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When you teach the martial arts, whether it be Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, or what have you --you stand a very good chance of teaching young people.
And when you teach young people, when you "put on the uniform" of the teacher, the leader, the "one who knows," the one who gives directions, the one, for what ever period of time you"re given, is asked and/or expected to "teach the lessons," I think it"s one big whopping whale of an opportunity to do some of the best work our particular, odd, left-of-center, often goofy, all too self-serious profession sets in front of us.
And while teaching little Johnny and Sally how to punch people in the face, choke them, and or defend themselves from the same --might seem like the mission of the "martial arts" teacher -- from my point of view it is not the most important work, not the work that really matters at that age, that might really bring about the change we have the potential to play a role in, or that might actually make these little people more powerful, participative, engaged, compassionate --and thus happier and more connected to that which it is best to be connected to.
I treasure, however, the teacher, the smart, connected, awake teacher, who uses the martial arts, no, who uses the time they are gifted with to be an influencer, as a tool to provide experiences and viewpoints that speak of a better, more compassionate, less violent world. So Dan Rominski"s canned food drive work --and the work so many of you do where you"re creating these experiences of doing for others --I"d just like to point out the obvious:
This is one of the jobs of the martial arts teacher/citizen. I"d like to suggest you get the (expletive deleted) into it. Embrace it. Take it to level 10. Do it better or as good as anyone in your town, in your sphere of friends and peers, maybe as good as anyone in the nation or the world. Why not? You have something better or more important to do?
The environment. We"re really doing a terrible job of teaching people how their actions, our actions, and consuming without thought, brings about chains of suffering.
Food. My god, we"re letting food that isn"t really food at all, kill millions --and contribute a dead-fish string of consequences that"s like a disease in and of itself.
Hyper-masculine fear inspired posturing and violence and the way the media constantly distorts, for gain, the female persona and image and what that"s doing to the values and actions of so many women --and men too, and the conflicts, and the disconnection we have, from their suffering, from the sense of our responsibility to others and the power of community engagement...
The worship of things. The buy-in that those advertised things, with their perfectly crafted pitches to our fears and lusts and selfishness and sense of entitlement --and what that means for the world.
These things are at the core of the core of the core of what "self-defense" is, today, for real, on a global scale. So, to think globally and act locally --to use our period-of-influence to engage young people in acts of kindness, in the importance of little actions of good, compassion, care, connection --and what doing for others does for ourselves; this is our work. It is in my opinion.

Your thoughts ...