One of the questions that always gets asked is how Diana got her name Diana Lee Inosanto. Guru Dan Inosanto explains that Diana got her name Diana Lee from his closet friend at the time, and instructor, Bruce Lee. Guru Dan stated, I was in awe of him (Bruce Lee) and named Diana after him because he was my favorite person at that time and thought it would be pretty cool to be named after Bruce Lee! When asked about Bruces reaction, he said that Bruce was pretty thrilled and said it was quite an honor. Bruce was Guru Dans favorite person and closest friend at that time in his life.
Back in 1964 when Bruce Lee was in Los Angeles for about a month and half for demonstrations, he didnt have his partner Taky Kimura with him and asked if Guru Dan would be his fall guy for his Kung Fu demonstrations. Guru Dan explains he fell in love with Bruce Lees teachings and was amazed at how progressive he was.

Diana recalls being a young actress and witnessing a lot of sexual harassment toward women in Hollywood. When people found out who she was, that harassment toward her stopped immediately. She says reputation of family is strong and how she was raised to be a strong woman with many strong influences in her life. Her grandmother, Guru Dans mother, was a very strong influence. Graduated high school at the age of 16 as valedictorian and was awarded a scholarship to Stanford, when they only allowed five females in at the time.
Guru Dans father, Dianas grandfather, was forced by circumstances to become a political activist. He established a Farmers Union back before Cesar Chavez. Spent four years with no support, and while it never manifested, he planted the seeds for the future. Upon his death, Cesar Chavez sent representatives to pay their respects.
That generation had to work hard to be accepted into mainstream America. Guru Dans Aunt Flora was first Filipino graduate at UCLA. Went to school with Jackie Robinson who was first African-American to break into baseball and Kenny Washington, first African-American to break into professional football. These are the people that set the tone and who he admires. Aunt Flora became one of the first Filipino teachers in Stockton and probably in California.

In Hollywood back in the 60s and 70s there were not a lot of minorities or martial artists. Most stunt people were either rodeo people, acrobats or gymnasts with no martial arts skills on the screen. Bruce Lee paved the way. Many attribute Bruce as a guide, not only for martial arts, but inspirational regardless of the field they were in. He paved the way for people to bring people together. Steven Seagal has said he wouldnt be where he is today without Bruce Lee. So grateful. Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van-Damme a lot of people used Bruce as a guide to see what could be done and continue to pave the way.
Diana remembers some of the people in her life as a young girl including Kareem Abdul-Jabar who at that time was known as Lew Alcindor, a freshman at UCLA. Bruce was training Lew but had no idea who he was. Guru Dan knew who he was and explained to Bruce that he was a highly touted basketball player and asked if he could come watch him train. He remembers Kareem picking up Diana as a young girl and placing her on the roof of Bruces house and then gently setting her down. Because of Bruce Lee, Guru Dan had the opportunity to meet other well- known stars, such as Steve McQueen, James Coburn; people he wouldnt have met if not for Bruce Lee.

Steve McQueen wrote Guru Dan a letter years after Bruce Lee died, when he had cancer. Steve told Guru Dan in the letter to please continue to pursue teaching and how JKD needs you and this is what Bruce would want for you. It was a letter of encouragement for Guru Dan to keep on teaching.
After Bruce Lee died, Guru Dan did'nt feel like teaching any more. He was despondent and had never felt so bad. It was so difficult to lose such a close friend and never a day goes by without thinking of him. He remembers crying all the way from Seattle to Sacramento. He spoke with Larry Hartsell and they both said that a day never passed without thinking of Bruce in some way. It was a huge loss.
Diana remembers her mom not wanting her to be the first one to tell her dad that Uncle Bruce had passed away. She recalls her parents speaking in the bedroom behind closed doors and then her father running to the phone and start calling people trying to get verification that the news was accurate and real. It was the first time she saw her father cry which is upsetting for any child. And upset she wasnt allowed to go to the funeral.

The relationship of aging. Bruce Lees biggest fear was of growing old. Its a common fear in the martial arts world and one most people dont like to talk about. The key is to learn how to train for every decade. Each decade, one must adapt the intensity, the duration and rest and rehab is a must. Without rest and rehab, the body wont sustain the drive. Our toughest opponent is age. Train within the boundaries of the decade. How you train in your 40s is not how you train in your 60s. If you train for an hour, rehab for an hour. Massage, foam roller, stretching, stability ball, any kind of body work, even water therapy is beneficial. Everyone is your teacher.
Guru Dans father lived to almost 101 years of age. He practiced yoga, but it wasnt something Guru Dan recognized at that time. He thought that the downward dog and cobra positions were just poor push-up positions. His father was way ahead of the game as Guru Dan now can attest.

