Alpha Martial Arts (Bryant)

Alpha Martial Arts (Bryant)

2923 NE Blakeley Street
Seattle WA


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David Kovar

Is it time to change your paradigm?

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Is it time to change your paradigm? It was for me.
As I mature in age and (hopefully) gain in wisdom, I continue to look deeply at my

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2016 MA Movies

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Ip Man 3 (Donnie Yen)

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon : Sword of Destiny (Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeoh)

Kickboxer: Vengeance(Jean-Claude Van Damme)

The Deadly Reclaim (Wu Jing)

The Monkey King 2 (Aaron Kwok)

Rail Road Tigers (Jackie Chan)

Kung Fu Yoga (Jackie Chan)

Kung Fu Cowboy (Tiger Chen)

The Bodyguard (Sammo Hung, Andy Lau)

Beast (Kenny Chin)

Headshot (Iko Uwais)

Feng Shen Bang 3D (Jet Li, Tony Leung Ka-Fai)

Never Back Down 3 (JeeJa Yanin)

Kung Fu Panda 3

Grandmaster Pat Johnson

Jan 2016 Issue of's Online Martial Arts Magazine with Grandmaster Pat Johnson


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Tom Callos

How to think about and teach self defense

If you own a martial arts school, want/intend to own one, or work in one in any capacity, I offer you this unsolicited advice and attempt at inspiration:
When you teach people your brand of martial arts, whether it originated with this country or that one, whether it was handed down by warriors or poets or housewives, whether it involves circles or lines, groundfighting or knife play, and/or is a recognized Olympic sport or airs on pay-per-view or only comes to be in the most violent of situations when you teach people what you know or think you know, youre in the business of empowering people to stretch their limits. Youre in the business of yes, I think I can. Youre in the business of cultivating health and, maybe, sanity through movement, through intentional movement, through participating with a teacher, with being a student, with collaboration, and more often than not, with a community of people who, in one way or many ways, encourages you to pursue something you dont presently have.
When you teach, you cultivate participation, re-thinking, exploration, community, belief in oneself, compassion for the struggle, and most of all, you help yourself through the art of helping others. When you teach, sometimes, youre one of just a small handful of people, may the ONLY person, who stops, looks, and listens intently to the desires and dreams of another person and that moment may be fleeting, but it can sometimes be one of those VERY important moments the kind that inspires, changes, encourages, and gets someone from where they are to where they want to be. You a

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    Chris Herrman


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    Greg Silva

    ​9 Reasons Kids Quit Karate

    ​9 Reasons Kids Quit Karate (that you may not have thought of)

    1. The curriculum is about lots of memory. Similar to school, students are required to memorize a long series of forms and techniques. Then are required to spit it back on testing. In today"s culture, it is more i

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    birthdays in feb

    February 1) Rick Ostrander

    February 1) Sheryl Beranbaum

    February 1) Allie Alberigo

    February 1) Erwin Weber

    February 1) JESUS CARMELO

    February 1) Ann Quest

    passed away in feb

    February 1) Carlson Gracie

    February 2) Won Kuk  Lee

    February 4) Hawkins Cheung

    February 5) Ciriaco  Canete

    February 12) James Patrick Lacy

    February 14) Jimmy Haw Woo

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A young girl's journey towards achieving her orange belt in martial arts

FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, MARTIAL ARTS HAVE BEEN USED TO NOT JUST TEACH KIDS SELF-DEFENSE... but to teach them powerful skills that they'll use for their entire lives.
Respect, focus, concentration, and discipline are just a few of these skills. These help children at home, in school, and eventually - out in the real world. Help your child develop these amazing traits today by enrolling them into a local martial art school.
We at are very concerned with the well being and education of our children. We understand that younger students may have shorter attention span. Martial Arts offers unique children's program uses interesting and enjoyable methods to keep the student's attention and teach our young students skills that they can use for life. We promote non-violent resolutions to conflict. Martial Art methods help children explore and understand conflict through role-play and other exercises.
More than any other sport, Karate gives our children the chance to explore their innate powers. Marvel as they increase in strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and harmony. This is only the start. Physical skills act as a foundation for something much more important: the development of value skills, both mental and spiritual.

The power of technology ...

Simon Rhee


Richard Norton


Don Wilson


Dan Inosanto


Benny Urquidez



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