Goju Ryu

The philosophy of Goju-Ryu is one of balance and harmony. Not surprisingly, this is similar in fashion to that of Asian philosphy. As there is night, there is also day. As there is fire, there is also water. As there is dark, there is also light. The founder of our style, Grandmaster Chojun Miyagi, created Goju-Ryu by following similar precepts found in the Chinese martial arts. Go means to be hard or resilient, while Ju means to be soft or yielding. In this way, Goju-Ryu is the school of hard/soft. While this philosophy applies to the technical and physical aspects of Goju-Ryu, it is also the underlying feeling. In the study of Goju-Ryu, we hope to attain balance and harmony not only in our practice, but also in our mind, body, and spirit.

The Succession of Goju-Ryu
Jinan Shinzato, an exceptional talent and the one whom Chojun Miyagi had chosen as his successor, was tragically killed during the second world war. Later, after the war, Chojun Miyagi chose Anichi Miyagi Sensei to succeed him, to pass on Goju-Ryu to the next generation.
Chojun Miyagi passed away on October 8th, 1953, leaving a great legacy behind. He predicted that during the twentieth century karate would spread throughout the world. Today we can see that his prediction has been realized; karate is not only practiced in Japan, but it can be found throughout the countries of the world. Karate can no longer be referred to as a solely Okinawan or Japanese martial art, but it has become and art with no boundaries, an art for all nations and all the people of the world.
The Philosophy of Grandmaster Chojun Miyagi
The philosophy that permeates Goju-Ryu Karate-do, that is the very essence of this art, could be seen in its most practical way by simply observing the life of Chojun miyagi. Indeed, Chojun Miyagis life and the way he lived his life was a perfect expression of the spirit and philosophy of Goju-Ryu Karate- do.
After the extreme devastation of the second World War Okinawa was left in the grip of terrible poverty. Housing and food were scarce. The United States Military had stockpiles of food and clothing and even the most virtuous of Okinawans would take these from time to time. On occasions when Chojun Miyagi was offered food or clothing he would always refuse and point out that what little he already possessed was sufficient for his needs.
Chojun Miyagi would never compromise himself. Whatever hardships he encountered in his life, his heart (mind & spirit) would never change. He would always stress that especially in the martial arts one must always be humble. The stronger one becomes, the more that person should express their gentler side. This is the meaning of "Go" and "Ju".
Chojun Miyagi was a strict teacher of the martial arts but he showed great affection and love for his students. He would always consider the well being of his students, not only in their training but in their everyday lives as well. He would always try and guide them along the correct path.
The legacy of Chojun Miyagi is much more than just technique. He has left us with a philosophy which is profound in its simplicity; a philosophy to help us achieve truth and virtue in our lives.

Founder: Chojun Miyagi




At 22 Kanryo Higaonna travels to Foochoow, China, where he studies Chinese martial arts under Ryu Ryuko.



At 22 Kanryo Higaonna travels to Foochoow, China, where he studies Chinese martial arts under Ryu Ryuko.



Chojun Miyagi, founder of Goju Ryu, is born on April 25th.



Mabuni Kenwa founder of Shito Ryu is born.



Founder of Itokazu Goju Ryu, Yoshio Itokazu is born on October 2nd.



Seiko Higa, founder of Shodokan Goju Ryu is born and becomes Chojun Miyagi's early successor, .



Chojun Miyagi begins training with Aragaki Ryuko



Chojun Miyagi is introduced to Kanryo Higaonna by Aragaki Ryoko Sensei and accepted as a student.



Gichen Funakoshi



Choboku Takamine is born on March 24th.



Gogen Yamaguchi



Meitoku Yagi, founder of Meibukan Goju Ryu and Chojun Miyagi's later successor, is born on March 6th.



Kanryo Higaonna dies on December 23rd.



Eiichi Miyazato, founder of Jundokan Goju Ryu, is born on July 5th.



Seikichi Higa is born on February 10th.



Chojun Miyagi travels to Japan and teaches karate at universities. Shito-Ryu is found by a student of Kanryo Higaonna, Kenwa Mabuni.



Gogen Yamaguchi invites Chojun Miyagi to Japan.



It is this year that Chojun Miyagi officially names his style "Goju Ryu",...



Gogen Yamaguchi is introduced to Chojun Miyagi and begins training under him. An'ichi Miyagi is born on Feb. 9th.



Goju-Ryu is officially registered with the Dai Nippon Butokukai as a ryu and Karate is recogized as an offficial martial art. Anthony Mirakian is born on November 12th.



Chojun Miyagi lectures and teaches Karate in Hawaii.



All Japan Goju-Kai Karate-Do Association founded by Gogen Yamaguchi...



Chojun Miyagi receives a medal for "Excellence in the Martial Arts"...



Chojun Miyagi, along with other stylists....



Gichen Funakoshi's Karate is officially named Shotokan. Masanobu Shinjo...



Gogen Yamaguchi is sent to Manchuria as an intelligence officer...



Chojun Miyagi creates the katas Gekisai Dai Ichi and Gekisai Dai Ni.



Morihei Ueshiba, master of Jujitsu and Aiki creates a new style called Aikido.



Ron Van Clief, founder of the Chinese Goju System, is born on January 25.



Meitatsu Yagi is born in June.



Shinzato Jinan dies in April during the battle of Okinawa. Shinzato, along with Miyagi, was very instrumental in the coining the name



Chojun Miyagi is made an official of the Okinawa Minsei Taiiku Kan (Okinawa Democratic Athletic Association).



Gogen Yamaguchi is freed by the Russians and returns to Japan.



Gogen Yamaguchi found the Karate-Do Goju-Kai in Tokyo.



Gogen Yamaguchi receives Hanshi, tenth dan, from Miyagi.



Chojun Miyagi dies on October 9th at the age of 65.



Shikan Akimine (student of Kanki Izumikawa) opens the first Goju Ryu dojo in Brazil. Seikichi Toguchi forms the Shoreikan.



Gichin Funakoshi, founder of Modern Karate, dies at the age of 88. Miyazato Eiichi established Jundokan Goju.



Peter Urban introduces Japanese Goju Ryu to the United States.



Anthony Mirakian brings Okinawan Meibukan Goju Ryu to the United States.





Meitoku Yagi receives Chojun Miyagi's karate gi and belt, becoming his official successor.



Gosei Yamaguchi joins his brother Goshi in San Francisco. Gogen Yamaguchi helps form the All Japan Karate-Do Federation.





Peter Urban leaves Japanese Goju-Ryu and introduces USA Goju to the world. Seiko Higa dies.



Ron Van Clief (a student of Peter Urban) forms his own system called Chinese Goju.



Harry Rosenstein forms Kanzen Goju Ryu.



Morio Higaonna leaves Miyazato Eiichi Sensei and forms the International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-Do Federation (IOGKF).



Lou Angel forms Tenshi-Goju Kai, in Joplin, Mo.



On May 20th. Grandmaster Gogen Yamaguchi dies at the age of 80.



Masafumi Suzuki dies on October 11th.



Masanobu Shinjo dies on October 15th.



Shidoshi Ron Van Clief, age 51, competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championships.



Frank Ruiz, founder of Nisei Goju Ry, dies on June 20 after a long illness.



Ron Taganashi, co-founder of Nisei Goju Ryu dies.



Seikichi Toguchi dies on Aug. 31st at the age of 81.



Miyazato Eiichi Hanshi dies.



Chinese Goju Headquarters is placed under the direction of Glen Perry, Soke, 8th dan.



Ron Van Clief competes in S. Henry Cho's Open Invitational tournament and takes 1st place in kata and kumite.



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