Who was the most influential person in Guru Dans life besides Bruce Lee? Amos Alonzo Stagg. Not a karate man he was a football player. The father of modern football. The most winningest coach in American football. He was really inspirational. Didnt know who he was or understand how much until Guru Dan was out of college, out of the military and had been teaching for a number of years.
What people dont realize is that Guru Dan was responsible for kicking off the controversial, but most important training program working with the Dallas Cowboys in the 70s. Dr. Bob Ward brought martial art training into professional football. He was a genius. He took the sensitivity drills and stick drills to the Dallas Cowboys and realized how important it was for the football players. He was the one who pushed it. Dr. Bob Ward gives credit to Guru Dan and Tom Landry talked about Coach Stagg being his inspiration. It all comes full circle. Guru Dan being part of the first program in the NFL utilizing martial arts in the football training. The NFL wouldnt have seen the value of martial arts in football if not for Bob Ward and Guru Dan. Training attributes are important. Dr. Bob Ward brought in jugglers to teach the players how to juggle a football. Anything that helps build strength, speed, stamina, skill, strategy, spirit, suppleness that is whats important. All these are basic attributes you can give a football player or any athlete. Anything that will enhance training is beneficial.

Revolution Martial Fitness

Revolution Martial Fitness

28 Main St
Natick MA


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David Kovar


Every now and then, someone tells you something that just sticks with you. My Dad told me something years ago that has really stuck with me to this day. His statement was profoundly simple and I will never forget his words.
It was early June 1970. I was 11 years old and had just finished the 5th grade. I was excited about summer vacation for all the normal reasons a kid would have, one of which was the fact that I was finally old enough

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 Dan Inosanto

May 2016 Issue of's Online Martial Arts Magazine featuring an interview with Dan and Diana Inosanto.

36) is a Filipino martial arts (FMA) instructor from California who is best-known as a student of the late Bruce Lee and the world's foremost authority on Jeet Kune Do.
Inosanto teaches The Art and Philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Shoot Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Silat, Mixed Martial Arts and other arts at his Marina del Rey, California school, the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts. He was an instructor for Ed Parker in American Kenpo Karate before becoming a student of Bruce Lee. Inosanto is one of three people allowed by Bruce Lee to teach his Martial Arts style, and the only one to be given Instructorship in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. Inosanto also studied with dozens of martial art masters elsewhere in the United States, Southeast Asia, and Europe. After Bruce Lee's death, he has become the principal spokesperson for Jeet Kune Do. He has had minor

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Tom Callos

High ranking black beltsputting on a white belt again

John Geyston suggested I might write a piece on high ranking black belts, like your"s truly, putting on a white belt again and studying a no (expletive deleted) art like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He said some "high profile business consultant" (read: idiot) in the martial arts "industry" told him he was committing business suicide by wearing his white or blue belt in front of his students, instead of his "masters belt."
Well, frankly and with all due respect, what a stupid-assed, lame brain, idiotic, moronic, and down-right foolish thing to say --and thank you John for being one of the guys who isn"t so wrapped up in his own ego that he can"t go out there and enjoy one of the most beautiful martial arts in the world --practiced by some of the best people I"ve ever had the pleasure to get tortured by.
The martial arts industry, all too often, has its head planted either firmly in the sand --or right up its own behind. It"s committing business suicide to ignore that your martial art is, sadly, but honestly, ineffective and based on theory and a belief in magic. It is business suicide to walk around with a size 40 waist and profess to teach self-defense or be a "master." It"s business suicide to let your ego become so inflated that you can"t see what a gift BJJ is to the martial arts --and to the world. FINALLY, after all these years, we have an art that separates a lot of fact from a lot of fiction. Imagine being a mathematician and refusing to use modern technology out of fear of the unknown? Imagine being an astronomer and ignoring modern technology? Imagine bein

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    Paul Castagno


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    Bob Chaney

    What Is A Black Belt

    Warrior dreams: The martial arts & the American Imagination written by John J. Donohue. In the Media Review by Danial Rosenberg, Ph.D., Rosenberg quotes Donohue as pointing the finger at us when he says; The martial arts in the United States have tended to both exaggerate and distort the myst

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    birthdays in May

    May 1) Augustine Fong

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    May 1) Peter  Keko

    May 1) Eric  Washington Sensei

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    May 1) Billy Harris

    May 1) Jimmy Haw Woo

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    passed away in May

    May 4) Jigoro Kano

    May 8) Hector Pena

    May 9) Aaron Banks

    May 13) Nick Cokinos

    May 18) Richard Rabago

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    May 20) Gogen Yamaguchi

    May 21) Leovigildo "Leo" Migel Giron

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My experience with Guru Dan Inosanto

Dan Inosanto and Diana Lee Inosanto

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