Melody Shuman
Melody Shuman

Melody Shuman has over 20 years of experience in the Martial Arts. Shuman earned her black belt in 1988 in New Orleans, and since then has achieved many accomplishments in her Martial Arts journey. She began working as a program director and instructor in Orlando, Florida at the age of 19. From there, Shuman co-owned and operated 4 schools in south Florida for 6 years. During that time, she won the title of world champion and was a coach to one of the best competition teams in her organization with a combined total of 37 world champion titles amongst the entire team!
Shuman also dedicated a lot of her time researching and developing some of the best method for teaching children. In 2000, Shuman presented her first innovative program, the Little Ninjas (now referred to as Future Kidz), to the Martial Arts industry and today that program is operating in over 2,000 schools in 9 countries. This program opened up many doors for Shuman and launched a new destination in her Martial Arts career.
Since then, Shuman has spent the last 3 years with her partner, Jill Johnson, dedicated to Martial Arts research and development. Shuman traveled around the world help educate Martial Artists on various aspects of the Martial Arts business, including her highly innovative, age-specific children's Martial Arts curriculums. Shuman and Johnson's consulting company has been the primary focus and provide its members with innovative ideas that can help maximize results in the Martial Arts dojo.
Now, Shuman is back in the classroom to bring her innovation to a whole new level. Her goal is to provide results-driven Martial Arts programs that make a difference. On The Mat Martial Arts will be the first of many licensed schools with the next generation of Martial Arts training and education.

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